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Suspicions about Payne were never investigated

Reconstitution that was requested by the PJ could have clarified doubts

by Tânia Laranjo

The suspicions against medic David Payne, one of the McCanns’ English friends, who was in Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May 2007, when Madeleine disappeared, were never investigated. Meanwhile, the doctor moved house and doesn’t live in the same London area anymore. He was expected to return to Praia da Luz over the last few days, to record the documentary that is being prepared in England, but he ended up cancelling the trip. It is unknown if an actor will play his part in the reconstitution that is promoted by Kate and Gerry.

“On the day that Madeleine disappeared, his behaviour was very strange. He tried to sit in during the interrogations of Kate and Gerry, and he seemed very upset”, a member of staff at the Ocean Club who assisted the searches during the first few hours told CM.

David Payne was cited in the process twice, as having strange behaviour towards children. The first case took place in the initial hours that followed the child’s disappearance, when a social services worker from England, who happened to be on holidays in Lagos, stated that she recognised Payne from a situation that she had investigated and which was related to child neglect or sexual abuse.

Later, an English couple told the police that a year before they had been on holidays with the McCanns and with the Payne couple, and that back then, the doctor had had a conversation with Gerry, which they witnessed, that indicated child abuse.

Payne used to bathe the children and since that day, that English couple, both doctors as well, prevented him from getting close to their daughter.

Payne wasn’t questioned by the police because he returned to England in the meantime.

The McCann couple then refused to take part in the reconstitution of the night when Maddie disappeared, thus making it impossible for the suspicions against Payne to be proved or dismissed. At that time, Gerry and Kate were already arguidos over the concealment of the cadaver and neglect towards their children.

source: Correio da Manhã, 27.04.2009

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'Since the 16th of May 2007, the British authorities possess an official formal statement presented by Katherine and Arul Gaspar, regarding suspicions about David Payne's behaviour which might be consistent with paedophilia acts.'


  1. Good grief! How is this possible, how much stranger can this case become? Why don't the McCanns and their friends come forward to clarify this mess? If they are innocent, surely they need to sort all of this out???
    Thank you, Joana, for your great blog with updated info on the case. It's simply the best!

  2. The portuguese police hounded the McCanns, now the portuguese media hound David Payne.
    Nice country indeed.
    Filthy people!!!

    1. Filthy people are those who neglected the children- in this case: McCanns and Co. Portugal and Portuguese police were only doing their job!

  3. "Filthy people!!!!"

    Indeed. Well, I am talking about so called Tapas 9.

  4. Anon 07:19

    Hello David. Long time no see!

    Easy to spot your posts. They're always so full of the incontrolable rage of dominant personalities. Maybe like what happened on May 3rd...

    Unconfortable with the tightening of the noose? It will only get worse.



  5. Portugal is disgussting and this blog stinks.
    Why don't you leave the McCann's in peace? Have they not suffered enough? You should be ashamed that you hound Madeleines parents like this!!!

  6. Peadophiles normally re offend so its only a matter of time.......

  7. "“On the day that Madeleine disappeared, his behaviour was very strange. He tried to sit in during the interrogations of Kate and Gerry, and he seemed very upset”, a member of staff at the Ocean Club who assisted the searches during the first few hours told CM."

    His attitude towards Yvonne Martin( the social worker who offered assistance) was very strange... he prevented her from speaking further with Kate( just after Kate said to Yvonne that a couple(?) had taken Madeleine)and "chased" her away! It seemed like he was in charge and calling the shots, the McCanns seemed to be under his control! Now this revelation of him wanting to be present during interrogations...I had never heard of this before, I wonder if there is any mentioning of this by someone from the police, not that I'm doubting the staff member, but coming from the police it would weight more.
    Did he also "control" or monitor the Leicester police rogatory interviews?...

  8. Anonymous
    Why the McCanns don't go neglect their children and makes+++++ to their own country and leave Portuguese people in peace.
    It would be also appreciated by all of us they tell the truth and show a bit of respect to Maddie , don't use her to make money.

  9. David Payne was obviously very concerned about what the McCanns would say or do...why?...was he afraid they would crack down and spill the beans?
    This man seemed to have an ascendency on the group, he's in charge, whatever David says goes, he organizes the holidays, he gets to choose who gets which apartment, and recently he was the one who came to Luz to make the rectifications on the "mockcumentary". Like many have said before, he's the one in charge, he's the powerful and well-connected one, not Gerry!

  10. The Paynes have moved residence and their whereabouts are unknown ( the british investigative journalists are all sleeping, or lost their "nose"?), and soon I bet it will be the McCanns turn to disappear from Rothley to an undisclosed place, maybe outside the U.K.! Their's and the twins lives will be unbearable in the near future, the cloud of suspicion will forever hang over their heads, and the twins are growing up fast, they will be going to school soon...can you imagine how it will be like for them? The adults gossip and the children listen, the twins school colleagues will certainly say terrible things to them ( my mum says you parents killed your sister and hidd her body, or,your parents do not love you, they left you alone at night and your sister got taken by a stranger because of them), can you imagine what a nightmare they will go through? They will have a rough time, they will be pointed at, they will be bullyed, shunned away, no one will want to be friends with them, invite them over to their home...children are capable of being very cruel to other children.
    The only way is to go away and change identity, otherwise they will never have peace and a chance of a normal anonimous life, the McCann circus, their parents, have ruined it for them!

  11. "Later, an English couple told the police that a year before they had been on holidays with the McCanns and with the Payne couple, and that back then, the doctor had had a conversation with Gerry, which they witnessed, that indicated child abuse."

    Payne was talking to Gerry, his gestures where made to Gerry, Madeleine's father!(why he risked doing it in front of others, with Katherina sitting between the two of them puzzles me) Payne AND Gerry must be into the same sordid "business" then! Otherwise, one would expect that Gerry would have "punched the daylights" out of Payne for refering to Madeleine in that way!

  12. Why insist on Payne? Does nobody realise how ridiculous this is???
    Check the local paedophiles, Brits AND Portuguese. There lies the answer. Time will tell. Madeleine will be reunited with her loving parents.

  13. Portugal is very nice and this blog is also a super and nice one.
    Never leave the McCann's in peace.
    Have they not money enough?
    They should be go to the Court.

  14. Nobody is "insisting" on Payne - we are just asking why the claims have not been investigated. Normally, they would be, surely?

  15. 8.47 Anonymous,

    it is what I thought, the McCanns leaving the UK and changing their identity. If Amaral's book will be published in England, they have to leave and preferable to change their identity.
    The USA would be an ideal country for them, where you can live anonymously and easily change your identity.
    They are running out of money and who in England would buy their haunted house? Because I read twice that Kate saw Maddie's ghost in that house.
    Who knows Gerald is now trying to find a job in the USA and to buy a house there. And it is odd that Gerald gave their addresses as being the hospital and the UK parliament. To cheat on the ghost?
    Gerald's friends and colleagues must be fed up of the Mccanns, they can better leave the country.

    Speaking about Payne, I think he is the powerful one in the group, not Gerald.
    I agree with somebody here who ever said that if Gerald would have being powerful before the death, he would not have being unemployed for two years.

  16. They probably could have gone to live anonymously in the USA had they not gone on Oprah.

  17. Payne - yes, what a 'man'! How can any woman with self resepct be married to him, and, worse, hope to give their own childen a safe and happy childhood? This case, indeed, gets worse, UGLIER, with every single day. When will it hit the bottom?

  18. Em U.K. :

    "The new system would track all e-mails, phone calls and internet use, including visits to social network sites. "


  19. They will be making plans to sod off abroad somewhere the pair of evil, manipulating bastards, hopefully all the good work this blog does they wont make it that far.

  20. To anonymous 24/04/09 07:36

    The only person that suffered was Madeleine.

    Had her parents and friends cooperated with the police, none of this would be happening.

    Those closest to victim are always investigated, why not these people, why are they above the law?

    Madeleine does have a voice, but we do.

    Justice for Madeleine.

  21. Anon 27/04/09 09:18

    Hello again, Dave.

    "Why insist on Payne?"
    Because, in my opinion, and in the opinion of many, he killed Maddie, and, in my opinion and that of many again, has orchestrated this whole farse. I think that is a good reason to be picked upon.

    "Does nobody realise how ridiculous this is???"
    No, nobody does.

    "Check the local paedophiles, Brits AND Portuguese. There lies the answer."
    Hmmm, speaking as insider here, Dave?

    "Time will tell."
    Yes, it will. And will point all its fingers at you.

    "Madeleine will be reunited with her loving parents."
    Couldn't find a single true word in this sentence.


  22. Let's say you are delving into this case about a missing child for the first time, and you have no prior knowledge. In reading the case file the following points stand out: The parent's claimed a paedophile broke into the their apartment and stole their child. The police found no evidence of a break in. The parents and their friends gave contradictory statements. Two highly specialized dogs each having a unique ability, one at detecting cadaver fluids and another at detecting minute traces of human blood, both signaled the presence of these fluids independently at the same spots in the apartment and in the parent's vehicle. When the parents were confronted with this information they refused to answer police questions and they fled the country. In reading past newspaper articles you become acquainted with the following: The parents once back in their native land immediately hired a lawyer who was renowned for preventing the extradition of a well known dictator. You also learn that the parents devoted an inordinate amount of resources in employing more elite lawyers and PR firms. They also hired detectives who made ridiculous claims and accomplished nothing but generate false sightings. You find a highly unusual involvement on the part of the government of the parent's native land, their prime minister mentioned this case on the international stage. Their politicians promoted them as ambassadors of child welfare, even accompanying them to the European parliament while they were still suspected of harming their child. You read about the parents going to a court in their native land, ostensibly to obtain information about the case, what is odd is that they already possessed this information. Even more strange and outrageous, after getting this information the presiding judge took the opportunity to make a speech implying their innocence. You find out that the lead investigator in the case is removed from his post after having complained of foreign government interference. In the case file you find that testimony indicating that one of the parent's friends exhibited what could be construed as paedophile behavior is not followed up and you find out that requests for basic information such as credit records from the parent's native land is ignored. The case is archived with the conclusion that the child died in the apartment, that an abduction was impossible and that the parents are innocent because they exhibited normal behaviour. You say to yourself well if the child died in the apartment and there was no abduction shouldn't the dead body be in the apartment and since when is not cooperating with the police to find your child considered normal behaviour? So I ask you who are really the filthy people?

    1. Amen. Filthy people above the law unfortunately... God only knows will there ever be justice for their poor victim Maddie

  23. Guerra, please email me. thank you. obrigada.

  24. Guerra

    (standing ovation)

    Thank you


  25. Great post, Guerra! Reading the history of this case like that made me realise that if it were a novel, it wouldn't be believable..... the really sad thing is that this isn't fiction.

  26. The statements should have been passed to the PJ in May, instead of months down the line.

    DP should have been questioned re the allegations and also the other couple who was there at the time.


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