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The tabloid Sun: Kate McCann breaks down on Oprah (Without Onions)

Kate on her way to Oprah's
By Antonella Lazzeri/a.lazzeri@the-sun.co.uk

KATE McCann wept last night as she told TV’s Oprah Winfrey she did not recognise photos of how missing daughter Maddie would look now.

But Kate insisted she WOULD know Maddie — who will be six next month — if she saw her in the street.

Kate, 41, and husband Gerry, 40, appeared on the US chat queen’s show to mark two years since Maddie vanished on holiday in Portugal — just days before her fourth birthday.

Computer-generated images of Maddie aged six in a blue dress flashed on to a giant screen as the show was recorded in front of a studio audience in Chicago.

The pictures were created by experts at Virginia’s National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

Audience member Chris Myers, 43, said: “Kate told Oprah she felt Madeleine was still alive.

“Oprah and Kate were very emotional. Kate broke down on two occasions.

Don't all celebrities cry on Oprah's?!

"Oprah had to wipe tears away from her eyes at least three times. The atmosphere inside the studio was very sad.”

Fellow audience member Amy Mundwiler, 33, added: “Everyone watching them felt their pain.”

Oprah will also spend a day in Britain with Gerry and Kate, from Rothley, Leics, and their twins Sean and Amelie, four.

The show — to be screened in 144 countries — goes out in the US on May 4, a day after the anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance.

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  1. Did Kate really cry or did she have to use onions to shed some tears?

  2. Off course she cried. She has had two years to practise.

  3. What a farce.
    She may well have cried. It may now be coming back to her what she did.
    These people must be convinced that they are going to get away with it otherwise they would not stir up so much attention.

  4. Hi do you know is it possible to get a copy of G Amarals' book in English, and if so where from. Regards and thanks for all your hard work, Jan
    couldnt email dont have internet ex

  5. How mean and nasty you lot are!!!

  6. Hey Kate

    Congratulations. Actresses all over the world have been trying to master this art for years, and then there is you, who can turn on the waterworks right on cue, brilliant. I bet it softened up that Oprah and stopped her asking difficult questions. Well done Kate, keep up the good work and you might just get away with it.

  7. Anon 25/04/09 09:11
    "How mean and nasty you lot are!!!"

    About being mean, if we were to be so, your lot have created the prestigious school on the subject.

    And our "lot" is growing by the minute, frightningly for you...


  8. This blog is disgusting!!!

  9. 10.00 am.anonymous,

    if this blog is disgusting, why don't you read something else?

  10. What is discusting is the fact they left 3 children alone night after night and never bothered to search for their daughter.

    Kate refusing to answer a single question that may have helped her missing child and not bothering to do a reconstruction that would only help the police that is beyond discusting...

    Pleased to see The Sun includes a photo of Kate looking happy on the way to the interview although must be honest she does not look nearly as happy as she did on Madeleines 3rd Birthday a day when a slight smile should have been hard to raise.

  11. The picture of Kate on the way to Oprah program speak volumes as well as the picture of the couple in the birthday of Maddie in Portugal when she had disappeared a few days before.
    only a blind can't see it

  12. Textusa

    Why would anyone be frightend that people are on the side of the McCann's?

    Madeliene is missing that is all that matters?

    I hope more than anything she is found alive (although if as her father say's she is in the hands of a peadophile ring she will not be unharmed)if she has been treated like a princess It would be the best news ever...

    What upsets me is the fact a fund has only spent a very small amount on searching and paid a fraud investigation firm to search? The rest has gone on wages for the Directors lawyers and media monotoring how will any of those three things help find Madeleine?

    If you think not answering questions, not searching, refusing to do a police reconstruction and neglecting small children is the way parents should act then god help our children...

    This is not about who is right or wrong but parents who can seem so full of Joy on thier missing daughters 4th Birthday cant be taken seriously and that is damaging to Madeleine the Victim of her parents neglect and god knows what else.

  13. Hope4Truth,

    Firstly, it must have been due to the wee hours of the morn, but I couldn't follow your zig-zag rationale.

    Can't seem to understand if you support my ideas or not...

    Madeleine is not missing. Only her body is.

    And yes, I, like many, am truly happy at every little step taken to the road of bringing the McC scum to justice.

    And I don't pick a date for that. It could be on Christmas, or even on Mother's Day. But if I could vote on that, well, unquestionably would vote on Today, as the date of May 4th, 2007 would no longer be on the ballot.


  14. Textusa

    Maybe I am the one who is confused (or not) from your post I read it as People who belive the McCann's are the victims is growing?

    And we should be worried about that???

    I may have you the wrong way round but read your post as a follow on to other comments...

    I dont belive there was an abduction but do belive if Kate and Gerry are telling the truth then they have to be the most heartless parents in the country...

    If their child is really missing they have not searched answered any questions done a reconstruction for her and have twisted everything that has been said. They also still trust the people they were with on holiday and reading the conflicting statements none of them seem to know what they were doing at the time she was taken....

    If Madeleine is missing their Spin and lack of co operation is discusting as it has done nothing but hinder the search for her.

    Gerry is a Dr yet it took him nearly two years to think the answer may lie in PDL and not Morroco god help the NHS...

  15. For those who STILL have not understood: the ONLY victim here is Madeleine
    Kate has broke down? oh dear! I believe she was sincere: she is shit scare about her future...who wouldnt?
    The ONLY thing we/I want is JUSTICE FOR MADELEINE
    The rest is "Sun" like litterature.
    An other word: people who find this blog is disgusdting should put a mirror in front of their dirty faces and see if they recognize themselves when they say that

  16. If Kate broke down, I believe she did spontaneously.
    We may not forget she lives under a terrible pressure, knowing people know the truth.
    She has to hide it every moment of the day, probably still even from her parents.
    Who knows Tapas 5( I exclude the Paynes) took distance from the couple because they got in trouble, having to lie to the police and to the world.
    They meant to have a short hollidays in Portugal, they got in difficulties, also by being friends with a paedophile.
    Maybe they are also paedophiles, maybe not, but only the fact they spent a week with one, it is bad enough for them.
    They will never get rid of this big black page in their curriculum vitae.
    People will always remember it.
    Who knows people are spreading around that Madeleine was abused by all of them, or suspecting it.
    "That is why she was a shy(shi?) child, that's why she did not talk much".
    Tapas 5 got a big black spot on their lives that will last forever.
    Doing the McCanns a favor, they will carry the probability that they also took part in her disappearence.
    They will be seeing as criminals and as child abusers.
    Maybe they are not.
    Maybe they are.

  17. Hope,

    What I said was that the "lot" of people who are "mean and nasty" to the McCanns, just because we believe them to be guilty, is growing, and that that fact scares them, the McCanners.

    Hope this clarifies.


  18. Textusa

    It is me that was confused then sorry about that...

    yes they are worried about people not beliving what they spin when the only important thing should be Madeleine...

    This is one time I would welcome being proved wrong about something as if I am wrong there is still a chance for Madeleine and I would never be afraid if people belived them.

    Once again the fact they have never tried to help her spells out to me if she is missing they are pure evil to put her in more danger.

  19. To the person who said this: "How mean and nasty you lot are!!!"

    Listen, your precious Kate couldn't go to Portugal for any reconstructions that "would help in the search for her daughter," but she could fly across the globe to appear on Oprah.

    Fuck off! You pro-McCanns are a bunch of sheep. Scientific evidence states their daughter Madeleine died in the apartment.

    These two child neglectors will be in prison one day for this scam and you fucking idiots who support them will be gaining a lot of weight with all the humble pie you will be eating.

    Joana & Astro, I do apologize for my choice of language but these people make me fucking sick!


  20. 13.13 Anonymous,
    I agree with you.
    They could be a sex orientated group people, also including the children.
    Maybe they are defending themselves not because they were afraid of being accused of child neglect but afraid of much worse.
    It is not bad at all to belong to a sex orientated group when you are an adult.
    Not at all.

    But why were the McCanns so extraordinaily protected by Tapas 5?
    What happened to that little girl?
    I think her death was more than an accident.
    Calling an ambulance would reveal bad things. The police would examen also the children of Tapas 6 and interrogate them.Maybe the police would find out a logical line, showing who this people are, by letting the children talk.
    Also the twins would have been examed.
    It would have been very traumatizing for them and they (all of them)would even have been taken out their parents responsibility.
    Very lucky they could count on Tapas 10 and on British politicions.

    may God save the Queen.

  21. Eles comem tudo,eles comem tudo e não deixam nada....
    Aquele abraço,Z.A. e aos restantes.


  22. Of course she cried, she reads the blogs, she had to show some emotion otherwise the American public might see through the lies. She must have finally taken those desperately needed acting classes.

  23. A Teoria de Text. que me parece incrivelmente credível faz-me acreditar na foto da P. da Luz(esta, mas sem os óscares para melhores actores-nomeação)ou seja, logo a seguir ao que k. presenciou e perante uma perda definitiva e irremediável, o seu rosto,NESTE DIA, mostrasse o que mostra:DOR DE PERDA E DEFINITIVA.

    Daí que,também, um Blogger de quem gosto muito e admiro,na tarde da conferência de rua e perante os Jornalistas,tenha desabafado e afirmado o ter sentido sofrimento e as Suas(dele) lágrimas assomarem ao olhos.,pela dor que viu.NAQUELE DIA!

    Só que o TREINO COMEÇOU.
    Aquela dor revelada foi a verdade NAQUELE momento.

    Com treino,as coisas mudaram. Treino e sei lá que mais.


  24. To the person who thought that this blog is disgusting for allowing people to question the integrity of the parents they should know that in life many parents have been responsible for carrying out terrifying ordeals on their own children. It is only right this thought be held and discussed with regards to these two. I personally think Oprah should see herself as David Frost interviewing Nixon when she does this show.

    eg Oprah: Can I ask you Kate as one mother to another how could you wash Madeliene's cuddle cat toy when her smell is on it? To me and other's watching that act would be like you are washing away and distancing yourself from your daughter

    eg Oprah: Gerry is it true that you used a blue tennis holdall on that holiday and it went missing ?

    eg Oprah: Kate & Gerry, It is widely reported that you both did not go out and search for Madeleine the night she apparently went missing. I find that strange. Can I ask why complete strangers felt compelled to search and you both stayed in to ring people at home?

    eg Oprah:Further to my last point did you tell your friends and family that the shutters had been broken into?

    eg Oprah: Is it true the lady upstairs asked if she should call the police and you mentioned that you had already done that even though you hadn't?

    eg Oprah: Another thing that intrigues me Gerry about you is that when you wrote your blog you barely mentioned Madeleine. ?

    eg Oprah: Also, when did you become aware that the fund monies were being used to fund your mortgage.

    eg Oprah: People would also like to know who these text messages were too on the day Madeleine went missing?

    eg Oprah: The police dogs Eddie and Keela seemed to detect odour and blood relating to Madeleine. what are your thoughts on that Gerry?

    eg Oprah: Kate, mother to mother here. Why did you not answer those police questions when your daughter was still missing? You must realsie it doesn't look good?

    eg:Oprah: Kate, as a mother I also find it odd that you ran out of the apartment and said something like 'They've taken her' What did you mean by that and why didn't you take the little ones with you at that moment?

    eg Oprah: One visual that I keep thinking about is how joyful you seemed just one week after her disappearance when you departed the church. How was it that you could walk out smiling like that?

    eg Oprah: Many find it suspicious that you did not return to carry out a reconstruction when traditionally these prove very helpful at clarifying events, Can you explain why when your daughter is still missing you did not do that?

    eg Oprah: What is your relationship with the other members of your holiday group.

    eg Kate, have you seen that the Gaspar family have given a statement that implicates a member of your group and your husband with strange sexualised gestures?

    eg Oprah: Do you remember the bath time that evening. Bathing 3 children is usually a stressful task after a long day. What can you rememeber about your last bathtime with Madeleine.

    eg Oprah: Once again can you please tell us mother's out there why you washed Madeleine's cuddle cat and thus were unable to smell her on it anymore?

  25. Last year the Mccanns went on Summer holidays to the Pacific coast of Canada.
    Nobody of Tapas 7 joined them.
    I would have expected at least one couple going with them.
    If some of them are very good friends with the Mccanns, their support would have been nice for this sad couple.
    Those 7 friends are keeping distance from the parents, aren't they?
    Even David Payne, who stayed at the 5A from 6.30 to 7.00 pm that evening, and who was the one who last saw Madeleine alive, did not joined his best friend Gerald.
    And they were used to spend holidays together.
    The fund could have payed the Payne's trip.
    When you are true friends, you don't let them down like David did.
    Fearing to bring bad luck and to be confronted with another abduction?

  26. Anon., 23:59, I saw some photos of Kate when she arrived in Canada and was met by her aunt, and in those photos she really looked so bad, really ill, very thin and on the verge of a break-down. Entirelly different from the usual images of her, I believe that back then she was having a really thought time.

    About Oprah and the way she dealt with the Mccanns, softly, so softly...so understanding and teary-eyed...for someone who had a rough childhood, and was sexually abused by a family member, I believe she would have no complacensy with child neglectors or abusers, but what do we see instead? Allegations of abuse from members of the staff in her "crown jewell", her exclusive girl's academy in South-Africa ( of which we have no idea of what has been made to solve the situation)and the tip-toeying around suspected child neglectors and abusers like the McCanns!

  27. Everybody tiptoes around the McCanns, and they always have done - that's what's so strange. I'm sure the McCanns insisted on previously-agreed questions on Oprah, just like they do with other media interviews - they couldn't handle unscheduled questions. So why, oh why, isn't there somebody, somewhere, to hold a press interview with the McCanns and suddenly spring unexpected questions on them - their reaction (they might refuse to answer, they might walk out) would speak for itself. Questions like why did they look so radiantly happy on Madeleine's 4th birthday, only a few days after she disappeared? Questions like why, when the sniffer dogs detected blood and cadaver odour in the apartment, was this not investigated further? Questions like how which British authorities ensured that they were able to leave Portugal the day after being declared arguidos, and why? I just don't understand why nobody has the guts to ask these questions - and show their reaction to the public.

  28. Everybody tiptoes around the McCanns, and they always have done - that's what's so strange. I'm sure the McCanns insisted on previously-agreed questions on Oprah, just like they do with other media interviews - they couldn't handle unscheduled questions. So why, oh why, isn't there somebody, somewhere, to hold a press interview with the McCanns and suddenly spring unexpected questions on them - their reaction (they might refuse to answer, they might walk out) would speak for itself. Questions like why did they look so radiantly happy on Madeleine's 4th birthday, only a few days after she disappeared? Questions like why, when the sniffer dogs detected blood and cadaver odour in the apartment, was this not investigated further? Questions like which British authorities ensured that they were able to leave Portugal the day after being declared arguidos, and why? I just don't understand why nobody has the guts to ask these questions - and show their reaction to the public.

  29. Kate McCann: 'They've taken her'

    ..begs the question, who is 'they'?
    I am a native english-speaker, and a parent. If my little daughter were missing, I would be in a highly -aroused state, and in going to call an alarm, would shout her name "XXX" so if she were in the vicinity, she would hear, and that shouting would quickly get very loud. I'm sure a mother would be more or less the same, and call her name.

    Then , as a father, the alarm , called, I would quickly satisfy myself there were enough competent people to conduct a thorough local search, including notify the police, grab a mobile phone, and then jog non-stop calling my loved one's name....for hours, until I had covered every inch!

    The statement 'THEY'VE taken her' , coupled with th e statement 'We've let her down..' and subsequent lack of searching behaviour is particularly impressive. More so even than the cadavar smells, which depends upon how much you personally value that information, and whether the signs are clear.
    The dogs do add to the questions, though of course, and that is for a court to decide, with evidence, their value in this particular case.
    It shouldn't be overlooked - 'trial by dogs' is not actually a true statement, it is trial by dogs plus human handlers, in concert. The dog is an instrument, the human is the judge.
    Matching human blood in the hire car is a hugely important sign.

    We don't know who is guilty of what, or what happened. Therefore more investigation should continue. A crime has been committed. The parents are suspect, and should be. BUt I draw no firm conclusions.
    Kate didn't have to answer questions, though it doesn't make her look good. That being the case, we cannot presume guilt on that fact. In which case, the police cannot do more in that direction.
    Personally, I think there is enough evidence to arrest on suspicion, and with the DNA evidence, to go for a trial. But no body, so no murder? At which time The McCann's may decide to answer questions.

    It's true politically, that would cause uproar, an explosion, even more so now. And for that , I sympathise with the Portuguese authorities.
    What is needed is more evidence. However , even with evidence of body remains, would not implicate the McCann's in itself, unless it can be tied to the boot of the hire car.
    I'm pretty sure the Portuguese police are aware of these ideas, and considering evidence.

    Perhaps if the McCann's gave some of their fund to G Amaral, they might help him to find out who did it! Or fully reprieve themselves.


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