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“There were mistakes on both sides”

Gerry McCann wants the Portuguese authorities to investigate his daughter’s disappearance again. The PJ doesn’t believe him

by Duarte Levy

During his recent stay in Praia da Luz, Gerry McCann stated that it was necessary for the police to be able to look at the inquiry’s results and say: “Where are the failures and what more can we do?”.

Maddie’s father adopted a conciliating discourse, stating – concerning the Portuguese police’s work – that “they worked very hard and there were many pressures”. And he admitted that he made some disputable decisions: “Looking back, there were probably mistakes on both sides”.

Gerry’s statements fail to convince the PJ inspectors who worked on the case since the beginning, under Gonçalo Amaral’s orders, who continue to defend that Maddie was not abducted: “I don’t believe that he wants the inquiry to be reopened… mainly if we take into account that they did everything to prevent the investigation of reaching a conclusion”, a PJ inspector tells 24horas.

“The Public Ministry itself is not very interested in reopening the process because that means they would have to admit that it was an error to archive it”, the inspector concludes.

McCann family controls the fund

Despite his promises of transparency, it was under great secrecy that Gerry McCann, Maddie’s father, entered the group of directors who manage the financial fund that was created nine days after the little girl’s disappearance.

The ‘Find Madeleine’ officially collected almost three million euros, but not being a charitable institution, it is legally exempt from publishing its accounts, exhaustively explaining how the money was used, which doubtlessly explains the fact that the recently disclosed documents don’t include any reference to the payment of instalments of the mortgage on Kate and Gerry McCann’s house, as well as other personal expenses.

Gerry McCann himself recently told several media that the ‘Find Madeleine’ fund’s money is running out.

Gerry McCann’s entrance into the direction actually happens after several personalities who had initially supported the family, started distancing themselves from the couple, which has also coincided with a major diminution of financial income.

With Gerry McCann’s entry into the abovementioned fund’s direction, which officially took place late last year, Maddie’s parents assured complete control over the ‘Find Madeleine’ fund, given the fact that the majority of its directors are members of the McCann family: Kate McCann, Gerry McCann, Peter Hubner, Brian Kennedy, John McCann, Edward Smethurst, Doug Skehan, Jon Corner and Michael Linett.

Tainted questionings

The inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine was archived by the Public Ministry shortly after Paulo Rebelo arrived to substitute Gonçalo Amaral as the coordinator of the CID in Portimão.

Paulo Rebelo, the same who had negotiated the return of Fátima Felgueiras to Portugal, was incapable of continuing the investigations and carrying out several diligences that were considered to be extremely important, namely the official reconstitution of what happened on the night of the disappearance.

It was also under the responsibility of Paulo Rebelo – who has now been transferred to the Lisbon Directory – that a PJ team went to England, where the inspectors, contrary of what was expected of them, were unable to follow the totality of questionings of the members of the so-called Tapas group, the seven English citizens that accompanied the McCanns on the night that Maddie disappeared. A failure with consequences that are still impossible to precise.

source: 24horas, 13.04.2009


  1. this story is old news and has been rehashed by Levy.

  2. The inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine was archived by the Public Ministry shortly after Paulo Rebelo arrived

    This piece is loaded with inaccuracy, like the above, this implies that Rebelo was merely brought in to close the investigation down. I wonder why it took him 9 months to do that!

    Also the suggestion the Fund Directors are "nearly all members of the McCann family". Actually four out of the nine are.

    I am afraid I do not have much faith in what Mr Levy writes or even whose side he is supposed to be on. I suspect that would be dependant on the fees he can earn.

  3. Anonymous at 08:36 and 08:55 :
    - in this sad case nothing is or will ever be "old news", NO, not until the truth comes out!
    It is by looking into the past that one can manytimes have a better understanding of the present( and the future).

    The Fund, well, it's all in the family! No wonder they did not set it up with charitable status, it was not at all convenient,all those absurd, strickt and transparent rules charities have, NO, not convenient at all!

  4. Gerald organised a film, documentary, about the "abduction" in Praia da Luz.
    He is worried about what people think of them in the UK.
    They are no longer arguidos, he has gotten a job, why worrying?


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