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To those who are convinced that the case is solved

by José Alves Mendes*

There are three ways to find out about police cases in television fashion: either one arrives too late and the report has had time to be thought over, or one is on location while the action takes place, or one ‘dramatises’. In a dramatisation, the alleged crime is recreated in movie style and fiction is used to replace the reality of facts. This is an uncommon procedure on Portuguese television, and implies a conjunction of means (technical, financial, legal means and even unknown actors or stand-ins) that seldom takes place.

“The Truth of the Lie”, the recreation of the Maddie McCann case according to Gonçalo Amaral, was broadcast by TVI on Monday and showed how in Portugal some excellent results can be obtained from the knowledge of dramatisation work. “The Truth of the Lie” started out as a bestseller in bookstores. In his book, Gonçalo Amaral, the coordinator who was responsible for the investigation into the disappearance of little English girl Madeleine McCann in an Algarvian resort, wanted to “clean his honour” and that of the Polícia Judiciária and to open the doors for the re-opening of the process. Removed from the case by then PJ director Alípio Ribeiro, Amaral defends the theory that Maddie died accidentally on the night that she was announced as missing, and that the corpse was concealed by her parents.

The programme that was broadcast on the 13th by TVI, a Valentim de Carvalho production, gives a minute report of events and is convincing to the point of not leaving anyone in doubt, at least judging from the voxpopuli comments that were heard throughout the week.

The viewer is guided by Gonçalo Amaral himself to the various locations of the event, the evidence that solidifies the former inspector’s theory is lined up, experts speak and the notion that there was no failure in the investigation, but rather an “interruption in the investigation”, and that the political pressures (even at the British government level) were more than evident, is reinforced.

While Amaral lacks a ‘television posture’, to say the least, the programme impressed by its rhythm, the excellent editing of something that in less capable hands would be a scattered puzzle, and by the almost patronising defence, in the best of senses, that Amaral has reason on his side.

Now all that is left to do is to wait and watch the English dramatisation, which is soon to arrive on tv. Will the truth and the lie switch positions again?

source: Expresso, 18.04.2009, paper edition (‘Actual’ magazine)

* Television critic


  1. In case of an abduction, no parents would ever live their other children alone, to travel far away, like the McCanns will do now, going to Oprah.

    Their trip to the USA, even for a short time, is a new evidence that the child was not abducted.

    They are not worried about their twins been stolen by someone.

    Not worried at all because they never experienced having a child who was abducted.

    They never experienced the idea of having a child being abused by a paedophile right now, being thursty, being hungry, being beated, being scared to death.

    Thank Haevens, they don't know what is anguish and what is despair,
    desperately searching for their little suffering daughter.

    McCanns, count your blessings!

  2. I agree.
    Going so far away, both parents,
    leaving the children in England, is a new evidence showing Madeleine was not abducted.

  3. And it is said, in a newspaper article that kate is in "agony" for leaving the twins home while she goes to Chicago! It is claimed she feels "between a rock and a hard place", torn between the decision of going and leaving the twins behind, or not going at all! Well, if she is so worried, I think the choice is clear, STAY PUT, do the interview via satelite, or, take the twins with you, along with a baby-sitter. OH, and don't bring up the argument of the long flight...it's not thaaat long, and they went to Canada, didn't they?...

  4. Gonçalo"s documentary is stripped down to the facts and only the facts.There is no embellishment of any kind.It is the professional work of a professional man.
    I am waiting for the mccScums to sue him......
    Thanks to Gonçalo Amaral for being Madeleine"s voice

  5. Amarals' theory is quite frankly daft.
    Calpol does not make you sleepy. If it did, she wouldn't have woken up.
    If she fell off the back of the sofa while Gerry was outside talking to Wilkins then there is NO TIME, get this folks, NO TIME for the cadaver smell to develop. It takes at least 90 minutes.
    His story doesn't work. That's why he was taken off the case - his story simply doesn't work, especially if the cadaver dogs are your main 'evidence'.
    I can't imagine why you all give him so much time and credibility. He's such ajoke, the Mccanns can't even be arsed to sue him. That says it all.

  6. Anon 21.56:
    Mccanns and their supporters (I can see you're one of them) are always trying desperately to discredit Amaral's work and theory.That's the biggest proof that you know he knows what happened to Madeleine and that's the real reason why he was taken off the case.And yes,Mccanns will never sue him, and do you know why?Because if they ever go inside a courtroom they will be put in jail.But I think you know that.

  7. Can't arsed to sue, you Pe-lank.

    Your McCon mates said they would sue, and now they are not, like they vowed they would never leave Portugal, but they did and that Cuddles the Cat was on a high shelf that was not there, that they used the window and then that they must've used the front door.

    Do you believe in fairies as well? I bet you do.


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