1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

UK Media: Censorship in Action

Today, we had the strange privilege to watch censorship in action, in real time, on what we thought was the last safe haven within the British press.

The Press Gazette (‘Journalism today’, they announce themselves as) published an article about today’s appearance by Peter Hill, Daily Express editor, before the media select committee in parliament.

Comments about the article were open, and comment we did.

Unfortunately, it seems that our comments were not quite what the Press Gazette’s editor Paul McNally wanted to read, well not at least after being bought by Progressive Media Group - run by multi-millionaire publisher Mike Danson, and saved from closure in a last-minute deal.

Some were censored others edited, and after we posted the deleted comments a few times, just to watch them being erased again, it seems that the ‘blue pencil’ at the Press Gazette decided it was time to cut the evil by its root.

Well done, Press Gazette, for showing us – again – the true face of British media, and who your masters are.

Minor note: Mike Danson is the millionaire businessman who owns half of the left-wing political weekly magazine New Statesman; he founded business information company Datamonitor (worth an estimated £502m) and was its chief executive until he sold his stake to media group Informa last September.

Paul McNally Twitter

The Comments in Full

The Comments Edited

The Comments Deleted

Two questions for our readers: “Does the UK live in a censored news culture?” “Do Media corporations, like Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, exert too much control over the UK news?”


  1. I am assuming these are two rhetorical questions Joana.

  2. Brilliant, brilliant post!!

    You know, "thousands" of McCann supporters were trying to post rightfully, whilst MILLLIONS of evil, cruel people were persecuting the Saintly Couple...

    Couldn't have that, could we?


    Loved it!

  3. Indeed and unfortunately they are, Carol.

    Before I was born our press in Portugal, was censored, we had a dictatorship. But what is the UK media excuse for the constant suppression of speech?

  4. Hehehe..., remember a while ago, Dr. McCann described Portugal as a once fascist and them comunist country...now I see what happened here, he mistook Portugal for the U.K.!

  5. Joana, vengo también aquí para protestar por la arbitrariedad, injusticia e insoportable prepotencia de estos CENSORES que presumen de democracia.

    N.B. Este post está escrito en español. Señores censores que todo lo monitorizan, recuérdenlo cuando lo pasen por el traductor automático.

  6. "Indeed and unfortunately they are, Carol.

    Before I was born our press in Portugal, was censored, we had a dictatorship. But what is the UK media excuse for the constant suppression of speech?"

    Same as yours I guess. They disagree with what's being said. It would appear that's how you both work on here isn't it? Dictatorship all over again from people who profess to stand for free speech. What a joke!

  7. Oh yes, that is everyday life in UK. Have you ever tried to send a comment to Leicester Mercury or Daily Mail. UK press have no idea what freedom of speech means. Sad really.

  8. But then, when they have a PM who does the same. Very sad.

    "Gordon Brown silences YouTube critics by disabling viewer comments"


  9. English people,HOW long are you going to swallow all the bollocks?The more they give you the more you complain and DO NOTHING!!!!

  10. This is absurd.From a country that never has known dictatorship and that went to Irak to teach democracy, murdering around.

  11. Let us listen to The Voice of America or eventually The Voice of Moscou, to find out what is going on in Britain.

  12. News from Holland

    Amaral will give 2 interviews on May the 5th.

    One on RTL Boulevard, on RTL 4, starting at 6.30 pm ( the show takes one hour, several subjects)

    and on SBS 6 channel, Hart van Nederland, 11 pm.

    There will be no possibility for us to meet him.
    He is coming only for the interviews.
    It seems that several news papers will interview him as well.

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  15. I you think that's bad, how about a blog being taken off for reporting on a case? It happened to us... see http://www.foreignperspectives.com/just-who-is-the-media-these-days-legally-it-does-include-bloggers-or-at-least-those-based-in-the-uk/2009/04/25/opinion.htm for more details.

  16. The proper URL ... http://www.foreignperspectives.com/just-who-is-the-media-these-days-legally-it-does-include-bloggers-or-at-least-those-based-in-the-uk/2009/04/25/opinion.htm


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