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Video of police assault on Ian Tomlinson, who died at the London G20 protest


  1. more here http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/apr/07/video-g20-police-assault

  2. e viva a POLICIA PORTUGUESA !!!!!!

  3. Did it happened in civilized country???
    Just disgusting...

  4. Pelo menos por cá, no País terceiro mundista acabado de escapar do comunismo e com laivos ainda fascistas, de acordo com o que imbecil do Gerry McCann disse à comissão, os 'Sardine Munchers' da PJ não matam inocentes. Up yours Jack Straw!

  5. Remember what happened with Menezes, the Brazilian man murdered by UK police, and they walked free, after all.

    Of course they feel free to continue to make the same.

    Lets see how they behave if the victim is an UK citizen, this time.

  6. I'm in total shock! That unfortunate man, he looked so calm and unprovocative, I bet the police got irritated that he didn't move out of their way fast enough ( he looked to me like having some difficulty walking) and decided to teach him a lesson!
    He falls down with his hands in his pockets, that prevents him from quickly putting his arms forward to help balance his fall, so he probably hit his head hard on the ground. Is it alredy know, the cause of his death, a skull fracture, maybe?
    Members of the public rushed to his help, they did not prevent medics to assist him, that's what it looks like to me.
    Yet another tragic, shamefull behaviour of the british police force ( do not forget Jean Menezes and Nico Bento)


  7. English people are primitif people.
    No difference between police, hooligans and some doctors.

  8. Thank you Joanna, that is a very distressing video to watch. If that one office in particular does not get hit with at the very least a manslaughter charge, I think there will be a few more riots. Personally I would go for murder given the way he just launched into him from behind for absolutely no reason other than he is a rotten thug.

    What utterly barbarous behaviour, that poor man and his family x


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