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Adding to the Gallery of 'Maddie' suspects

Spot the differences. All 746 of them.


  1. Hehehe...are you sure they aren't more? If one looksa very very carefully I bet we can go to a 1000...by the way, who's the "handsome" cadaveric guy in the last one? another of Tanners updates on her "bundleman", or is it the "suspicious looking guy", who used to park himself on the road outside 5A,looking intensivelly at it?( he was in this way trying his best to pass unnoticed...)

  2. Are all abductors out there this ugly?! Any chance of an actual good looking one? I don't know how guys with that sort of looks can go around abducting children for a living and getting away with it...for sure they will scare the poor children to death and get them screaming their heads off on the minute they lay eyes on them, raising a hell of an alarm!
    Now, seriously, isn't this a bit of a blatant Hollywoodian "cliché"?
    All bad guys are dark,sorry,hermm... I mean, swarthy, with bad teeth and spotty complexion, and very untidy and badly cut hair!They all look as if they never had a decent bath in their entire life and of course, are latinos, blacks or native americans. I bet that's why we'll never see Joaquim de Almeida as the hero, the good guy, in a movie...

  3. Four more to add to the Spot the Difference 'game'. They've appeared in the UK press at various intervals over the last two years (all hailed, in their turn, as the definitive image of the abductor/s who "snatched" Madeleine:-





    When is someone going to call a halt to this sick and damaging charade?

  4. Oh, that last one looks soooo creepy...the perfect stereotype of the ugly villain, smallpox marks and all!


  5. Is it wrong to hope that this will be the last sighting of the abductor..?

    Great blog by the way! :-)

  6. I actually think this new suspect looks like Gerry McCann, but then the Smiths did say the man they saw could have been Gerry.

  7. He looks really evil - like just the kind of bad man to have snatched liccle Maddie. Here's hoping it helps to find her. We're thinking of you, Kate and Gerry.

  8. The most probable tragic fate of this 3 year old child is so distressing, sometimes if I didn't laugh, I would cry.

    Reading today's online report of "Ugly-Man" in the Daily Mail was one such moment and it made me laugh out loud.


    The first paragraph juxtaposed with the acne-challenged ugly-man picture is too funny for words and could have come from the mind and keyboard of Himself,

    "A prowler SPOTTED outside Madeleine McCann's holiday apartment...." (my upper-case.

  9. How COULD you forget "Egghead Man" and the rather unfortunate Robert Murat?

    It's all guesswork, if you ask me. Now enter "Pockmark Man" - but was he seen in the vicinity of the Ocean Club the night of 3rd May 2007 to qualify as a suspect??? Now that's the real test....

    Wild Goose Chase.

  10. Estes todos parecem saidos de um figurino da antiga rua dos fanqueiros.O do beatle deve fazer parte do imaginário de algum dos Ts(tarad.sex.)e este parce ter saído,infelizmente,de um dos campos de concentração dos nazis : o nariz é aquilino. Ou então, aquelas manchas serão de alguém em avançado estado de aids(infelizmente,tb,). na melhor das hipóteses terá 1 pele a necessitar de tratamento para peles seborreicas.
    E a popinha à Elvis P.?

    Cuidem-se os marialvas!



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