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Analysis of the Verdict : The Way Ahead

Analysis of today's sentence by lawyer Luís Filipe Carvalho

transcript to follow


  1. A única maneira de acabar com casos como este de uma vez por todas, é tornar obrigatório por lei, que todo e qualquer interrogatório policial seja gravado em audio e vídeo e na presença de um advogado! Assim não haveria mais "renhéunhéus", nem acusações de cá e de lá.
    A nossa PJ pode ser muito boa a investigar, ter gente de muito valor, mas em meios técnicos parece-me que ainda tem muito para andar. Modernizar é urgente, já!Por exemplo, foi preciso o caso Maddie e as críticas imediatas à maneira como os técnicos foram vistos a trabalhar no terreno, sem luvas ou fatos protectores, no início, para depois e agora estes serem items correntes e usados nas investigações.

  2. "You don't start an investigation in Morocco or Spain or France or even Lisbon. This offence happened in Praia da Luz. That is where I think the answer is."

    This pearl of wisdom emanates from one of our Abbott and Costello semi-retired police officers, now doing a ‘cold case review’, and pocketing money with that sweet, cadaverine odour on it. Profiting from crime, but perhaps not as mightily as Mr Amaral.

    We have known where the answer is, where the offence happened, in Praia da Luz, and we have known for two years. No doubt it takes half a lifetime’s police ‘experience’ to achieve insights that are largely attainable coup d’oeil - at a glance.

    But ‘offence’ should be rendered in the plural, and one of these offences referred to was neglect of a small child by abandonment, leading to her grievous harm, and possible death. Perhaps Abbott and Costello will be drawn inexorably to that conclusion, eventually.

    As for Mr Amaral’s selective hindsight, his omission was not only to mount an immediate reconstruction of the crime scene while Tapas gang were in situ, but to make immediate arrests on the grounds outlined above. Such timely police intervention would have prevented, mutatis mutandis, any attempt at clandestine cadaver disposal by the accused or their associates.

    I have no comment on the Cipriano case.


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