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Another Jornalist Censored in the UK - Updated

Updated Note: Apparently the blog was sent 'off -line' for 2 days, it's back now

Jon Clements, a British journalist, crime correspondent for the Mirror, published on May 8 an article with the title 'Madeleine McCann: conflicting eye witnesses', where he gave his not so favourable opinion regarding the McCanns Documentary. Today is impossible to read his personal column/blog, in fact it appears to have been deleted altogether. However from Google's Cache, we are able to republish is opinion here.

Madeleine McCann: conflicting eye witnesses
By Jon Clements on May 8, 09 09:39 AM

I watched the Channel 4 documentary last night about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and came to one conclusion - the more anyone looks into it the more confusing it gets.

We were told that several "new" eye witnesses saw a man staring at the McCann's apartment in Praia da Luz from the street in the days before Madeleine vanished, sometimes with a white van parked nearby.

Then we were told that an Irish family saw a man carrying a child through the streets 40 minutes after Jane Tanner, the McCanns friend, saw a man carrying a child in the street outside the apartment.

Interesting though this may be, I'm not convinced either sighting is much of a breakthrough or evidence pointing in any particular direction.

Is anybody seriously suggesting that a child snatcher would wander the streets with their victim for 40 minutes risking discovery at any second ?

If, as the eyewitnesses believed, the man was not a tourist, how would he possibly explain carrying a child who most definitely was on holiday ?

If the man spotted outside the apartment with the van was involved in the kidnapping why would be be carrying the child half a mile away 40 minutes later in the street when he could be 30 miles away speeding down the road ?

Both accounts could be correct but it is hard to see how both could be relevant to what happened to Madeleine.

Her parents tireless appeals for information are impressive but it is hard to see where or when the breakthrough will come.


  1. Este caso deve chegar até ao imperador do Japão, não tenho outra explicação.
    Há uma coisa gravíssima por trás disto.
    Gravíssima mesmo.
    Há gente debaixo de tremenda chantagem e sendo pressionada.
    Será que o país desmoronaria por esta causa?
    País nenhum desmorona por causa do Gerald.
    Um cara que passou dois anos sem conseguir emprego não pode ter este poder.
    Quem está por trás disto?

  2. Where is the actress who would play Kate's role?

    Did she also lost her job, even before start working?

    People who lost their jobs because of this case, at least have worked somewhere for a while.
    She even did not start.

  3. Por outro lado o mau famoso "the news of the world" tem 1 artigo que não foi,como convém, censurado.
    Desanca na Investigação; elogia a "fiabilidade do testemunho da baralhada e mentirosa" jane de tarzan.
    E relembra :""The other really important point is that no body has been found."
    É que jamais esqueceremos a certeza e a arrogância do "fiável" progenitor,real ou de empréstimo.Aquele ar de absoluta segurança ,para mim,significa que o corpo está inalcansável.



  4. A testemunha ,o irish Man, que reconheceu o mcmau ao descer do avião e que assegura estar certo de que é o mcmau o raptor,numa % de 60-80,AGORA É AMIGO do mcmau? OH;GOD! SO SAD!
    "the more anyone looks into it the more confusing it gets."

    By Jon Clements on May 8, 09 09:39 AM

  5. Is A Shame!!! Is that the Country where MAGNA CARTA was born in 1215?

    Peraphs they know that ?

    “Freedom of speech, or the freedom of expression, is recognized in international and regional human rights law. The right is enshrined in Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Article 13 of the American Convention on Human Rights, Article 9 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights, and the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.[3]
    The freedom of speech can be found in early human rights documents, such as the British Magna Carta (1215) and The Declaration of the Rights of Man (1789), a key document of the French Revolution.[4] Based on John Stuart Mill's arguments, freedom of speech today is understood as a multi-faceted right that includes not only the right to express, or disseminate, information and ideas, but three further distinct aspects:
    • The right to seek information and ideas;
    • the right to receive information and ideas;
    • the right to impart information and ideas.[3]
    International, regional and national standards also recognize that freedom of speech, as the freedom of expression, includes any medium, be it orally, in written, in print, through the Internet or through art forms. This means that the protection of freedom of speech as a right includes not only the content, but also the means of expression.[
    The right to freedom of speech is particularly important for media, which plays a special role as the bearer of the general right to freedom of expression for all.”

    SourceWikipedia, the free en ciclopedia

    Peraphs they know that?

    In 2006, BBC History held a poll to recommend a date for a proposed "Britain Day". 15 June, as the date of the signing of the original 1215 Magna Carta, received most votes, above other suggestions such as D-Day, VE Day, and Remembrance Day. The outcome was not binding, although the then Chancellor Gordon Brown had previously given his support to the idea of a new national day to celebrate British identity.[18] It was used as the name for an anti-surveillance movement in the 2008 BBC series The Last Enemy. According to a poll carried out by YouGov in 2008, 45% of the British public do not know what Magna Carta is.[19] However, its perceived guarantee of trial by jury and other civil liberties led to Tony Benn to refer to the debate over whether to increase the maximum time terrorist suspects could be held without charge from 28 to 42 days as "the day Magna Carta was repealed".[20]

    SOURCE Wikipedia, the free enciclopedia

    Was a shame to see another victim on Madeleine’s saga.
    On the same country( UK), what happened to the journalists which for more then two years insulted Portugal (a member of the European Community), insulted the PJ ( a high qualified and official police in the investigation) and insulted all Portuguese people ( even if they did not play any direct or indirect role in Madeleine’s tragedy and, as Madeleine , are the victims of a careless group of parents which put “good time” on top of their priorities, and the children safety in a second place? NOTHING MR. G. BROWN.
    Is a SHAME...Madeleine is a child from your country, one which you are supposed to protect and fight for justice. She deserves much, much BETTER!

  6. I'm sorry, but I just went to the Mirror's site and was able to read the article. At the middle of the home page there are "boxes",News - Sport - Celeb - Opinion -etc., in the opinion column, I clicked in in "more opinion" at the bottom, and it opened a page with the list of articles. On the right hand side there's a list of "latest posts, the articles in question is the seventh from the top. It it still available.


    It seems there's been some mistake here, maybe it disappeared for a while, but then was brought back in because of criticism, maybe they had a change of heart and decided to do the right thing for once!

  7. Went back agin to the Mirror online page, tryed to leave a comment, but it is no longer possible. But the article is definetelly still there.

  8. I've just remembered the movie "The Four Feathers"...

    Hmmm how many chickens do I have to buy?

    I know I have to give out one heck of a lot of feathers...

    Isn't there a lyric in a song nowadays that says "I'm going to take my clothes off, it will be SHAMELESS... everybody knows that's how you be famous..."?


  9. "Café Crimes with Gonçalo Amaral on Europe 1

    Appears very interesting, anyone know if there is a translation anywhere?

  10. Where can I find the news that Smith became friends with the McCanns?
    This can not be true. Who said that?

  11. Hi Joana, it's Batty here.

    I can still see Jon Clements' blog. Can you get to it now?

  12. Por favor, leia mais uma vez a sentença.
    A testemunha irlandesa não ficou amiga dos McCães.

    Please, read agaim the sentence.
    The witness did no become friends with the McDogs.

  13. The censorship seems to be getting worse, not better!

    Jon Clements' last blog on Madeleine had all the comments whooshed (almost entirely negative towards the McCanns) after a few hours but the blog entry remained.
    Now it's the whole entry that's been removed!

    Surely Jon Clements isn't taking this lying down?

  14. Now I'm confused. Is the blog entry still there or isn't it?

  15. The British media I no longer trust since the case of 'missing' Madeleine McCann.Things are printed and spoken that are the words of Clarence Mitchell and the McCann's.This reporter has said something not in their favor so it is removed.
    The Portuguese Police and citizens have been insulted in various ways.
    Never have the McCann's or their highly paid private investigator's shown how an 'abductor' could have carried Madeleine through the bedroom window without leaving a trace.They have changed their account of events from the start.The British dogs have a 100% record.Bless all those who seek truth and Justice for Madeleine.

  16. Being French and speaking English fairly well though not perfectly, I can translate Café-Crime, later today. I'll do that tonight. It is worth it, even if it doesn't bring anything really new, as it shows how some people who just study the facts from outside, with an objective eye-they aren't involved the way the Portuguese or the British are- let it understood that they ask themselves a wide range of questions about the case and the way it has been told by the family One of them is a former detective of quite high rank.
    Joana, if it is a problem, leave me an e-mail, please!

  17. Sim, há uma coisa gravíssima por trás disto.

    The person or persons that are being blackmailed are among the people that the McCanns communicated with, via telephone and text messages, in the first days of May, 2007. Unfortunately, the police weren't allowed to access that information.

  18. Gerra, I think the most important communication that night was not made by Gerry himself but by someone else in the group.
    That someone else is the powerful one in the group.
    Gerry must have made the last calls, making practical appointment with Tapas 10.
    He would not take the risk to call important people in a dangerous world in the UK and than report his daughter missing.
    Everything happened via, via, through that Tapas.
    In my opinion Gerry became powerful on that night and it has to do with Tapas 10.
    Who was he?
    Somewhere I read or heard Amaral talking, saying that the body could have been hidden by Gerry, near the church.
    This releases Tapas 10 of being investigated, if Gerry hid it all by himself, which he did'nt.
    And a new investigation would than start from the moment the Mccanns took again the body with themselves.If Amaral or the PJ chose for no Tapas 10 that night, they must have serious suspicions about his identity. Better forget him and go on investigating Tapas 9.


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