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British newspapers: Front pages 22.05.2009

Just a little dumb question: How much time did it take to prepare these 'Breaking News'...?


  1. Okay, so "paedophile", lived in Portugal, supposedly been on the run following Madeleine's disappearance...but where's the proof that links him to the scene of the crime or to Madeleine?


  2. Just a theory _
    I think perhaps it took from the time McCann's realised that Sr Amaral was going to counter-sue.

    This guy, dying of cancer, a paedophile - looks like he'll take the 'fall' prove McCann's theory of abduction.

    Wouldn't be surprised if we next hear he has confessed on his death bed.

    They need to prove Sr Amaral wrong, re Madeleine having died in the apartment. Had to sort something out quickly before court date.

    He certainly does not look like ANY of the sketches of the other suspects.

    J. Tanner should have gone to 'Specsavers!'


  3. More propoganda crap! But, hey! I don´t need to tell the already-informed visitor of this site that.

    There is nothing in these tabloids to suggest there is anything remotely tangible in any of the reports. You wanna know know who´s repsonsible? Look no further than what you already know...

    Discard ALL from mainstream media and you´ll be alright: trust me!

  4. And by accussing an British man, IMO they hope to keep the Portuguese quiet...

  5. Fucking predictable.

    Blame the near-dead guy.

    This is fishy and the timing is so fucking predictable...just when Senior Amaral is closing in those bastards they come up with this crap.

    If this is your best Mitchell and McCann then I am not impressed. You need to play better than that.

    The public might be stupid but I´m not and certainly Mr Amaral is not either.

    You´re all going down. Trust me!

    Mr Amaral will win his case...believe me.

  6. Why are the ignorance-cultivation media so eager for us the swallow the abuduction myth?

  7. The state this guy is in would make it impossible for him to even climb stairs, let alone open a window and run off with a child. Also, he could not have injected anything into Madeleine. Looks too ill. Just the McCanns grasping at straws hoping to blame him on his death bed.

  8. Englozz

    What a load of crap!! you say he was too sick to inject, it was two years ago!!! Im not saying he did do it, but some people on here need to get a life!!!

  9. absolutely predictable.

    But how the hell is this claptrap a leading item on BBC news? And already front page news of our tabloids? Just as predictable is the fact that this 'news' will disappear as quickly as it has arrived. Someone somewhere is very very frightened, eh, McCann?

  10. Going on his past record Maddie was much too young. All his previous offences centred around 11/12 year olds.
    Why has it taken so long to come up with this? Surely he would have been one of the first to be investigated.

  11. Is it legal for private investigators to splash the photo, name and private details of somebody all over the front pages of the newspapers and on television stations? And if this guy is a convicted paedophile, I thought the Portuguese AND BRITISH police investigated all those in the Praia da Luz area and ruled them out? The timing of this and the fact that the 'suspect' is very ill and may not survive for long gives me an uncomfortable feeling.

  12. If I were a convicted paedophile living near the place where a pretty three year old child was reportedly abducted, and bearing in mind the subsequent media hoo-hah, I think I would move somewhere else, too. Doesn't mean that this man was involved, though - nor that he is 'on the run'. He may just have got out of the way of all the fuss, because of his past.

  13. According to news in Uk, this man has a criminal record for sexual assaults on children, its a long way from abducting a child, if you follow this theory, every man who has ever assaulted a child who has been to Portugal is a suspect. More smokescreen from the McPsychopaths!!!I think they are getting desperately scared. They know more and more people dont believe them.

  14. "The alarm was raised about Hewlett by a couple who met him while on holiday in Portugal.

    When Alan and Cindy Thompson met Hewlett, he was living with his wife and six children in a converted Dodge truck travelling from campsite to campsite."

    "In the spring of 1999, A British couple called Alan and Cindy Thompson were driving through Pakistan, in the very area that they're now talking about as being bin Laden's location. After driving for 11 hours on dirt roads they came to a checkpoint and were detained by armed Pakistani guards.

    The next day the Dawn newspaper [http://www.dawn.com/], one of the biggest newspapers in Pakistan, reported that this couple had found the secret lair of Osama bin Laden.

    More interesting is that they reported that this location had been visited by US consulate officers, British, Australian, and Swiss ambassadors, and that it was guarded by a team of US commandoes.

    After the couple were picked up by the British embassy they were invited to a garden party where all the British ambassadors and aid workers were bragging that they were stationed in the same area as bin Laden's secret hideout.

    After the couple got back home to England they saw a newspaper article calling for the capture of bin Laden. This was a few months before Clinton signed an executive order mandating bin Laden to be killed on sight.

    The couple immediately contacted Scotland Yard in London; they contacted the FBI and the Pentagon and in every case got nothing. No response, no request for an interview. Nothing."


  15. Id like to know how they can sue Sr Amaral for defamation, when they are accepting all proceeds from the book written anonymously by their followers which defames Sr Amaral and his colleagues. Oh i know, i forgot, they think they are above the law.

  16. Enough is enough.

    Rupert Murdoch, father in law of the director of Freud Communications who employ Clarence, the Media Manipulator must be making a fortune out of selling this trash to us Brits. Well just for the record, Kate,Gerry,Clarence and you Rupert, who is notorious for this kind of nonsense, particularly where the UK government is concerned,


    The 3A`s are going public to let the world know this, why should we been seen to support these child neglectors? Its pay back time, and anyone who wants to support can do so by visiting the 3A`s website.

  17. Please sign the petition for fair reporting and for Mr Amaral to be heard in the UK.


  18. The term 'Person of Interest, was notoriously used by the FBI regarding Stephen Hatfill in the USA anthrax enquiry. Mr Hatfill was innocent, and later won $5m damages from the FBI for the unjustified slur. The FBI said they would never again use this expression.

    The gentleman in question here may not live long enough to sue, but we know who the persons of interest are - the McCadavers and their gang.

  19. This British patient is much less sick than the McCanns are!

  20. He looks exactly Jane Tanner's description.
    A mediterranean type.
    How much will the Mccanns pay him or his family to accept to be blamed?
    Will he tell where the police can find the corpse?
    Will he tell details that only the abductor could know?
    This man has the right to sue the McCanns.

  21. 12 Year olds!His prefrenece in all the cases was for 12 year olds..world of difference to the age of Madeleine..and him being involved doesnt explain the blood or odour found by dogs behind sofa, in wardrobe and car..It doesnt explain the unslept in bed..the lies about shutters being jemmied open, the lies about time cheks etc...After the attempted fit up of Murat this should be no suprise...they are unscrupulous fuckers.

  22. As a UK citizen who thinks and reflects on issues, I agree that we are totally sick of Murdoch's manipulation of news stories. Only this morning with all the juicy MP political stories in the UK, SKY TV has allowed from 6.31 to 6.34 am this 'fake' story to air first. Who do they take us for? Just as they seemed to be balancing stuff the might of the machine gets moving again.

    This one story about Madeleine has shown how power and the media are partners in bed with one another. Not to report but to manipulate what the public think and feel. Such one sided reporting discredits us as a nation.

    We the people have shown what we think of MP's using our money for their own personal gain. The sleeze of our politicians is directly entwined with the sleeze of our journalists. I believe under Gordan Brown this sleeze has reached new depths of deparvity.

  23. Some people here got to get a life...
    Yeah, Mccanns, we got it already.
    Our goal is justice for Madeleine.

  24. In other words most of the UK public will think this bloke is a put up job, or what is commonly known as a 'patsy'

  25. Everyone is now lost in the detail, just what the establishment want. The real question here is that if this was just an ordinary child death or disappearance like many many others why have the UK and American establishment been so keen to protect the parents and their friends from full investigation. Why was the case so speedily shelved. What bigger secret must not be allowed to see the light of day? Why have the UK media and government, to a man, continually distorted the facts of this case so that the public are misinformed and confused. What is their motive? What lies behind this case that must not be revealed? There has been no other criminal case like it to my knowledge where the Government and media have fully supported people who were suspects in the initial investigate stages. Hopefully the truth will be revealed eventually.


    Dieing paedophile kidnapped maddie, it dose'nt get any better now does it??

    my advice to you is jerry, and we know your reading this is.....


  27. I would like to know what face cream this man uses, he seems to have gained a face and lost all his spots rather quickly.

  28. I am reading your blog every day and I am very happy that this blog exists. It is unbelievable that the Britisch media is playing along in this absolute ridiculous circus. But not only the British media, a few days ago I wrote a comment to a reputable German newspaper asking them why they are writing so one-sided in this case and they didn't published my comment. Slowly I'm beginning to think that the conspiracy theory is true... I hope and pray that Amaral will win the case... Thank you for all the information you provide to us.

  29. Well, "The Sun" ignored the "ugly spotty man" photofit and used the oldie "George Harrison lookalike"! And if this new suspect( the dying man) lived in Luz for some time, and wanted to get his hands on some little girl, why would he have waited until Madeleine came along? There were plenty of blond beautiful girls around Luz, all the time! Mr. Amaral has said in an interview that right next to the place where Mr. Spotty was seen standing, across the road from 5A, there's a "kindergarten school"(infantário), plenty of girls there...and not one went missing or was molested in any way!

    By the way, a bit off topic, but this has been on my mind lately:
    -if Kate McCann and Oldfield said they entered the apartment through the patio doors, how come their fingerprints were nowhere to be found on those?!According to Mr. Amaral's book, the whole apartment was a "desert of vestiges", so clean and pristine, the only prints they found on the patio doors paines where from a GNR officer, and of course Kate's prints on the window of the children's room.
    How could they manage to open those doors and not leave their prints on them? It's impossible! I have the same kind of sliding doors, separating my kitchen from a closed balcony( marquise) in my apartm.,and they only have a handle on the inside. If they are fully closed, but not locked, to open them from the outside one has to push them hard, sideways, with one's hands on the paines, and it sure leaves some marks!I know it from experience, when my son was little he used to have great fun closing me in the balcony and see me struggle to get the doors open! And after that they were covered with prints from my hands all over!
    Another mistery of the McCann case...


  30. Oh my God! These people are really really really desperate!Are they going to blame this man for something they know he didn't do just because he's sick and cannot defend himself?Mccanns and their friends really are the most despicable people on the face of the Earth!


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