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Channel 4 Cutting Edge, You're A Disgrace

By Himself at the McCann Gallery

And you surely are, if this is your best effort you need to be looking for a new career.

Not content that you produce this piece of fantasy fiction you actually compound your errors, deliberate or otherwise, and overwrite on the film something that is so blatantly untrue it staggers the imagination.

Was it your intention to deliberately mislead the public or are you just not fit to be put in charge of a camera?

Jane Tanner's statement clearly puts McCann and Wilkins on the opposite side of the road to what you depict, as does her sketch, as does Wilkins sketch, as does Wilkin's statement.

You are a disgrace to your profession and a disgrace to Channel Four.

You can find Tanner's statement at the bottom of the page.

Jez Wilkins statement:

I met him near the stairs of a ground floor. There was a gate leading up to some stairs. I was pretty certain that he had left the apartment. We spoke for a few minutes. He said you're on walking duty. I said I was staying in and pros and cons and what to do with the children.

I have drawn a map of the complex and marked an X where I saw Jerry on Thursday evening ' JW 1. I have also produced a map, from the holiday brochure also with an X where I saw Jerry on Thursday ' JW 2.'

Voice over:
However, Jane and Gerry remember the scene differently.

I'll bet they do.

It would be a cold day in hell before you would catch me watching this kind of drivel, but for the purpose of this article I viewed it on line where fortunately I could push it on to the relevant parts.

In doing so I missed much of the who's who and initially thought the guy above was the film maker. only later to discover that this pseudo authoritarian figure was in fact McCann's creature.

Thinking about your statement and sketch Jane?

As you acquiesce.

That's it be a good girl and listen to the men.

Lots of bright lights and Tanner has zoom eyes!

And then we have the re-construction, carried out in more realistic conditions I would have thought and in accordance to statements given to the police by Tanner.

Only trouble is it don't really work does it Jane? little wonder we were treated the the McCann version.

And finally we have a depiction of Gerry's little trip to the beach.

Part of Tanner's rogatory interview.

4078 “From what I know from reading statements, Gerry was still absent?”

Reply “He wasn’t there at that point, no, no. So, erm, then I walked, so I just walked out the, erm, the Ocean Club bit and walked, sort of walked up the road. And then Gerry was there, he was talking to Jez WILKINS in the road, well they were sort of, as I went by. So I think I thought then ‘Oh that’s why Jez’, not Jez, ‘That’s why Gerry has been, you know, that’s why he’s longer than we thought’”.

4078 “Backtrack a little. How long after Gerry had gone was it before you went to do your check?”

Reply “Well I think it must have been, well it must have been at least five minutes, if not more, because, I say, because he was gone, before I actually left there had been the conversations about him being waylaid. So, I mean, if, I think it must have been sort of five or ten minutes, five or ten minutes after he’d gone. I can’t say for sure, but”.

4078 “And from the time when you obviously didn’t feel it appropriate to persuade Russell to go and check”.
Reply “Yeah, it was my turn”.

4078 “From the time you left the Tapas Bar, when you are talking, try and put yourself back there”.
Reply “Umm”.

4078 “It is a long time ago, I know, we have already discussed the feasibility of this. But describe, not just that you saw Gerry up the road, describe what route you take and what you can see and what you can hear and whether it is light or dark and any other noises that you are conscious of”.

Reply “Umm”.

4078 “I know it is a tall order”.

Reply “Yeah”.

4078 “But just do the best you can”.

Reply “Yeah. Erm, I’m just trying to, well I’ve walked out of the, walked out of the, erm, the Tap, you know, walked sort of into the reception of the Tapas Bar and obviously walked up the road. I remember I was wearing, because it was cold, I’d got Russell’s big, I’d borrowed one of his, erm, fleeces, so I’d got a big sort of fleece, it probably came down to about here, but then I’d got flip-flops on and cropped trousers, because I’d only got, I didn’t take jeans, I know I didn’t take jeans on holiday, and then. Oh I’m sidetracking a bit, but that’s why I knew one of the pictures in the paper wasn’t from the holiday, because I hadn’t got jeans on the holiday with me, so. Erm, yeah, and I’d got cropped trousers on and just flip-flops, so I can remember sort of walking, I couldn’t walk that quickly because I’d got these silly flip-flops on and I couldn’t walk that, that well in them, so to speak. Erm, and I walked, I was walking up the road and I can’t remember exactly, I know this, I know, I think Gerry thinks he was somewhere different to where I think they were standing, but I was fairly sure, as I walked up the road, they were standing, one of them was in the road and one of them was just on the edge of the pavement, but I thought it was on the side of the road that I was walking, but I know Gerry thinks they were the other side. But I thought they were closer by, because as I walked by, I almost did go to sort of acknowledge them and I thought at that point ‘Oh they were cha cha cha’ and I did think, you know, I didn’t, I didn’t know whether they’d seen me or not, but I did actually go to acknowledge them and I think if they’d have been that far away I don’t know whether I would have sort of almost gone to say hello, but. But they were talking quite (inaudible), so I just carried on, you know, up, up the road. I mean, I thought they were, as you’re going up here, I thought they were more, erm, again I know this is where me and Gerry differ, but I thought they were sort of more near the little alleyway. I think sort of”.

4078 “Is that the alleyway, sorry, would that be (inaudible)?”
Reply “Yeah, sort of here. I thought they were sort of round this sort of bit here”.

4078 “Yeah, so on the plan that you have drawn can you put a cross where you”.
Reply “Yeah”.

4078 “I know you are uncertain because you think Gerry’s recollection is different, but as far as you can remember”.

Reply “Well I think one of them was in the road and I think, I thought it was Jez in the road because he had the pram. And I don’t know which, I can’t remember which way he was facing. No, I mean, I think I remember in my statement I did say, but I can’t remember now which way he was facing. And I thought Gerry was almost like on the edge of the pavement or just, just in the road sort of, but definitely sort of by that, sort of more by this alleyway. I don’t think they were by the apartment gate, I thought they were sort of a bit further down, down the road than that”.

4078 “So where would the apartment gate be then?”

Reply “Probably here I should think”.

4078 “And that would lead down to the roadside door of their apartment or the poolside door of their apartment?”

Reply “That leads to the poolside door”.

4078 “Right. So you think they were quite a bit further down?”
Reply “I think, yeah, I mean, somewhere within this, I don’t think they were right outside the gate for sure. I don’t, I’m not sure, but they were definitely, I definitely can’t remember them being right over here, purely because I know I did go to acknowledge them and I don’t think if they were over there I would have thought to acknowledge them. Because it was almost like ‘Oh did I ignore them as I walked past’, you know, it was almost that thought in my head, you know, ‘Should I have stopped to say hello’. And now obviously I wished I bloody had. But, you know, sort of, so I think, I, I’m still convinced they were nearer to that side of the road than that side of the road”.

4078 “So you come out of the Tapas Bar and presumably you have walked along that way, have you?”
Reply “Yeah, I’ve come out here, through the gate”.

4078 “And that is up the hill, is it?”

Reply “And up the hill, yeah”.

4078 “And when you have gone past Gerry and Jez whereabouts have they been in relation to you?”

Reply “If I’m walking this way, they were sort of”.

4078 “So they were to your right?”

Reply “Yeah”.

4078 “Okay. Go on”.

Reply “So, yeah, so I went past them, erm, up to the, and then walking up to the top of the road and then, as I got to the top, this person, somebody walked across the top of the road with, with a child. And obviously at that point I just thought ‘Oh it’s somebody taking their kid to bed’, so to speak”.


  1. Wonderful!
    It's incredible how they dismissed the oficial statements of TWO witnesses in favour of one other witness, Mr. Gerry "I know better" McCann! It's pretty obvious who was in charge there, he was the "director" behind the director, so to speak!Jane Tanner was treated like a victorian child, "she's to be seen, not to be heard"!


  2. Much has been made of the detail that was seen by Jane Tanner and the subsequent detail of the childs clothing.

    Cutting edge, chose to try and depict the night from the stance of the darkness.

    On mccanfiles.com there is good explanation of what happened to the lighting, particularly as it has been much improved since 2007.

    So, is this a true (as far as possible) replication of the lighting.

    Generally the programme had led the audience to believe it would reveal detail and explanation. Conclusion is that it remains on the cutting room floor.

    Sad, this like the requested PJ reconstruction could once and for all put some aspects of this case to rest.

    Instead it keeps people guessing.


  3. Bravo! Himself.

    4078 “So they were to your right?”

    Reply “Yeah”.

  4. The fact that such a channel and such a programme sanction this shows the extent to what our UK media have complied with a narrow one sided unbalanced point of view. It shows us that something 'big' or something 'perverse' lies behind what really happened to Madeleine and the forces that work to slant/mislead are strong.

    However, you can fool the public some of the time but not all of it and these two have pushed too far for too long. The public have twigged them. Others like ourselves realise that this piece of work is fundamentally propaganda from them and 'friends' of them.

    Others may simply ask questions like 'but why not mention the dogs at all? and others may say something like 'but these two policeman are employed and salaried by them ' I ask where was Brian Kennedy and where was cuddel cat? and the blue holdall? and Kate's mum and dad? and the priest? and the Mark Warner representatives ? and Amaral? and ...

    In short, I view this programme as nothing more than a bad piece of propaganda shown in the dying days of the charade.

  5. As I do not want to treat myself badly, I have not watched their 'film'. Each time, the last days, when I log into this site, I see the two 'stars' and that's enough. It is so true that the body does not tell lies and this photo, certainly, is no exception. I am sure a person without any knowledge whatsoever of this case would immediately start wondering what terrible things these two are guilty of ...


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