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Cipriano Case: PJ Inspectors Accused at Faro Trial

The collective of judges considered that Leonor Cipriano was tortured, even though it could not be proved by whom. In the verdict read today, two PJ inspectors were accused, António Nunes Cardoso for document forgery and Gonçalo Amaral for simple false testimony, he was acquitted in relation to the crime of omission of denunciation of the aggressions suffered by Leonor Cipriano. The other three arguidos [defendants], Leonel Morgado Marques, Paulo Pereira Cristóvão and Paulo Marques Bom were absolved of the crime of torture.

It wasn't proved who ordered the aggressions to Leonor Cipriano in 2004.

Gonçalo Amaral was sentenced to one year and six months of suspended sentence, and António Nunes Cardoso to two years and six months of suspended sentence also.

Gonçalo Amaral was convicted for simple false statement, since the version of the alleged fall on the stairs of Leonor Cipriano wasn't proved. Thus, the court considered that Amaral had lied, in order to cover the actions of his unknown colleagues.

The court concluded that António Nunes Cardoso falsified a document, which reported the fall on the stairs of Leonor Cipriano. The sentence for Cardoso was aggravated, given his position as a police officer, "of whom is required to fight the crime."

The lawyers for Leonor Cipriano, Marcos Aragão Correia and the assistant representing the Bar Rodrigo Santiago will appeal as well as António Cabrita, Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer.

Gonçalo Amaral interview outside the court

Transcript from 1'00''

Gonçalo Amaral: I was expecting to be convicted.

Marisa Rodrigues: Why?

Gonçalo Amaral: Why? Because there is a lot of political pressure on the case, there are various matters which are surrounding this, so this couldn't have ended with everyone being absolved. The court was sovereign...

Marisa Rodrigues: Do you believe that there were scapegoats? You could have been a scapegoat, is that it?

Gonçalo Amaral: During my life as a coordinator of the Police I was a scapegoat for various things, and I don't know if for this one I'm one as well.


October 2004
Leonor confessed the crime on the 13th of October and alleged being beaten a day later

Leonor Cipriano, confessed all of the facts related to her daughter's murder to the PJ on the 13th of October 2004, in the presence of her lawyer, who at the time was Célia Costa. Leonor's brother, João Cipriano, had previously confessed the crimes a few days before, on the 8 of October.

September 2004
Leonor Cipriano and the brother João were condemned by the Portimão Court to sentences of 20 and 19 years, respectively, for the crimes of qualified homicide and for hiding the cadaver. The appeals to the Supreme ended up reducing the sentences to 16 years each. The Cadaver of Joana, 8 years old, was never found.

February 2005
Marinho Pinto, the actual head of the bar [Ordem dos Advogados] wrote the Expresso newspaper article which denounced the aggressions suffered by Leonor Cipriano, using photographs which were under the secrecy of justice at the time.

February 2009
Marinho Pinto was requested in an appeal by the defense as a witness, however his testimony was prevented since the OA decided for the first time in the Portuguese legal history to become as an assistant against the 5 PJ inspectors. In the same appeal it was also referred the 'direct contact' between Leonor Cipriano's lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia and Marinho Pinto.

On the Side - Today's Law Quotes

'Target was hit, Gonçalo Amaral was convicted'... Marcos Aragão Correia, Leonor Cipriano's Lawyer

'I'm happy, I'm Portuguese, I'm a patriot' ... Rodrigo Santiago, the assistant lawyer for the accusation representing the OA/Bar

'This is a big lesson for the Judiciary Police'... Pragal Colaço, lawyer for the defense of four PJ inspectors

'I still don't understand how there is a false statement' ... António Cabrita, Gonçalo Amaral's lawyer

'I was surprised, because, in fact it was obvious, that there was torture'... Marinho Pinto, current head of the Portuguese Bar

Other reactions on video here 'Cipriano Case: Court of Faro - Latest Videos'


  1. I have always felt that the powers behind the supression of justice in this case were huge.
    The new world order comes to mind.
    When I see that photograph of Socrates and Brown, I can see how far up Brown's derriere Socrates has climbed.
    I am so sorry not only for the nation of Portugal but for Truth and Justice. I really believed that they could shine through the blackness that has become our world.

  2. significa que deram como provadas as acusações de tortura da Leonor?

  3. awful awful news for justice...

    can you tell us Joana how this news has been received in Portugal?


  4. How political a decision is that I cannot help but wonder?

  5. Mais uma vez a Justiça Portuguesa no seu melhor.QUE VERGONHA!!!!!

  6. Is this a ploy to discredit Dr Amaral because of the McCann case?

  7. Grandola VILA MORENA!

    criminosos de classe media alta
    continuem pois a pedofilia,o consentimento dos abusos aos pequeninos.
    Aqui deram vos liberdade.

  8. In her statment, the IML expert(institute of forensic medicine) , said that according to her professional opinion the injureis of Leonor Cipriano were not consistent with a fall on the stairs, BUT, she did not say they could only result from beating, or torture! yet, that was what the judges and jury seemed to conclude : - if they did not come from a fall, then they had to result from torture! They did not comtemplate other possible scenarios, like a good beating from the other inmates inside prison.

    And, if I understood correctly, Mr. Amaral was acquited on the accusation of omission to denounce a crime, but was convicted of perjury, and the said perjury ocurred when he was later questioned about the events, he once again stated that he did not denounce any events because he had no knowledge of those! How can he be, at the same time, acquited and condemned on what seems to be the same thing? He's not guilty of omission to denounce, but he's found guilty of re-affirming that he did not denounce what he did not know had happened?!
    Sorry if I'm confusing you, sorry if I'm not expressing myself clearly, but I'm very confused and perplexed too!

  9. They cant prove by whom and most probably she was beaten up by her inmates...cant prove anything by they still believe a lunatic lawyer and a fucked up woman.
    Sorry but this is not on.I am extremly sad to see that Portugal or more exactely some who are meant to MAKE justice have simply forgotten they fought for their freedom and justice 34 years ago.
    Shame on YOU!

  10. It is co-ordinated. All those in Portugal should know that Clarence Mitchell has been swanning around this morning in top gear defending the couple and the English guy that is the patsy in Germany is the main headline. Given all I know of this case this guy is a patsy caught up in their 'end game'. Big powers.

    The first reports in the UK over this case mentioned a private jet leaving Portugal that night. Get the info on who was on board that plane and I believe we are closer to the truth.

  11. Mr Amaral and family - we are sad for you on this day but we fully back you and wish you a good outcome on an appeal , chin up ! carry on your good work and have faith for justice to be served correctly in ALL cases !!!!

  12. Believe me, the British political intervention in the case of M.McCann wasn't 'a friendly' thing: Brown is a stooge, groomed along with Blair for office, since school and university, primed for election. They both have the far-reaching confidence of political stooges behind a powerful agenda. And the appealing, pathetic stance, almost humility of not knowing enough. Neither know what they are doing. They're politico-intellectually, complete products. Projects of sophisticated worldy powers. They act on advice, but not the electorate's or their delegates, nor the civil service.

    Madelein McCann was killed in the apartment, and the parents are implicated in the crime, and protected, possibly by the same people.

    They may or may not have drugged their children, someone else may have.
    They may or may not have discovered their child dead.

    What is puzzling is the way the evidence points, together with the obstacles to police investigation, the preparedness for a British-led campaign.
    The McCAnn parents were clearly acting on insider advice from that moment onward.

    And yet, no firm proof (even with discovery of a body) that it was the McCann parents: There should be more, surely, even now. One fingerprint!
    Someone else may have removed the body through the back door, and placed Kate's fingerprints on the window.
    Even the car evidence could be a frame, could it not?
    Someone in the Tapas9 could well know more, with sinister connections.

    The accusations aimed at Gonzales Amacal appear to be a frame too, and linked to McCann's case. That's obvious. It may not be because of something Amacal knows and withholds, but because he doesn't say the parents killed Madeleine, merely that she died in the apartment and they know it.

    More details of the trial procedure are needed in order to see what has happened today. I am mightily suprised at this. What complicity by Amacal & co has been upheld, and with what evidence?

  13. It is all nonsense, i sincerely hope Sr Amaral is totally cleared on appeal. This verdict does not make sense. Please send him my good wishes for him and his family. I believe in the end justice must prevail, or else we are all doomed in this world.

  14. For your consideration, in contemplating plitical conspiracy:

    Quite a number of people who point to political conspiracies, implicate the Queen of Britain, along with Freemasonry. I suggest that's not so. Two years ago it was, I think, she spoke obliquely to the effect that, 'we are living and dark times'. That's not referring to threats from abroad, jihadism or outrage at interference in sovereign lands by our forces, nor to the usual corruption within politics, or manipulations by media establishments. It suggests, I understand, a change to the almost complete corruption of out political system from outside, whereby we cannot easily pursue the truth, concerning what human forces make things happen, and to the detriment of the fabric of society.

  15. muito interessante.........

  16. This is a tragedy!There must be something we can do...

  17. Porquê,Joana?Porquê?

  18. Espero que este pequeno revés sirva para que o Sr Gonçalo Amaral tenha ainda mais força, mais coragem e mais motivação para lutar contra toda esta corrupção e manipulação da Justiça e do público em geral.Por favor Sr Gonçalo Amaral não desista,o povo português (e não só) está do seu lado e sabe reconhecer o seu esforço e o seu empenho na luta pela verdade assim como sabe ver também a luta do outro lado para que a mentira, o engano , a chantagem e a humilhação prevaleçam.Nenhuma mentira é eterna e todas estas últimas manobras só denunciam o desespero de quem tem contas a justar com a Justiça e vê o dia em que tal irá acontecer cada vez mais perto.Paciência, persistência e perseverança e o desfecho que todos desejamos acontecerá.

  19. Ok ok, justice is for everybody even for police officers but do not confuse crimes. Joana was abused and killed by her mother and his uncle. Justice is justice. Now it's McCann's turn. Let's take them to court and let's hear what they have to say in their defense and let's check new evidence.

  20. The clown lawyer apparently had some success. I don't have to tell you how the British media is going to use this news.

    A couple of weeks ago I said that I knew what the McCann team was going to do next, but I didn't get into particulars. Well it appears that what I thought would happen, is in the process of coming true. I just finished watching a report on RTP saying that a suspect has been identified in Britain, he goes by the name of Raymond Hewlett, a convicted British paedophile.

  21. Amaral, strength in adversity - don't give up fighting for the TRUTH.

  22. Here we go again, is this more evil spirits trying to gag Amaral. How is Bennett doing, being gagged too. All the best to both. Keep fighting. Truth will prevail in the end.

  23. Is it true (as in mccannfiles) that the Ocean club employees are to sue the McCanns? I sincerely hope so, its about time they faced the consequences of their lies.

  24. People,

    Do calm down. Amaral never thought the path would be easy, nor that who he's facing wouldn't do all to stop him.

    This was just a sign of how powerful they are.

    Fight for the truth is to proceed.


  25. UMA VERGONHA, foi o que aconteceu hoje no tribunal de Faro. A justica portuguesa nao podia ter batido mais no fundo... UM ADVOGADO, QUE TUDO INDICA ESTA EM LIGACAO DIRECTA COM O ACTUAL BASTONARIO, ASSUME PERANTE A IMPRENSA QUE USOU UMA SUPOSTA AMEACA DE MORTE PARA ARRANCAR UMA CONFISSAO A UM PRESIDIARIO, MAS A JUSTICA FAZ-SE SURDA E NAO LHE ACONTECE NADA.... E.... ironia das ironias, um inspector da PJ, e acusado, num caso de tortura, nao da tortura, mas de falso testemunho. Entao e a estrategia de Marcos Aragao nao e COACCAO? E a COACCAO nao e CRIME?
    CONSPIRACAO, e a conclusao que todo este julgamento evidencia. Feito a medida, para cumprir a agenda do advogado Aragao e do bastonario ao servico de outras forcas que nao sao as da justica e da dignidade portuguesas.
    O bastonario devia engolir as palavras que proferiu a imprensa no Dia do Advogado quando considerou que havia advogados que se deixavam corromper e ajudavam os seus clientes a cometerem crimes. Estava a fazer o seu auto-retrato e a falar de si proprio concerteza. E uma vergonha!!
    Com este resultado, Marinho Pinto viu cumprida a sua agenda de descredibilizar G. Amaral no caso Mccann's e de atingir o advogado Cabrita que tem sido a principal voz discordante contra as accoes do Bastonario. Foi uma vinganca!!! E uma vergonha quando a justica cumpre agendas pessoais em vez de prestar um servico publico.
    Pelo que foi divulgado na imprensa, os inspectores deviam ter sido todos ilibados de todos os crimes porque a partir do momento em que fica por provar quem torturou Leonor, tudo o resto fica forcosamente por provar.
    E bom que Pinto Monteiro va "pondo as barbas de molho" porque e o proximo a quem vao tentar "por os patins" se resistir a agenda dos Mccann. O tempo tem apagado as palavras que proferiu no dia em que tomou posse: "Justica igual para todos porque ninguem esta acima da lei"|. Pois e, so tem havido gente acima da lei, a provar como sao desiguais os direitos dos cidadaos apesar de todos pagarmos impostos.
    E PRECISO FAZER O SHUT-DOWN DO PAIS PARA QUE PORTUGAL POSSA COMECAR DE NOVO, tamanha e a inversao de valores. Desde advogados manipulaveis a detectives privados a actuarem impunemente como se fossem policia oficial... vale tudo!!! SIMPLESMENTE UMA VERGONHA...

  26. Today's Daily Mail says about Gonçalo Amaral suspended jail sentence "Last night the McCanns declined to comment on Amaral's conviction."

    How did the Mccann know last night about Amaral's sentence?

  27. You don't have to tell us how the british media will use this because you have no media. You have paid news to keep this warm. And finally McCann have a new suspect: a man conveniently dying in a hospital bed. I tell you what this is: DESPAIR. Next month (if public don't buy this one) we will have a new suspect, maybe in north of Turkey other man that conveniently lost his tongue in a domestic accident. Accidents happened (a lot) specially when kids under 3 and 2 are left by themselves unattended, night after night. CRIME, SHE SAID!

  28. Some British news paper(Daily Mail?) said the McCanns declined on commenting on Amaral's sentence last night.
    last night?
    Great! does this paper expect us to believe that?
    If they declined last night, why expecting till this afternoon to tell us?
    It would have been a beautiful breaking news for Daily Mail.

  29. Today this is a kind of shock but don't forget Amaral did not kill, did no conceal a body, did not give the body to be eaten by pigs.
    OK, maybe he believed she fell down the stairs, maybe not.
    I really don't mind.
    I mind about Joana's death, Joana being abused by her uncle, and the mother did no protect her.
    I mind about the cruel murder on Charles Menezes, cruelly murdered by the British police who even did not pay for their crimes.
    And I mind about Madeleine.

  30. What in blazes does "unknown colleagues" mean? Appeal to a higher court outside of Portugal.

  31. Mr Amaral had to be found guilty as he had the guts to speak up and was not just a puppet. He would have expected this outcome anyway. There is bad power out there that cares nothing for a child's welbeing. Yes, do feel for the people of Portugal! The McCanns know they will probably will now, in Portugal!! Still, there may be justice out there, who know.





  33. I think this is connected with publishing Sr Amarals book in the states, someone convicted of a crime especially on a suspended sentence would find it extremely difficult to enter the United States, let alone publish a book there. Notice how McCanns didnt comment last night, did they know in advance what the outcome would be, before Sr Amaral? The McCanns only said they were suing once their was the possibility of the book being published in the US and in other European countries, they didnt sue last year when it was published in Portugal. It must have become very obvious to them that more and more people know they are guilty. Now they will think they have silenced him and removed his credibility. All smells very McFishy.

  34. Jan, ok, in this case, not going to the States is not a problem. He can be interviewd in Portugal and broadcast it in the USA.
    The Mccanns can now see Justice in Portugal is serious and I wonder if they will continue with the idea of sueing Amaral.
    Who knows being convicted is just an ambush for the Mccanns, encouraging them to come foward with their complaint, encouraging them to start the process against Amaral.
    Let them come to Portugal, even to Luz and Faro, if they have got any guts, like Amaral has.
    Those cowards will stay home, I'm sure.

  35. If Amaral's book is published in the USA, it will be very easy for British people to order for it, through internet.
    Finally a chance for those people who gave a huge amount of money to the Mccanns.
    The story of the dying man in Gemany is ridiculous.
    The McCanns just showed another man on their documentary, with spots on his face, and now they show the sick man in a German Hospital, without spots and much older.
    If it is the same man, he aged very fast, like Mitchell did.

  36. Gente, fazer tanto problema disto!
    Bobagem, isto passa.
    OK, o Amaral pode ter mentido que não sabia.
    E daí?
    Olhe a mentirada patológica dos Mccanns, do tio da Joana, do Clarence.
    O negócio agora é concentrarmos novamente nos Mccanns.
    Cadê o processo contra o Amaral?
    E quando sai o livro nos USA?

  37. Eu sempre pensei que o Marinho Pinto é um idiota agora estou a ver que ele é um idiota corrupto.

    É a minha teoria que o clube McCann eventualmente iriam escolher uma pessoa marginalizada para incriminar e cerrar este caso, e que melhor do que um pedófilo, com um cadastro, que está a beira da morte.


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