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  1. Media monitoring.
    Your child goes missing and you spend 26 000 on media monitoring.
    Arrest them now please.
    Trolls don't come cheap, although I guess they do work long hours.

  2. This 'fund' was created by Gerry's 'vision' of May 2007, a vision that encompassed the trademarking of his daughter's name, fifteen days after her death.

    Meanwhile, on the Aachen front:

    The West Yorkshire Police, an intelligence-free zone, are sufficiently anxious to interview Mr Hewlett about a thirty-four year old indecent assault complaint that they have flown officers to Aachen for that purpose (Club Class and a good hotel, please, at taxpayers’ expense).

    It may be recalled that this force recently had several thousand policemen with dogs going house to house searching for a young girl who was staying with a near-relation of her mother.

    The McCann Police, also in Aachen, are hoping that their interview with Mr Hewlett will be ‘facilitated’ by comrade officers from Yorkshire. (‘After you, Squire’). Let us hope there is no unseemly barging about in the anteroom to intensive care, lest the German police remove them all to the border under armed escort.

    However, if Mr Hewlett’s DNA could just be acquired, it might be matched by some dubious laboratory with the mysterious unidentified DNA from the apartment, which has recently surfaced. Case closed.

    If Mr Hewlett were to then shortly expire (from his illness, of course) that would be a matter of great regret and even greater convenience. Mr Hewlett has, it is reported, refused to grant an audience to the McCann Police. A very wise decision, in the circumstances.

  3. I would dearly like to see a breakdown of the salaries of these parasites.

  4. It is stated in Sky news report that this latest MesCape goat was in PJ report and interviewed and excluded as he had a confirmed alibi. Jan

  5. Is true Jan, I heard on RTPi news that Mr. Hewlet was investigated by PJ and excluded. I hope he dont loose his dignity and his fears at the end of his life and avoid the private detectives. But all Madeleine's story is full of abnormalities.
    What is a shame, is british police investigating now a crime with 34 years old. Why they dont investigate this case before if Hewlet was not hiding? Seems a excuse to make Mccann's story more real and give credibility to Mr. Hewlet's confession in case he agree with businness.

  6. It has become clear, from the latest reports, that the McCann Police are operating under cover of the West Yorkshire Police, who have raced to Aachen to interview Mr. Hewlett about a thirty-four year old indecent assault complaint.

    The attempt to extract a DNA sample from Mr Hewlett is again being done under cover of the West Yorkshire Police’s specious involvement in this matter.

    It should be made clear to all those involved that a person does not lose protection of the European Convention on Human Rights by the fact of him being a convicted criminal.

    The McCann Police in particular are ex officio, and have no legal standing to interrogate Mr Hewlett, to make Mr Hewlett aware that they wish to interrogate him, or to harass him in any way. Mr Hewlett is a sick man, and deserves the protection of the British Consul to put an end to this disgraceful and unethical conduct.

    It should further be remembered that the McCann Police operate on behalf of, and are paid by, persons who have admitted to criminal acts in Praia da Luz in May, 2007, namely the sedation and neglect of a young child, and are themselves suspected by the Portuguese authorities of greater and more heinous crimes.

  7. Latest piece of shitt from Martin Brunt, Sky News:

    "New clues in the Madeleine McCann case are being ignored by Portuguese police, according to sources in Portugal."

    "Witnesses who have tried to pass on information about potential new sightings of Madeleine have been told by detectives they will not investigate "BECAUSE THE CASE IS CLOSED AND MADELEINE IS DEAD."

    Will the PJ stay silent before this??? Will they take no action?
    What will it take for the portuguese authorities to say enough is enough and re-open the case and make the McCanns, Mitchell and their private detectives liable for what they say and do???

  8. Shamefull... Is it possible and legal the Mccann's private detectives, or even the british police racing a man in another european Country? Even if the man is a british citisen? If so, then what is the job for Europol and Interpol?
    I remember that PJ ask the support of Europol and Interpol when they checked the sights of Madeleine in Morocco and in all the other countrys. Then... how can this witch hunt hapen with impunnity? They are violating the rules of an european country and they are not respecting the Human rights of Mr. Hewlet. The things sound much worse if we considere that Mr. Hewlet is ill, then not with full capacitys to fight against this evil team.
    Why the british citisen's dont stand up against Mccann's attitude to defend the rights of this man? I dont believe that is everybody watching that and doing nothing. Even guilty people have rights and their rights should be preserved and respected. This hunt open a very danger precedent for the future, because from now anybody can make justice by own hands and race inmates in Europe. This Team is really dangereus. That man with his ilness and is old age, doesn't matter if he was already convicted about paedophilie, he didn't match the abduction described by the Tapas9. How he went the flat and how he passe with girl trough the window? INNUENDOS...
    I just checked now the DN,JN and Sol on-line, they stated that the 3 judges envolved on the PJ inspectors judgement last Friday asked MP to re-analise the statements maded by Leonor Cipriano in the Court because she lies about everything. looks like the Fox is loosing space and the truth is coming up. Hot News.

  9. How can the Mccanns be so stupid, trusting those new privet detectives, while they know very well no detective has the great, admirable capacity of the Método3 ones?
    How can they make such a mistake?
    If they persist on this mistake they will never find Madeleine.

  10. The unknown DNA in the apartment belonged to a GNR police man.
    We have known it for ages.

  11. If the unknown DNA in the apartment belonged to a GNR man, it cannot logically be unknown or unidentified.

    If there is now 'new' unidentified DNA, certain questions perhaps should be asked:

    Where is it?

    Where was it collected?

    When was it collected?

    By whom was it collected?

    By which laboratory was it analysed?

    Where and when and how was the non-identification established?

    In the absence of satisfactory answers, it may be concluded that this unidentified DNA was introduced ex post facto, in conformity with the perversion of justice and general corruption surrounding this case.


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