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Gonçalo Amaral and Paulo Sargento debate the Maddie case

Today on the ‘Fátima’ programme, a morning talk show on SIC channel, former PJ coordinator Gonçalo Amaral and criminal psychologist Paulo Sargento were invited. They debated the problems and the doubts that are raised by the recent documentary from the McCanns, which will be was broadcasted this evening on the same channel.

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First published on the 12th of May - Transcript/Translation

Merche Romero – Madeleine McCann disappeared two years ago. The intense investigation to discover the little girl’s whereabouts ended without major results and the process was closed. Nevertheless, Maddie’s parents reaffirm that their daughter was abducted and they say that they continue to search for the abductor. Today, the 12th of May, the day that marks Maddie’s sixth birthday, SIC will broadcast, in the evening, a documentary that was made by a British television channel. We’ll be showing you parts of that documentary, in an exclusive.

Before that, I’d like to welcome, and also present our guests: Dr Paulo Sargento and Gonçalo Amaral. A very good morning to you.

Paulo Sargento/Gonçalo Amaral: Good morning.

Merche Romero: And I start with the first question for Gonçalo Amaral: Should the police continue… ahm… what do you expect from this documentary?

Gonçalo Amaral: This documentary is a document. A document that is based on lies, which will be used, if some day the process is reopened, it will be used as evidence against those who go around saying those lies, trying to understand why.

Merche Romero: Dr Paulo Sargento… ahm… the… the truth is that this has been prompting a lot of talk, hasn’t it? Ahh… the little girl’s parents’ attitude, namely during the interview with Oprah, did it surprise you?

Paulo Sargento: No, it didn’t surprise me. Let’s see, these things and definitely, that sometimes we, who comment on this case, we’re criticised over some abuses concerning the evaluations and the diagnoses and etc… What I mean is, I never diagnosed anyone, because when I make a diagnose it's in my office with the adequate methodology, and with the person in front of me. Nevertheless, an evaluation of people’s behaviour can give us some… approaches, some theories about the manner in which they function.

Now, in this case, there is something that is very interesting, it’s that in this case everything had been very manipulated in terms of image communication techniques, by a gentleman who is in fact a mastermind in that aspect, which is mister Clarence Mitchell – to whom I take my hat off, under that point of view, not for the rest, because it’s a gentleman who has lied shamelessly and defamed some people, saying he’s going to sue people; it’s him who should have some lawsuits upon him.

Oprah’s interview, for me, is a very simple matter, it was a construction, the questions were previously arranged, where the couple was previously given access to the questions, for that they prepared and even trained to answer them, there were not even hesitations, there were no overlapping speeches, let’s say of words from both sides, as one would expect to happen in a natural interview – like us sometimes, when we are here and one of us has another opinion and suggests – and the questions had especially a grammatical style that we’ve come to recognise well, which is a style, a style that I have sometimes jokingly - although we shouldn’t joke too much about this - called ‘Mitchellian’, because it uses a type of fallacious arguments, that are already well known both on blogs and on television, and when they are used by him or by the couple. Alas, the person who imitates him very well in that style, it’s for example Gerry McCann.

That matter, of confusing oneself many times, which is a well known fallacy, since the times of the tribunes in the ancient Rome of Caesar Augustus, of confusing the negation of the consequent with the affirmation of the antecedent, it’s something very interesting, which they use systematically. From the point of view of image, I think that the only thing that we can take from that interview is that it was in fact something that was built to follow a different strategy, from the one that was foreseen at least two weeks earlier. Because if we recall two weeks earlier, the strategy was to focus on the location of the disappearance, with the face of the three-year-old child.

Merche Romero: And that is precisely what we are [interrupts Paulo Sargento’s train of thought], we’re moving on, we’re going to focus on the documentary, ah, that is going to be broadcast by SIC this evening. The first excerpt, let’s watch…

Excerpt of the McCanns’ documentary with Sean, Madeleine’s younger brother, and Kate painting the three children’s names.

Sean: That is a lovely picture you’re making, mommy.

Kate: Thanks honey, do you know what it says?

Sean: No… (makes funny noises /onomatopoeias)

Kate: What names do you think that is, Sean?

Sean: Amelie…

Kate: Who’s your other sister?

Sean/Amelie: Maddie.

Kate: There you go…

Kate: I honestly believe they’re expecting her to come home, you know, one day soon. They very much… ‘When Madeleine comes back, we’re share our toys’, and you know, Amelie is wearing Madeleine’s shoes, she’ll say ‘This won’t fit Madeleine now, so we’ll have to take her and get a bigger pair of shoes when she gets home’, you know?

Merche Romero: Kate, the children’s mother, talks about the hope that she and her other children, Maddie’s siblings, foster concerning the little girl’s return. (turns to Gonçalo Amaral) Dr Paulo Sargento, from these images, right, what’s the picture that you draw of this family?

Gonçalo Amaral: I’m not Paulo Sargento…

Merche Romero: Ah, forgive me. Forgive me, Dr Gonçalo Amaral.

Gonçalo Amaral: No problem. I wouldn’t want to comment on these images a lot, it’s a mother in suffering, she’s lost a daughter, and she has the right to say whatever she wants, so there’s nothing here…

Merche Romero: But the fact that she’s feeding – now yes (turns towards Paulo Sargento) – the mother feeds the children’s hope in the girl’s return…

Paulo Sargento: Of course… I agree with Dr Gonçalo Amaral, in what he says, there is in fact a mother that suffers, there’s a family that suffers, no matter what happened. Well, this is a solid fact, it’s not possible, let’s say to think or it’s very hard to think that people aren’t suffering. No matter what happened, this is necessary to have as a solid fact. Now, there’s something that should be avoided as well. I understand that all the pacts among the adults, among the large groups, like the Tapas nine, among the couple, all pacts are possible.

Now, what I’ve been saying and I think should stir these people’s conscience, is to keep the twins out of the pacts. I mean, this issue of transmitting hope, that there is no certainty, quite to the contrary, if there is one it’s the possibility that the girl will never appear again, and to make the twins live, in fact, this nightmare is a complete irresponsibility, not to say it’s an exercise in bad parenting, a completely shameful one.

Gonçalo Amaral: Let me say just one thing.

Merche Romero: Say it, say it, say it.

Gonçalo Amaral: It’s that at the time of the events, only a few days later, we tried to speak with the twins, and what this couple told us, was that they didn’t express themselves well [communication skills], despite being two years old, that they couldn’t speak very well and so on, as a matter of fact it seems that two years later they’re doing better, they’re now four years old, so it’s normal. But at the time, they would know something or they might know. And that’s it, we didn’t force it, because these were two children.

Paulo Sargento: Of course.

Gonçalo Amaral: Today we see them using the children, at the time they didn’t want to the police to speak with them, and now they allow them [the children] to be used in this way.

Paulo Sargento: By the way do you know…

Merche Romero – [Interrupts Paulo Sargento]: Let us move to the second excerpt of this documentary.

Excerpt McCanns US Visit

Voice Over: The McCann are organizing a series of events which intention is to find new evidences, including a difficult trip back to the holiday village. An interview in a National TV in the US, and maybe even more importantly a visit to the biggest world specialists in the recuperation of missing children [NMEC].

Ernie Allen [CEO and President of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children – read as well NMEC exposed] : We truly believe that this is what Madeleine McCann looks like today.

Cut to the morphed British Maddie to an US stylized Maddie

Gerry McCann: She’s either out there or she’s not. And there’s nothing to say that she’s not there alive, so, is simple. She’s out there until proven otherwise.

Emma Loach [the 36-year old director of the ITV/Channel4 documentaries of ‘Madeleine, One Year On’ 2008 and ‘Maddie was Here’ 2009]: Who is actually looking for Madeleine at the moment?

Gerry McCann: Hopefully lots of people, er… and the general population, but in terms of an investigative strategy, then there’s no law enforcement agency that is proactively doing anything. It’s pretty amazing really, ahm, when you think about it. It’s a very serious crime… and ahm...we’ve, we’ve got to do it.

Merche Romero: In this fragment of the documentary, we see the visit of Maddie’s parents to a specialist center for the recuperation of missing children, and we saw a portrait which shows how Maddie looks like now, with 6 years-old. But it as also raised my attention how Maddie’s father shows himself indignated because the police does not carry on the investigation to the disappearance. Gonçalo Amaral, the police should go on searching for Maddie?

Gonçalo Amaral: Yes, they should, they are not doing it only because the couple demanded the archival and they won’t allow that there’s any investigation in Portugal or in England, overlapping all the actions that have been added there [to the process]. And now they perform as victims, when in fact it is them who do not want a police investigation. They prefer to have private investigators, under contract, which are paid their ‘weight in gold’, to find the ‘abductor’.

So, they don’t trust in the Portuguese Police or in the English Police. We can not forget that the little girl is English, and that there is a competency of the British authorities to investigate.

Now they came, yet again, playing the victims, I mean, this shameless situation is long over due and its time to stop. I would give them an advice, to really stop for a while to think, given that they are drowning in the lies that they have been saying.

Merche Romero: Dr. Paulo Sargento, there’s a time when we watch Maddie’s dad arriving to the Ocean Club in the Algarve, and we hear people booing and telling him ‘Go Home!’ How is this reaction explained?

Paulo Sargento: I believe that was very well picked up under the scope of imagery, in the documentary. It was worked on, giving the impression that it was a tough trip, a hard came back. If we are really attentive, what in reality exists in the documentary it’s a jeer or two, it’s not exactly a monumental jeer as they wished it to be perceived, it’s one or two, made by one single person who most probably, and legitimately was angered. Probably, one of the workers, (video jumps) (…) now, it’s not because of this that one has - like the English media has being doing in an absolute shameful and indecorous behaviour- to present the people of Praia da Luz as a series of vandals and evildoers who do not wish the McCann’s return, and who are, so to say, despising and mistreating them, etc…

What we hear there, factually, is two jeers, probably by a citizen more desperate in his anguish of being unemployed, and which attributes, objectively or not, but legitimately I believe, to the McCann's actions his unemployment, which was in fact true, since their actions created an extreme negative publicity for that region, and a vandalized outdoor, which if we walk in the streets, we see two, three per day, and no one will for that go on about [whine]. Now it was exaggerated, one has to say it was exaggerated. There is a campaign of counter-marketing taking advantage of small insinuations to spread the idea that the people of Praia da Luz are against the McCann which is not true.

Merche Romero: Let’s move on to the third excerpt. Let’s watch it and in a while we comment on it.

Excerpt of Dave Edgar - one of the retired cops working as a private detective for the McCanns and Kate McCann in a meeting

Dave Edgar: We’re here to discuss the pending reconstruction that we’re running.

Kate McCann: So, basically it looks like we have five sightings really. Two of a man with a child, and three… just a suspicious individual really.

Dave Edgar: Yeah.

Kate McCann: And three, the three, with the suspic…suspicis…of the suspicious, they kind’a tie in together.

Dave Edgar: They all tie in together, yeah.

Unknown woman’s voice: Similar times, similar places…

Dave Edgar: Yeah. These three is exact the same location. I don’t know what the, the Portuguese authorities have done to actually have this people removed from the inquiry… So, we’ve got to presume they haven’t done it. And, and go with that. So, it’s just important we actually, we’re accurate, hum, what we actually, what we know and make sure that’s what we’re going with. No speculation or…it’s just got be the facts that we know and not…try to fill in the gaps of what we don’t know.

Kate McCann: I mean, I’d like to go back but…not for this, to be honest, it’s kind of just bellow the surface, and I,  just you know…I’d be scared, I think, you know, to sort of open up again , really, yeah…

Cut to Kate McCann in Rothley: I think its actually going through…the scenario of that night, as well, you know?...ahm.. I mean, you know, even what I can remember of the night, you know, seeing Gerry…ahm...that distraught, really...sobbin’ and on the floor…I mean, I, I, I suppose I’m concerned that will surface again.

Merche Romero: In these images we saw two private investigators hired by the McCann to search for Maddie. They are paid from the fund Find Madeleine. These two men criticize the lack of the investigation of some evidences by the Portuguese authorities. Gonçalo Amaral, were there evidences left to be investigated?

Gonçalo Amaral: No, there were no evidences left to investigate. We investigated wrongly, in that case yes wrongly - there the FBI was right – we should have immediately considered the parents as suspects, and start there, however we went to the limit relatively to the kidnap. Up to the moment where we saw that the abduction was materially impossible. And then we went back to Praia da Luz and we focused in the apartment, where the traces and indicia of the death of the child were detected.

What these gentlemen say - let’s not forget that they are paid by the fund, there’s a contract and it’s a contract to find a child alive, for the kidnap, only the kidnap and nothing else but the kidnap. It would be good that people knew that those gentlemen, after I left [the coordination to the investigation], they tried to collaborate with the Police, they try to meddle in the investigation – which was denied by some colleagues which were in the investigation at the time, since the Portuguese Police and the English Police have competence to investigate alone, they do not need that kind of support. Thus, there is this situation, of people who are paid for this, they are paid to say this, and they are paid to say this lie.

The process has seventeen volumes, look at them and find what is missing relatively to this; this sightings, this tales of the new abductors, the persons who are seen, who are seen a month or two before… I remember that I was in Amsterdam, last week, when I was contacted with the information that a ‘new abductor’ was going to appear. I said ‘ look it has to be an individual with a Mediterranean type of look, very ugly, very dark..’ - fact is that we start to know the couple, the type of witness that they have, and it’s always like that.

Shame is that in the sightings that they say that are there [in the 100.000 pounds translated process], the McCanns and the detectives don’t say that the man who is in the garden, at 8am, who is seen by a student whose grandmother lived in that apartment, is a match to David Payne in terms of physical correspondence and to what he was wearing – and it’s a shame they don’t say that. Because as to the others, the gardener that was there, the man who lived in the car, all of that was investigated- and they were British as well – as matter of fact they were poorly dressed [clothes who made them suspicious?], but some were British. There was a singer, in the beach, who played the guitar...

So, saying that we didn’t do anything is a complete lie.

And I hope that, for Alípio Ribeiro not to be named as the only one who did not defended us, that this new direction of the Judiciary Police, when this documentary comes out has the courage to defend those who worked, those who served the Judiciary Police, because if they don’t do it, they will be seen in a very harsh way by those who work for that institution and give everything to it.

Merche Romero: Dr, Paulo Sargento, Maddie’s parents bet everything in the investigations, ehh, which are paid in ‘gold’ [Portuguese Expression as in ‘weight in gold’], right? So, to go on investigating and to invest so much in these searches; those that mean that they feed the feeling that their daughter is alive? To themselves?

Paulo Sargento: No, let us consider… I should say here, something, so that the idea is not left in the ‘air’, that there’s something against the couple, or something similar, there is not, in fact….

Merche Romero: There is a mystery.

Paulo Sargento: Yes, there is a mystery. And when I said before that issue regarding the bad parenting in the sense of the twins being put in, let’s say, in the middle of the affair, it wasn’t done with the objective of hurting them or calling them names, just to call them names - that it’s in fact only excusable if, by any reason, these people are really suffering a lot, this of putting the twins in the middle, it’s an act, not excusable but understandable, amidst this suffering. That is exactly why I’m not more critic.

Relatively to this, I’m convinced, actually, I completely prefer Gonçalo Amaral’s theory, that something indeed happened there, the girl died there, the body was…was hidden… was moved to another place.. But that, whatever has happened, that has certainly the parents knowledge. There is a story here, many times told by the defenders of the abduction, who say: ‘how would it be possible, if the parents had something to do with this; that they continued to insist in this search and in this mediatisation?’ I would say this is like a FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

It is possible. It is possible because for a long time, the parents were very quiet, and Clarence Mitchell as well – trying to extinguish the phenomena.

If it weren’t for the effort of some people saying ‘this cannot be left in this way’… I recall that Gerry McCann didn’t write for three months in his blog, and once I published an article – I’m not going to say that he answered my article because I published the text, no, I don’t have that vanity – but something indeed take place, I wrote an article asking ‘what is happening, is the notoriety of a big brand named 'Maddie' extinguishing?’ – three months without an entry in Gerry’s blog, and two days later, the father ‘answers’- he doesn’t answer I mean he writes in his blog: : ‘Well, we haven’t wrote in a long time, but this does not mean we are not developing a hard work in the search of Madeleine - but now more discreetly now and away of the media which as only disturbed, etc..etc..etc..’

So, this type of issue, these variations, between the process of searching in situ [Lat. In the place] just locally for the girl, then moved on to a globalized search –makes one think that in reality what matters is to keep something that was started – I’m convinced, honestly and fully convinced, that they started with an intent, which then took an uncontrollable magnitude, and then, I’m not talking this just for the parents but as well to Mr. Gordon Brown, and then people intrude in affairs from where they don’t know how go out.

Merche Romero: Next we’re going to watch another excerpt, the fourth excerpt of the documentary. After we’ll be here to comment on it.


  1. I have been consistently impressed with he astuteness and bearing of these two detectives. They convey to me the high and moral culture of a country I know little about, Portugal. Actually it doesn't surprise me, as I am sure you live more 'naturally' and that bodes well for human beings, children and parents. They speak like intelligent, free, gentlemen.

  2. Good job, Astro, Joana & Kazlux.
    The McCanns are manipulating the all world including their own children!. This is awful. I think that the children will suffer a lot when the truth is discovered.

  3. I speculate about this case since the beginning. I talked with several persons in several times and now I have my own opinion about what happened – its only an opinion like many others…
    I do believe she’s dead and I believe their parents are guilty of that – on Oprah and on SIC documentaries, when someone asked Kate how she felt when she saw how Madeleine is at present she answer twice that the photo show what Madeleine had lost – if she was alive she never will said that because that was for sure the only thing she never lost; anyone only said such thing about a dead person.

    But I’m not sure about Gonçalo Amaral’ version…
    First I think the girl died just after went home: I can’t believe she died near 10 p.m. and near that hour the father run with her in his arms, taking the risk of somebody see him.
    Such moment should be so shocking for Madeleine’ parents (accidentally or not) that they needed some time to reorganize their ideas and prepared the kidnap story - they were in holydays, far from home…
    For me she was dead already when they went for dinner and I believe Gerry went the apartment just to clean the evidences that could incriminate him and Kate (probably the body because they couldn’t give the alarm without guarantee the body wouldn’t be found. But I can’t believe he left the body in the beach, in an area only accessed by walking and not by car; they need the body near them for psychological reasons and to make sure everything is controlled).
    After that, I think Kate preferred that somebody else give the alarm of Madeleine missing – it was very painful for her and she couldn’t take the risk of saying and doing the wrongs things. But that doesn’t happen: when their friend went to their apartment he didn’t realized Madeleine weren’t there (probably because he was drunk he never went in the bedroom or in the apartment) – it was better if someone else screamed she disappeared because it would seem more real.
    After that, Kate went the apartment knowing she has to do it and then she realize that she need something that justified the kidnap theory. I imagine her went in the bedroom and opening the window very quickly, without realizing the incongruence – this explain why only she view the window opened, and only near 10 p.m.

  4. please give a logik!

    For Gerry, Kate & Co this planet is their Circus, they can do and lie whatever they like and nobody ,
    the Pope, Amaral, the bloggers, the whole justice machine has no power to take them to court.
    It is phenomenal how they are very sucessfull !Why?
    I work as a district atorney
    in Rio.In this town we see a lots of absurd but the Mccann case is the coronation of political protection.
    by he way the ex- mayor from Sao Paulo is in jail for corruption!
    BINGO! something positiv in my country.

  5. Em qualquer processo criminal,o segredo de Justiça sempre será automaticamente mantido em Portugal, porque ninguém percebe o que eles falam.
    Obrigada pela tradução, Joana.
    Ajuda um tantão!

  6. So am I right in saying that Sic invited the Mccanns to lie on air and subsequently invited Goncalo Amaral and Paulo Sargento to expose them. Well done sic.

  7. Obrigada pela transcrição e pelos momentos da loira,que tornaram aqueles momentos mais leves?

    Afinal vi ontem a "reconstituição personalizada dos Ts".
    Mais 1 bom trabalho para o Dr. Paulo Sargento se debruçar e dissecar todos os momentos do fime. Embora já o tenha feito há muito tempo juntamente com Pedro? Gamito(deve ser Filho do Psiquiatra Dr. Luis Gamito).

    Claro que vemos um casal em sofrimento.Este casal fez-me lembrar todos aqueles que na REALIDADE NÃO SABEM DO PARADEIRO dos FILHOS.
    Este sabe muito bem o como e por isso sofrem a perda definitiva.
    Funcionam sózinhos, i.e. sem um verdadeiro aconselhamento psi,e quanto à utilização dos pertences da Irmã.... roupas e o calçado da Maddie usados agora pela Amélie é absolutamente horrível.deviam manter a individualidade deste pequeno ser.Amélie deve ser Amélie e não o "clone psicológico,tipo bengala" para os progenitores.
    Nem é por dinheiro,quem não gostaria de ter aquela casa?
    Recusaram toda a ajuda de PJ e de PT.

    Ao fim de 2 anos,só para calhar no dia 12,produzem 2 espectáculos.
    Com Maddie " realmente raptada" as 2 ,3 ,todas as produções e COLABORAÇÕES aconteceriam de imediato. Quem procura um Filho perdido não espera 2 anos nem sequer pela tardução dos ficheiros "paga".

  8. Hello!
    I don't believe the McCann’s anymore. I don’t like the theatrical role of Mummy Kate. Why isn’t it about Madeleine? Why is the innocent little girl sacrificed in this humiliating way? Why is the secret world wide web of free masons (including Rotarians, lions’ club members, skulls and bones fellows) helping the McCann’s in such an extensive way. It is them who created a curtain of lies, lies about child’s abuse, child’s abduction, child traffic and more disgusting adult perversities as the Dutroux case and Casa Pia did reveal. Why are all these people around mother Kate so adamant in hiding the truth about Madeleine and the Exeter or Devon Connection? Why is Kate hiding the truth to her husband Gerry and is she making a fool out of him hunting him all over the world looking for “his” daughter. Is this a modern time Shakespearean type of revenge? Why do they not accept the help given by clairvoyants and mediums, even the help that has been offered to them for free? Why does Kate keep her very personal secret about Madeleine’s real father Russell O’Brien? Why weren’t his DNA and the DNA of his eldest daughter (E. O’Brien) compared with the DNA of Madeleine? Why has Jane Tanner to play such a persistent role in trying to prove her fairy tale? Did she tell her lie about the "abductor" or did she tell the truth about seeing Russell bringing away Madeleine as Kate's unwanted daughter. Kate, Jane, Russell, Madeleine's Godfather Sandy, Linda McQueen, Kate's mum and some more of the tapas friends as well as the priests do know the truth about Madeleine, they also do about Kate’s own identity secret of Mrs. Grandma Healy and the Rothley Kennedy Clan. They cover the truth about Kate's biological father. Was it a coincidence that the Exeter world champion sailor friend was not in the Ocean Club that night? Wasn’t he waiting on high sea to bring the little girl to the planned destination? Why the DNA of the members of the O’Brien family and other “Tapa” family members including their children were not identified? I am sure that Madeleine is alive and that she lives in a well hidden place and that Kate as well as Russell know exactly where she is and how she looks like today. Is that why Kate said that she did not recognize Madeleine’s aged picture? Is that why Kate not only wants to control her own behavior but also the news and the investigation results? Is that why every kind of offered help is screened by Kate and Sandy before accepting it? Is that the reason why the fund money is the only thing which is accepted without any problem? Is that why the world cannot understand the lack of TRUE heart feelings? Is it true that this is a Mason controlled and carefully planned “abduction” to get rid of a child that makes the mother a bad conscience because of the true identity of the biological father who is still one of her closest friends and because of the growing resemblance between Madeleine and her half sister E. O’Brien who is also almost six years old now? I hope that someone will succeed in uncovering this and that Madeleine will be freed by people that love and respect children and their right to grown up with care and real love.

  9. I felt the need to comment on Gerry's "amazement" at the fact that no police force is pro-actively searching for Madeleine, and that i's such a serious crime and it's "poor little us" who have to do it! There's no need for me to do it anymore, Mr. Amaral said it for me, word by word! Thank you, Mr. Amaral, my thoughts exactly!

  10. It's unbelievable how the McCanns made a big thing of their visit to that organization for missing and exploited children and to the age-enhanced portrait of Madeleine, and they mention that people still remember and think of Madeleine as a 4 year old, they have that image in their minds and tend to look around for little girls of that age and appearance. Kate even mentioned a case of someone who called them and said that she/he thought having seen Madeleine and when they went to check it it was a 4 year old girl that person had seen and mistook for Madeleine.
    In view of this one has to ask why did the McCanns launch their "new" campaign in Luz with the old pictures of Madeleine, showing her as she looked like at 4, when she holidayed there? Why launch that campaign before they had the new age-enhanced picture? Why couldn't they wait another few weeks? Why spend the money in useless publicity ( since they think that people have the wrong image of Maddie in their minds and do not get that now she must look different, older, and so they still look for a much younger Madeleine, which of course is not effective), when it would have been so much more benefitial to make the posters anf leaflets with BOTH images, a 4 year old Maddie along side the image of how she might look now, at 6?

    In my opinion, the April campaign in Luz was only put up because of their documentary, as part of the "set".

  11. Sharon@07:28

    I feel that many people in SIC do not believe the McCanns and have their opinion on the case well formed alredy, despite of the channels and it's bosses somewhat pro- McCann oficial position.
    On Monday I watched and heard how two of their lady journalists, intentionally or accidentally, almost said what they think has happened to Maddie : - one said that "if Madeleine WERE alive, she would be 6 tomorrow"( which she immediatelly corrected to: ermm, if she IS alive...)
    - the other later on said : "...the documentary that was made to mark the 2nd anniversary of Madeleine's DEAT...(H)...ermm, madeleine's disappearance".

    Slips of the tongue or were they subconsciously expressing what they think has happened?

  12. Let the Mccanns talk as much as they can.
    The more they talk, more Freudian mistakes they make.
    It is not good to force suspects to shut up.
    Police always need talking criminals.
    OK, if SIC broadcasted them.
    Great opportunity for Sargento and Amaral to continue analizing the couple.

  13. "...confusing the negation of the consequent with the affirmation of the antecedent..."

    Thank you for this, Mr Sargento. We should all try to lift our argument thus. As you can see, on this occasion I have not succeeded...

    Beam me up, Spotty.

    Some questions for our Abbott and Costello retired cops, carefully looking in the wrong direction, while pocketing tainted money:

    How do you know Spotty had spots? Are spots visible in the lamplight, in the moonlight, in the dark?

    Did his spots glow, in the dusk with the light behind him?

  14. A 64-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested on suspicion of committing two of Wales’ most long running, unsolved double murders.

    English tourists Peter and Gwenda Dixon were murdered in cold blood with a shotgun as they strolled on the Pembrokeshire coastal path in 1989.

    And brother and sister Helen and Richard Thomas were also shot to death at their Pembrokeshire home, Scoveston Manor, in December 1985.


    Today’s apparent breakthrough will have come as a result of new police forensic techniques used to sift evidence gathered more than two decades ago.Everything from minute fabric fibres to flakes of dandruff can now be put under the microscope and subjected to expert scrutiny.As a result, vast amounts of material in a cold case can potentially hold the key to solving a long-unexplained murder. - Wales Online.
    Just for the record, for all you Amaral-lovers, basking in the glow of his immaculate hindsight displayed on Portuguese TV, and omitting mention of his long, three month stupor, May - July, 2007 - just for the record, we KNEW when the cadaver/DNA samples were sent to a British laboratory that they would not be rigorously analysed. It came as no surprise that they were subsequently destroyed.

    It’s no wonder Gerry McCann has been smirking, ever since.

  15. Something changed in the McCanns but I would not know what.
    It seems they lost the strengh they use to have before.
    It looks like they lost a lot of support, around them.
    From the British media, from friends, colleagues, the British government?
    Gerry has changed, he is not the same.
    There is something unknown going on with him.
    He is weaker when fighting for the abduction.
    Who could analize him?

  16. tem de ser em Portugues,desculpem !

    Senhor e Senhora McCann, por UMA VEZ , coloquem a Madeleine como alvo das Vossas decisões.

    Não o fizeram quando a deixaram hora após hora num " clube de crianças " porque os Senhores estavam de férias.

    Não o fizeram quando a deixaram sózinha com dois bébés de 2 anos, noite após noite, num apartamento de um País desconhecido porque Vos agradava jantar entre adultos.

    Não o fizeram quando ignoraram o reparo da Vossa filha... PORQUE NÃO VIERAM QUANDO ONTEM À NOITE NÓS CHORÁMOS ???

    Não o fizeram quando, baralhando as Vossas declarações e as dos Vossos amigos, prestaram depoimentos no mínimo incorrectos.

    Não o fizeram quando a Sra. Dª Kate se recusou a responder às perguntas das policias Portuguesa e Inglesa.

    Não o fizeram quando se recusaram, com desculpas esfarrapas, a participar na reconstituição daquela maldita noite.

    Não o fizeram quando permitiram que os Vossos sucessivos detectives pagos a peso de ouro com o dinheiro de muita gente que nunca terá o Vosso poder económico, inventassem pistas, criassem falsas notíicias, BRINCASSEM com a situação da Madeleine e mais grave ainda... BRINCASSEM com crianças absolutamente alheias a este processo.

    NUNCA A MADELEINE foi a Vossa prioridade .... estou convencida que NUNCA o será !

  17. They are looking very tired these days trying to keep that secret of theirs... how much longer can they keep it up?

    Not much longer by the looks of things

  18. GUILT..... Should never be underestimated, as the mc scum are doing in abundence, it will eat away from the inside like a cancer,justice will come for that child in one way or another.


  19. They are not going to ever admit it, they may bring it to an end by letting the body be found because it must be apparant now while they leave it as a mystery this is going to continue to be interesting to people and it leaves it open to the speculation we are now all party to.
    I have been thinking for a while now that its highly possibly the body of Madeleine McCann may come to light especially now much time has past and the body is no doubt decomposed and beyone being dated for actual date of death and very likely would yield few forensic clues.
    Because if they leave it as it is, they are left open to the kinds of debates now going on about them on many blogs and in the foreign press. They could come to the desicion that even if death is proven it can further perpetuate the abductin theory.
    But they are too calculated and full of self preservation they are never going to admit it...Their self preservation is so strong, it over rode the normal mourning you would see from normal parents and which was hideously evident 9 days after the abduction on her 5th Birthday as depicted in the church pictures or as I have heard them called the wedding pics!
    My mother who hasnt followed this other then through the media said to me " How could he go back to that apartment? Have you sen them smiling and looking at pictures without a tear, Im starting to think they have done it, her in particular has a dead vacant look not unlike Myra Hindleys look" I went home and got the pamphlet 60 reasons why..and now she is on the phone all the time saying OH my God, how the hell have they got away with it..That is what I would like to know!

  20. I dont believe they will let the body turn up, Gerry is too narcissistic to let go of the celebrity status he feels he has attained. For the poor boy from Glasgow to Oprah etc, he will not give up lightly. Even now they avoid admiting any responsibility for the situation, they will not admit any error of judgement, this to me is a true sign of a psychopathic personality.

  21. Em 1890, por inépcia dos políticos nacionais, o célebre Ultimatum britânico causou indignação e motivou até um hino, o actual, "A Portuguesa".
    Em 2007, foi muito pior.
    Portugal, os Portugueses e a PJ foram insultados e difamados pela imprensa britânica e pressionado pela diplomacia do R.U. Mais uma vez viu-se quem manda aqui. A justiça e a responsabilidade não é de certeza.

  22. Que Deus te de força para provares tudo isso , é de uma monstruosidade inacreditável o que estes dois assassinos fizeram , era para ser no tempo do Salazar era cortados ao bife , como é a republica das bananas afastam o homem por ele estar a chegar num resolução que não interessa aos interesses diplomáticos Portugueses e a PJ é que fica com a imagem manchada.

  23. A PJ não fica manchada coisa alguma.
    Inglês não é idiota, está sabendo que este caso cheira mal.
    No abatimento de Kate e Gerry vê-se que eles estão passando por coisas a mais, além da morte da menina.
    Perderam o apoio que tinham.
    O inglês já deve estar de saco cheio com eles'Eu estaria.
    Qual foi o papel dos médias ingleses nestes dias de maio?
    Alguma entrevista na tv deles, jornais etc?
    Nada disto vi.
    Fotos dos pais indo à igreja no dia 3?
    Sabes alguma coisa, Joana?

  24. I watched the couple on the SIC interview.
    Kate is looking worse and worse and Gerry is looking bad.
    I wonder how long it will take before she gets really ill.
    Because she will, someday.
    Nobody can live under such a pressure, being and feeling guilty.
    She can diminish those feelings by 50%, if she wants.
    If she was not the only adult in 5A, on that evening, I suspect the other person is carrying guilt as well.
    Everybody is pointing a finger to her, she will live all by herself, seeing those million fingers, for the rest of her life.
    Is it worth while to carry all the guilt, while somebody else can be as guilty or worse?
    Why protecting this person, if he exists, and if he got something to do with it?
    He got away with it on the same evening and Kate and Gerry are swimming in shit.
    Why not offering him to share this shit with them?
    What kind of friend is this person, who is only friend when he can enjoy things, and who disappears when he sees serious troubles? He will not get sick, not at all.
    But Kate will.

  25. Great, I just read on Mccannfiles that Gerry cut all scenes with the actress playing Kate's role.
    He came to this decision after he saw Amaral's documentary.
    This shows Amaral is the powerful man, not Gerry.

    Como se diz no Brasil:
    -O Amaral botou ventilador na farofa do Gerry.

  26. At the first sign of trouble Gerry will abandon Kate like a rat leaving a sinking ship.
    He was already preparing the ground initially when he wasn't sure if they were going to get away with it by saying :
    " I believe my wife 100% "


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