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Gonçalo Amaral Countersues the McCann

Voice Over: The RTP [state TV channel] questioned Gonçalo Amaral, who was on his way to another meeting with officers of the British Police, who also follow the Maddie case. The reaction of the Former Judiciary Police Inspector is to counter attack.

Gonçalo Amaral: We were expecting that they did something, they did it now. So, it's the right time to advance with a countersuit, to discuss the Maddie process itself; we must not forget, there are various diligences to be made.

Voice Over: The McCann Family decided to sue Gonçalo Amaral for defamation. The legal action is going to be made in Lisbon, it's based on what the former inspector reveals on the book 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie', published in 2008.

Gonçalo Amaral: We are also going to court in another way, I'm going to proceed legally against the McCann for defamation, and also for slanderous denunciations and false statements.

Voice Over: Already this year, the McCann family made in Praia da Luz a documentary for TV, which pretends to be the counterpoint of the thesis presented in the book by Gonçalo Amaral - of the accidental death of the girl at the Lagos apartment.


  1. Parabéns pela sua iniciativa e força! Estamos consigo.

  2. Brilliant...maybe now Madeleiene will get justice if not a decent burial.

  3. Oh, excellent. I do enjoy these new diligences. And Mr Amaral "on his way to a meeting with British police officers who also follow the Madeleine case"!

    Could it be that a spark of integrity burns still among our boys in blue?

    By the way, Joana and friends, I have had sight of the 164-page Madeleine McCann Productions, Inc. Christmas Catalogue, 2009, now on its way to the printers.

    The front cover features a talking Cuddlecat ('Don't put me near that smelly cadaver', 'Six corpses! I ain't been near no stinkin' corpses!' and 'Oooooh! Twirl my nipples') Batteries not included.

    It's made in China, of course, with an extra thick layer of lead paint for the little ones to suck on.

  4. Os Mccanns perderam uma boa hora de terem ficado quietos.
    Eles pensam que conseguem enrolar todo o mundo.
    Vão se estrepar, se Deus quiser.

  5. Podera alguem entendido em leis esclarecer-me estas duvidas?
    - Os gemeos, enquanto menores, podem processar alguem? Eu julgava que era preciso ter-se 18 anos para poder exercer este direito. Tal como o direito de voto.
    - Os pais podem usar os filhos menores para interporem uma accao judicial contra outrem, sem que tenha sido judicial e oficialmente ouvida a posicao desses menores no caso? Entao e se no futuro se descobrir que foram os pais que cometeram o crime contra a irma, os gemeos nao podem depois ser acusados de tentativa de obstrucao a justica por terem embarcado na historia dos pais? E que os cidadaos maiores de idade penso eu que podem ser acusados. Ate e por causa disso que quando se e testemunha num caso e-se obrigado a responder a todas as perguntas sem mentir. Quem e que depois vai ser responsabilizado perante mais este crime: o de envolver menores no cover-up de um crime, provavelmente contra a sua vontade? Os pais ou o tribunal e o estado que aceitou e deu seguimento a situacao?
    - A Maddie estando desaparecida, sendo tambem menor e vitima, portanto alvo e parte importante na investigacao, pode ser usada para processar a policia que a procura? e ainda por cima pode processar por difamacao? E se a investigacao revelar, nem que seja daqui por muitos anos que ela esta morta desde 3 de Maio de 2007? ficaremos perante um caso bizarro de um morto que processou alguem 2 anos depois da sua morte. Bem... neste caso ja espero tudo. Faz-me lembrar a Saga das listas de espera nos hospitais, quando um doente e chamado para a cirurgia anos depois de ter falecido.

  6. Lagos apartment?
    Is Praia da Luz the same as Lagos?

  7. Amaral is looking great!!!!!
    Much better than before!!!!!

    O Amaral está bonitão, com ótimo aspecto.
    Muito melhor do que antes.

    Que Deus conserve!

  8. On the interview for SIC, I see a big difference between Gerry and Kate.
    In Gerry's eyes, I can see he is feeling umcofortable while lying.
    Kate does not change the expression in her eyes. She does not feel uncomfortable at all.
    Probably she believes her own story.
    Gerry is less sick than she is.

  9. Monsieur Amaral, Attention! Cuidado! Take care.

    Every step you take, make sure clever lawyers aren't going to use it against you. As we have seen previously, anything has been good enough to make diligences and investigations impossible up to this day. It is obvious that the other party isn't going to give up easily, the other party and their powerful friends. Whatever the ending, I'll always see you as a figure of faith in justice, sense of duty, and courage to change things at one's own risks, when it would be so much easier for you to let go. That is why I wish you success, apart from the fact I also think the case was archived too early, as if for fear of what would be discovered.

    But honesty and sincerity aren't enough on your part. It is necessary for you to master all the technicalities of the laws . I hope you get plenty of support and help from experts.

    Bon courage, bravo, et merci.

  10. The best of luck to you Amaral. The McCanns have been pushing their luck too far for too long.

  11. 'Gonçalo Amaral: We are also going to court in another way, I'm going to proceed legally against the McCann for defamation, and also for slanderous denunciations and false statements.'

    Today (18/05/09) on This Morning (British tv) GMcC said when asked about suing GA:

    "We want to make it clear the reason we are taking that action is because we feel what he is saying is very much detrimental to the search" (for M)
    "If people believe that (meaning M is dead) there can't be an ongoing search".

    Why can't there be an ongoing search?
    How has anything GA said had any effect on the search?
    The McCanns have stated in the Media that the onus has been left on them to find M. So how on earth can they say the above!

  12. Yeah, I'm happy, very happy.
    Did Gonzalito already arrive where he intendet to go?
    I'm so curious!
    Joana, any news?
    That airport must be Lisbon.
    Or is it Faro? May God bless Amaral!!!!!
    I hope his life is not at any risk.

  13. The dogs detected that a human cadaver had been in the parent's apartment and their vehicle. How do you explain that? Is there anyone missing? Who could it possibly be? Despite the dog's findings being ignored in this case, these same dogs are still called upon to use their talents in other cases. I would start a campaign in England to put these dogs out of commission, because apparently they are incriminating innocent people. As evidence I would play the film that shows the dogs at work in the McCanns apartment.

    Kate is void of any real emotion, any emotion she expresses was learnt by having observed others. In other words she mimics emotions. In my opinion if she was examined by a psychiatrist she would be diagnosed as a psychotic narcissist.


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