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Gonçalo Amaral: “I don’t have any quarrel with the couple”

The former inspector would have liked Oprah Winfrey to ask direct questions to the couple and speaks about the “provocation” that was Gerry’s visit to Luz

by Alexandra Serôdio

Kate and Gerry McCann were on Oprah’s show, one of the most watched worldwide.

The invitation had been made in 2007, but the couple only accepted now. Gonçalo Amaral was not invited and denies that he showed any interest in participating. But he knows by heart the questions that he would ask them if he was there and regrets that they weren’t asked, because they could help to discover the truth. Which, in his understanding, points to Madeleine’s death.

The McCann couple participated in Oprah Winfrey’s programme, which will be broadcast in the United States. Have you shown interest in participating in this programme, or not?

I manifested no will to go there, and there was no obligation for me to be invited. The only thing that I’d like is for some very direct questions to be asked, namely about the lack of cooperation with the police; the need to archive the process, and about the couple limiting the purpose of the process, when they stated that their daughter had been abducted for a paedophile network.

Did you want the couple to talk, something that didn’t happen during the investigation?

I have no quarrel with the couple. It would be important to try to understand what happened. I don’t understand why people are satisfied with the archiving of the case. The criminal investigation was suddenly interrupted, it was not even half way.

Do you remain without doubts about what happened?

I have no doubts that Madeleine died in that apartment, and that it may have been an accidental death. This was the base of the suspicion that had to be worked upon and investigated, but we were not allowed to.

Has this case definitely marked the investigators that were connected to it?

Why are the persons that were connected to the Maddie case, burned? There should be courage and someone should say why. People worked with their heart and soul, as professionals. And now we see our career cut short? What is this if not pressure? And pressure affects the career.

In what terms?

Dr Luís Neves [PJ’s head of heavy crime combat unit] could be the national director. It was said or ordered to say that he could not be chosen because he had been connected to the Maddie case. What are this ministry or this government afraid of? Why can’t competent people, who were connected to the case, who did an excellent job one way or another, within the scope that was determined, continue to progress in their career and occupy leading posts?

What comment do you have for the recent presence of Gerry in Praia da Luz?

Apart from a major lack of judgement, it’s almost a provocation. To go somewhere where one knows that unemployment exists, where the difficulties of the shop owners are related to that non reality, that invention that they came up with, which is to say that there was an abduction. Maybe it’s time for the couple to think about those that they hurt. There are people who were made redundant and who are thinking about asking the McCanns for compensation. They should use the fund to subsidise all of those people. That would be interesting. It would show good will. Instead of being used only to pay for other things.

source: Jornal de Notícias, 03.05.2009

Photography of Gonçalo Amaral courtesy of Patrícia de Melo Moreira/DN © All rights reserved


  1. ".....the need to archive the process, and about the couple limiting the purpose of the process, when they stated that their daughter had been abducted for a paedophile network"

    Why did the General Attorney comply to this?and why the mccanns don t ask right now for the re opening of the case since they"ve got "new leads"?
    When will tey stop deluding themselves?becasue at this height the only ones who are deluded are themselves and noone else.....

  2. Bom dia,

    Minha esperança deposito nas palavras de Gonçalo Amaral quando ele diz que, um dia haveremos de saber o que aconteceu com Madeleine.
    Um dia alguém vai falar e nós haveremos de nos gloriar pela Justiça e por todos os que lutaram por ela.
    E aqueles que engaram o mundo serao punidos.
    Madeleine, como todo ser humano mereçe um túmulo onde seus restos mortais repousem nesta terra que onde ela viveu.



  3. concerning Gerry's visit to PdL...

    lack of judgement is the understatement of the year.

    He has shown a total lack of judgement ever since he concocted the abduction.
    He has also shown a total disregard for anyone but himself... at least he is consistent

    McCann's - your time is coming soon

  4. Gerry went once again to Praia da Luz to show us how arrogant he is.Wo can stop this man to do what he likes to do if de Goverment of GB is on his side?

    Above all he is addicted to his show,his audience ,his Circus with Clarence as his own clown. Once in life he got his name as a celebrity and he liked it.It is almost impossible for people with a poor background not to try everythig they can to stay in the arena as a lion.
    The morder of John Lenon did it for 5 minutes famousness.

    This is how the science of psychatrie explains this phenomenon.

    Have a nice weekend.
    Greeting from Rio de Janeiro

  5. Astro and Joana, would you consider sending this article to the Oprah Show? Do you allow one of us to do it? I think it would make some good reading for Oprah, and maybe she would get interested and consider making an episode with Mr. Amaral...who knows? The woman might come to her senses, her conscience( if she has any left)might feel heavy...


  6. I'm afraid there's a good chance that the Madeleine case will go into history as one of the great unsolved mysteries, along with the Jack the Ripper case, for instance. In the later, the police did not have the investigative and scientific tools it has today, in the former, despite having inumerous valuable means, the police were stopped and forbidden from using them to their full extent. In both cases there were evidences, signs, rumors of unsavoury practices involving people in high places...I wish I'll be proved wrong, but I have the feeling it will never be solved, it would take a major cataclysm, another "French Revolution", for the "heads" to start rolling...

  7. "Gerry and Kate McCann are thought to be spending a weekend away from the spotlight while churches in Rothley, Leicestershire marked the anniversary."
    "The British former police officers said the answer still lay with someone in the Portuguese resort from which Madeleine disappeared, aged three."


    E o JORNAL DA SIC,o das 20:00, FEZ ESSE FAVOR!ENTREVISTOU ALGUÉM COM FACE IDENTIFICÁVEL e que afirma saber que a Maddie morreu ali.

  8. Funcionária do Ocean Club pressionada


    Mas tb. vi à noite!Bom trabalho.

  9. Just heard on the opening of Sic 1:00pm news : british newspapers are "talking" about underground tunnels in Luz! Is that the reason for: "British police detectives say the "answer still lies" in that small section of the Portuguese coast." ?


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