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Gonçalo Amaral: The truth about the charges

by Nigel Moore

Two days ago, Martin Brunt, Sky News Crime Correspondent, decided to use his blog to reveal the contents of an email Sky News had received from Gonçalo Amaral's agent.

The private email stated that it would cost 80,000 euros to facilitate an interview with the former PJ co-ordinator.

With unsurprising relish, Jerry Lawton, of The Daily Star, has today regurgitated the information contained in Mr Brunt's blog into a full-blown article.

Speaking exclusively to mccannfiles.com today, Gonçalo Amaral revealed the reasoning behind the decision.

He said: "I want you to know that I made the decision to get paid for any interview given to any British media, but that doesn't apply to anywhere else in the world.

"Its quite simple. I have given so many "free" interviews to the British media that were never published. They were censored and thrown to the trash. Next time they do it, I'm sure they will think twice about the money they pay."

Only this week, in Amsterdam to launch the Dutch version of 'the Truth of the Lie', Gonçalo Amaral and Sofia Leal gave their time freely to members of the public and press. In a 'question and answer' session, scheduled for 30 minutes, they stayed for 1 and a half hours discussing the case.

Mr Brunt, who has published details from a private email, and Mr Lawton, who, like so many Britsh journalists, is unable to write the name of Gonçalo Amaral without prefacing it with 'axed', 'disgraced' or 'shamed', need to question what they are doing to help find the truth about what happened to Madeleine. And how much do they get paid for doing it?

Clarence Mitchell raged in The Daily Star: "It is scandalous that anyone should seek to make money out of Madeleine's abduction?" But should a man currently taking wages from Madeleine's Fund - which, let's not forget, draws from the pocket-money and savings of children and pensioners, and was donated in good faith - really be adopting such a high moral tone? And why do the McCanns even need a PR person? Can they no longer speak for themselves outside of a scripted TV studio or film set?

And, as Columbo would say, one final thing...

This interview with Gonçalo Amaral didn't cost one penny. Or euro.

in McCann Files 08 May 2009

Just a personal note to my friend Nigel: Amaral has a wicked sense of humour.


  1. Thanks Nigel ,and of course thanks and admiration for Mr. Amaral.

  2. Why is Martin B. so desesperatly supporting the Mccann'S?

    Is he one of british journalists which Gerry blamed in the parliament of geting drunked in Praia da Luz, not doing a properly investigation and just copying, without a correct translation, what portuguese media published? Why did he accepted such serious accusations without fighting back Gerry Mccann?

    How many fabricated news have he sended to Sky News about Madeleine issue, manipulating the public opinion against Portugal( as UK, a member of the European Comunnity) and against the PJ (one of the official polices encharged of the investigation)?

    Did he, for one second, make is brain work to see how ridiculous is his position when he criticised the investigation? Mr. Brunt, when you blame the PJ, did you realize that you blame an investigation that is carried out by a big team where british police play a very important role since the beginning? Did you realise that the british team was sended by your government, which I presume are very high qualified for what they are supposed to investigate? Then WHO and WHAT are you blaming: Portugal or your Country?

    We, the Public, we use to see the british media accusing Portugal, most of the time in a very insulting way, but for us, we can't split the investigation between the two teams. They work togheter. Then should be blamed both!!!

    For what I see up to now, Mr. Brunt show's no ethic and publishing a private e-mail, again reinforce my opinion.

    The story of all this massive media coverage on a litle girl tragedy, we will have the oportunity to evaluate in a very near future. For Madeleine, was very helpless because 2 years passed already and she still missing. For the Media, I will be not surprised if most of them will end up with a very damaged image, loosing all the credibility. If this will be the case, they should thanks this very qualified, very independent and with a very poor ethic, journalists, for all the bad work.

  3. If I would be Mr.Amaral, no money would do, that I would talk to UK press. He is beeing generous, giving them a secont change. I woudn't.

  4. Thank You!

    And good for you Mr. Amaral! Show the trashy british media that you are not taking any bullshit from them anymore!
    I hope that someone will post this article from Mr. N. Moore in M.Brunt's blog, Life of Crime! I know that many who post there read Joana Morais blog and comment on it.
    Disgusting Martin Brunt, aaarrrgh!

  5. Dear Nigel, great!
    you are a corageous man!
    Did you see that actor playing the role of a stalker, near the apartment?
    I had to remember again:
    -"I see dead people. They don't know they are dead."
    You know who I am, don't you?


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