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Gonçalo Amaral wants to reopen Maddie's process

Lower Third – Gonçalo Amaral promotes investigation to reopen the process

Voice Over: A man carrying a child in his arms in the night of the 3rd of May. This is the description made by Jane Tanner and the basis for the kidnapping theory.

Gonçalo Amaral: It’s a false testimony, it’s a lie. I affirm from here that it is a lie. And if that lady has any problems, she can make a claim against my person, so that I can prove to her that it is a lie.

Voice Over: It is one of the central images of the documentary, which is soon to be broadcast world-wide, made for the English Channel 4. The documentary filmed a month ago in Praia da Luz with Gerry and two of the friends of the McCann couple. Gonçalo Amaral speaks of a web of lies.

Gonçalo Amaral: As a document, that documentary that they made here, it’s important for the reopening of the process. It should be adjoined to the process, to understand the reasons for the lies, and we are going to comprehend various things. It’s important, quite important that document. I believe that if the Attorney General of the Republic is attentive, then he has to reopen the process.

Voice Over: It is exactly to reopen the process that the former coordinator of the Judiciary Police advances but in a different path. He has joined a group of former policeman to analyse the process, to send to the Attorney General a document with that request.

Gonçalo Amaral: They are police inspectors who came from important criminal areas, as the kidnapping department, sequestrations, homicide… They are policemen, Portuguese but as well from other countries. Namely in England where we are going to try to understand and verify, in terms of analyses, of that process; and after that day, the 2nd of October* what is still left to do.

Voice Over: Gonçalo Amaral speaks of diligences which were not performed, after his removal in October of 2007. The former coordinator of the Maddie case believes that the girl died on the 3rd of May, in Praia da Luz.

*2nd October 2007 - The day Judiciary Police Inspector Gonçalo Amaral was removed from coordinating the investigation to Madeleine McCann disappearance and not sacked. He then requested for his early retirement, to gain his full freedom of speech and wrote the book ‘Maddie, The Truth of the Lie’, available in book stores at most European countries, except in the UK.


  1. I totally agree with Amaral, that the McCanns reconstituition is important for him and the PJ.
    I thought of that before.
    The more the McCanns manifest themselves, the more their version gets worse.
    The abductor behind the door of the sleeping room is great. The PJ has now to search for a man suffering of anorexia nervosa and osteoporose, that is for sure.
    It is clear for me why Jane Tanner saw the abductor, dressed up exacly like the man the Smiths saw.
    Gerry knew he was seen by the Smiths and he asked Jane to "see" the abductor as well.
    This proofs the man seen by the Smiths was Gerry indeed, no doubt about it, otherwise someone of Tapas 7 would not have seen the abductor.

  2. I'll say one thing - this man is certainly trying his utmost to get this bunch to react.

    If I were in Jane Tanner's shoes,(and if I were innocent) I'd be straight on the 'phone to take up his offer. But you can guarantee she won't be.

    And there are still people who think this lot have nothing to hide.

    Good luck with your endeavours, Mr Amaral.

  3. Thank Heavens there still are people around like Mr. Amaral and you, Astro and Joana! You make the world a better place by not giving up on the TRUTH and little Madeleine.


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