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Gonçalo Amaral’s condemnation was as atypical as the process

by Duarte Levy

The final ruling in the trial of the so-called “Leonor Cipriano case”, in which two of the five Polícia Judiciária (PJ) inspectors and former inspectors were condemned, ended up revealing itself as atypical as the process: the court of Faro considered that the practise of torture was proved but failed to indicate who the alleged aggressors were.

During all of the court sessions, no witnesses to the alleged torture acts were presented and the final ruling ended up being based on the reports from forensic experts, which were not founded on a physical exam of Leonor Cipriano, but rather on photographs that had been published years earlier by Expresso, and whose authenticity is still questioned.

Given the importance that was attributed to the photographs, it is strange that the court didn’t consider the doubts that persist concerning their origin. Doubts that could have been clarified if the defence had been permitted to hear the former journalist that was behind their publication, who is now the head of the Lawyers’ Order – through the cunning decision of entering the Order as an assistant in the process, Marinho Pinto kept the control over the proceedings in the Court of Faro, and at the same time escaped questioning.

Reading the final ruling, one can conclude that the court sustained its decision on the photographs, credible or not, as it couldn’t base itself on Leonor Cipriano who throughout the process gave several contradictory statements, thus confirming the analysis that had been made by Paulo Sargento, who described her as a compulsive liar.

Leonor changed her version about the manner in which she was aggressed, the dates and times, several times, but also the place where everything took place, and even her aggressors: one day she directly implied former coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, the next day she confessed that she hadn’t even seen him on the day of questioning.

Paulo Pereira Cristóvão, Leonel Marques and Paulo Marques Bom, who stood accused of torture, were found innocent, while António Cardoso and Gonçalo Amaral were condemned to suspended sentences: two years and three months and one year and six months in prison, respectively.

The “snowball” effect

António Cardoso’s report, which earned him his condemnation, and in which the inspector merely described in what manner Leonor Cipriano fell on the stairs, was not handed over to the scientific police’s lab, where an expert could have found a false signature, a changed date or even the replacement of excerpts of the text: presiding judge Henrique Pavão, in the name of the collective, upon considering that torture was proved, automatically removed the value of Cardoso’s report – if there was torture, then the report has to be false.

It is within this context that former PJ coordinator, Gonçalo Amaral, ends up being condemned: saying that torture existed, is to state that Cardoso lied when he wrote his service report, therefore – no matter whether he tells the truth or a lie – Amaral had to be condemned. Wasn’t that the initial goal?

- Like the French say, "c'était Q. F. D."

source: Duarte Levy @ Wordpress, 24.05.2009


  1. "Amaral had to be condemned. Wasn’t that the initial goal?"

    I think it was. Who is behind all this ? What is this all about ? It is not about supporting a horrible sociopath child killer, it is about something else. What ???? And why ???

  2. Entristece-me a forma como a Justiça portuguesa funciona.Como podem pedir-nos que acreditemos nela quando todos dias nos deparamos com ladrões, violadores e homicidas a serem postos em liberdade?Como podemos acreditar nela quando vêmos a facilidade com que cede aos interesses políticos nacionais e internacionais condenando pessoas como Gonçalo Amaral porque são incómodas para alguns poderosos e contra as quais não existem provas irrefutáveis de qualquer crime cometido?Este julgamento foi uma palhaçada do princípio ao fim.A sentença confirmou o que todos já sabíamos:a justiça prtuguesa é corrupta, Gonçalo Amaral tem que ser calado e quem quer que seja que esteja por detrás da morte de Madeleine Mccann ou do encobrimento desta é mais importante do que a imagem e a reputação do nosso país, da nossa polícia e do povo português.Os nossos políticos que ocupam cargos onde faz parte das suas obrigações zelar pelo bom nome do nosso país e pela dignidade das nossas gentes preferem enfiar a cabeça na areia e fingir que nada sabem, permitindo que o nosso bom nome e as nossas instituições sejam diariamente enxovalhadas lá fora às custas do caso Madeleine Mccann. Talvez até nem se importem que tal aconteça pois o mais importante- o rechonchudo salário ao fim do mês - está garantido. Não servem por isso para exercer as funções que lhes foram atribuída.Espero que os portugueses, na altura correcta, tenham a inteligência de demonstrar o seu descontentamento perante tão vergonhoso comportamento.
    E acredito que o segredo que rodeia a morte de Madeleine Mccann é de tal modo escabroso, seja pela pessoas envolvidas,seja pelas circunstâncias em que aconteceu, que se achou que valeria a pena danificar a relação entre dois países para que nunca fosse descoberto.

  3. Thank you Astro

    I fail to understand how the testimony of liar who can be taken seriously; Mr Amaral, know you are respected sir.

  4. OF COURSE, it was the initial goal! They have indeed worked hard for it and have surely been celebrating in Rothley. Happiness, however, is a feeling this couple will never be able to feel. So much cheapness and ugliness are emanating from them - it is really too much for our poor world.

  5. I recall pathology reports stated that 2 sets of injuries were sustained before the woman Capriano was placed in police custody.

    Q. Was the above fact taken into account by the 'expert forensic' witnesses led by the professor? I presume they had the pathology reports, and these were produced upon a medical witness in attendance to the woman Capriano. That being the case, I cannot see how it is possible to state they were neither caused by falling down the stairs, nor were not caused by prison inmates.

    Furthermore, I doubt that there is a code to decipher photographic evidence and, upon that, distinguish between a blow caused by falling and a blow caused by being beaten. We are talking about bruises and cuts, not a head injury, or wounds inflicted with a sharp weapon.

  6. So, let me get this straight - Mr Amaral was found guilty of altering documents covering-up something which did not exist? Sounds like British justice, to me.

    Anyway, I can’t deal with that right now, I have gypsies on my mind:

    “Mr Verran claimed Hewlett had made wild and unfounded claims about the McCanns - both doctors, from Rothley, Leicestershire - and added: 'He said it was common knowledge among locals that Praia da Luz in general and the Ocean Club in particular was a magnet for Romanian gipsies who abduct and then traffic children'”. - Daily Mail.

    Could we have some statistics from the locals on exactly how many children have been abducted and trafficked by wild and unfounded Romanian gypsies from Praia da Luz in general and the Ocean Club in particular, over say, the last ten years?

    I do recall an Ocean View brochure of 2007 stating that they had NEVER had a child abduction. Were they including the wild ones taken by gypsies when they made that statement?

  7. I hope many voices will stand up to dennounce all the anormal things that are coming out from that judgement. We know, Amaral was the goal. Aragao correia said it many times on the press.
    Marinho Pinto, is facing a difficult time in Portugal and I'm sure with little effort from journalists and TVs he will be isolated and Aragao as well. Both showed already how nervous they are when they are puted under pressure. The public needs to know what is behind that case. We cannot accept that people use their jobs, their place, their authoritie and their power to accomplish their own agenda. This is a very danger game in a europe which faces so many crimes, like terrorism. This two mans, they destroyed the image of a country and are trying to destroy a man which guilt was only not giving up on justice for a little girl.

  8. Ingénuos, todos vós. Deveriam ter sentido 1/100 das porradas que a Leonor levou, que até confessavam ter morto o JFK. Acho que à primeira chapada se derretiam em lágrimas. Vós de nada sabeis, mesmo nada, sobretudo do Gonçalo Amaral, esse Paladino da Justiça que engana todos vós! É isso que é o povo português, uma cambada de ingénuos e ignorantes

  9. Let us not lose our hope and patience.
    The longest gossip takes 3 weeks.
    A crime against a child takes a life.
    Nothing has changed about Amaral's good intention.
    He will make it.
    And nothing has changed about what the PJ found out about that night.
    no abduction, no abductor behind the door,no finger prints of the abductor,Tapas 9 's inconsistences,Jane Tanner,the Smitht's sightings,30 minutes David Payne in the apartment, Calpol told by grand father,
    cadaver scent behind the sofa and in the wardrobe and car,clothes and cuddle cat(that was identified when the dog came in the house),blood, 48 not answered questions,presence of the British police and ownor of the dogs, British political and diplomatic pressure, Ambassador abandonning his carrière,Father Pacheco saying "they are lost souls."Parents not searching for Maddie physically.
    Everything is proved(?) by the PJ and to be found in the files.Amaral just made a compilation of the facts and published it.He had the right to.
    Moita Flores, the great forense specialist once said that there were more than enough facts in the files to bring the parents to justice.

  10. Praia da Luz e o Ocean Club vai abaixar a cabeça para o Daily Mail, sobre os ciganos roubando e trafegando crianças naquele lugar?
    Joana, a diretoria do Ocean Club tem que saber disto, a prefeitura de Luz idem.
    Este filhos da puta têm que ser processados e provarem o que disseram.
    Tu deves ter o telefone do club, ou Astro tem.
    Amanhã imediatamente avisar a prefeitura daí.
    Cadê os paus-de-bosta do governo português em Lisboa? Vão aceitar calúnias sobre Portugal?
    Que governo de merda é este?
    Um processo contra o Daily Mail deve imediatamente começar e Portugal deve parar de lamber o anus do Brown.

  11. Para quem não conhece a expressão:

    ."pau-de-bosta" é o pau dentro da gaiola, onde o passarinho suja.

  12. It is possible that the Daily Mail is motivating Amaral to fight back with the truth, by making up stories about Praia da Luz.
    It is not a nice way of motivating, but it is still a way.
    The media in England are castrated by the Mccanns and they need help.
    The only person who can help them is Amaral himself.
    I can not imagine a people who have known freedom of speech accepting such a castration.
    They are tired of being obliged to hide what they know.
    They must have seen Amarals documentary and they must be dying to show it and to comment it.
    They depend on Amaral in order to have rights to express themselves.
    In their hearts they don't want to insult anybody.
    They are longing for freedom.

  13. No-one here is dying to see the documentary, or to read his book. A handful of posters on internet forums, of course - but the rest assume it is rubbish, because the parents were never charged and now Amaral has a perjury rap.
    I am bemused by joana's recent postings on the 3Arguidos site re Duarte Levy - she needs to clear this up.

  14. I read a comment on the next article before, in Portguese, that the PJ got a call from the British ambassador, asking them to treat the case as an abduction.
    I don't know where this information came from.
    If it came from the files, it means the ambassador knew the girl was dead.And he allowed his compatriot, by the way also a human being, Robert Murat, being made arguido.
    He could have been told that it was an accident, the child died when the parents were at the restaurant, etc.etc.
    The day after, he went to Praia da Luz and I wonder if he saw the
    corpse.I wonder if he went to Tapas 10's place and found out or heard that rigor mortis was too far the evening before, by 10.00pm.
    Somewhere I read that he and the consul warned the British government about inconsitensies in the parents story.
    If he saw the body(who knows?) who was Tapas 10? Tapas 10 could be a person whom the ambassador could have visited without rasing any suspicions.Just wondering...

  15. Just found out that there is sensitivity to the mention of David Payne!!

  16. 00.13, anonymous,

    if Amaral's book and documentary are rubbish, why are they not allowed to be shown in the UK?
    People in the UK could see how rubbish his work is and judge by themselves.
    Reading the book, watching the documentary would put 100% of the British public at the McCanns side.
    Gerry's documentary is real shit and Portugal was democratic enough to broadcast it.

    His documentary is contradicting the PJ's conclusion, no problem, Portugal is a democratic country.He has the right to broadcast shit and the public judge it by themselves.
    Why not give the British people the same opportunity?
    Why determinate for them what is rubbish, what isn't?

  17. 00.13, anonymous,

    would you please also contradict comment 21.20hs?
    And not only using words like "rubbish'?
    Thank you.


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