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Hart van Nederland: Portugese Inspector writes book about Maddie (w/video)


Voice over: “Exactly two years after her disappearance, there is still no trace of the toddler and that is, according to the former police inspector, mainly due to Maddie’s parents themselves.”

Gonçalo Amaral: "The investigation - they were based on the premise, right from the first moment when they denounced the case to the police, they gave a communication, saying that there was an abduction, an abduction by paedophile networks, and Portuguese ones. So, anything that was investigated outside of that abduction theory, that was sold by the parents, that theory is sold by the parents, wasn’t in their interest."

Gerry McCann: “She was wearing pyamas’s almost identical to these ones”

Voice over: “Gerry and Kate McCann told in dozens of countries, also in the Netherlands, that their little daughter was kidnapped. But in his book Amaral states that he is 100 percent certain Maddie died in the family’s apartment.”

Gonçalo Amaral: “The cadaver odour, the DNA - the DNA was - the blood traces, don’t forget that the animal that was used, the dog, it only found blood, human blood, and it did find some – blood that is later defined as coming from Madeleine McCann.”

Voice over: “In an interview with ‘Hart van Nederland” (7 June 2007) the parents indicated they were dedicated heart and soul to find Maddie back.

Kate McCann: “When you are doing something which is potentially positive, which might help, certainly helps to ease the helplessness, even if temporarily”.

Voice over: “But according to Amaral that is not true at all.”

Gonçalo Amaral: “The entire result goes into that direction. The parents themselves were more concerned about themselves, about the fact that they were made arguidos, than with the result of the – with knowing the truth and knowing where their daughter was.”

Voice over: “According to him (Amaral) eye-witnesses have clearly seen that it was father Gerry himself who carried the dead Maddie in the direction of the sea.”

Gonçalo Amaral: “Later, he identified that man as being Gerald McCann. 80 percent.”

Voice over: “Amaral was dismissed from heading the investigation into the case in October 2007. But nonetheless he is hoping that the truth about Maddie will come to light once.

Gonçalo Amaral: “I have worked in the police all my life, to discover the truth. Not to believe in that today, would be questioning the cause that I have served for 28 years at the Polícia Judiciária, which was the discovery of the truth."

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Portuguese inspector writes book about Maddie
· Publication: 05/05/09 22:32
· Last edited: 05/05/09 22:55

Gonçalo Amaral has written a much talked-about book about the disappearance of the English toddler Madeleine McCann.

The Portuguese inspector who headed the investigation into the case, writes that Maddie is dead and he still considers Maddie’s parents as suspects. Although the investigation was archived last year, the case still preoccupies the inspector. And his book, now published in the Netherlands, is so controversial, that nobody dares to publish it in the United Kingdom.


  1. Thanks Kazlux - for all your hard work. Mr Amaral sure sounds certain of what he is talking about.
    Time is on his side. The McCanns are playing defence. I wish him all the best, and much success!

  2. One flaw in Amaral's theory: if the parents hid the body of Madeleine McCann in the wardrobe...then in the car boot...how come the Irish family saw Gerry McCann taking her down to the sea that night?
    Is he suggesting that Gerry brought Madeleine back to the apartment afterwards?

  3. Martin Grime - Personal profile

    The dog's olfactory system is so highly developed that it continues to be efficient at cellular level:

    Distinguish the time difference between footprints to give a direction of travel.

    Distinguish live from dead within minutes

  4. Q: Do you think the children were sedated?
    A: There is no doubt

    Panorama transcript- Gerry McCann

    The twins were still sleeping in their cots. So... you'd be trying to leave it as undisturbed as possible, and they slept very soundly until we moved them out of the cots into their own apartment which does make me wonder about whether there was any substances used to keep them asleep.

    Fiona Payne - Rog Interview

    “Did the twins wake up at all?”

    “They didn’t. They didn’t”.

    “In the aftermath?”

    “No, and that was the other thing, she kept going into the twins, she kept putting her hands on the twins to check they were breathing, she was very much concerned in checking that they were okay. But they were okay, I mean, they were fine, they didn’t, they were asleep, but at the time it did seem weird, I remember thinking, you know, when the Police came they turned the lights on, there was loads of noise, obviously from the moment Kate discovered that Madeleine was gone, the screaming and the shouting and there was a lot of noise and they, they didn’t, you know, so much as blink”.

  5. Martin Grime Rog Interview

    “How long does a cadaver have to be in contact with a surface or an object for the odour to be detected?”
    Cross-contamination is immediate

  6. Amaral is a corageous man, that's for sure.
    Parabéns, Amaral!!!!!

  7. This must be funny for Brazilians who are following this site.
    Amaral speaks a difficult Portuguese for us, Brazilians, and it is translated in Dutch.
    I already got used to his pronounciation because I simply love this corageous man.
    He is doing everything for justice for Madeleine.
    He is like a father to her.

  8. it is possible MsMarmitlover that she was taken to the beach to wash any blood from her body(head wound) from the injury. You certainly would'nt be wanting to wash away any blood in the apartment bathroom, the dog's would have gone absolutely balistic.

  9. 13.07, I agree Amaral is the father Madeleine did not have.
    Because a father would not have accepted the obsceen gestes Payne made in Mallorca, towards Madeleine.
    A real father would have beaten him to death and broken up their friendship.
    And not allowed payne to go to the apartment when Kate was bathing the children.
    Even not travelling with him.

  10. Marmitelover, my theory is:
    the child died between 6.30 and 7.30 pm. There was contact with England, at least between 9.00 and 10.00 pm, and very much probably before that time.
    Between this timeline, they even washed the sofa.
    And they found somebody to make disappear the body, Tapas 10.
    I thing England found this contact for the McCanns.
    While they washed the sofa and behind it, they put the body in the wardrobe.
    That's is Amara's theory(wash and the wardrobe).
    At nearly 10 o'clock, the man (Gerry?) took the body to the meeting point, the church (near the beach).
    And Tapas 10 took it and left, with the body in his car.

  11. According to criminal profiler Pat Brown, a body buried in sand would quickly loose body fluids leaving mostly bones, with little odour. I think he buried body in sand and moved it later in hire car. There is also the question of the missing tennis bag and his return alone to England, i dont know if bags are scanned on leaving Portugal airport.

  12. They had no tools,instruments to dig the sand.
    Besides the GNR brought dogs to Praia da Luz the same night.
    The McCanns started that night making a big noise around the "abduction".
    They would not have buried the corpse on the beach and exhumate it a few days later.
    Everybody knew their faces already.
    The media and the police were already observing them.
    The beach is very dark at night, very difficult to bury a body on a hurry.
    Amaral only said "walking towards the beach" but he could have said "walking south".
    And the timeline between the Smiths and the alarm is very very short.
    No time to go burying a body anywhere.
    The British dogs did not identify any ex-grave on the beach.

    Tapas 10 exists and he is the one who took the body, imo.
    In my opinion by car, very fast, that's why Kate could nearly immediately raise the alarm.
    It seems that the UK said that Madeleine's case is a matter of national security.
    It could have to do with the identity of Tapas 10 or perhaps with people of Tapas 9 knowing too much about high placed people in the UK, who had no choice but to help these people.
    Maybe it was not that at all, we don't know.
    But it stinks.

  13. MsMarmitelover, like Anon@13:35, I too believe it all happened much sooner, not after 8/9pm. Madeleine was kept in the apart. until 9/9.30 at least, and only then moved somewhere else, hence the Smith sighting...however I think it was too much of a risk for Gerry to be walking the streets of Luz carrying a dead Madeleine, but then again, it seems they did not have a car back then and maybe they thought that it wouldn't be so strange a sight, a man carrying his tired sleeping child back home after a meal out...

    If you go aboard the plane via the usual and proper channels, like any normal passenger, then yes! all luggage is screened...but, it seems that the McCanns left Portugal by the "porta do cavalo", meaning by a side, "special" VIP door, at the imperative request of the british embassador and the British Foreign Office. They were escorted from the villa to the Faro airport, taken straight to the plane, on the run-way, spared the torment and possible harassement of other passengers in the airport's boarding room, and were allowed to get on board without any of the usual security formalities. The same happened on their arrival in England, they got off, talked to the media and were escorted home! In view of this, anything is possible...


  14. Anon, you make some very good points, however the point i was making, was that bodies buried in sand dont smell the way an uncovered body would, it was the gap in time between the alarm being raised and the cadaver scent found in hire car some weeks later. It is common knowledge that one of their benefactors lives in Portugal, where abouts i dont know.

  15. Dear Joana,

    do you promise us to go on honey moon only for two hours?
    How can we live wihtout you?

  16. They were escorted probably because police and the UK did not want to take any risks.
    They were made arguidos short before and people were aware of the fact they had cheated on the Portuguese and British people.
    And receiving money, becoming rich.
    Criminals are always escorted when transported from a place to another.
    During the interrogations in Portimao, the population were also kept apart, not to attack them.
    It was not because they are so important.
    It was because their lives were at risk.
    In England, they were the last to leave the plane.
    Also to avoid risks at the airport.

  17. Welcome,G.A. Guest Author anyone

  18. I too think there was someone else involved...someone from south wales perhaps recalling the call triangulation stuff as calls came and went to unknown number located I think in Swansea, could be wrong on location.
    I think there was also someone in Praia da Luz with a fridge who helpe them, if you recall they were seen going in to aprtments of unknown person near the time.
    I think Madeleine was dead the night before at about the time Mrs Fenn heard her calling for her father...not mother note!! I think Payne and his finger sucking exploits lay at the heart of this, and that is why the body could never be recovered, for fear of perhaps long term abuse being uncovered.

  19. Anon@ 15:42,

    "however the point i was making, was that bodies buried in sand dont smell the way an uncovered body would, it was the gap in time between the alarm being raised and the cadaver scent found in hire car some weeks later."

    The cadaver scent the dog reacted to in the apartment and the car is not the smell of a rotting corpse that us humans can smell when a body has been dead for some days and has not been preserved in the cold or by chemicals. The odour the dogs react to, which starts to spread around a dead person, can start as early as 1.30/2 hours after the death ocurred, and yet we humans do not notice it, is not detectable to us, but for that highly trained dogs, yes!

    I remember reading somwhere that there were rumours that they must have hidden the body for sometime in a refrigerated facility, I believe that this was one of the "things" that were "leaked" out from the investigation to the media, it was even talk about a metal slate of some kind, something to do with the fluids they found in the car, all very confusing to me. And also that just before Mr. Amaral was taken from the case, he was trying to establish if (and who) the McCanns had any acquaintances in Luz or nearby, they knew that, one day, the McCanns were seen heading towards a block of apartments in an area in Luz, but Mr. Amaral and his team had not the chance to explore this due to his removal from the case.
    If Gerry was the person seen by the Smiths, he could very well be on his way to that hidding place, perhaps a house of someone they knew (or someone that was recommended to them by whoever was helping them from England), near Luz, where they would find the refrigerated storage...not to the beach at all, or coming to think of it, why not consider the possibility of someone waiting for him with a car, or even better, a boat, that could carry them further ahead on the coast to another location? There must be some secluded and very exclusive private seaside villas along that coast.
    Lots of possible scenarios, all of them valid...

  20. Martin Brunt in his "Life of Crime" blog, Sky News:

    "The cost of a Madeleine interview"

    "If you were wondering why there was no interview with former Algarve police chief Goncalo Amaral in our recent Madeleine coverage, here's why.

    His agent emailed us: "Since he left Policia Judiciaria his main concern is to reveal to the general public the facts (which) occured during the investigation.

    Then he wrote: "He will be available, but will charge a fee of 80.000 euros VAT."

    Yeah, we wondered if he meant 80 euros, too.

    We didn't wonder for long.

    Nem pensar, Jose!"

    What the f#*»«+#...is this?
    If there's any truth in this, and I have my doubts, WHY THE HELL NOT??' Why isn't Mr.Amaral entitled to charge for his interventions in the foreign media? Or is that a McCann only prerrogative? Are we to understand that they are the only ones who can receive money for their appearances?!
    Afterall Mr. Amaral was left without a job, courtesy of the McCanns and their powerful british supporters. The man is entitled to make a living...at least he's doing it honestly, not out of a fraudulent fund...

  21. Following on MsMarmitelover doubts:

    Here's a very interesting reading, an interview with Gonçalo Amaral, made by Kazzlux, from the 3 Arguidos forum:

    "Q: At what time do you think the death has occured, given the fact that cadaver odor needs time to develop?
    A: Cadaver odor begins to develop at the moment of death, due to chemical reactions in the body, it is not a matter of hours before it develops, to the nose of a dog which is very sensitive it can be detected very soon. More important is that from the inquiry we know that before the third of may nobody died in the apartment, nor in the car.

    Q: There was a story in a newspaper that the dogs followed a trace to the beach, is that true?
    A: No. Mark Harrison had made a schedule, a plan, for the dogs, where they should search. They have searched all the apartments, the villa, the cars, the church, the sewer pipes near the church, the beach, fields, but the only traces the dogs found were in the apartments and the car of the McCanns, some clothes, and the soft toy.

    Q: Do you think the body was refrigerated?
    A: Yes. The bodily fluid in the car show that. If the body had been buried there would have been mummification. The fact that there were fluids points to refrigeration.

    Q: Where do you think the body was kept?
    A: That is what we were trying to understand when I left the investigation. 15 alleles might not have been conclusive in the eyes of the Public Prosecutor, but for the investigation it was sufficient. The body must have been in the boot of the car. We want to know who drove the car, who was behind the weel."


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