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How do you look at yourself in the mirror Clarence???

Clarence Mitchell presents yet another change in the 'abduction' story: get ready for 'fundamentally', 'none whatsoever' lies and spin! Never mind that the window was not forced and only Kate McCann finger prints were on it, never mind the truth: Now the McCanns have an improved version of events to counter the facts in the DVD process collected by Operation Task investigation - the team of British and Portuguese police inspectors and experts who worked on the case.

Cue the pathetic pink spinner.


  1. It seems that Kate told Oprah that she goes twice a day to Maddie's bedroom and talk to her.

    Could it be the other way around?

  2. Some seconds of that pompous voice, mentioning 'Kate and Gerry', took care of this day's breakfast and peace of mind .... How on earth can that man be used as a PR man - for ANYTHING?

  3. "It happened that way because Kate says so"

    Great, that is a evidence then. (not) Clarrie should just one time listen to himself.

    weissnicht 3A

  4. From the way the apartment was found there was no abduction, who does he think he is this man? He's telling a lie after the other and sky-news is allowing that, is that the sort of respect they have for their viewers? Shame on the whole system. Justice for Madeleine.

    p.s. Clarence Mitchell should be jailed for perverting the course of justice.

  5. ..."from the way the apartment was found that night, they know..."

    Well but we do not know!Nor does the police! Why won't you tell us how it really was? Why the mistery? It seems that not even the police were told by Kate how the apartment was that night, because it is not in the files and the police found nothing that clearly pointed to an abduction!
    God, "how boring, unhelpful and hurtful", we keep hearing the same empty speaches over and over again and we never get to hear what that evidence is!!!
    And they keep insisting that there's no evidence that Madeleine has been physically harmed in any way! If one discounts being sexually abused on a daily bases by the paedo ring she's with(according to Gerry)...!!!HEARTLESS CREEPS!!!

    And their "reconstruction was done using "prime witness statements in the file"...I wonder who?...The Tapas9?Jez Wilkins, the nannies, Mrs. Fenn...? Have they been hounding down the witnesses in the files? Gonçalo Amaral said, only the british paedos list was protected, the witnesses had their identities made known to the public, they were not protected, like the Smiths, who so it seems, were harassed and reduced to silence by Brian Kennedy...I cannot imagine any of the O.Club portuguese workers participating in that charade.

  6. Puxa! Quase 8 min. de tempo de antena....é muito.

    "It happened that way because Kate says so" e se ela não se portar bem,levamo-la ao desespero e vai internada se, antes não atentar contra si própria,não é, oh cor de rosa coisa?

  7. Qua Anna Racoon me desculpe o facto de copiar um excerto e cola-lo aqui.De qq. modo,todo o artigo deverá ser lido.

    "Ask yourself too, whilst you are clucking your disapproval of the adults around Baby P, and the two year old girl who was raped, why the media are so content to justify a platoon of Doctors leaving their young children unattended whilst they went out drinking – and thus setting an example to the inhabitants of the swamp that it is OK to neglect your children, even if one disappears, so long as you are middle class professionals."


  8. Esqueci-me de colocar a referência.


    Anna Raccoon
    A jaundiced view of the main stream media.
    Paedophiles and pedants.

    by Anna Raccoon on May 1, 2009"

  9. Their documentary is based on witness statements from the files?

    What about Jeremy Wilkins, the main witness against Jane's sighting?

  10. As a Christian, I know I ought to feel sorry for Clarence Mitchell. The makeup can not hide how much he has aged in these two years. This is a man, who no longer is able to enjoy life. I guess this is what constant lying does to a person. By the way, I consider suing Clarence Mitchell for harming my belief in the goodness of mankind.

  11. I'm glad somebody here talks about how aged Clarence became.
    I'd noticed it before.
    The McCanns look great, they did not age a bit.
    You would say Clarence was the one who lost a child, not Kate and Gerald.
    Who knows Maddie's ghost is showing up every night in his home, crying for justice.
    And he is not capable to sleep well.


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