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How to work your daughter's soft toy (and how NOT do)

Professor David Canter said the way Matthews clutched Shannon's teddy bear during press conferences was fake. He suggests she may have tried to copy the genuine signs of distress displayed by the mother of missing child Madeleine McCann. "She doesn't know quite what to do with it," he said of Matthews. "It's totally different from the way Kate McCann carried the teddy everywhere with her as some sort of reassurance of her daughter."

in: Sky News, 18.05.2009

Do this:

Not this:

TL&V by Mentorn Media


  1. Professor David Canter... From... LIVERPOOL!

  2. The similarity between Madeleine's mother and Shannon's is that they are both faking. The difference is that the former is cleverer than the latter and a better liar.

  3. Madeleine's mother may be cleverer than Shannon's mother but Shannon's mother is clever enough to tell Kate is not telling the TRUTH and tries to copy her.

  4. Oh,yes.Not equal social status....nor the same punishement....
    About McTioPatinhas:

    "...Because they are not looking for a conviction for defamation in a criminal court, they are looking for receiving a large amount of damages, in a civil court – something that, as Mrs. Isabel Duarte knows, is easier to achieve, in the Portuguese legal system, comparing to a conviction for defamation on a criminal court, in a case that is related with Freedom of Expression, Opinion and Press Freedom."

  5. not everyone in Liverpool is on the side of team Maccann. we are not all gullible. Good Luck Mr Amaral and God Be with You Let the truth win out.

  6. Which of the two women is more of a villain, Shannon's mother or Maddie's?

    Maddie's, with her extreme and persistent lies to save her own skin at everyone else's expense.

    Who is in prison?

    Shannon's, who doesn't have Kate's resources, financial, social and political.

    Sad country of ours where doctors set such wicked examples.

    Sad country of ours where justice comes down to this!

  7. LOL>>>I prefer karen Mathews to this pair, she didnt kill her kid, she is stupid, uneducated and low income living on a run down council estate. she knows no better, cut to the Mc's, well educated, high income and living in a house worth more than most of us will earn in th next five years...Ples Madeleine died as a result of their actions...no compasion.

  8. did David Canter give any advice on how to wash the "scent of death" from soft toys?

  9. I for one will be watching this programme tonight, i think it will give us many obvious clues to look for when comparing the McCanns. They are not going to come out and compare the McCanns imo as the laws in this country would not allow them to be so obvious, i suspect this is their way of getting round it. I could be wrong, but this could be another nail in the McCharades coffin. I hope so anyway. Jan

  10. Goodness me!the case is already
    have you seen this?

    Ex-cop leading hunt: She was snatched to be loved.

    "Madeleine McCann is still alive and was snatched by someone who wanted a child to love, claims the former policeman hunting her.

    David Edgar today reveals why he is convinced the youngster is not dead - while dismissing all other theories so far put forward about her disappearance"

    Abducted by a whole family now!???
    If is true this is a good news really!!!!
    any other family is allways better than the Mccanns for sure.
    I wish this solution for Sean and Amelie too

  11. The latest theory is what the McShams want us to believe, its a load of bollocks! As for how to hold the cuddle cat, does Cantor know it ended up under the sink, does he know she washed it. This woman is unbelievable she has no emotional attachment to her children. When questioned over what Madeleine had said on morning of disappearance/accident/murder, "Why didnt you come last night when me and Sean were crying", kate says "Gerry and i looked at each other and thought, was that when they were going to sleep last night, BIG CLUE HERE, if it was they would have known if they had been there. Then she says "It was just a passing comment". NO WRONG YOUR CHILD WAS TELLING YOU SHE AND SEAN WERE DISTRESSED AND YOU WERENT THERE YOU THICK BITCH! Any normal person wouldnt have then gone out again that night and left them! For someone who is supposed to be educated, she just doesnt get it, how she looks, as i said no emotional attachment to her children. She's just not normal!

  12. Still in Portugal, they got lessons how to behave in public and in front of the cameras.
    I know ther was even a rehearsel(?) at Faro airport before they left to the Vatican.
    They exercised how to say good-bye to the twins and some Portuguese tv broadcasted it, the couple exercising.
    At the very beginning they were not even hand in hand.
    They got advisors from somewhere (Hollywood?) and they learned it fast.
    Watch how often Kate breaths deeply, many times at the wrong moment.
    It is forced.

  13. Discrimination based on social status is alive and well in Britain.

  14. David Canter is the guy who went over to PDL and did a documentary about Madeleine and what might have happened to her, it was on in UK last year i think. Jan

  15. BREAKING NEWS - SKY TV - MAIN HEADLINE just before a break for adverts at 18.21pm

    ...The Portugese policeman vows to fight the McCann's in court.


    COMMENT: For 2 years I have waited to hear this comment. A headline that puts another VIEWPOINT other than the McCann's. Is it a coincidence or is it because the couple are simply not believed and Brown is just ignored now over here in the UK. Fantastic !!

    A first sign their media blanket is slipping away.

  16. Is not about the the soft toy.
    Madeleine McCann - Those Pyjamas absolutely fascinate me!
    Random Thoughts on life.....

  17. Are the McCanns going to sue her for copyright infringement?


  18. What a Rubbish program. Is David Canter from Liverpool? From the same town as Kates family? Wonder to see how much money run from Maddie Fund into his hands for that rubishculous analyse... Which cudle cat position did he choose to support his theory? Cudle cat on the face? on the top of a table coffee? on the washing machine? So ridiculous... How deseperated the Mccanns are to get down so deeply. Which strategy will be next... How many times Kate openned and closed her hands, her eyes, her mouth? And why not how many times did Gerry played tennis instead of helping the police searching for his daughter? Why not, how many times did Kate went for jogging, leaving again the twins with somebody else? and why Kate droped the cuddle cat immediatly after leaving Portugal? We did not see her with cuddle cat in England, why not? The show was only in Portugal, for the Media and to atract the public to give monney to the Fund.

  19. On Sky News you can read about the
    "disgraced Amaral", news of today.

  20. They look bad, sure they do, the Mccanns.
    Watch a photo of them on Sky News internet, took today.
    They are scared, aren't they?

  21. Joana, how did you like my cat?
    Lovely, isn't she?

  22. He's a professor. What he's trying to say is that Mathews, who faked the disappearance of here child, whilst still keeping him somewhere, is faking the disappearance of her child in all respects.
    Whereas Mrs McCann is convinced the child is not in her possession anywhere.
    Almost sounds worthy of a professorship.

  23. why didn't these so called body language experts say something at the time??? could have saved the time and effort of the police, and the taxpayers money !!!!

  24. Prof. Canter is right and we all should agree that Shannon's Mum is obviously and clumsily imitating KMcC on the teddy bear topic. Didn't the McC story inspired her the fake kidnapping of her daughter ?
    When DC describes Kate McC as a truly devastated mother, he's right too; Kate didn't have to play grief, she was authentically suffering with Madeleine's death! Whenever Shannon's mother well knew than Shannon was OK.

  25. Gosh - I am shocked by the unpleasant tone of many comments on this website.

    A family have their child abducted.... put yourself into their situation - how would you feel? Have you no compassion?

  26. Gosh, anonymous I'm shocked that you still believe that an abduction took place. Is it you that still has his or her blinkers on or am I missing something. Let me tell you what I know for certain about this case anonymous. There is a young English girl missing. English specialist dogs detected that a dead human being had been present in the McCann's apartment and that the smell of death was also present in their vehicle. The McCanns have not cooperated with the police and with the help of many well placed friends in British society have disseminated a web of lies. The Portuguese police were prevented from doing a proper investigation. The Portuguese Public Ministry archived the case with the conclusion that the little girl is dead and that an abduction was impossible and that the McCanns are innocent because they didn't exhibit abnormal behaviour. In other words let's try to satisfy everyone and maybe people will behave like ostriches and forget. Gee whiz Gosh anonymous please tell me am I missing something?

  27. I have just watch Tears, Lies and Videotape and imo there was no need for the McC's to be mentioned in that programme at all. All the people involved in this programme were charged with their crimes and this programme showed these experts looking back on the footage of the past. Well imo the McC's are part of a case that can be reopened at any time and if they then find themselves being held accountable for anything that happened whilst on holiday (whatever that may be) in May 07 and end up like the people we have viewed in this programme then there will be lots of footage to look back on and discuss in a programme solely about them. The Bloggers have been doing it for 2 years! I read recently that GA said the McC's documentary if the case is reopened will be become a document of the case. Well, well, well imo silly people! Hopefully the This Morning Show of 18/05/09 will be used also, that smirk imo is quite disgusting given that GMcC was there to discuss his missing child. I think a side by side show of stills from Karen Matthews in that programme along side KMcC and GMcC pics would be very enlightening. I just wish I had the IT skills to do it myself! I cannot believe the British Professor comparing KM and KMcC regarding the soft toy. Imo it is glaring obvious that CC was a prop! If there is ever a prog re the McC's then imo this Professor cannot be use in the programme because quite simply I do not know how he could possibly say what he said in Tears, Lies and Videotape! I noticed (please correct me if I am wrong) Professor Paul Ekman the Criminal Body Language expert in the world, did not comment on the McC's and Richard Edwards made no comment either. Respect to both of them. Imo the other journalist at the end saying what he said was an absolute disgrace it contradicted everything he had said previously in the programme and just smacked of the mcsycophantic mcmanipulation of the Press/Media and I would not be surprised if it was added at the end because imo they obviously keep up with the blogs and have read how idiotic it was to have a McMockumentary and then the same company having the above mentioned programme. I know exactly what I think of Mentorn Media, I formed my opinion when I saw the 2 hour borefest bilge they produced last year! Imo it is a shame that McC's tarnished this programme because if there had been no mention of the McC's then the programme on it's own was quite good. Now whenever I hear or read Mentorn Media I will just think Mc Media!

  28. I watched the program, also thought it was rather good, mainly because it was possible to compare the Mccanns behaviour regarding telling lies, and it was very very similar.

    I just could not believe the comment at the end, that the McCanns are obviously telling the truth!! Where in the program did they come to that conclusion?

    It certainly looked as if it was an aferthought comment. I wonder when and why it was added?

    Nowhere in the rest of the programme did they show what a truthful person looks like or does.

    As has been said so many times - you couldn't make it up.


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