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Joana case: Leonor’s lawyer requests a new inquiry and a revision of the girl’s mother’s sentence

Faro, 19 May (Lusa) – Today, Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer in the case of alleged aggressions has requested the opening of a new inquiry into the Joana case and the acquittal of the little girl’s mother, after João Cipriano confessed in writing that he tried to sell her.

Only a few days before the reading of the sentence in the case of alleged aggressions by PJ inspectors, that is scheduled for Friday, Marcos Aragão Correia asks for the opening of a new inquiry and the revision of the sentence that was applied to Leonor, who was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

With the new inquiry, the lawyers wants the alleged buyers of Joana to be identified and also that Leonor is acquitted of the crime of her daughter’s murder, as it is “only” up to João to reveal the destiny that he gave to the little girl.

To the document, which was sent to the Attorney General and to the press today, Aragão Correia annexes a copy of a statement by João Cipriano, in which the latter confesses that he tried to sell the little girl, without further detail.

According to Leonor’s lawyer, the confession – that was written “by the hand” of João Cipriano himself -, corroborates the version of Joana's mother, who in January confessed in writing to having given consent for her brother to sell the child.

In the document, it can be read that the confession from Joana’s uncle – despite not adding any details about the body’s location -, and the one from Leonor constitute “sufficient” elements of proof to open a new inquiry.

Aragão Correia says that João Cipriano only confessed the truth due to the “fear” that he manifested of being killed inside the prison by inmates “hired by the criminals that tried to buy Joana”.

Therefore, the lawyer adds, the confession has the goal to ensure that João is awarded State protection, given the fact that it is the “same fear” that prevents him from identifying the “other criminals” and indicating the location of the cadaver.

The new inquiry would serve the purpose of identifying Joana’s buyers and recovering the body, says Aragão Correia, stressing that given the fact that the transaction was not successful, only João Cipriano can reveal the destiny that he gave to the little girl.

Aragão Correia further stresses that João Cipriano, who serves a 16-year sentence at the Prison of Carregueira, had already served a seven year sentence over attempted murder.

source: Lusa/Expresso, 19.05.2009


  1. This so called lawyer Arragão is a bad joke - but a dangerous one. A lawyer who has visions, is dabbling in black magic and witchcraft should be barred from the profession for lifetime by the Portuguese Bar Association. Arragão, no doubt about that, is on the payroll of the McCanns, hired by the Spanish Metodo 3, on their behalf and his only aim is to create confusion. It´s not about Cipriano, its about Gonçalo Amaral. Don´t forget, Amaral was in charge of the investigations in the Cipriano case and his conclusions and evidence lead to the 16 years sentence. Simply prove that Amaral made a mistake in this case leading to the conviction of an "innocent" victim, will cast doubts on his professional qualification and make it easy for the McCanns to discredit Amaral´s findings in their case. Its a dirty business altogether and this dubious creature Arragão has no morals and ethics essential for his profession. He is a shame for every decent lawyer and therefore should be put out of business as soon as possible.

  2. "Aragão Correia says that João Cipriano only confessed the truth due to the “fear” that he manifested of being killed inside the prison by inmates “hired by the criminals that tried to buy Joana”."

    Ah yes: LUMINOL. End of.

    But she still needs to be located and given a decent burial. With flowers. Time.

  3. Mas como é possível permitir-se que este advogado ande a gastar o nosso dinheiro com estas duas pessoas já condenadas por hediondos crimes?
    O que será que ele pretende efectivamente?
    Isto é revoltante, eu que pago os meus impostos estou simplesmente furiosas.

  4. Further evidence that Arragão is in the pay of the McCanns (not that many of us needed any more convincing!) and that they will do anything to try to discredit Gonçalo Amaral.

    I take heart from this absurd move because it smacks of McDesperation, to me! Dr Amaral's integrity, courage and determination has always been Team McCann's greatest threat.

  5. Sábias palavras de anon das 16:16 e tb. de todas as outras pessoas que deixaram aqui as Suas convicções.

    O BonecoSebentosodeMadeira tem mcPulhas a trabalhar por ele-perfeito boneco manobrável/manipulável.
    E andamos no Mundo com gente desta a cruzar-se nos nossos caminhos.É assustador.

    O mano está numa prisa 5***** e ainda por cima muito ao pé do sítio onde estou a viver.Significa que o seboso tem andado aqui...tão perto.
    Escumalha do pior a quererem desgastar o (deixa-me já fazer um bom espaço)

    não as negligenciam nem as matam nem as deixam participar em brincadeiras de paidos.

  6. Tanta afronta que os mcsPulhas fazem.

    seres hediondos,lamacentos,sebosos,sociopatas,




    nojo:mcspulhas;nojo:seres sebosos vendidos,a soldo.

  7. Amaral has not refused to answer questions relating to Madeleine but Kate McCann the mother has !! He has not obstructed the process BUT the parents themselves have. They even delayed calling the police right at the beginning to gain more time.

    “Are you aware in not answering the questions you are jeopardising the investigation which seeks to discover what happened to your daughter”.

    Kate's response was

    “Yes, if that is what the investigation thinks”

    Now how can this couple sue Amaral?He has diligently followed through on his duty to investigate why a 3yr old girl vanished. They refused to answer questions in order to aid the advancement of that investigation.

    Kate, if you are reading this or your cronies are, do the honourable thing and visit your local police station and answer those 48 questions NOW once and for all. Take responsibility, stop dancing with words, admit your mistakes of that week and then you can move on with your life. If not for Madeleine's sake then do it for your other two children. If thinking of your children in a caring way like that hurts so much then do it for yourself.

  8. This man( Cipriano) was the very same who led the police in "wild goose chases" up and down the surroundings of Figueira, under the pretext that he would lead the police to the place where the body was, and in front of the cameras to! And what came of it? Nothing! No body anywhere to be seen! This man has no credibility whatsoever!

  9. Anon@ 16:19, unfortunately it seems that there is no body to be found and decently buried, the police investigation found evidence that the little girl's remains were destroyed, disposed of in a most gruesome way, something related with feeding the pigs, if you know what I mean...and pigs are know to be voracious and not at all picky eaters...horrifying thought...the Cipriano siblings are the lowest of the lowest!

  10. I really don't understand what is going on with this case. Can anybody explain it?
    Terrible people kill a child. It's clear it is them one way or another.
    For some reason these terrible people and their lawyer keep attempting to revisit the trial. Why?
    The mother seems like Myra Hindley, unable to accept her punishment, continually whining about her treatment. What about how she treated her daughter?
    Is there something I'm not getting here?
    Is it the McCanns connection?
    If so, I find it amazing that they would wish to dabble in such a stomach turning case.

  11. Pequenina Joana: a Tua pouca vida foi do pior,Minha Querida.
    Recebe beijos Nossos e a ternura que merecias ter tido.
    Pobre e infeliz Menina!


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