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Joana’s uncle tried to sell her

by Miguel Ferreira

Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer asked the Attorney General to open a new inquiry, in order to find out what really happened to the little girl from Figueira, and to review the sentence that condemned siblings Leonor and João over the death of Joana. Aragão Correia justifies the request with a confession from João Cipriano, the child’s uncle, “written by his own hand, on Monday, where the inmate reveals that he tried to sell his niece”.

In s statement to 24horas, Marcos Aragão clarifies that “João’s confession was obtained in exchange for requesting State protection, because he fears being murdered, inside the prison where he is, in Carregueira, under orders from the criminals that tried to buy Joana”, a strategy that was used by Aragão that “left João in a panic”.

The lawyer says that “the Public Ministry must discover who wanted to buy Joana and for what purpose, recover the body for forensic and post-mortem testing and give her a decent funeral”.

For António Cabrita, Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyer, neither the alleged confession from João nor the request from Aragão deserve any credibility. “It’s strange that the writing of the alleged confession and the signature are different”, the lawyer said, observing similarities with the writing that had been used already in Leonor’s last confession, which was also made public by Aragão. He also notes that “strangely, Cipriano is sometimes written with a C, sometimes with an S”.

Confession and torture

Concerning the request that was presented to [Attorney General] Pinto Monteiro, António Cabrita says that “Aragão Correia must be confusing searching with prosecutor”. He recalls that any request to reopen the inquiry should be filed, in this case, with the court of Portimão, where the trial took place.

João Cipriano’s alleged confession is made public “on the eve” of the reading of the sentence that will either acquit or condemn the inspectors that stand accused of torturing Leonor Cipriano in order to obtain further information about the location of her daughter’s body.

source: 24horas, 20.05.2009


  1. Os irmãos metralha e macbafodeonça,uns "camaleotes"vendilhões.IRS.

  2. "Hundreds of the victims moved away from Ireland once they left the care homes and went to live in the UK.

    Many of those who are alleged to have carried out the abuse are now dead "


  3. Oh the irony!

    During the trial of five PJ officers accused by Leonor Cipriano's lawyer of covering up a beating (by unknown and unidentified persons!)to obtain a confession; Cipriano's 'lawyer' Aragão Correia, uses intimidation by lying to her brother to obtain a confession!

    It's an old cliché but you really couldn't make this up! The Ciprianos deserve to be where they are for their heinous crime and Aragão Correia should be in prison alongside them.

  4. Is this a lawyer or a clown??
    Is it possible that the Court of Justice will give him any credit?
    Let's wait!..

  5. O que achei mais interessante na confissao foi ele escrever Cipriano, as vzes com S e outras vezes com C. Isto pode revelar duas coisas: ou o Joao Cipriano, ao fim de muitos anos ainda nao aprendeu a escrever o seu apelido, ou o Aragao Correia e tao bom advogado que ate no apelido dos clientes da erros ortograficos. estao bem um para o outro: dois TOTOS.
    Bem me parecia: o Aragao e um erro da natureza. Deve ser por isso que a Ilha o exportou, estragava a beleza da Madeira que e tao genuina.


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