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Kate and Gerry McCann angry at Portuguese police

Madeleine McCann’s parents admitted, in an interview with North American host Oprah Winfrey, that they were “angry at the Portuguese authorities” on the days that followed their daughter’s disappearance in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve.

“When we were made arguidos and considered suspects I was angry. It meant that they were not searching for Maddie”, Kate McCann said. Gerry McCann criticised the suspicions of them having sedated their daughter and accidentally causing her death. “It’s only theories. There is no evidence to support those suspicions”, he asserted. The McCanns stated again that they continue to believe that Maddie is alive and was abducted.

The interview that was broadcast by SIC the day before yesterday at night was seen by a total of 493 600 viewers.

source: Correio da Manhã, 06.05.2009


  1. Ficaram chateados com a P.J. só depois de serem constituidos arguidos.
    Não estavam à espera,verdade?Malandrecos os mcs.

  2. On the photo you can see Gerald is not holding Kate's hand.
    They used to do it all the time, to impress the world.
    There is also a physical distance between them.
    Paulo Sargento could be right about the tension between the couple.
    When a child dies, there are nearly always problems between the parents, accusing each other.
    I'd noticed before, at the airport,when they left England, not hand in hand as usual and Gerald with his hand in his pocket.
    One of the two has difficulties to tolerate the other one.

  3. Maybe they should nlighten their portuguese lawyer, Mr.R. Alves of their true feelings about the portuguese police, then! Just for the poor guy to be aware of it and not cover himself with ridicule by telling the media that all is well between the Mccanns and the PJ!


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