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Leonor Cipriano appeals Gonçalo Amaral’s sentence

Joana’s mother requests condemnation and effective prison sentence for the four PJ inspectors that were acquitted of the crime of torture in May

Leonor Cipriano, the mother of Joana, the little girl that disappeared from Figueira in 2004, has appealed the sentence of Gonçalo Amaral and three other former PJ inspectors, in the case of aggressions that she allegedly suffered during questioning in Faro.

The appeal, which was filed this Thursday at the Appeals Court of Évora, requests the condemnation and effective prison sentence for the arguidos that were acquitted by the Court of Faro, tvi24.pt was told by Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia.

According to the document that was given to tvi24.pt by Aragão Correia, Leonor Cipriano files an appeal because she disagrees with the sentence that was given on the 22nd of May by the Court of Faro, where inspectors Leonel Marques, Paulo Cristóvão and Paulo Marques Bom were acquitted over the crime of torture.

Joana’s mother also disagrees the acquittal of Gonçalo Amaral over the crime of omission of denunciation, as well as the application of only 1 year and 6 months in prison with a suspended sentence over the crime of false deposition.

Justifying these discrepancies, Leonor Cipriano’s defence mentions that the ruling of Mat 22 “suffers from contradictions”, by acquitting the arguidos. This because “the ruling itself considered proved that a fall from the stairs didn’t exist [as the defence alleged] and that the arguido Gonçalo de Sousa Amaral knew that truth perfectly well”.

Alleged complaint from Gonçalo Amaral’s wife

Leonor Cipriano’s defence further mentions that one of the “extremely important pieces of evidence” against Gonçalo Amaral was refused by the judge three months after the first request. That evidence concerns a complaint that was presented by the wife of arguido Gonçalo Amaral against her own husband.

In the complaint, which was presented on the 23rd of December 2007 in the shape of a letter that was directed at Guilhermino da Encarnação, the PJ’s Joint National Director in Faro, Gonçalo Amaral’s wife asks for help to trace her underage daughter that was living with her father.

In the letter, which Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer sent to tvi24.pt, Alexandra Leal mentions that she found her husband, Gonçalo Amaral, “consuming alcoholic drinks, together with other colleagues”. In another excerpt, the wife of the former coordinator of the PJ’s Criminal Investigation Department of Portimão mentions that Gonçalo Amaral “ordered me to enter the house, where he insulted me and threatened me with death”.

Contacted by tvi24.pt and questioned about whether or not he received said complaint at the time, Guilhermino Encarnação declined to comment.

To tvi24.pt, Aragão Correia, Leonor Cipriano’s lawyer, mentions that the letter, to which he had access through a source at the PJ’s Faro Directory, was only “mentioned for the first time five months ago”. At that time, according to Aragão Correia, both Gonçalo Amaral and his wife, Alexandra Leal, “denied that any complaint had been presented” and “stated that the letter was not authentic”.

Joana’s mother’s lawyer stresses that the letter from Gonçalo Amaral’s wife, and another document from the PJ’s picket that proves that the complaint entered the police, is of “extreme importance”. This because it “proves the violent, criminal and inhuman personality of arguido Gonçalo Amaral”, the lawyer states.

Leonor Cipriano’s defence disagrees that those two documents were “completely ignored” by the Court and now requests for them to be known by the Appeals Court in Évora.

Leonor Cipriano and her brother, João Cipriano, were condemned by the Supreme Court of Justice to 16 years in prison over the crimes of homicide and concealment of a cadaver.

source: IOL Diário, 29.05.2009


  1. how in gods name is marcos correia getting away with this farce.
    thank you astro,joana,kazlux for bringing us all the news from this case

  2. just a quick question,can the appeal be turned down

  3. ....And so, the transparent offensive (by Team McCann) to smear Dr Amaral continues to escalate.

    An investigation into the confessed liar & fantasist, Aragão Correia and his connections with Metodo3 is long overdue.

  4. The motive for this appeal is made even more obvious in that it's being lodged by Aragão Correia (on behalf of Leonor Cipriano - yeah right!) only against the verdict of FOUR of the PJ officers and not all five.

  5. Appeal does not mean he win.

  6. The team Mcconn ( not a spelling mistake )have sunk to a new low.
    The unfortunate thing is to see how many people can be bought if enough money is involved.
    Fortunately the truth ALWAYS comes out in the end no matter what.

  7. GOOD JOKE... The clowns dont give up on the farse.
    AND MAYBE MR. ARAGAO WILL END-UP WITH A PROCESS to explain the world which motivation is behind the all farse. HE DESERVES A PLACE IN PRISON for playing with justice and making the courts spend money from all the portuguese citizen's.

  8. True or false, faithfully represented or not, either way, I think as evidence of 'being inhuman' is ridiculous. As evidence of committing another crime, it is too. Its surely inadmissible.

    'Threatening to kill a wife', well my good grandfather threatened to kill his wife fifty years ago, if she ever caused my mother to flee the house again through argument. I don't think he meant to carry it out, it was an expression of his anger, and way of saying 'just don't ever let go things that far...it's not necessary'.

    I thought having a drink after work is legal. If they want to say Goncalo is an alcoholic, then I think more evidence is needed than that, and its irrelevant to the charge. It might be a reason for not carefully attending to the paperwork and trouble in the home. That doesn't mean its his fault entirely.

    Husbands and wives do have problems, that's recognised, and that should be kept out of character assessments, as it is an interference in normal course of affairs. A threat to kill in these circumstances is not so much a warning of immanent death, but a a means of expression of absolute disapproval.
    In these days of 'political correctness and feminism, men and women maybe shouldn't even try to stay together for their family! and men should slink away, abandon and lose their children and put up with bad behaviour. Nothing van be
    If the letter is true, then I would say it might be a treacherous moment of Goncales wife, even spiteful. Instead of knocking at the door , she want to aim a stone his way asking for a trace. Must she be the model of truth because she is a woman? Do we have to have a mini court with the couple to dispute the contents of the letter?

    I presume Leonor Capriano is the new model of a parenthood.
    The whole contrivance disgusts me.

  9. marcos aragão correia=pulha!!!
    O desespero para se livrarem de Gonçalo Amaral é mais que óbvio!

  10. The McCães are scared, aren't they?
    Their hobby is to destroy people.They have experiance since May 2007.
    Whatever they try against Amaral, it will not destroy the conclusion of the PJ made by the PJ themselves and the British police.
    Madeleine is dead and her body was concealed.
    Dozens of investigators and forensic specialists (Portuguese and British)took part in the investigation.
    Not only Amaral, all by himself.
    His book and his documentary resumes the PJ conclusions, not more and a lot less.
    A few days ago, when asked if the PJ would question that dying patient in Germany, the answer was:
    -The little girls is dead, the process is archived (Daily Mail said "closed").
    It was the PJ that said it, not Amaral personally.
    If there were marriage problems in his privet life, what about Kate sleeping separately from Gerry, in 5A? None of us ever made a problem of it.Also not about `12 bottles of wine.
    Was Maddie's death a consequence of a bad marriage? Kate complaining Gerry did not help her?
    Gerry allowing Payne going to the apartment, while Kate was bathing the children? After that experience in Mallorca?
    What kind of father is this man?
    Keeping friendship with the Paynes, knowing his children were at risk?
    Everybody has the right of having tension in his own marriage and every child has THE RIGHT TO BE PROTECTED.
    Parents are OBLIGED to protect their children.

  11. Que nojo...Não haverá possibilidade de pôr este Aragão Correia internado num hospital psiquiátrico? É que tamanha obsessão já é uma doença grave.
    Os McCanns devem ter pago uma quantia choruda a este homem.
    Força Gonçalo Amaral, isto vai acabar um dia...

  12. neglect and 14 bottles of wine when they had to be responsible for their children?
    8 children all by themselves in their apartments?

    And Ammaral is an alcoholic...

    If he would be an alcoholic, he would not have investigated any crime.He would not be capable to write a book or to make a documentary.
    And what about the British alcoholic journalists? Did they diserve such a compliment?
    Only because they were getting near the truth?

    Nothing of this changes the fact Maddie is dead, her body was concealed and her parents are the responsible ones.

  13. I'm sure the two dogs are also alcoholic.

  14. The Tapas 9, Mr.Mitchel and the Detectives team are all alcoholics. Only alcoholic people's had such adicted attitude-Goncalo's Amaral manniac.

  15. You are all missing the point. The question is, why did they deny the letter had been written?
    And Guilhermino Encarnação's silence is telling.
    This is not about tensions in a marriage, it's about a culture of covering each other's backsides. Amaral has roamed Europe painting himself as the last word in probity, honesty and carefull work.
    The truth is rather different, as more and more people can see for themselves.

  16. WHO IS ALEXANDRA LEAL??? Amaral's present wife is SOFIA LEAL! And she stands by him 100% as we all can see, she's with him in interviews, in tv shows, in court, so what's this all about him threatheningh to kill her?

  17. I note Mr Amaral has been made arguido, thus confirming his innocence.

    Arguido, as we now all understand, is Portuguese for "absolutely not guilty, Guv'nor, never saw a finer pair of jail-birds, I mean parents, in my entire life, what them? wouldn't 'urt an 'air on 'er 'ead, tucked 'er up all comfy like, just 'aving a tot at the bar, I mean a toot at the bar, 'ardly left her, wot, for more than fifteen seconds when this bleeding dago, begging your pardon, Guv'nor, pops 'is 'ead 'round the door and whisks 'er, whisks 'er out and takes 'er off to Timbuctoo, or Germany, or one of them queer foreign places..."

    And so on, ad infinitum. Interesting language, Portuguese.

  18. Is that eventual letter of our business?
    And who is this Alexandra?
    They want to smear Amaral and the McCanns must know Amaral has more evidences.
    A child is dead and the responsible ones are getting away with it.
    "Covering each other's backsides"...yeah, you mean the British government, Tapas 9, Mitchell, diplomats. You're right.
    Amaral aggressive?
    Is he the one who killed Madaleine, a 3 years old defenceless little girl, depending on love and protection of her parents? Is he the one who started the Fraude Fund, cheating on good people? Is he who asked relatives to take over Madaleine, and to bring her up?
    Would he allow Payne to remain friends with him and his children, after the Mallorca incident?
    Allow Payne to bath his children?
    How could Gerry still remain friends with David, going on holidays with him and allow him going to the apartment while Kate was bathing the children?
    The poor child is dead!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Aracão,

    not Aragão.

  20. I feel frustrated because there is no comment on what all this means by the site authors.
    Those of us who are not Portuguese find it difficult to understand all these machinations.
    I don't understand why a woman, a proven liar, who has murdered her child in the most horrific way, is being allowed to make these accusations? That she has credibility. Is this something to do with problems with the Portuguese justice and police system?
    Is there something that I am not understanding?
    Please put it into context...

  21. In a recent comment I pointed out this contradiction. The contradiction being: how can you find Mr. Amaral guilty of giving false testimony, because you assumed he knew the truth, and yet not convict on the other charge of failing to denounce a crime. I said in my previous comment that I thought this omission to convict on the latter charge was to focus the attention of the public on Mr. Amaral having lied. This was done so as to discredit his books and documentary that he created on the Madeleine case. Now that the public knows that he is a liar, they want to keep him busy and bring him back to court again. In my opinion Mr. Amaral has no chance of defending himself in Portugal, he has to appeal to a higher European court and even then I’m not so sure. In North America, no court would convict Mr. Amaral given the lack of evidence and the lack of credibility of Mrs. Cipriano and her lawyer.

    In past comments, when I have referred to this couple as malignant or psychopathic narcissists some of you have probably said to yourselves, oh there he goes again with that psychoanalytical mumbo jumbo, however if you look at their behaviour you can’t deny that that’s what they are. Narcissists try to destroy the reputation of those who have exposed to the public what type of people they really are, they usually attribute their own bad traits to the people they want to destroy. In other words if they are liars they will say to the public that the person they are targeting is a liar, if they are alcoholics they will say that the person they want to destroy is an alcoholic, etc. Another characteristic of a narcissist is that they love attention; they can’t get enough of it.

    I don’t buy the idea that these reprobates are running scared from the PJ. The investigation is archived and unless the political rats are removed from office from both countries, there is no hope. I believe this couple is privy to knowledge concerning some highly unflattering conduct on the part of well placed individuals in British society. It is because of this knowledge that the couple’s behaviour is tolerated by these people who support them. In my opinion the patience of these people, that are supporting them, will eventually run out. When this happens some marginalized person will be blamed for killing Madeleine, we could be seeing this happening now.

    In North America, the people who report on this farce are having trouble keeping a straight face when they report the nonsense that is being said in the British media.


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