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Leonor Cipriano’s son Carries a Gun

by Ana Palma

“Terrible, uncontrollable, with episodes of physical and verbal violence”. This is how A., aged ten, son of Leonor Cipriano – who was condemned in 2005 to 16 years in prison over the murder of her daughter Joana -, is described in the neighbourhood where he resides in Porches, and where last week he took a lead gun to school, which was apprehended by the GNR.

Neighbours told CM that it is frequent for them to be insulted by the child “who respects nobody, not even his father or his stepmother”. The situation was the last drop in a process that has been dragging on for years, when the child first went to school.

Yesterday afternoon, the school’s parents association took the case to the Public Ministry of Portimão. “This was an SOS, a call for help. A. has been signalled by the Child Protection Commission and his situation has also been followed by the school, the town hall and the Regional Education Directory. He was the target of a specific educational project, with no results”, the vice president of the parents’ association, Maria do Carmo, clarified. The latter defends the need for A. to be institutionalised, a measure that is apparently supported by the child’s father himself. “Someone has to help A. to avoid him being a criminal, which he is already”, Maria do Carmo laments.


Home alone – When ‘CM’ yesterday knocked on the door of the house where A. resides, it found the child home alone.

Parents’ meeting – A.’s case was discussed at the school, during a meeting with parents, as well as that of a nine year old boy from third grade who allegedly forced another one, aged four, to perform oral sex.

‘Provocations’ – Neighbours say that it is frequent for other children to speak out ‘provocations’ to A. over his mother.

source: Correio da Manhã, 29.05.2009


  1. Well... half of our personality is genetic and half environmment... The boy cannot get ride of his genetical prints. He cannot go against nature, but Mr. marinho Pinto, since he is the defendant of all with bad nature, he have here a good oportunnity to finally do something useful for the society. BRING THAT BOY TO YOUR HOME.... PAY HIM A GOOD EDUCATION and start clean-up the streets from all that unlucky birth childs. INSTEAD OF PUBLISHING AND PUBLICISED THE INTERNATIONAL AMNISTY REPPORT STATING THAT THERE IS TORTURE INSIDE PJ, LOOK TO ALL THE CHILDS ABANDONNED BY PARENTS which dont want or dont know how to carrie on a good education. TO MUCH WORK...YAH MR. MARINHO PINTO? MUCH MORE WORK THEN JUST STATE A REPPORT... against PJ. NO monney and no popularity to use in TVs...

  2. Does this article have a bearing on Mr. Amaral's appeal or is it just another little smear campign by you Astro?

  3. Somebody got to help this child.
    He lost his sister on a terrible way, his mother is in prison.
    He is not the only violent child in this world, because of home problems.
    He must love and miss his mother, she is still his mother.


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