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Lies, Crimes & Videotapes


  1. Interesting the new 'suspect' is British. Up to now there was a preference for Southern looking 'suspects' (Portuguese, Moroccan...). The xenophobia now is not feeding on a 'foreign suspect' myth as the scape goat!

    Of course not, there is no need for it. The Mcxenophia is at full blast in the McCann supporters' Incompetence or Corruption attacking Amaral, the PJ, Portugal.

  2. No doubt the Leicester Police had him in their paedo files listing those present in Portugal in 2007. Amongst others.

  3. The Mirror? A newspaper?!

    The couple who have raised this also claimed to have uncovered Osama Bin Laden's hideaway!

    Yet the UK press run with htis without challenge!

    Detectives? They arent detectives!

    Madeleine was not abducted!!!!!!!

  4. Before the strategy was MADELEINE'S SIGHTS- Did not work... the strategy was dropped.
    Now, the new strategy is ABDUCTOR'S SIGHTS- How long this strategy will stand before they realise Did not work? Wonder to see... At least we will got all british Paedophiles faces printed on the newspapers.
    I hope some of this mans sue the Mccann's and the Media for defamation and not respecting their rights and their childs rights.
    The time pass and the Mccann's show's everyday, that they are above justice and they can do whatever they want without been touched by British authorities.
    Since when, private detectives can substitue official polices, run over people all over europe, bring their faces and their names to the Media, make bad and lots of suspicion abou them, and the governnments and the authorities stand on the side watching them make new rules? They dont respect any authoritie.
    If that, is the abductor of Madeleine, why not keeping that a secret and bring the story to the Media only when they found the man and are absolutly sue he knows what happened to Madeleine and where she is?
    Annother scape-goat showing how nervous the Mccann's they are. They cannot hold the secret much longer. They are keeping British authorites on the same level as the authorities of third world countrys, where normal people can substitue the police and do whatever they want. GOOD EXAMPLE MR. BROWN FOR A COUNTRY WHICH BELONGS TO THE EUROPEAN COMUNNITY. Wonder to see what your colleagues from France, Spain, German, etc. Think about that case where the parents dont re-open the case in Portugal and dont ask British official police to investigate what happened to their daughter, instead they act above the authoritie, they hire their own dtectives showing the world that in UK if they can, everybody can (why not) bring to light, a friend , a neighbour, somebody which we dont like and associate that people with a crime because after will be no consequences for us. I would like to see what hapens to the Mccann's, to mr. Mitchel and to that detectives if the man was dropped without any relation to Maddie case. As usual nothing. Somebody have to stand and stop that attitude completly innacceptable in a democratic and free country.
    Where is the British police Now? The same which force portuguese authorities to keep british paedophiles names under secrecy to protect that mans and their familys? How long are they stand back of that pair of clowns without doing nothing to stop the circus? Nobody believe anymore on Mccann's strategy, even if they are innocent. They pull the string so far that is touching some off innacceptable citisen rights.

  5. It is unsurprising that Crapatitious Clarrie should have spewed up “person of interest” in regard to this terminally-ill paedophile. Kick a man when he’s down eh, Clarrie? Freud-boy Communications must be well pleased with their latest sink-estate acquisition.

    But El Paedo lived but “an hour” from PDL! Good God, that’s very near, almost as near as the McCadavers travelled along the coast on at least one occasion with the Tapas gang, leaving Madeleine and her siblings alone and unattended for hours on end.

    Clarrie and the boys are fast coming up against the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility, better known as the Law of Diminishing Returns, where each new shock-horror paedophile revelation has less and less effect, except perhaps among the moronic British public with their Anorak mentality.

    But watch it, Payneophile! You aren’t the only nipple-twirler on the block.

  6. Hey, a new 'abductor', that is, a new victim of the McCann & Co's lies. This time it is a man on his dying bed (so much for compassion from saintly Kate and Gerry).

    One wonders whether the McCann team are going to decide this is the 'abductor' just before he dies and thus have a dead scapegoat unable to defend himself.

  7. They are loosing even common sense! There was a british pedophile living an hour away from where Madeleine disappeared. So what?
    Why does the famous spin doctor Clarence come out with this revealing evidence now? Because the new "not even suspect" seems to be conveniently dying? That will add to the drama and the "newspapers" will love it!
    The will give the McCann's one month's steam until they can come with something completely different like a beared pedophile who changed sex and is now a nun secluded in a convent in Romania and with a sacred vow to silence.

  8. Always the same pattern: go to the newspapers before researching anything. It happened the hour Madeleine "disappeared", it happens now with the british pedophile dying in Germany.
    The news come out now because Clarence Mitchell KNOWS that this lead will go nowhere , otherwise why not wait for the investigation to produce something solid and THEN go to the newspapers?
    They already know their destiny: must keep producing news, each one more sensational then the previous.
    In fact that is a way of living in HELL, do you realize that?

  9. Go along with the McCanns on the predatory abductor bullshit and it makes it all the more diabolical and callous that they could be laughing and joking in the days following the 3rd of May...If my child was taken while I was out on the lash in the same circumstances I would pray and hope that she was dead...No fucking way would I have a moments peace while I even thought my child was with Paedophiles espeially if I had paved the way as they supposedly did...the fact that they make this claim and then have the audacity to accept no guilt or accept Madeleine would have come to harm shows what sociopathic pigs they are.


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