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Like a Family

By Bren

Joana has asked me to contribute to her blog, which I feel is a great honour and I felt privileged to be asked. As many of you know I am the administrator of the3arguidos forum. A forum that was born on 23rd November 2007, and a forum which was created because of another forums failure.

We all know the tragic story of Madeleine Beth McCann and many of us woke to the news on Friday the 4th May 2007. Personally my gut instinct told me something was not right, I did not believe the parents and I was totally shocked at how they blatantly admitted to leaving those children alone at night and showed no remorse for what they done but only excused themselves when they made comments like “it was within the realms of responsible parenting”, “we were so into each other”, “it was our holiday too” and many more.

I like many others used to read forums and blogs, but never joined, never felt I could add as much as many great people were contributing, debating and discussing. But when September came and the McCann’s were made Arguidos, I put my fear of joining aside as I wanted to express my views on things and joined the DM [Daily Mirror Forum]. Changes happened on the DM Satire was not allowed, any viewpoint which they found contentious was deleted, other forums where formed and I joined but sadly those failed and eventually I created the3arguidos forum. Yes we have had our tough times and we have had many a rocky road, but we have all travelled it together, united in our fight for Justice.

For many of us it has been a tough 2 years, fighting to get to the truth, fighting for justice and at times we have been vilified, character assassinated, lied about and harassed, but our determination and desire have made each and every one of us stronger and more determined to continue to fight for what we know is right. We have all seen the lies and the British Press trying to blame everything on the Portuguese Police service and the Portuguese people, and it is through these biased articles and the xenophobic articles about Portugal that have been written that we all stand behind our Portuguese friends and the People of Portugal who have also become victims in this tragic case.

And I am so glad we did and still continue to stand by these people whose honour has been trashed in order to save a pair of hypocritical unfit parents. There are many of us that run forums, some which have no desire for justice only to attack people that post on a forum designed to find the truth and there are many bloggers out there, bloggers that want what I want and the members of the3arguidos want, and that is for truth and for justice to prevail and, if Madeleine is deceased, to be laid to rest with the dignity and respect she deserves and whoever is responsible for her demise to be brought to justice.

Being at the helm of something like the3arguidos, is rewarding but very draining emotionally and physically and yes there are times when I wish I could throw the towel in and just walk away. Only recently I was being attacked and vilified and did resign. Feeling emotionally drained I quit, in hope that the attacks on the3arguidos and its mods team and members would stop but it did not, in fact it intensified. But then I found something and saw something which made me change my mind. I saw an extended family, a family of posters who want to see Justice, a group of people that offered support and a group of people that are there for you when times get tough and a group of people that the3arguidos is proud to have as its members.

And one thing to that those that want us off the internet and for those that want us never to discuss this case, just a word to you, forget it, we are going nowhere and we are standing united behind the people that are bringing us the news like Duarte Levy, Paulo Reis, and many more and we are standing behind people like Gonçalo Amaral and Tony Bennett who are not going to give up the fight and from their determination and courage and strength we draw ours, why? Because they are prepared to go the full distance to find the truth and if one of us should fall, like I nearly did, then gradually the whole house of cards demanding for justice would fall. And that is exactly what the silencers want us to do, they want to divide and conquer each and every one of us and that is something we must never, never allow. So when one of your fellow posters gets attacked just be there for them like I will be and like they were there for me when the going got tough.

Even though we each run our own forums and blogs, we have become like family to each other, we are there for each other, we support each other when times get hard, we offer each other a shoulder to cry on and most of all we have all developed deep and meaning friendships, friendships I am sure that will last way after Justice is served for Madeleine.

To the translators, like Joana, astro, Mercedes, Ines and many many more, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts; to the members of blogs and forums keep digging, keep debating, keep uncovering the inconsistencies and to Gonçalo Amaral and Tony Bennett and others fighting for the truth, we are standing right beside you and if things get tough and things get hard, don’t falter like I nearly did, just allow yourselves to do what I have done and draw on others courage and strength and live to fight another day. And to all these people I would find it an honour and a privilege to one day shake your hands and say thank you. You are my heroes.

To those that want to character assassinate people, to lie and vilify people in hope that we give up and go away, you might as well give up right now because we are one big family and a family that will be there for each other and a family that will always remain united and a family of many nationalities throughout this world that are united and are a mighty force to deal with.

And Madeleine if you are no longer here with us on earth, you my child are the brightest star in the sky shining down on each and every one of us, you have given this world a legacy that millions people could never do in their lifetime. A legacy that all the money in the world could not buy. Through you, people have formed friendships, lonely people are no longer lonely because of the friendships they have formed and you have united people around the world and allowing us to get to know people that in our life’s we would never have got to known, you have united nations and touched everyone’s heart.

God bless everyone and God bless Madeleine Beth McCann, the little girl whose voice we are going to be for now and forever, you will never be abandoned and forgotten by us.


  1. Well said, Bren.
    And thank you so much for your continuing work on the 3arguidos forum - if the members provide the 'ink', you provide the 'paper' we write on. Also thank you for allowing laughter on 3A - I really appreciate that. Kazlux

  2. Thank you Bren, and I am glad you didn't resign. You would have been missed.

    xxxooo weissnicht 3A

  3. Brilliant Bren

    I am so so glad you are sticking with the 3A's, and you are right, we all need to support each other against those who are out to destroy.

    All the Best x

  4. Thanks, Bren. When the Mirror forum closed I felt lost. I had only just plucked up the courage to post and I had lost contact with people who were also questioning what had happened.

    Then I found your forum and felt at home. Many, many thanks, Bren

    wicksy 3A

  5. Thank you Bren, for everything, for giving us a 'home' to meet and discuss, and thank you as well to all the 3A members - an extended family.

  6. Hello from Rio de Janeiro!

    To know that the death of Madeleine is an absurd and is no doubt that every night she was abandoned like a street child (like the street kids from Rio, for example) makes me sick, angry and sad.
    My consolation is also to know that the Mccans will suffer for the rest of their days.Not one second of peace or quiet sleep.
    A very bad Karma, my dear!

    " The hell is here and now"
    (Arther Schopenhauer)

  7. Thank you Bren.
    As you know, I too am admin of a forum, altough it is much smaller than yours. I know the hard work that goes into running a forum and like you, I have had times when I have just wanted to walk away from this case. But it is through forums like ours that we are able to be the voice of Madeleine and to ensure that she remains in the public's eye. We thank your translation team for their hours of hard work translating the files and thank you for giving us the permission to use these translations. There is no way our small forum would ever have the resources to do this ourselves.

    I have a motto that I have used for a long time now.
    'Together We CAN Make A Difference'

    Admin of the Find Madeleine forum.

  8. We can't let the McCann LIE win, the TRUTH will have to be the winner.

  9. bren,what about the members of the forum family,fighting against the mccanns,but banned unjustly from 3as?i have repeatedly asked for any proof that i was using multiple IDs.
    i was not at any stage posting on the 3as other than mickahoine.so publicily im asking why was i banned?are differences of opinion not allowed in families?

  10. If it weren't for people like you and Joana,Astro & Kazlux, a lot more people would believe the British Press and the McCanns. I am wholeheartedly sick to death of the McPsychopathic narcissistic child neglectors, they are so incredibly smug, cold and the way they take no responsibility for their actions still astounds me to this day. They didnt want those kids, my gut has always been that this is more to do with peodophilia than anything else. Longterm abuse would have shown on autopsy even if Maddy had died accidentally. The whole thing reeks of it. Jan

  11. Hi Tezza,
    with all respect... but your forum looks to me a 'pro-mccann'-forum..
    fortunately 'much smaller than ours'

  12. I do not know your names but I thank you and admire, for doing what you do, devoting time and effort in giving voice to an innocent child and requesting justice.

    Justice for Madelein.

  13. Bren, seriously, did you ever stop to think why others were in opposition to you, I mean really, off planet conspiracy.

    The Portugese police were called, they were responsible for the case.

    A missing child Bren, a child missing, they investigated.

    The child is still missing.

    ARE you better than the PJ?

    DO you know more?

  14. Bonsoir,
    je suis cette affaire, pas depuis le début, mais depuis quelques mois. En France, comme vous l'avez constaté ces jours-ci, peu de monde croit les Mccann. J'ai regardé les 2 films, celui de l'Inspecteur AMARAL et celui des Mccann. J'ai constaté que la plupart des Tapas ont modifié leurs témoignages après "n'avoir PAS vu le film portugais". Difficile en France d'encaisser, même si ici on n'en a que peu parlé, la propagande anglaise sur cette affaire, alors que les protagonistes n'ont jamais été sanctionnés, ne serait-ce que par une peine avec sursis pour l'exemple, pour négligence envers tous leurs bébés. Ce qui choque aussi c'est que cette propagande,qui s'étend désormais aux USA, fait de plus en plus appel aux instincts les plus bas, de xénophobie, de néo-colonialisme et de racisme. Enfin le fait que les Tapas changent dans leur film leurs témoignages, faits j'imagine sous serment comme en France, constitue en soi un fait nouveau nécessitant la réouverture de l'enquête. Maintenant la balle est dans le camp des Portugais: jusqu'à quand accepteront-ils au nom d'un tourisme dont ils vivent, d'être à ce point humiliés que ça se retourne contre eux. C'est désormais d'après l'enquête privée à Praia da Luz même, au Portugal, pays dangereux s'il en est, qu'il faut chercher le coupable de ce soit-disant enlèvement.

  15. to anonym.@20:42

    Bren, like myself do have a fair share of people who simply hate us, that is a fact and expected - regarding your nonsensical comment: there are several places where you can go and make your kind of personal attacks, however this blog is not one of those places. Please move on.

  16. Nicole you are absolutely right 'la balle est dans le camp des Portugais', but unfortunately our attorney general does not seem to want to reopen the case - unless there's a turn around caused by political and public pressure, I do not see Pinto Ribeiro changing is mind.

  17. Chère Joana,
    je vous plains de tout mon coeur, vous et les Portugais., quoi qu'il soit arrivé à cette petite fille.
    Même en ces temps de crise tout peuple a droit à son honneur, et le Portugal est un grand peuple à qui notamment le nouveau monde doit beaucoup. En France j'ai beaucoup d'amis portugais, qui sont tout sauf les fainéants décrits par les tabloids anglais. Ils ont su admirablement s'intégrer tout en conservant des liens avec leur pays d'origine. Il y a beaucoup d'Anglais aussi en France, mais qui eux ne s'intègrent pas. Ils gardent leur culture, leur langue et forment de petites colonies, sympathiques certes, mais certaines de leur supériorité. Ils viennent ici chercher "le french way of live" et chez vous le soleil. Ils vont repartir du fait du coût de l'Euro. Ce qui vous arrive aurait aussi bien pu arriver en France.
    Courage, les politiciens ne sont pas éternels!

  18. How come that, in the Gerry's reconstruction, the man Jane Tanner saw is compleetely dressed up in light colour, jacket and trousers and, before, she had told he wore a dark jacket and light colour trousers?

  19. "May 09, KC said...Hi Tezza,
    with all respect... but your forum looks to me a 'pro-mccann'-forum..
    fortunately 'much smaller than ours'"

    Don't worry the lovely Kizzy stands alongside Tezza on this forum as an administrator. In fact I believe JJP is also a member along with a few others, so hardly a Pro-Forum.

  20. Anonymous, 23.02,

    It seems Amaral has said he has new evidences and he said it not very long ago.
    It could be the colour of the clothes of the "abductor".
    Jane described a brown or black jacket.
    Maybe the Smiths described the man completely in light colours and the PJ kept it secret.
    Gerry knew he had been seen and he decided to show the abductor the way the Smiths described him.
    In that case, it would be an evidence that the abductor was Gerry, the only person who met the Smiths that night and who knew how he was dressed up, before he left 5A.
    Another point is the place of the couple in that street: the lady right side, the man left side.
    Amaral's version is the other way around.

  21. bren, I must admit it took me quite some time to doubt the fairy stories propagated by this pair of liars and their chums. I, like most people, was carried along by the sheer horror of the 'crime' we were reading about. It was weeks before I got the feeling that something was not right.

    My doubts were roused by the lazy and crass journalism that accompanied this case - the xenophobia etc. Obnoxious old duffers like Frederick Forsythe rambled on about the locked apartment, the forced shutters and apathetic cops -all of which turned out to be bogus, of course.

    But who was redressing this imbalance? No-one, as far as I could tell. Our UK press were cravenly toeing a McCann abduction line which was based on obvious and blatant lies, while those members of our self-servingpolitical elite who could be bothered, used the case to further their own narrow agendas.

    In frustration, I turned to the blogs and found: 3As, Joana Morais, Nigel, Himself etc. I am in awe of the work you have all put into this case. It must get immensely tough at times, but I like many many others,are so glad your out there, plugging away. Truly inspiring.

  22. Bren,

    The righteous walk on lonely roads.

    I too am feeling the burden of despair. The solitude of not needing to know what I've learned, and embrace the company of forgetfulness.


  23. The last part of that made me cry brought a lump to my throat, good tribute.


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