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Madeleine: British paedophile who was in the Algarve is a “suspect” – press

London, 22 May (Lusa) – A British paedophile is considered a “suspect” in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann because he was in the Algarve at the same time, according to the British press today.

Raymond Hewlett, aged 64, was allegedly living in Tavira, about an hour from Praia da Luz, in May 2007, the date of the English child’s disappearance, while spending holidays with her family.

The former soldier, according to the Daily Mail, has a known past of attacks against girls that dates back to 1972, when he was condemned over abuse of a 12 year old girl.

source: Lusa, 22.05.2009


  1. The following is part of the report in UK papers re this new person of interest.

    "When Alan and Cindy Thompson met the convict, he was living with his wife and six children in a converted Dodge truck travelling from campsite to campsite".

    Someone on 3A Site came across this also- coincidence?

    'In the spring of 1999, A British couple called Alan and Cindy Thompson were driving through Pakistan, in the very area that they're now talking about as being bin Laden's location. After driving for 11 hours on dirt roads they came to a checkpoint and were detained by armed Pakistani guards.

    The next day the Dawn newspaper, one of the biggest newspapers in Pakistan, reported that this couple had found the secret lair of Osama bin Laden.


    Same persons?

  2. Alan and Cindy Thompson...secret services...???


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