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Matt's check

According to Matthew Oldfield's statements, he checked the McCann children in apt. 5A on may 3rd, 2007 at ± 21.30 pm.

May 4th, 2007 statement:
That the light in question was from an artificial source but not inside the bedroom, rather from outside through the bedroom window. That it seemed to him that the shutters of the bedroom window were open without knowing if the window was also open.

May 10th, 2007 statement:
He recalls having thought that in that bedroom there was more brightness than there was in his daughter's room (where the external blinds were always fully closed), adding to have had the feeling that that light was coming from the outside – making the point that both were turned in the same direction.
Consequently, he admits the possibility of the light he was perceiving was owing to the blinds being raised, denying however that he was capable of assessing the height at which it may have been.

April 2008 statement:
"..and I can’t see the shutters because thee curtains were shut and, they’re similar curtains to the ones you’ve got in there, and you just get an impression of just like green and yellow, but they were closed, they weren’t sort of blowing about, because I’m sure I’d have noticed if there was sort of movement like that. But the room seemed light, and we spent a lot of time talking about this, whether it could be light coming in from the street outside, but there was a light behind us in the room and for some reason I thought, I got the impression of light coming through the doorway from behind me.."

April 2008 statement:
Q: “How long were you actually in the apartment for then?”
MO: “One or two minutes maybe. I remember looking, they’ve got, all the rooms had sort of a book supply and so, because we were spending all this down time at lunchtime looking, you know, doing a bit of reading or maybe sunbathing, but some reading, so I sort of remember sort of looking along their bookshelf as I walked through to see if there was anything that I could sort of take to read for the next couple of days, erm, so it might have been, you know, a minute or two”.

Rachael Oldfield, april 2008 statement:
“The door to the bedroom, the twins bedroom and Madeleine’s bedroom, erm and I mean afterwards you know, he said he thought that was unusual because he thought the door would be shut, cos I mean we always shut G***e’s bedroom door, erm or at least if we did, I mean we always shut it but yeah I know some people would kind of probably just pull the door to, but he didn’t expect it to be as wide open as it was, erm so he, well he said you know from kind of standing close to the doorway, he could see that the twins were in their cots and there was no sound, erm so he just assumed everything was alright, he didn’t put his head round the door to see if Madeleine was in her bed, but he said he did wonder where she slept, erm poked his head, well you know kind of looked into Gerry and Kate’s room, just saw there was a double bed there, so you know, assumed they were all in together or, I mean I think he knew that they were all in together, erm but he didn’t actually look to see whether Madeleine was there or not”.

Matthew Oldfield, april 2008 statement:
"Yeah, erm, it just seemed, it just seemed odd, because, you know, it’s really difficult, I can’t explain why it was odd and I didn’t do anything about it, and it’s something I’ve thought about over and over again, you know, surely that just seemed odd and so it was worth you looking round and going a bit further, and I can’t explain why I didn’t do it”.


  1. And speaking about Amaral`s documentary, he tells Mccanns` relatives said the scent in the car came from meat, food.
    People who have been in the UK and know English food, would agree with those relatives.
    The dog mixed up smell of English food and cadaver scent.
    The PJ have to take this seriously.
    The McCanns must be innocent!

  2. That last comment was utter nonsense.

    A trained cadaver dog does not mistake cadaver scent.

    The McCanns - innocent? Of what? Neglect? I dont think so!

    Lies? hardly! The list of lies gets longer every time they make their outrageous claims.

  3. Anorakian, old boy, that first comment was sardonic humour.

    Something beyond the grasp of the average Anorakian.

    Anorak cringed and lost, long ago, by the way.

  4. I feel frustrated.
    Some people don't understand my humor.
    Thanks for helping me, anonymous!

  5. Who closed the curtains after the abductor escaped through the window? How could the curtains be closed. Did he put Madeleine down, turn around and then reach back through the window to close the curtains before picking Madeleine up again and walking down the road.
    How did the curtains come to be closed?


  6. he lies,they all said they were checking on the children every hour,listening through the window of the appartments as the Ocean Club staff did in Greece,so they never came into the appartments,all liars!

    él miente,todos ellos dijeron que solo chequeaban los ninos cada hora,escuchando a través de las ventanas como lo hacían los del staff del OceanClub de Grecia,pues que nunca entraron en los apartamentos,todos mentirosos!


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