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The McCann documentary, analysed by forensic psychologist Paulo Sargento

Of the pretence reconstitution of the facts of the 3rd of May 2007, when Maddie disappeared, there's no more than a few minutes. Then, one can see a happy family

by Hernâni Carvalho

Kate McCann saw the open window. Thus starts the McCanns’ documentary. To tell you the truth, the window was opened by Kate herself, as proved by the lophoscopic (fingerprints) analyses that were made by the PJ on the windows of apartment 5A, at the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz. Thus starts the documentary that SIC broadcast lat Tuesday.

From the pretence reconstitution, we saw, all in all, less than five minutes. But we saw a happy family. A perfect one. Kate paints with the twins, she takes them to watch the chicken, the ducks and the horses. She peels potatoes and greets Gerry when he arrives after a day of medical consults. To be certain, we even saw Maddie’s father’s patients. Kate was also a doctor, part time, but now all she does is to care for the children. Life as it is for perfect, complying parents.

Now, the McCanns protect the twins. When half of the world was searching for Maddie, the twins’ faces could be seen. Even on the day that they landed in England, after leaving Faro with State honours, without having been subject to any inspection at the airport, like it happens to everyone else. The McCann documentary is a television making work of art. Concerning the coherence of the facts that were broadcast, that’s another issue.

'Tvmais' saw the McCann documentary in the company of forensic psychologist Paulo Sargento. And we registered his comments.

Paulo Sargento: As was expected, the announced reconstitution by the McCanns resulted in an image laundering attempt, that in my opinion is disastrous.

In truth, they didn’t dare to call this production a “reconstitution”…
P.S.: Yes, but they suggested that this was a documentary that would provide new clues.

And did they do that?
P.S.: No. Right away because neither the actors served the purpose nor the reconstitution of the night when Maddie disappeared is even complete. They only used one actress to play the inconsistent role of Jane Tanner.

Maybe there’s another documentary in waiting…
P.S.: That’s could be it… Notice that Matthew Oldfield played himself, very briefly, and Gerry McCann was counselling and little more. It’s bizarre that the documentary occupies itself with the reconstitution for less than one tenth of its total length (50 minutes).

What do you say about Jane Tanner’s testimony?
P.S.: Hardly credible. The alleged abductor walks slowly, in an excessively lit area (under the street lamp), for Jane not to be able to remember any trace of his face. And yet, she remembers difficult details like the colour of the trousers, the jacket and the type of shoes.

And the statements from five persons who saw the “ugly” man?
P.S.: It’s interesting that the man was only seen by English people, and almost exclusively during the day.

The Smiths saw him at 9.50 p.m.
P.S.: Yes. But on a location and walking into a direction that were opposed to those that were mentioned by Jane Tanner. What’s even more curious is the fact that the witness mentions that “he doesn’t look like a tourist”, carrying “a little girl with long blonde hair”. This is impressive. A little English-looking girl, being carried away by a person who didn’t look like a tourist. The so-called ugly man. Adding to the fact that he was only seen by English people, during the day, wearing a black jacket (not a brown one, like Jane mentions), he appears too early in the story. The first testimony dates from the 29th of April and one of the detectives speaks a lapidary sentence: “Someone watched the apartment for a week or more”. Well, if Maddie disappeared on the 3rd of May and the McCanns arrived on the 28th of April…, this is called a FRAUD!

In the documentary, there is a new piece of data. Gerry, Kate and Matthew admit that they didn’t even enter the children’s bedroom and they say it was too dark to be see clearly whether Maddie was there or not.
P.S.: That’s where Gerry betrays himself. He states that when he looked into the room, he remembers thinking how beautiful Madeleine was and how much he loved her and how proud he was to be the father of three beautiful children. Gerry says that he felt that when he “looked into the bedroom”. Just watch the documentary again.

Nevertheless, the detectives say that they are hopeful…
P.S.: Detectives don’t operate on hope. Detectives work with hypothetical-deductive methods, based on evidence and indications.

At least, we now know the McCanns’ everyday life?
P.S.: Not even that. It’s daily life that is TOO NORMAL for someone who has suffered one of the most devastating blows that a human being can suffer: the loss of a daughter. Everything smells artificial and plastic. The relationship with the twins, the phone call with Jane Tanner, Gerry’s professional routines, Kate waiting for him… All in all, an old, well-known strategy of promoting the image of a happy family, which in this case, becomes grotesque. Just notice Gerry McCann’s sentence: “We’re a family, a happy family, but incomplete…” As much as we want to, not everything is what it seems to be!

source: Tvmais, 13.05.2009, paper edition


  1. And as i said before, Kate says she knew something was wrong by the way the bedroom door was open as she said it was NOT HOW THEY HAD LEFT IT, which implies nobody checked the children from when they left the aprt for dinner and Kate finding Maddy missing, which leaves 1hr 15mins at least with no checks. Personally i think Gerry and David Payne are peodophiles, thats why no one mentions the 30sec -30mins DP spent in apartment earlier. These parents have no attachment to their children thats why they dont display normal behaviour, they are trying to act how they think they should appear, but fail miserably.

  2. In the McCanns' pretence reconstruction of the events of the 3rd May 2007, Gerry arrives home after a day of medical consults (as if that could provide clues in their suposed search for their missing daughter!!!). What this does, like much in the McCann charade, is capitalising on the pompous status enjoyed by physicians in the UK and other English speaking countires. A 'Dr' is by definition a person who holds a 'Doctorate' but the title is used by physicians (who don't hold a Doctorate) and this misconception is reinforced by the common noun 'doctor'. Plenty of simple people will feel flattered when invited to support creatures of such a high stature, almost divine in the case of the McCanns, with their Catholic halo, and who present themselves as 'ordinary parents', doctor Kate peeling potatoes. Clever tactics from McCann & Co. Unfortunately for them there are those who can see through the whole farse.


    If Gerry is going back AGAIN and the so called policemen have 'narrowed' the suspects supposedly down to 5 people then they could be entering the end game we have all spoken about...

    NAMELY, a paid policeman of the McCann's miraculously finds the body and the saintly couple are now at peace. The McCann's claim it is because they have spent countless hours finding details in the files that allowed their 'experts' to find Madeleine.

    Watch this space and watch who enters the church.

  4. se virem o documentario dos mccanns no Oprah a Kate diz que na noite de 3 de maio estava "escuro como breu"como e que a Jane Tanner
    conseguiu ver com tanto detalhe?...

  5. Dear bloggers,

    what is going on with Kate and Gerry? Are they tired of publicity or they took Calpol befor they gave this very "sad" interview?totally boring!

    Where ist the Terminator with a lots of money and good friends?
    But I am just waiting for real tears, Kate!is not late.

    Strange !isn't it?

    tell me if I am wrong.

    Good night ,Europe!

  6. You betcha!

    after a direction from Gerry the new Detectives will find the body.
    End of the fairy story: Gerry can keep the REWARD.


  7. We can not call that a documentary.
    I think that it was much longer but the McCanns did not dare to show everything, after they saw Amaral's documentary, which was broadcasted before the McCanns'.
    That's why it became a very long story in England.
    And where was the actress who would play Kate's role?
    We saw an interview with her in Praia da Luz, when the film was being made.
    No scenes with her.
    Does Gerry call this reconstitution?
    The McCanns could better have not done it.
    People in the UK must have found it as ridiculous as we found it in Europe(continent).
    I feel more and more that the McCanns have being abandonned by a lot of people.
    Just a feeling, intuition.
    People know Maddie is dead, don't they?
    I am about to finish reading Tony Bennett's little book.
    I'll comment it later.

  8. Gonçalo Amaral foi vitima dos McCann e da politica. Um optimo inspector afastsdo do caso pelo poder! Maddie merece q seja descoberta a verdade da mentira e Gonçalo Amaral pode ajudar e muito. Felicidades, vá em frente! Maddie é mais uma estrela no Ceu. Agora estará em paz com os anjos, longe de pais cinicos e calculistas. Beijo, pequena Maddie.

  9. I don´t know how people can believe the Maccans, there are more than prof that Maddie wasn´t kidnapped, I mean the dogs, the blood found, a man that saw the father runing to the beach with maddie on his arms. And the nonsence of the story told by the Maccans and friends.

  10. Just want to say this. I'm a father of a 4 years little boy and i would never leave my son alone. Never!!!!! And unbelievable... they were drugging Maddie o sleep so that they could go out and have a good time. Is this normal? If this is normal english behaviour... my God. Poor English childrens.
    This is unbelivable and at least irresponsable... God be with little Maddie, were ever she is.

    1. no this is not usual English behaviour please don't believe that for 1 sec we would do anything like this ... we love our children as much as you do the mccanns are despicable people giving england a bad name disgusting lying ... I wont go on but no we are not all like this its far from normal behaviour x

    2. from a English mother this is not normal of English parents. I have 2 children and i have never left them alone ever!

  11. The Mccanns are convinced they have gotten away with it. Well why not. Its the first time I've heard of the prime minister personally phoning suspects.
    Only when the body is found will the truth be revealed.

  12. Joana, in ana article yesterday Amaral finishes by saying "Today, the process is terminated Maddie and her parents have no desire to be reopened. Personally, I acted as my conscience demanded.
    My mission is completed."
    (google translation)

    Does this mean he`s given up? So is that the end of the case?

  13. From an article by Duarte Levy:

    “Kate McCann” is missing"

    "A source at Mentorn Media – which produced the documentary for Channel 4 – told that the initiative to remove those images came from Gerry McCann, explaining that “the decision was made after the documentary by Gonçalo Amaral was broadcast”, as we had already reported. According to the same source, “the representation of what Kate had done on the night that Maddie disappeared was not convincing and raised some doubts”.

    This says it all, they finally admitt what we all have been saying from the start of this whole sad story, it's unconvincing, and it raises, not some, but lots of doubts!
    Kate and Gerry's tale is not convincing, the Tapas 7 are not convincing!

  14. The presence of 2 out of
    T7 (friends) as participants in this program, makes me think of them as most possible accomplices in the prime events.
    Accomplices trying hard not to contradict themselfs, while G trying to stir them into his version.

  15. how on earth could one man pick madaline up from the bed and her bady be facing from head to toe head being over the left shoulder if u look at the bed she was scooped up from the imges under her body so her head would have been n the right shoulder unless there was a woman inside who passed the child to the man waiting on the out side im feeling kate passed the body to gerry he went to the beach and burned her body in an opening in the caves

    1. "how on earth could one man pick madaline up from the bed"
      She wasn't on the bed. She was dead behind the sofa. Read the dog reports. The window was opened later by the Mcanns to stage an abduction scene.


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