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McCann Private detectives: He is not a suspect

(...)The revelation comes as the McCann's private investigators gave new suspect Raymond Hewlett, 64, an ultimatum to talk to them.

They spent the day trying to see him in the hospital in Aachen, Germany, where he is being treated for cancer.

They hoped his wife Marianna had paved the way for an interview, but they were not allowed in and Hewlett made no offer to speak to the detectives.

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell told Sky News: "Raymond Hewlett has been made well aware of the investigators' desire to speak to him and the former detectives helping Kate and Gerry are still awaiting a definitive response from him.

Clearly, if he is to be eliminated in the investigation it is incumbent on him to speak to them while they are in Germany and they continue to hope he will do so.

"The investigators will overnight in Germany and they are hopeful they can talk to Mr Hewlett by Tuesday morning at the latest.(...)"

in Sky News

'A detective working for the McCanns yesterday urged paedophile Ray Hewlett: “Talk to us and prove you’ve nothing to hide.”

Dave Edgar issued his challenge after Hewlett refused to be interviewed in a German cancer hospital about where he was when Madeleine vanished.

He will try again today to get Hewlett, 64, to talk. He said: “There’s nothing ruling him out of the investigation. If he’s got nothing to hide he should speak...His evidence could be crucial.”

Together with fellow detective Arthur Cowley, they were frustrated yesterday after flying to see Hewlett in a German hospital where he is recovering from throat cancer only to have him refuse to talk to them.

Former detective inspector Mr Edgar, speaking from the hospital in Aachen, said: “It is desperately disappointing because we have flown a long way out here to see him.

“There is nothing ruling Hewlett out of the investigation. If he’s got nothing to hide he should speak to us.”

Hewlett’s partner Mariana also refused to talk to the pair, who are working for Kate and Gerry McCann, when they rang her flat yesterday.(...)

(...)The British investigators cannot force Hewlett to answer their questions because private detectives do not have police powers.

Ex-fairground worker Hewlett is in an intensive care ward. He is said to have asked the hospital to remove his details from their computer system.

The McCanns’ friend added: “The hospital is now refusing to confirm if Hewlett is in there and we know he is.

“His wife initially was prepared to convey messages to Hewlett but is now playing silly games.” The investigators yesterday saw

Aachen’s state prosecutor Lutz Bern Klau to ask him to set up a meeting with Hewlett.

But Mr Klau said: “Germany is a free country. Hewlett is not wanted in this country for any crime. There is nothing I can do to help the private detectives..” (...)

in Mirror


  1. Well, I certainly hope he does not die, because they will forever declare him the abductor and he will be unable to refute it. I think the McCanns have been headed for a fall for a long time, and yet they always manage to pull some stunt in the 11th hour, which pulls them out of the nose-dive crash. How long will this continue on? Do you yourselves (who write this blog) have good faith that justice may be served soon (i.e, McCanns caught and unable - at long last - to deny any longer)?

  2. Hi S.M. Kovalinsky,

    I personally don't trust that Justice will be served on this case. At least not while the British media, the British Government [Home Office] continue to pervert the course of justice by allowing the McCanns to play this type of 'blame everyone except us' games.

    The blame rests not only with the English individuals who supported the McCanns and their group but also with the Portuguese Public Ministry and the Portuguese Attorney General for allowing & pressuring the archival of a missing child process.

    No Justice for a little dead girl, no Justice for all the future 'Maddies' whose parents will do a 'McCann' on them.

  3. The Mccanns are nervous. What a hell of life.
    They are scared and I've got the feeling that they have being abandonned by a lot of people.
    I'm happy this English patient does not want to receive those "Investigators".

  4. Thank you for your kind response. That is most disheartening, and you are correct: Justice all around does not get served. However, there does remain some hope, that something will surface which they will not be able to wave away. The poor child's remains, to prove there is no further cause for funding. And then, just maybe, things might change. . . Thank you, yours is a lovely blog, very informative and thorough. Cheers.

  5. Dear S.M. Kovalinsky,

    thank you as well for 'being here', a hug from Lisbon

    ps. I do have hope for a change.

  6. I too agree that the McCanns are being abandoned by many who wanted to believe their story and hence went along with it in hope.

    BUT one who hasn't stopped helping them is SKY TV because even now around 6.30am on May 26th the channel has just said on the news more codswollop along the lines of these words '... the Portugese authorities are refusing to follow up the new thread ...'

    As I understand it this info on Huntley isnt hidden 'deep in the files' and he has been eliminated from the process due to an alibi.

    SKY TV and Murdochs media is just about the only organisation determined to prop them up now. His links are extensive.

  7. Nothing to rule him out? Likewise , nothing to rule him in.
    Shouldn't they have evidence pointing to his involvement before plastering his name all over the media.
    If living within an hours drive of a crime scene was evidence of being involved, we'd all be in court tomorrow.

  8. 'A detective working for the McCanns yesterday urged paedophile Ray Hewlett: “Talk to us and prove you’ve nothing to hide.”

    “There is nothing ruling Hewlett out of the investigation. If he’s got nothing to hide he should speak to us.”

    Mr. Dave Edgar, What Mccann's have done up to Now?




    and... now you come and under a complete illegal way, wants a man to do what your partners refused during 2 years?.... IS A SHAME IF NOT A CRIME THIS "WHITCH HUNT" and somebody have to stop you and put you on a place that you belongs to.

    Or.... THEY FOR A SECOND BELIEVE THAT BRITISH GOVERNMENT WILL ALLOW ANY PRIVATE DETECTIVES from other country TO INVESTIGATE SOMEBODY ON UK SOIL? Think on that.... the cases can be inverted one day... I'm very sure that NEVER, NEVER a private detectives team will be allowed to investigate or make any pressure against somebody in the UK soil!... Then, what is the difference?... Why are you trying to make pressures on that Man, and on the German Prosecutor?... You are playing a very dangerous game, which cannot be acceptable, for any reason on any democratic and free Country.
    YOUR TEAM SHOULD BE SUED FOR THAT BEHAVIOUR TO AVOID VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS GOING TO FAR. M3 stop their jobs before reaching a very disgraced point.... YOU ARE VIOLATING HUMAN AND COUNTRY RIGHTS AND YOU ARE FEEDING UNSCRUPPULOUS MEDIA WITH UNFOUNDED NEWS AND SUSPICION. IS KNOWN ON THE PRESS in PORTUGAL THAT, THIS MAN WAS ALREADY INVESTIGATED AND DISMISSED BY OFFICIAL POLICES WHICH AT THE TIME INVOLVED BRITISH OFFICIAL POLICEs AS WELL. Are you more clever and with more sources to investigate then official polices? DO you think for a moment that you can achieve better results? RUBBISH.... Is how we can classified all this hunt and Mr. Mitchell knows it very well because he is making comments on a very careful way.

  9. "'A detective working for the McCanns yesterday urged paedophile Ray Hewlett: “Talk to us and prove you’ve nothing to hide.”"

    INDEED!!! That does apply to the Mccanns like a glove, TALK TO THE PJ AND PROVE YOU'VE NOTHING TO HIDE!

  10. "“His wife initially was prepared to convey messages to Hewlett but is now playing silly games.”"

    Oh! I see, how dares she? Playing silly games is stricktly the McCanns prerogative!


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