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McCanns Interview to Sic


Reporter[Rita Jordão]: How would you describe the last two years for you, how have you lived them?

GM: It's been awful it's basic, well you know anyone whose had a child taken would say the same thing and its been the longest two years of our life without a doubt at the same time the last few months its been real busy and you know it flies by, sometimes too quickly

KM: Well obviously the first few days were the worse days of my life and you know unless you’ve been in a situation like that you’ve no concept of how painful it was and each day obviously is painful we miss madeleine beyond words its hard and painful, its not as raw as it was the first few days but still incredibly difficult, but its just the hope of finding madeleine really that keeps us going

GM: its important that’s why we're here, we are still hopeful there are things which can still be done,

Reporter: how much of your daily lives, how much do you live with her in the house

GM: its huge, huge part of our life, she’s around us all the time she's part of where we live, who we........

KM: we're a family of five you know and her absence absence is tangible you know were obviously trying to find madeleine i work hard trying to find madeleine every day, you know, she's, sean and amelie talk about madeleine every day,you know she's around the house she belongs in the house, you know and…. you know she's always with us, you know, we just…

Reporter: when this whole thing happened the twins were very young, now two years on how do they understand what happened to their sister,how do they cope with it

KM: well they don’t fully understand,they know m is missing,they know that we're all looking to find her and they talk very positively about when madeleine comes home, i mean she's a huge part of there life, obviously she was in their life ever since they were born, and

GM: you know they are doing brilliantly,they know they also know that its wrong that she’s not with us and they believe that she’s been taken away and we don’t know where she is but people are looking for her and we we've obviously had professional advice on how to cope with bringing up children in this situation and er its a case of its been made clear to us you fill in the gaps as they ask enquire

KM: we let them take the lead really and we give them as much info as they ask for

Reporter: is Madeleine’s room exactly how she left

KM: yeah there’s a lot of presents in there for her that are new and pictures that sean and amelie have drawn but yeah theres a few additions in there

Reporter: what are your main fears of what could have happened to Madeleine

GM: our worse fear was and it was apparently very early on was madeleine was abducted by a sexual predator abused and killed and in the first couple days we found it difficult to imagine any other scenario than that but and you know i think and it will also be in the documentary tomorrow,usually in those situations the children are found or other bodies are found very very quickly and actually the lack of any evidence of harm to madeleine makes it more unlikely, as parents that’s the worst thing isn’t it that you think people, law enforcement ,the public are going to give up on your child assuming that this child may be dead but you know there’s no evidence, no evidence to suggest......

KM: its just so wrong to assume, if there is no evidence that your child has come to any harm how awful for that child to assume and give up,i mean

GM: yeah

Reporter: about the documentary ,obviously you didn’t go back, what was it like for you to be back at pdl

GM: it was very ..we wanted to go back for a long time i think that’s the first thing to say wave got alot of friends in pdl with a tremendous support particularly from the community and from the catholic church and a lot of also ex pats who we got to know reasonably well when we were there so there were good bits about it but obviously we were going back for a specific focus and i think we've managed to achieve that we would like to go back without causing a media stir and i think that's obviously one of the downsides of what’s happened over the last two years

Reporter: why a reconstructive documentary now, why the decision to make it now

KM: a few of the sequences in the documentary are basically reconstructions of events that happened around the time madeleiene was taken and were desperate really for people to come forward if they know any info about those events or it might jog a memory of somebody

Reporter: over the last two years there were big movements for and against the mccanns, is that still part of your lives, does that still affect you in any way

GM: you cant , you're not immune from it but i think the most important thing here to emphasise is its not about kate and i its not about the mccanns its about madeleine and there’s an innocent little girl that’s missing and we would appeal to anyone to think about that were trying to find that little girl and find out who took her and you know people can pass on whatever information they want about us but its not about us its about madeleine and who took her, its also true to say we are the only people pro-actively trying to get new leads, and that’s quite hard to say but the onus has fallen on us to keep looking for madeleine

KM: somebody might have seen something and they may not think its relevant but it might be there could be people who know something but for whatever reason they haven’t come forward and the person that’s taken madeleine is known to somebody you know its someone’s son, grandson,cousin,partner,neighbour,brother,you know somebody knows that person everyone nis known to somebody an d they may have been sitting there thinking i wonder if its ..and obviously you know if its someone that you know you’d like to think you try and make it not the case and i guess its just saying please if you have any information or anything you think you know please come forward,madeleine is missing,the sooner we find madeleine and the person who took her this can be all over for everybody and particularly madeleine and you know

Reporter: this documentary comes out about the same time as g amarals film is this just a coincidence?

GM: you’d have to ask him about that but if anyone’s seen it i'd like them to compare you know what we have in the documentary which is based on trying to ascertain evidence and fact and proactively trying to find the child not persuade the public that a child whose missing is dead without any evidece,you know one has to ask oneself why would someone do that,why would someone try to persuade the public that a missing child,an innocent missing child is dead and that’s unforgivable, you know we cannot forgive that

KM: why does he not want to find madeleine

GM: he’s certainly not doing anything to try and find madeleine whereas we are and that’s the difference,we are trying to find her and who took her not persuade people about some ridiculous theories that are not backed up by any evidence whatsoever

Reporter There’s also been G Amaral’s book at the time there was alot of talk about possible legal charges bought by you against g amaral are you still considering these legal charges against him

GM: we certainly haven’t ruled it out,the reason we haven’t done it to date we have not wanted to create and there’s been alot of anglo portuguese angst particularly in the media and we certainly didn’t want to exacerbate that but he clearly is getting more outrageous and we certainly wouldn’t rule it out

KM: at the same time you know its a distraction you know what mr amaral is doing i mean its damaging to our search but at the same time you know we want to find madeleine we want to move forward and get new information and we don’t want to be derailed by negative people who have their own agendas you know, so

GM: that’s a very good point we don’t want to look back we are trying to do things but it gets to the point where you think enough’s enough

Reporter: How have you worked as a couple,how do you support each other to go through difficult stages, if there are more difficult stages

GM: i mean it’s very much what you say we do support each other we’ve got tremendous support from family friends network and that’s just incredibly important for,you know, i know I have never doubted for a second that either of us have been involved and we’re completely together with a special bond with madeleine that we had when she was born

KM: obviously we are united in our aim to find her, you know, you know,

GM: and we do support each other

KM: it hasn’t been an easy two years on many grounds but we were strong before this happened and we’ve had amazing support and we got through, we love madeleine we love sean and amelie and that’s enough to keep you together and keep you going an dyou know maybe were lucky from that point of view you know i don’t know

Reporter: D’you ever worry that the campaign will in any way …on the twins by maybe giving them less attention than madeleine's receiving from everybody

GM: they’re a huge part of our life they help us because they bring tremendous joy into our life it would be a terrible thing when they’re older and say what did you do to try and find madeleine .and we turn round and say well you know er ur...you know they want to find her and very much talk about when she comes home and when you’re having a bad day that is a real pick up there’s no reason at this minute to think madeleine cannot walk through that door

Reporter: do you guys talk about when she comes home

GM: er, we do with the kids and certainly when they bring it up

KM:yeah, not so much with each other cos its almost like you...its so good, you kind of stop yourself i think, its something that kind of

GM:i think until we’ve seen tangible evidence that madeleine is alive, there, a photograph,spoke to her and we know that she’s safe,and,you know has been rescued its hard to go there for us because that would just be the most overwhelmingly joyful occasion for us

Reporter: what did you guys felt when you saw the new photo the new picture that was just published a few days ago, of madeleine looking two years older than last time you saw her

KM: that’s isn't how i remember madeleine obviously i remember madeleine nine days before her 4th birthday and i guess seeing her at 6 its a reminder really of what madeleine has missed out on and what we’ve missed out on then at the same time i can appreciate how important it is because it’s very hard to visualise what she would look like at that age unless somebody presents you with an image and we’ve had people send us photographs directly saying were still looking for madeleine is this Madeleine we were on holiday and saw this little girl and its a 3 year old little girl in the picture so its incredibly difficult for people, you know, so we have to i guess remind people that she's 6 now an d she does look older and we believe this is a good representation of you know what she may look like today

Reporter: it’s her 6th birthday tomorrow, will you mark that day in any way?

GM: it'll be a very private quiet family affair but of course we will yeah.

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