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McCanns on ITV's This Morning Show

This Morning - Today on ITV 1 from 10:30am to 12:30pm


Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield present as Kate and Gerry McCann mark International Missing Children's Day by appearing alongside Kerry Grist, the mother of Ben Needham who disappeared in 1991, in their only British TV interview.

Part 1

Part2 - from 00'30''


  1. this character Jeremy Kyle is even worst than non-practicing Texas psychologist aphorism-spouting brand called Dr.Phil Oo

  2. the evil parents's acting has not improved at all.......no evidence that Maddie was seriously harmed was repeated.....real meaning........ No-one has proven the Evil lying Parents had seriously harmed Maddie

  3. The McCanns' level of deceit is positively pathological - very sick doctors.

  4. The McC's to sue GA mentioned on This Morning however no mention of GA to Counter-Sue. Look at the smirk oh his face when asked about suing GA!. How can one smirk like that given he his sitting on a TV chatshow set because he and his wife chose to leave their 3 little children then aged 3 and under in a holiday flat with no adult supervision to go and eat and drink with friends in a Tapas Bar 120 away which imo is the reason the child mysteriously disappeared. If they had done their duty as parents they would still have all 3 of them. GA I hope you legally manage to wipe that smirk off and change it back to the one the World saw when he emerged from the Police Station as an Arguido!

    GMcC on This Morning 18/05/09: "If people believe that (meaning M is dead) there can't be an ongoing search".

    How on earth can there not be an ongoing search? Whatever people believe it is up to you as M's parents to search for her, you placed that onus on yourselves when you did not ask the Portuguese authorities to reopen the case in Sept. 08 when you legally had the right to such a request. I believe you can still request this. Also why are you not asking the British authorities to investigate? You were sitting next to one today. Imo it is not an ongoing search not continuing, more like ongoing collection of money cannot continue, ongoing suing cannot continue, the family Company cannot continue and all remaining money would have to be dispersed as according to the rules of the Company when first set up, assuming that clause is still in there! Imo Goncalo Amaral and his actions do not affect your non action! The McC's today have accused Goncalo Amaral on British TV of something he imo has not done I do hope this will be a document just like their Mockumentary. If people contact their website to forward info to help with the ongoing search does it get there??

  5. Mr. Gerry Mccann,

    The world doens't belong to you and your ambitions.
    I know it is a very upsetting felling after you,Kate and your friends began the biggest swindle
    on earth since the Irak war by George W.Bush.

    In front of such a situation we often say in Brazil "one day, the house will fall".( um dia , a casa cai).

    We humans sometimes commit a big mistake thinking that our neighbour seems to be corny than we are.
    Now you reach the limit.
    Look at the abysm!

    Gerry, how many people lost the job because of you?
    Did you hear about cause & effect?

    Be composed!

  6. Shame is not working.
    Can I watch in somewhere else?
    Thank you.

  7. Amarals book title has at last been named on UK TV!

    Go Amaral!!!!

  8. although ITV presenters had to be careful what they asked or said, well done to ITV camera people. They switched to the Mccanns when they saw signs of their lack of respect and contempt on others

  9. On this video above, I can feel how nervous Kate gets, when Gerry is asked about Amaral.
    I noticed she presses her molars (maybe the right side ones) against each other and talks, the same way she did when a Spanish journalist asked Gerry about blood in the apartment(see Amaral's documentary).
    She did not like the question.


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