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McCanns Pressure and Harass Ocean Club Employee

Lower Third – Ocean Club Employee was pressured by Kate McCann to tell what she knows

Voice Over: What she saw, what she knows, and what could have this employee of the Ocean Club said to raise such an interest by the McCanns? 'Francisca', a fictitious name, was persistently approached at the end of the last year by the ‘spearhead’ of the couple in Portugal. Susan Hubbard, the wife of the Anglican Father [Haynes], in Praia da Luz, went various times to the tourist complex, to the house and even left notes in the mail box. She was determined to put her [the employee] in contact with Kate.

‘Francisca’ – She told me: ‘Kate wants to make contact with you, because she wants to make you questions, etc...’. And I said: ‘What questions? Because there’s a detail, at the time I was on my break. I had three days off, do you understand it?’ So, what I have seen, what I have not seen, who was there, who was not, I don’t know.

Voice Over: This witness might be key in the investigation, since she lives near to the church – the place where the former coordinator of the investigation suspects that Madeleine’s body passed through. The worker for the position she occupied, controlled a great part of the conversations and faces that appeared in Praia da Luz during the long months of the investigation. The insistency of Susan, so that ‘Francisca’ gave her personal email address arouse suspicions.

‘Francisca’ – She wanted to get in my ‘site’, to see who I was talking to or who I was in contact.

Voice Over: The contact with Kate happened a month later, via SMS. In the texted messages, Madeleine’s mother, warned that family members would go to Praia da Luz in the following days, and that she would be contacted personally. The approach was made, not by the mother nor by Gerry’s sister, but by Arthur Bailey [fictional name?], a detective hired by the family, who was once an inspector of the Scotland Yard.

‘Francisca’ – He made me some questions, what were my impressions, lots of things…

Journalist – And do you believe that they were suspecting that you…

‘Francisca’ – That I knew more than what I was saying.. That was my impression…

Journalist – …That you were working as an informer to someone?

‘Francisca’ – Exactly.

Voice Over: From the talks that she had with her colleagues ‘Francisca’ believes that she was the only Ocean Club employee target of the private detectives and of the couple. She doesn’t have doubts that Madeleine is dead and she hopes to explain why to Gonçalo Amaral, now that the former inspector is committed in reopening the process.


  1. Goodness me!
    Kate just asked Francisca for some informations?

    She did not offer her money for her silence?

    Oh Kate !
    Everything has a price in this case an do not forget : Francisca lost her job in the O.C. so that you can live in your mansion instead in a prison to neglect Madeleine,Sean and Amelie.

    $$$$$$$$$$$$ no Euro unturned!

  2. Very interesting, Joana. Many thanks - can't WAIT to read in the transcript what it is all about.

  3. goooooddddddddddddd


  4. Unbelievable!!! If the lady says she was absent from the Ocean Club in that day, what are they afraid she might have seen or heard? Not near 5A...but in the vecinity of the church?...and why are the Hubbards in the McCanns pockets? Their displacing to Luz was perhaps planned and hasted to serve their purposes, not the usual, innocent and current rotation of clergimen from one parish to another?

    I wonder why they never "grilled" Jeremy Wilkins in the same way! He had been walking the streets of Luz that night, he was on the street talking to Gerry, when Tanner "saw" Bundleman, and yet nobody thought of knocking on his door and ask him if he saw anything or anyone suspicious in his wanderings about. They only woke him up to inform him that a little girl was missing and tell him there was nothing he help with!!!

  5. Please "Francisca", stay strong! Give those child neglectors and their "fronts" the cold shoulder! Give them nothing, not even the time-of-day! If you have anything to say tell it to the police, even better tell it to Dr. Amaral.
    God bless you for your courage to tell the world what "they" have been doing to you.

  6. Maria from Brazil, of course they are not offering money.
    Gerald is Scotish and it is known that Scotish people sit on their wallets.

  7. Querida Francisca,

    tenha cuidado pois eles já mandaram matar o cachorro de Gonçalo Amaral, estas pessoas nao tem o minimo escrúpulo de lhe prejudicar caso voce possa implicá-los.

    Eles tem uma energia criminosa e o primeiro ministro da Inglaterra é agora seu inimigo.

    Imagina, querida que saco de ratos!
    Nossa Senhora da Luz te proteja.

  8. C de M 24th July


    Out of reach from the searches.

    Yes. There was information that the couple had been seen walking towards a certain apartment block, we were trying to understand which apartment it was. Who had access to that apartment. But everything stopped


    "The little girl died in that apartment" - Gonçalo Amaral on TVI, broadcast live on 28 July 2008

    JP: That means that…

    GA: … in an advanced state of decomposition, at least it's a hypothesis. Therefore it's a question of a deep freezer, or something similar, and there we had to search for it and that was what we were doing. This means, the contacts that they had, where they went, where they were seen… There are people who say that they were seen entering an apartment block near the cemetery in Praia da Luz. At that point in time we weren't able to detect which apartment they entered, who lived there, because it's also a bit complicated because you have to understand it's a tourist area and often it's not known who the apartment belongs to.

  9. There is a Arthur Cowley(Arthur Bailey?) working for the McCanns and a Dave Edgar, both retired police officers. They are mentioned in this article:

    From the Sunday Express, today

    “There are six to eight tunnels under Praia da Luz that the PJ [Portuguese police] have not searched. There is a tunnel under the church, there are tunnels under Estrela da Luz apartments. These have not been searched."

    “The archaeologist involved with these tunnels was arrested as an abuser in the Casa Pia case but later released [this was a notorious child abuse scandal centring on orphanages in Lisbon]."

    “Does this not send alarm bells ringing? Something not right in Portugal. Why are the PJ not searching these tunnels and the church?”

    Mr Edgar and former Detective Sergeant Arthur Cowley say one key statement appears to corroborate the account the McCanns’ friend Jane Tanner gave to police of a man she saw carrying a small girl near the McCanns’ apartment on May 3 at around 9.10pm.

    Shortly afterwards on the same night, another family also saw a man carrying a small blonde child nearby. Their descriptions of the pair were very similar to Jane Tanner’s."

    What do we make of all this' Yet another attempt to link Maddie to Casa Pia and portuguese paedophile rings, a concerned resident pointing out the tunnels to the PJ, which apparently did "nothing" about it, and that now has contacted the McCanns PIs with the same information, the lady from the Oc.Club pestered for "information" by Team Mccann...hummm....

    And the mention to another family who saw someone that fitted Tanner's Bundleman in another part of town later that night...the Smiths? ( Bundleman was either very stupid or very cocky, parading himself with Madeleine around Luz)

  10. Já faltava não falarem do Arqueólogo.

    Além dos túneis,havia buracos de saneamento básico abertos(que foram inspecionados).

    Quantos de uk não sabem dos túneis? Quantos de uk não foram à Igreja Católica da Luz?

    E a "dita Francisca" peca muito por morar em frente à Igreja.Com o calor poderia estar mesmo de janela,apesar de ter estado 3 dias de folga.Claro que soube logo de tudo,ai não.E acredito que tivesse estado de janela,ai sim.
    Mas,como já disse aqui, entrevistada pela sic...cheira a esturro.
    E tal é o luxo: mensagens com o nome da mccann.Como tinha o n.º?
    Que n.º? Que palhaçada?

  11. Even more Mccann dis-information more smoke and mirrors

    The truth needs to be told, there was and is enough evidence to warrent the arrest and trial of the Mccanns on the crime of child neglect

  12. So lets look at how the charade will probably end.

    After searching through the files the McCanns themselves find the missing piece of the jigsaw and a body is discovered. They are so pleased that the people they hired have found the body.

    Why else return to PDL ? They will find the body and prove to the world it was not them. BUT we will surmise otherwise because we have
    seen them for what they truly are.

  13. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/8027650.stm

    Shedding light on the Catacombs of Rome .3D


    Shedding light on the Catacombs of Igreja da Praia da Luz.3D

    equipa:enviei 1 quase = esta tarde.Não chegou ou não tem sentido humoristico?


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