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McCanns show new ‘suspect’

by João Mira Godinho

The sketch of a new suspect in Madeleine McCann’s abdction will be presented in the girl’s parents’ documentary, which is broadcast in England today. Kate and Gerry say that the drawing was based on a testimony of an English woman who saw the man near the apartment where Maddie disappeared from, on the 3rd of May 2007.

“The drawing was created based on a witness statement that our detectives discovered in the Polícia Judiciária’s files”, Clarence Mitchell told CM. According to the McCann couple’s spokesman, the same detectives “discovered three other witness statements in the PJ’s files, of persons who saw a suspicious man near the apartment”. Nevertheless, these three persons (a 12-year-old girl and a British couple) have not seen the sketch yet.

“That’s a lie”, Gonçalo Amaral told CM. “Unless those witness statements were collected after I left the PJ”, the former coordinator of the investigation added, advancing that “there is in fact the witness statement from someone who saw a person near the apartment, but the description matched David Payne [friend of the McCanns]”.

The documentary also contains the reconstitution of what happened on the night of the 3rd of May, according to Madeleine’s parents’ version.


Portugal: “The broadcast in Portugal is being negotiated with SIC, possibly for Monday”, says Mitchell.

Witnesses: The film mentions 12 persons who say that they saw a man carrying a child on the evening of the 3rd of May.

Filming: In April, Gerry McCann came to Portugal to take part in the making of the documentary.

source: Correio da Manhã, 07.05.2009


  1. I would rather believe Amaral than the McCanns. I base this decision on many things but ask yourself who would you prefer to babysit your young children ? The McCann couple or the Amaral's.

  2. Here we go again; so fucking predictable. Oprah then more "sightings". How cheesy?

    This couple are a fucking joke and a disgrace to the memory of their daughter. Fortunately (and thanks to blog sites like this) the real people of this world will not be fooled by these two.

    They are obviously on a desparate crusade to fool the public.

    Greedy bastards who should be in jail right now. Not only are they disrespectful to their daughter they are also disrespectful to the good people of Portugal.

    This new photo-fit is bordering on the ridiculous. I would urge all to watch Mr Amaral's account of his version of events. At least his thoughts are based on facts and are more plausible than these two (I refuse to even say their name).

    Thanks Astro, Joana & Kazlux for the great work you all do. It is greatly appreciated.

  3. This all does not suprise me at all, mccanns should stop digging when they are in a deep hole aready. What a sad charade.

    And in the FinMadeleine web site the new "donate" button in USD, just in time for Oprah show. As well the "new" T-shirt, they had a free advertisement in Oprah show for it. Discusting.

  4. Whats unusual about seeing somebody several times over a few days in a small holiday resort?
    Would someone intent on abduction make it so obvious as to be seen hanging around the apartment.
    Why haven't these un-named witnesses said what was suspicious about his behaviour or was it just being ugly that made him stand out?
    Doesn't change the fact that the parents left three babies in an unlocked apartment, unsupervised and unprotected, without which this crime could not have taken place.

  5. Id rather have the Mccanns any day

  6. how many more creepy-looking men were hanging around Prai de Luz in May 2 years ago? I make it at least 4 so far.

    it seems like the sleepy seaside town was awash with predators...

    I'm surprised that more children haven't been abducted since then... because, according to the McCann's "he's still out there"

    Q: Why hasn't the abductor struck again???
    A: Because the McCann's made him up.

  7. So, this is new information, Mr M.? Good- tell your clients to ask for the reopening of the case then ;-)

  8. looks like David Payne to me

  9. Oh for goodness sake! Another creepy/ugly/strange character lurking about.
    Just how bloody stupid do they think people are?

  10. These people are not normal, that is for sure.
    By the way, I watched Oprah a couple if times and my conclusion is that she does not believe the Mccanns.
    She shows the video with an indifferent Kate on the forth day after,she asks how many children left alone,She talks about a "friend" Jane seeing the abductor(not a witness seeing the abductor) she talks about medicines to fall asleep, arguidos, if the police are still searching for the child (no!),she comments about a crying woman who killed her children, and she reachs nearly all the questions to Kate.
    And she asks about their marriage
    (does she by chance know something about it?)
    According to myself, she suspects the Mccanns too.

  11. Joana, Astro,

    I need Amaral's documentary, isolated from Oprah.
    Oprah takes 45 minutes before Amaral starts.
    People in the UK have seen Oprah already and they are interested in Amaral.
    Can you manage this, please?

  12. Does this new pic now nullify JT's sighting, or is she about to given yet another description.

  13. Yes, it nullifies it, whichever of Tawdry's multiple sightings we are talking about. For the uglier the better, and you can't get much uglier than this. And of course, 'of swarthy, Mediterranean appearance', so it's GOT to be him.

    For ugly is good, right Kate? You should know.

    What will our Abbott and Costello retired cops come up with next?

  14. A NEW SUSPECT or....how to make "proofs" to make the square round.
    - are they preparing a SCAPEGOAT? I mean this, for now they have collected quite a few bucks and the case is lasting too long.

  15. "Id rather have the Mccanns any day"

    Wanna get rid of your kids too, uh?

  16. It would appear that there are more and more supposed sighting of suspects who were defiantly seen by the oh so dependable and honest witnesses when abducting Madeleine.
    All of these dependable witnesses agree that the supposed abductors were all so different in appearance
    However they all do have two things in common, in that they are all incredibly ugly and none of them actually exist.
    When will the authorities in Portugal take action against the McCann’s and try to recover the respect of all those of us who have lost all faith in the Portuguese legal system.

  17. Thank you Joana, Astro & Kazlux, very good work. We write a Greek blog and Mariana has told us all the details about this case. We have linked some articles to your blog. Thanks a lot guys, well done.

  18. The man's name : Burns, patrão do Homer!

    ( a perspicaz não fui eu. Foi a C. Bem observado,C.)
    Agora é só avisar o mc.


  19. I read the article in the Daily Mail Online this morning, and left a comment saying that I understood that the Portuguese police had followed up these leads and had ruled them out; I said I didn't understand why some people were saying they hadn't. My comment was moderated - it never appeared, I don't know why. However, I was surprised and pleased that the majority of comments were actually sceptical about the McCanns and this latest so-called possible abductor. Those of us who don't believe in the abductor are definitely not alone in the UK, no matter how much the media kowtows to the McCanns. Quite brave of the Daily Mail to let the sceptical comments stand, really!

  20. É muito parecido com o Gerry McCann (mais cabeludo, mais magro, sem o dinheiro do fundo, mais acabado), sim diria que é mesmo ele. Depressa! Prendam-no!


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