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MEPs get caught : "Sign On and Sod off"


  1. As the McCanns are fully aware - physical evidence doesn't lie.

  2. indeed...
    "people and money....
    they just don't go together.."

    (KC - Great Philosopher of the early 21st century)

  3. thanks for posting this...

    my favourite is the Green Party MEP in the lift.

    The old 1960's slogan is still appropriate today:

    "don't vote... it only encourages them"

  4. Superb footage - first time I've seen MEPs bumping into walls to avoid the tell-tale lens. These are among the most well-connected and powerful people in Europe. So what are they so afraid of?

    Public Opinion, that's what.

    It is encouraging to know that PO
    still frightens the pants off these smug chancers who have had things all their own way for far too long IMO.

    Note the grotesque Clarryism from that stunned Irish woman:

    "Be very careful about using this, and what you report about me."

    The slimy threat of litigation has become the first instinct of too many of our arrogant 'elite'. It has, in too many instances, replaced debate. As is the case with the McCanns and their cronies.

    And public opinion is sick of it.

    with our MP's reputations tumbling like Ten Pins, pompous Clarryisms are fast becoming anachronisms - who but a fool would employ a Blairite fibber in today's political climate?

    Their deceitful ways have become far too transparent.

  5. I've just watched Gerry's documentary again.
    Kate is really depressed, with a very bad skin.You can see spots everywhere on her face.
    She is obviously suffering a lot.
    He aged too.
    They must have a hell of life.

  6. Anonymous 29/05/09 22:30 said....
    "don't vote... it only encourages them"

    This blog is becoming a philosophical hotspot....
    (I stopped voting years ago)

  7. Bem apanhada esta VIROSE do parlamento europeu, autentica PANDEMIA que se espalha e afecta todas as cores politicas. A melhor foi a deputada alema dos verdes, mas ja estou a imaginar quantos voos perdeu o nosso Marocas por estar a disfrutar dumas sonecas nos cadeiroes do parlamento.

    A sexta-feira, o caso e o desfile de malas de cabine... e durante a semana?... um desfile de cadeiras vazias ou ocupadas por gente a dormir, descansando do atribulado e intenso fim de semana.

    E ainda falta vermos quantos dias tem o fim de semana normal de um deputado europeu... 2, 3, 4? E quantas pessoas cabem no bilhete de aviao de cada deputado ... uma ou duas? fica para a proxima reportagem...


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