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The Mockumentary

The McCanns version Nº?

C4 Cutting Edge documentary - Madeleine was here


K: I did my check about 10.00 ‘clock and went in through the sliding patio doors and I just stood, actually and I thought, oh, all quiet, and to be honest, I might have been tempted to turn round then, but I just noticed that the door, the bedroom door where the three children were sleeping, was open much further than we’d left it. I went to close it to about here and then as I got to here, it suddenly slammed and then as I opened it, it was then that I just thought, I’ll just look at the children and I could see S and A in the cot and then I was looking at M’s bed which was here and it was dark and I was looking and I was thinking, is that M or is that the bedding. and I couldn’t quite make her out. It sounds really stupid now, but at the time, I was thinking I didn’t want to put the light on cos I didn’t wanna wake them and literally, as I went back in, the curtains of the bedroom which were drawn,… were closed, … whoosh … It was like a gust of wind, kinda, just blew them open and cuddle cat was still there and her pink blanket was still there and then I knew straight away that she had, er, been taken, you know.

Voice over: It’s now 2 years since MM was abducted while on holiday in Portugal. Her parents, K&G live near L with M’s brother and sister, four year old twins, S&A.

G: We are a family, and we’re a happy family, but we are not a complete family.

KM: I think we’re far from normality. We’re far from normality but we’re closer than we were.

K is painting the names of the three children.
She asks the children what is the name of their sister. One of the children says the full name and the other child says the shortened version.

K: I honestly believe they’re expecting her to come home, you know, one day soon. They are very much, well, when Madeleine comes back, we’ll share our toys and, you know, A is wearing Madeleine’s shoes. She’ll say well these shoes won’t fit M, now, so we’ll have to take her and get her a bigger pair of shoes when she gets home. You know.

Voice over: K has given up her work as a GP and now stays at home with the twins.

K: A lot of the places that I go now ,I used to go with Madeleine as well, so there’s little things that trigger, (mumble) like on the farm where we go quite a lot. You know, I can see Madeleine swinging on the rope in the hayloft. She was great, she was only three and she’d be like, you know, swinging backwards and forwards, you know. I can see her in the little, sort of, gypsy wagon that they had, asking me to come in and that’s hard. You get memories and reality hits in again.

It’s like kinda, of, um, tangible void, really.

Voice over: G has returned to work at GH, where he is a consultant cardiologist.

G: Given the indefinite nature of what we are going through, you have to, at some point, say, I’m going to go back.

Voice of Interviewer: Do you think you have both healed a bit.

G: Healed is a diffi…adapted, I think, is probably the right word. There’s still, there’s a scar, a deep, deep scar there, that’s, kinda, knitted at the minute but you still think it might break or come loose and stitches (mumble) But, it is, er, definitely an er… adaptation. I think.

G: There’ll always be a hope, you know, we’re living with this carrot, that potentially she could come back and I think, that makes it more painful, that you don’t know and that she’s, she’s, she’s out there and separated from you It’s less raw, erm, less painful on a day to day basis, erm, but, it’s still pretty painful. (Sighs) Erm, it’s different.

Voice over: The second anniversary of M’s disappearance is approaching. K&G want to use the media attention to keep the search in the public’s mind.

K: (in their study). It almost feels like the last, I guess, media opportunity. We really need to think about that, to get the right message out.

Voice over: (very briefly, showing part of fm (download poster page ). The M’s are organising a series of events aimed at prompting fresh evidence, including a difficult trip back to the holiday resort.

Voice over continues: A national TV appearance in the States and perhaps, most crucially a visit to the world’s leading child recovery expert. (shows E A). EA says we truly believe (shows the picture) this is what MM looks like today. Shows new image.

G: She’s either out there or she’s not and there’s nothing to say that she’s not out there alive. So it’s simple, she’s out there until proven otherwise.

Voice of Interviewer: Who actually is looking for M at the moment?

G: Er, hopefully, lots of people, er, in the general population, but in terms of an investigative strategy, then there’s no law enforcement agency that is proactively doing anything. It’s pretty amazing really. Er, when you think about, it’s a very serious crime and, erm, we’ve got to do it.

G: We’re not out making a fuss for the sake of it or to say, things were done badly or could have been done better. That’s not what we’re interested in. We’re not interested in looking back. What we want to do is look forward.

Voice over: But there are two men still looking for Madeleine, ex-Detective Inspector DE is the senior Investigating Officer. He works alongside former Detective Sargeant A C. Both are now employed by the fm fund.

AC: …given a really good description and what I’ve done is, I’ve made arrangements to go and see him on Tuesday morning.

DE: I’ve inherited an investigation which is 18 months’ old. It’s a massive investigation.

AC: For me, it’s quite simple, whether it be a high profile murder or any investigation. It’s a jigsaw puzzle and it’s just the case of putting little pieces in and that’s what we’re doing. You start at the beginning, you do the basics right and everything else comes together. and that’s what, we, hopefully, we’ve done.

DE: One of the hypothesis would be, that it’s the parents that have done it, and it goes without saying, that’s looked at and I’m sure K&G understand that. If, we had any evidence that K&G were involved, we would hand it over to the authorities.

Voice of Interviewer:: and did you find anything?

DE: No, nothing, not a shred of evidence that they were involved.

AC: When I had the interview for the job, I made it quite clear that I would only take the job, if it was an independent investigation and if there’s evidence against anybody, no matter who it is, that we give that evidence to the police.

Voice of interviewer: Do you work with different theories about what happened? Can you say what you think happened?

DE: Well, the abduction theory is the main one that we’re focusing on. If a stranger kills a child or anyone for that matter, they almost, almost always dump the body within a very close proximity of the crime scene. Now this particular area around PdL has been systematically searched. The search was started on the night and continued for weeks and weeks and no body’s been found, so that gives me hope.

Voice of Interviewer: What about if it was dumped in the sea? I mean that’s what most ….

DE: That’s always possible of course. But, again, the sea quite often, you know, gives up the bodies. But no bodies have been found. So, I think that abduction is the most likely motive. Most likely done by an individual on their own. Most likely, an individual who has close links with PdL, which is why we focused all our efforts really, or most of our efforts, certainly on PdL.

Voice over: Out of the hundreds of witnesses who came forward, only a handful are from the local Portuguese community. These are the people the investigators want to hear from so they plan to return to PdL and reconstruct key events surrounding M’s disappearance. Hoping to provoke a response.

K: They used to come and just sit and get a haircut. (laughs). Seems hard to believe it’s actually busier now then it was a year ago.

Voice of Interviewer:: Has the balance changed, because you’re not working in paid work. You’ve worked for most of your adult life.

K: Women adore cooking and washing, anyway don’t they? (laughs)

Voice of Interviewer: So, yes, that hasn’t changed?

K: I don’t think so. It’s funny, cos, you know, going back a few years, if I hadn’t been in paid work, I’d have probably felt, a bit guilty. But, now, what I’m doing is the most important job that I’ll every have to do and I think my work is incredibly valuable.

Voice over: When the Portuguese police shelved the case last summer, they released 30,000 case files, K has spent the last six months going through every document.

K: The vast bulk of it was in Portuguese. So, we then, had to get it all translated, which probably cost us about £100,000. I don’t believe anybody’s got the motivation that I have and I was desperate to go through this myself, because I knew that I’d be going through it with a fine toothcomb and I have spent months and months and months and months going through it, evenings, weekends. You know, you wanna go through it really, really quickly because I wanted to get all the information I can and know what I can do, to help find her, as quickly as possible. So, obviously, I just worked really hard, just to get through it. Often, you know, police do say the name’s in the files. It was always there, but you just need other bits of information, really, to come in to basically highlight the name. At the moment, there isn’t a big arrow and an astrix (sic) by the name.

Voice over: The most likely sighting of M and her abductor was by JT, a friend of the Mc’s. In the files, K believes another witness statement from an Irish family, describes a very similar sighting to JT’s. Less than a mile from the Mc’s apartment.

K: The reason why this is significant is, both sightings were given independently. So, when this family gave their statement they weren’t aware of J(T)’s description and there’s actually quite a lot of similarities and it does beg the question, I mean, how many people carry their children on a cold night, not covered, you know. Nothing on their arms, or their feet, no blanket. Now, either there’s been two people carrying children that way, who haven’t come forward to eliminate themselves or potentially they’re related.

Voice of Interviewer: But, you think that child is M?

K: I think it’s a good chance it could be M. Certainly, the description there, sounds to me, like M.

Voice over: K and the fm campaign co-ordinator travel to the search team’s offices. They want to discuss the details of the upcoming reconstructions and three potentially key witness statements, that all tell of a man hanging around the Mc’s apartment in the days leading up to May 3 2007.

DE: The most important one, apart, obviously, from Jane, is sighting No. 3, the man in the alleyway at the back of the apartment. No.3 is definitely a very important sighting cos it links them.

Voice over: The investigators have examined the statements from the three different witnesses and are now convinced that prior to M’s abduction, the Mc’s were being watched. The team hope this new information will give them the breakthrough they need.

DE: You’d think, it’s gotta be the same person, wouldn’t you, really?

AC: and all three say he was watching the apartment.

DE: We’re here to discuss the pending reconstruction that we want done.

K: So, basically, it looks like we’ve got five sightings, really. Two, a man with a child and three, just a suspicious individual.

DE: Yeah

K: and three, the three with the suspicious, suspicious, of the suspicious (she seems to have developed a stutter) individual, kinda, tie in together.

DE: They all tie in together.

Fm campaign co-ordinator: They’re all at similar times and place.

DE: There’s three in exactly the same location. I don’t know what the Portuguese authorities have done to actually eliminate these people from the enquiry. So, we’ve gotta presume that they haven’t done it and go with that. So, it’s just important, that we actually, we are accurate in what we know and make sure that that’s what we’re going with. No speculation. It’s gotta be the facts that we know and not try to fill in the gaps that we don’t know.

K: I mean, I’d like to go back, but not for this, to be honest. It’s kinda, just below the surface and I just, you know, I’d be scared, I think, you know, to sort of open it open it up again, really, so. yeah. I think, it’s actually going through the scenario of that night, as well, you know. Erm, I mean, you know, even what I can remember of the night, you know. Seeing G, erm, that distraught, really, sobbing and on the floor. I mean, I suppose I’m concerned that that will, er, surface again.

Voice over: K calls key witness JT, who has agreed to join G and the investigators in PdL for the reconstructions.

Scene: K talking on the phone to JT

K: “Oh, ok, pretty busy, (she laughs). Although, it’s quite good to be honest to be doing stuff and focused and it just sort of helps, you know, to be doing something positive thing. How you feeling about the weekend? I mean, I’m really nervous and I’m not going (laughs). Thank you very much by the way. No, I know, I know it’s a big step, but we appreciate it anyway so, thank you.

K: Er, she’s trying not to think about it. She just said, erm, apart from the obvious emotional concern, she’s worried about the reaction of people locally.

Voice over: Returning will be controversial. PdL was a popular family holiday resort, but things haven’t been the same since M’s abduction.

K: You know, we are aware that, unfortunately, erm, this has all been a headache really for people whose businesses are out there, their livelihoods, you know. It’s a negative, a child’s been abducted from that area and I guess in the ideal world, it would all go away, you know, everybody could move on with their lives and, but, you know, our little girl is still missing so …

K: I think regardless of what anybody thinks of me and G, and I’m a bit past caring now, really. But, you know, I think, people do feel for M and that’s the most important thing and they want M to be found and they want M to be well. There has been a question as to why now and I’d simply say, well M is still missing. Why not, now? You know.

Voice of Interviewer: Do you feel there’s a lot riding on this weekend?

K: I do, yeah, and I’m nervous. I’m nervous because I realise how important this is to do really. To get that bit of key information, I’m nervous that it’ll … all could get sabotaged or it could all go very wrong. Obviously, I don’t want that because it’s so important.

G: We are desperate for this to be successful and to be done and hopefully it might be one call, t might be 10 calls, but that’s all it’ll take, it could be just one piece of information.

DE: The offence was committed in PdL, that’s a simple fact. So, you don’t start an investigation in, er, Morocco or Spain or even Lisbon. This event’s happened in PdL. It’s a very self-contained resort and that’s where I think the answer is.

Voice over: D E is leading the search for MM. Today, he’s in PdL, on the Portuguese Algarve, to oversee filming of significant events described in witness statements. Statements, which he believes, strongly suggest that someone was watching the Mc family. He hopes that the reconstructions will lead to the discovering who that someone is.

DE: He may even have been watching the apartment for a week or more. I don’t think it was someone random. In my experience random just doesn’t happen. Someone just doesn’t go in, … passerby, and pick up a child and take it. These things are planned.

DE with Pimpleman actor

DE: This, erm, scene. You’re standing over there and you’re standing at an angle

Action: filming starts

Witness 1: Child and woman walking.

Voice over: Witness No. 1 is a British tourist. She first saw something strange four days before M disappeared.

Sunday, April 29, approx 08.00

Witness 1: I was walking along the road with my daughter, when I saw a man. I grabbed my daughter’s hand and pulled her towards me because for some reason, he unnerved me.

Voice over: She saw the same man again. This time close to the Mc’s apartment on the day before M went missing

Wednesday 2 May approx 15.00

Witness 1: The next time I saw him, he was standing on the opposite side of the road to the apartment. He appeared to be watching it. He was about 5’10”, slim build and wearing casual clothes, jeans, I think. I would describe him as very ugly, pitted skin, with a large nose.

DE talking to a young girl (Witness 3)

DE: …and as you’re just passing here, this chap will be stood over there. So, if you just, you come up, if you just glance over at him and ….

Scene shows Witness 2, Mum, girl and two dogs

Voice over: The second witness is a school girl, who lives near the holiday complex. Three days before M was taken, she was with her mum outside the M’s apartment.

Monday 30 April approx 08.15

Witness 2: I was walking to the school bus stop. I go this way to school every day. As I was walking down the road, near the apartment, I saw a man on the small path behind the block. My grandparents used to live in that apartment. So, I always look at it, as I pass by. The man seemed to be looking at the balcony of the ground floor apartment. He was wearing a black jacket and leaning against the wall.

Voice over: She saw him again, as well, the day before M was taken.

Witness 2: I didn’t go to school that day because I had an ear infection. I was walking up the road with my two dogs, when I saw the man. He was standing on the road opposite the OC and he was staring at the apartment.

DE talking to older couple (Witness 3)

DE: You have him coming from your apartment, which is over here, somewhere. You turn the corner and walk down the path.

Lady witness (the couple) (Witness 3): What the two of us?

DE: Yes, the two of you together.

DE: This was actually a sketch that was drawn by the witness at the time and, er, as you can see, he’s just stood where we are now. (shows sketch the couple) Make eye contact with him and just walk straight on past.

Voice over: Witness No 3 is a man with his partner from Cheshire. He gave a statement to the police describing a man he’d seen near the apartment.

Witness 3 (Man) I can’t remember whether I saw the man on Wednesday 2 or Thursday 3 May (approximately 11.30). But as we walked along the road, I saw a man standing next to the wall by the parking area. On the opposite side of the road was a white van. I paid particular attention to him, because he appeared to be focused on watching the apartment block as I walked past him, I looked at him, and for a split second, we had eye contact but then he just carried on staring at the apartment.

DE: We’re asking for people to come forward with information. For me, one of the big things in any major crime, the perpetrators always confide in someone else. They’ve gotta get it off their chest and it’s that person, as much as anything, that we’re aiming at. Someone knows something.

Voice over: G is back in PdL. His arrival and the reconstructions are attracting a lot of media attention. But for the people who live here, it’s attention they can do without.

G: This is an area that relies strongly on tourism and people’s livelihoods have been affected and I can totally understand when people are suffering economically, that they get resentful. But, hope they can understand as well, that as parents, we need to find M.

Voice over: The simmering anger is evident. A brand new billboard poster of M with “Help me” in Portuguese has been splattered with paint and at the holiday complex G can hear the hostility (heckling)

G: No one, even with a heart of stone, can take away that there’s a little girl missing. Why anyone would not want to help find her is a mystery and obviously if we find M, then everyone can move on.

Voice over: He goes back to the Tapas Bar where they ate in the evenings, while the children slept in the apartment.

G: I can’t remember exactly where the table was. It was kinda in this bit, so it’d be about around here and I was kinda sitting in this bit and K was here. Well, you could see where the shutters are now and the bit of the hedge, it’s grown. It was cut, you know, a couple of feet lower than that.

Voice over: For the first time in two years, G returns to apartment 5a of the OC.

Voice over: The last place where he saw his daughter, M, asleep in her bed.

G: So, I actually came in and M was just at the top of the bed here, where I’d left her lying and the covers were folded down and she had her cuddle cat and blanket, were just by her head It’s terrible because, I , erm, had one of those really proud father moments, where I just thought, you know. I just thought, your absolutely beautiful and I love you and I just paused for a minute and then, I just pulled the door closed again and just to about there and, er, I felt incredibly proud standing there and having, you know, 3 beautiful children.
That’s the, I think the most ironic thing of the lot, that, that momentary pause I had, at that door, that’s exactly what I felt like. You know, a few minutes before our world was essentially shattered and probably, 3 or 4 minutes before M was taken and we obviously, absolutely, er, what’s the word, persecuted ourselves for not being here and, erm, there is no doubt, that not being here at that moment, erm, increased the risk of it.

Voice over: The Mc’s were on holiday with a group of friends. In the evenings, they all ate together and took it in turns to make half-hourly checks on each other’s children. Two of the group, MO and JT, both crucial witnesses, have returned to help DE with the reconstructions. It’s believed that M was taken shortly after her father’s check at 9 o’clock. In the 45 minutes that followed, there were two significant sightings of a man carrying a young girl. The first was by JT. She was looking in on her sick daughter, when she saw G returning from his check. He was talking to a friend, JW, at the side of the road. However, J(T) and G remember the scene differently.

JT: So, I think you were about here. Cos, I think that you were standing like that and, J(W) was there, with his pram, pointing down that way. Cos, I think if you’d been looking at me, I would’ve said something, cos I would’ve said about, cos K had been moaning that you’d been gone a long time watching the football.

G: I’m almost certain that when I came out, I came over and he was here and I was like that. That’s my memory of it, it’s like J(W) is 6’3” or something and looking up and then turning in, when I finished. That’s my memory of it.

JT: Yeah. I mean, well we just …….

DE: It’s like I said, there are, you know, inconsistencies, you know, in every major investigation.

JT: Ok, that’s fine.

DE: Obviously, the most important thing is what you saw, Jane. It’s not where G and J(W) were actually stood. Because they didn’t obstruct your view of the man. So ….

JT: I was walking up here to do the check and probably, as I got to , it’s hard to know exactly where, but probably, about here, I saw the man walk across the road there, carrying the child. I just got up and walked out the Tapas bar, past G talking to J(W). That’s when I saw somebody walk across the top of the road, carrying a child and I think, I did think, oh, there’s somebody taking their child home to bed. But, they didn’t look like a standard tourist. This is ridiculous isn’t it? It just looks so much like somebody abducting a little girl, when you look at it. It just looks so obvious when you know, you know. Just look at it and you think, why the hell didn’t you think there is somebody abducting a child. That was not even a thought, that somebody’s gonna go into an apartment and take a child out. You know, you’re probably the one person that could’ve actually stopped it and you think, oh, what if? It’s that what if? what if?, what if and you can take those what ifs to ad infinitum really.

Voice over: At 9.30 pm, half an hour after G’s check it was MO’s turn to look in on all the children. He went into the Mc’s apartment, but didn’t go into the bedroom and so didn’t see if M was missing.

MO: Pretty much from the approach down here, you can see straight into the room. So you can see the cots as you are walking in. So it never really felt like there was any real need to, sort of, go all the way into the room. Erm, you could see both cots and see into them from there. I, sort of, ummed and ahed about the angle and things. All I just know is that I had an unimpeded view and it was just dead quiet, and just… why I didn’t take those extra couple of steps in

G: Yeah, I mean, I was saying this earlier, that at no point, other than that night, did I go stick my head in. That was the only time, because the door was like that. I mean, I knew how I’d left it.

MO: It’s more that you know I’d felt you’d done enough. You’ve been and seen. It’s quiet.

G: Part of the reason we ended up coming through the back was the noise coming through the front door. We didn’t want to disturb them. Sigh. Stupid, now, isn’t it.

Voice over: It is possible that JT is not the only person who saw M being carried away by the abductor. 40 minutes after J(T)’s sighting and ½ mile away from the Mc’s apartment a family also saw a man carrying a young girl away from the town. Later the witness thought that this might have been GM. But, this was investigated and ruled out by the Portuguese police.

DE: A man was seen here carrying a child, just before 10 pm on the night M was abducted. When the man saw the family he appeared furtive and veered off to one side and carried on walking. Obviously, anyone carrying a child at night, it’s really important. We need to find out who this person was.

Family Witness Statement: I was with my family. We’d been out for the night and we were walking up the street when I saw a man and he was carrying a child. I thought they were father and daughter, so I wasn’t so suspicious. The girl was about 4, she looked like my granddaughter, blonde hair, pale white skin, typically British. The man didn’t look like a tourist. I can’t explain why. It was, probably, from his clothes.

G: Someone knows the information and someone knows who took M and someone knows where she is. Let’s get moving! Let’s get the phone ringing.

Voice over: At home K is preparing for the inevitable media attention that will surround the second anniversary of M’s disappearance.

K: ( Showing photo album) well this one. I think is really sweet and it’s M just when she arrived home from hospital, erm, to our house. I think she looks quite cute, wrapped up in a little bundle. She’s got those eyes. I tell you, those eyes that never closed.

For us they’re not just photos and especially now, not having M in our life, they’re more than photos and to me, each photo is very special. I mean, it’s M and we’ve given out so much of our daughter to the world really. You know, you just want to be able to retain some of it.

Voice of Interviewer: Are we allowed to see this one?

K: uh-hum (nods head in agreement)

Voice of Interviewer: Do you still feel her physically, as much as you did?

K: Tut… well, I know the M that I know, you know. I don’t know M at, you know, nearly six. She might look different. She could be speaking a different language (Scene shows her packing for trip to States) She might have her hair different, she might have different interests, but, you know, she’s still our daughter.

G: (holding up a suit). I think that’s pretty business-like isn’t it?

K: Yes

G: Right, put that away

Voice over: K&G are preparing for a trip to America that they hope will breathe new life into the search for M. As well as an interview on the OW show, they plan on visiting the world’s leading child recovery experts, who are creating an image of M aged six.

K: We’re going to America tomorrow and initially, we’re going to Washington to the NCMEC

EA: Circulating the photograph of, er, of a child, who was not quite four, two year’s later is not good enough.

When, we started this 10 year’s ago. The goal was to use technology, er, to keep these cases alive. To provide new hope for parents and new leads for law enforcement and we said at the time, wouldn’t it be great if we could actually find one of these kids and we found 900 of them. Er, everyone of these 900 cases, the child had been missing at least two years. So, what we’ve tried to do is to take your photos, er, as a guide. Young children’s faces change very quickly. As you can see, she has her mother’s jawline. She has her mother’s mouth. It’s striking. She has her mother’s dimples.

K: That’s me, as well, isn’t it? (referring to picture of her as a child)

EA: This is you, as well. Exactly.

K laughs

EA: But G, she has your nose.

G: The genes mix quite well. (Both laughing).

EA: They really do. They really do. I mean it’s a remarkable example of the best of genetics. So, leaning heavily, on heredity, and using every tool we can find, we truly believe that this is what MM looks like today and we hope that somebody, that millions of somebodies will look at the picture, but, that somebody will be moved to reach out and say, I think I have information.

G: I glanced It’s a different child and that is really important. It’s not the four year old or nearly four year old little girl and it’s hard, because, In our memory, we remember her the last day she was in Portugal and what she looked like, so…

K: It’s a very emotional thing, really, to see my daughter in a different way to how I remember her. Erm, so if I’m honest, initially, I, was quite upsetting and then I started to look at features and I thought, well, that’s definitely M and that bits M and, you know, yes, she is 2 year’s older.

EA: Despite the love and the care you that you put into raising her, at that age, M may not know she’s missing. M may have been told, well, now you are supposed to come with me. So, we hope that other children will look at this. It’s not inconceivable that she’s in a classroom somewhere. The goal here is to reach out to people around the world and say. Somebody knows something and if you do, call us.

Voice over: K&G now need to publicise this new image. The first step is to travel from Washington to Chicago for an interview on OWS, that will be broadcast in 144 countries.

G: It’s really important we get this image out, as far and as wide as possible. Because, ultimately, we don’t know where M is and if she was moved out of Portugal quickly, she could be anywhere and that’s the main reason for doing O(W) get that image out there

K: Nervous, but, it’s like anything we’ve done, you know, we’re doing it for a reason and the reason’s to held find M so just get on with it.

G: I actually think there’s not much more else we can do right now.

K: I think we’ve achieved a lot in the last few weeks and we’re really hoping that somebody who has been sitting there, knowing something, will suddenly feel the courage and compassion really to come forward and of course, we’ve also released the age progression image of M, now age 6 and I think that’s important. Because that’s almost appealing to people, who may know M, whatever M’s called now

K: So I feel, we’ve all worked really hard. I think what we’ve done is positive and productive. I actually feel the chance of us finding M is higher now, it’s more likely to yield a result and I actually feel a little excited, really, about what we’ve just done so.

G: I think it’s like, we want it out there, now. All the work’s been done and it’s all being co-ordinated round the anniversary. But we want it out and it’s just, let’s get moving.

K: We just need that one person, there might be more than one person, but one person to come forward and say I’ve seen that girl or I remember something from that night and that could unravel the whole thing.

Don't Forget to Watch Gonçalo Amaral's Documentary, based on his book 'Maddie, The Truth of The Lie'.- Currently being censored in the UK. Inner Link: 'The documentary the McCanns don't want you to see' or External Link: Blip TV


  1. Uploaded from the British Comedy Channel, was it?


  2. my god..i could only stomach it uptill 2.34 i felt physically sick.So mrs mccann you was'nt able to tell the difference between bedding and your own daughter (dumb bitch).
    But you noticed that the bedroom door was not how you left it,that's very observent off you is'nt it? Hic hic
    Next time you need to check on your kids may i suggest you take those extra 4 steps from the door and actually physically check on your kids.
    My god who do these people think they are kidding, they have even managed to brainwash themselves.

    filthy people

  3. Estoy mirando las imágenes (no comprendo lo que dicen, no entiendo el inglés) pero estas imágenes con los gemelos (puro azúcar, puro jarabe, puro edulcorante) me están poniendo enferma.

    Vuelven a utilizar a los pequeños para lavar su imagen y presentarse como excelentes padres...

    En otro orden de cosas, ¿cómo puede decir que las cortinas se movían, si las cortinas estaban abiertas (no delante de la ventana)?

    ¿Toda la (presunta) reconstrucción está llena de verdades como esa?

  4. The interesting thing is, I sat with pen poised ready to make notes of the times and events....

    ...the page remained blank!

    The evil spotty abductor stood openly staring at the McCanns apartment...over several days...before flitting silently in the split second he had avaialable to him to snatch a little child who remained inert in his outstretched arms... to then wander around the town clutching his prey...!

    Dear me, these are intelligent people - yet this is the best they can come up with!

  5. This new detectives are a joke...

  6. In this blog we translate for free Kate! No one pays us(in fact we don't even have a paypal button or a fund), we have one motivation - to know the Truth and to see that Justice is done for Madeleine.

  7. The 'FBI-accredited police' is no longer, now Melissa Little is a Police 'unqualified' artist...

  8. Many thanks for this, Joana!

    So, Loach with all the tools out of the sentimentality toolbox... The parents using their children- again... And an "abductor" who already has a "face"...

    But no dogs, of course.

  9. There's one thing that has stuck with me for the past week, since Kate's new "testimonies" (1st on Opraha and now here):
    Kate says she went into the room and she felt something was not quite right because the door was opened wide(r) than when they had left the children...
    But two other people (at least) had been there since, right? First Gerry, than Matt(?). Couldn't one of them had left the door in a different position? Why was that detail of the door such an important indication of an abduction?
    Unless... the checks story is a lie and no one checked the children but Kate.

  10. Olá a todos.

    Sobre o documentário, tenho um comentário/pergunta..

    Porque sentiram os pais de MADELEINE necessidade de alterar o depoimento da familia Smith, pondo o " raptor " a levar a MADELEINE na mesma posição descrita pela tia Juanita ???

    É que os Smith disseram que a criança era transportada ao alto, com a cabeça apoiada no ombro do dito cujo homem, corpo encostado ao seu peito, e braços caídos inertes.

    Mas PORQUÊ desvirtuar algo,tão aparentemente, inocente e importante ????????

  11. Ana, you're right. How would Kate know if other people were checking before her last check....the door may naturally not be left the same if different people were taking turns to check the kids...this is so obvious yet I missed it...well done!

  12. Que giro....que lindo film que eu vi! E a Kate ? Tao bonitaaaaaaaaaaa quando as cortinas fazem pfuiiii, como diz o meu marido: se isto é uma reconstituçao o meu ca..lho é um assobio.(desculpa Joana)

    Vou entregar o meu jantar à sanita

    xau xau

  13. The Mockumentary - The McCanns' abduction charade carries on. There will be no end to it unless some drastic action is taken. Isn't the case going to be reopened and the parents charged!?

  14. The McCanns' approach is always the same, to smudge the evidence, to confuse the issue. Now they are working on the Smiths' viewing of Gerry carrying Madeleine's body to make it look like someone else carrying the child, the "abductor" in Tanner's pretend "sighting".

  15. If Jane Tanner "saw" the abductor what is the meaning of introducing another alleged abductor? And surprise, surprise, there was another person with a child....,
    it and the whole story seems to be a diabolic confusion,
    intentionally.One time there WILL be justice, is it not here, than in eternity.

  16. I don't remember having seeing 2 children walking in front of the Smith's couple, in Amaral's documentary.
    I remember the couple walking in front of the family, no young children.
    On Gerry's reconstruction, I see 2 children walking in front of the Smith couple.
    Could it be that Amaral knew the position of the 2 children, told by the Smiths, and hid this detail?
    And Gerry knew it as well and mentioned it?
    Who remembers this well?

  17. Sorry, l couldn’t watch it for any longer than a minute. This mother has not seen her kids for an hour or longer and when she does come to check on them she’s not even going to go into the bedroom to physically see them! … because it being quiet is good enough!!!

    Words just fail me!

  18. They are seriously telling people that the "abductor" was walking around PDL for 40 minutes !

    Why british media support these macabre self made soap stars ?

  19. Gerry as always came across as a control freak and Kate the same old cold emotionless person she is. What reason would these two people possibly have for wanting children? This was evident in the way they were constantly put in a creche on holiday while they played tennis, jogged etc. It certainly wasnt a family holiday. It raises my suspicions further!!!

  20. Hello from Brazil!

    well, I think Gerry and Kate are hungry for popularity maybe they are unhappy doctors and try to be good actors.
    At last Gerry enjoyed to show the world how extravagant is his house. He is not the unknown poor guy from Scottland anymore.
    He is the father of Madeleine- his source of capital.
    This is a mixture of Eastenders & Faust (by Goethe).

    have a nice weekend, dear bloggers!


  21. Ana,

    Congrats! You saw exact what I saw: the proof that Kate is lying, thus confessing. I posted it last night, and posted also on the 3Arguido's.

    Let's all push, and make this count.

    She's confessing!!!


  22. If the door slammed shut and did not wake the children.Why was Kate
    afraid to put the light on in fear of waking them.Why was the curtains not blowing when the door was originaly opened. Surely the door would already have been shut. IF it was that Windy

  23. Joanna,
    Please have a close look at this link:
    Unless I am going mad in the beginning after Beckam and the Pope Kate holds up the pyjamas and clearly says :
    "these are actually the pyjamass Maddie was wearing when she was taken"
    Any comments ??

  24. Kate and Gerry abusam de todos incluindo os gémeos. Imaginem que até dizem às pobres crianças que a Madeleine haverá de voltar para casa um dia. Deverá ser numa manhã de nevoeiro pela mão de Dom Sebastião...

  25. In front of cameras, Kate is doing a lot of crying nowadays. Why?
    I never saw her crying during the first days of Madeleine's disappearance. Is she feeling remorses? If so of what?

  26. Uhuhuh...naughty Shaun, he's just called his sister Maddie! A big no no!"We never called her that"..."it's a media invention"!

    Gerry actually does have the stone face to tell everyone that it is pretty "amazing" that no police force is pro-activelly looking for Madeleine!!!WHY'S THAT GERRY???Why did you never ask for a BRITISH police investigation( not to mention the missed chance to keep the portuguese one open as it was your legal right!)

    Again, "mother Hubbard", lending a friendly hand, posing as the lady with the dogs! What a helpful lady she is, very christian of her!( or is she taking the chance to fulfill her secret life wish of being an actress?...)

    Gerry: "us not being here "at that moment" increased the risk" !!!
    Once again the "at that moment", they still do not regret leaving the children alone all the nights, they only regret not being there "at that moment", whatever that might mean! And their absence didn't increase the risk, it created the risk! If they had been there all the time nothing would have happened, or are we to believe that the abductor was so desperate to get Madeleine that he would have invaded the apartm despite the parents presence, and fight Gerry and Kate, knock the down and take her way?

    It didn't do Jane Tanner look good, did it, saying that she was "looking in on her SICK daughter" when she saw the abductor?...what kind of a mother with a sick child would still willingly leave her behind and go out to dinner?

    And considering that Jane T. is the all important key witness, and that she affirms she saw Gerry and Jez talking outside the gate of 5A, on the same side of the road she was walking on, still they went along with Gerry's version of events and film the scene with him and Jez talking on the opposite side! If Tanner says she saw a man crossing the road with a child on his arms, then she must be right, there's no doubt she saw him, BUT never mind what she says about where they were standing speaking, if Gerry says differently then that's the way it goes! Whatever Gerry says goes, HE'S THE BOSS!!! And the investigators jump on the chance to brush off the inconsistancies, "oh, it's nothing really, it's something normal in an investigation"!
    For me, the real reason for filming it that way was because of the blatant impossibility of them not seeing Jane if she indeed had passed closely by them on the same side of the road. It was impossible to film it that way.

    Oldfield enters the apartm. and he can see the cots, no need to enter into the room! How did he see the cots so clearly if the bedroom door was supposeddly in a 5º angle, almost closed, like Gerry says he had left it? If he could see the cots so well would he not have seen if the window was open, the shutters up? Wouldn't he have felt the cold night air rushing in through the window?
    And Gerry says that part of the reason to come in the back door was because of the noise of the front door opening!( how loud a noise could the door make?!),
    yet he says he entered through the front door on his check! They just cannot get it straight!

    The Smith sighting : they sure "cherry picked" the parts of the statment they wanted! Mr. Smith said the man carried the child upwards, head on his shoulder, the child's arms hanging down along her body, not at all the same way of Tanner's man. And they take the precaution of mentioning the posterior association with Gerry, by telling it was dismissed by the police! From what I know, it was because it was established that Gerry was at the Tapas table at that hour, but this claim comes from the Tapas7 themselves, and maybe some waiter, but times could be wrong, the timings were never accurately confirmed, and with all the comings and goings of the group it was a bit difficult for the staff to be able to say beyond any doubt who was or was not at the table at a certain time. The police reconstruction of events could have cleared this, but as we all know it never happened.

    Please forgive me for the long post, I went along writting it down as I watched the video, putting my thoughts into it as they came into my head, so many came rushing in, I could have gone on and on...


  27. What struck me about this docu was the several references to phonecalls that could help find Maddy. I believe someone says "it could be 10 calls or just 1"...its certainly refered to a couple of times and I was waiting and waiting and waiting for a phone number to be broadcast during the show...no phone number throughout the entire show. Even at the ending credits there was only a voiceover "to find out more visit Channel 4.com"...so I would like to ask Team Mccanns...why no phone number?...wasn't that the whole aim of the show? A big clanger dropped there!

  28. Now I saw it better.
    On Amaral, Mr. Smith is walking right and a lady left.
    The group is at the beginning of the street.

    On Gerry's version, the lady is right side, wearing pink and the man left side.
    There is a child walking between them and they walk further up on the street(but from the book we knew where they saw the "abductor".
    More details than Amaral tells.
    If this is not published on the process(police always keep secrets)
    this could be an ambush for Gerry.

    Joana, is it possible to make a video with the 2 different scenes near each other?
    And what about the strong light on the streets around 5A?

  29. Sorry, back again! I just realized, thanks to Textusa, that Lisa Donovan, who was playing Kate, did not show on the mockumentary! Wow! They never showed us any scenes of the actual checkings, not even the crucial one, Kate finding her daughter missing and the open shutters and window! Not even Kate running to the Tapas crying out loud and they all frantically looking for Madeleine! They didn't consider it important enough to be in their "reconstruction"!( in fact they kept the reconstruction part to a minimum)
    WHAT IS THIS? WHY? WHY NOT? Was it because it would look too strange and unbelivable that a mother who had just find her daughter missing and that was convinced someone took her, would leave again, running out, forgetting her other two childen behind, unsecured, while she sounded the alarm? It wouldn't look good would it?...Or was it because they didn't want to go into the details of what Kate really said when she arrived at the Tapas? ( they've taken her, or, Madeleine's gone, we've let her down...)
    I wonder why Lisa Donovan's participation was taken off...this must have been one of the "alterations" made to it ( by Payne? wasn't he the one who came back to do the changes?)!
    Did the actress express her concerns and doubts about the whole thing, became a liability and was sacked, or did her conscience and professional pride talk louder than the "bucks" and she decided to withdraw herself from the whole charade?

    I wonder what else was "changed"?...I wish I could have been a fly on the wall of the editing room...if only the original footage hasn't been destroyed and someone will carelessly let it come out...


  30. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/maddie/article2420491.ece

    I hope this Portugese citizen complains to the Police about the theft of his DNA - I would have thought the ECJ or ECHR would have something to say too, clear breach of human rights carried out by two retired policemen from UK.

  31. Unbelievable!!!! why Mrs. Macann did you not acted like this to help the Police? Why did you (in time) answer to the Police questions?

    All this is a lie, and the truth is that you know fair well, what happened to your beloved(? )daughter that afternoon and night.

    But you both, know too much of too many, and secrets can be negotiated. Poor little child.

  32. Rosie

    I believe they changed an awful lot of things when Gonçalo said-before the Mockumentary was aired-that if anything the procurador should file the docudrama to use it as evidence......isnt it a "reconstruction"?

    "Why was that detail of the door such an important indication of an abduction?"
    kate should have cut her tongue,shouldnt she?

  33. Following on from my last comment re DNA sample - 3As makes the point -what on earth where they going to compare this sample to? There is no evidence of an abductor let alone a DNA sample!

  34. "It takes just one person to come forward and say 'I remember something from that night', and that could unravel the whole thing."

    Kate, my love, your doing that all by yourself.

    It's still not too late to do the right thing.

  35. The ugly man taking Maddie in Kate and Gerry's mokumentary is Gerry all right!

  36. In my modest opinion, what they do with the private team of investigators is to make a scapegoat. to blame someone and close the case.

  37. after seeing many pics, and documentarys of the children's bedroom...I still don't see the famous SHELF where Cuddle Cat was.

    -Anyone of you can say where is/was the high located shelf? Thanks.

  38. How much channel 4 paid for that rubbish?

    It was again all about Gerry and Kate Mccann and nothing about Madeleine.

    Why they need to invite a Tv channel to show the world how they play with kids? All responsable parents do it on a daily base, specially if they have alots of free time and no economical problems. It was a shame to see how the twins are used and explored on all the documentary, because for them remembering and talking about their missing sister, I believe, it is a moment of great pain and panic. But this two parents, still not thinking about the fears and the emotions of their kids.

    If what they are supposed to do was a reconstruction of May 3rd, then the documentary was very, very poor and hard to believe. To make a so poor movie, Gerry did not need to go to Praia da Luz, since all the witnesses changed the story, why travelling to the flat 5A? can be done anywhere. It was a joke to see all Kate explanations about the doors, the windows, the courtains, etc. No any mother of a missing child, will remember and pay attention for such ridiculous and insignificant issue, like the position of the doors and she spend lots of time talking about it. For me looks like a fabrication. I think the first idea which appeared on any mother on that position is: from my close group, or the people which I know, who could be here without my permission? Not the doors, not the courtains... and after that never, never leave the twins alone again.

    On the other hand, the documentary show me how beautiful Praia da Luz is. If I had doubts about the abduction theory, after that beautiful postal card of Praia da Luz, I really believe Madeleine was not abducted. The place doesn't match with a paedophile ring, doesn't fit an abductor. Looks more like a friendly, calme and quite place. I will visite Praia da Luz on my next holidays in Portugal.

    Great work Channel 4, at the end your programme was very helpless for Madeleine but shows the world how beautiful Praia da Luz is.


    There was no child walking betweem the Smith couple.
    There was a child right behind the couple, between them, for a short time.
    And the abductor in light collors.

    Where is the actress that went to Praia da Luz to play Kate's role?

  40. Thank you, Joana, for preserving the "local" information on file. ("Local" here means the tourists/ex-pats, since I saw not one single local Portuguese person in the programme.)

    The original link no longer works but the programme is on YouTube at the date of my post.

    Just to add to the debate, the pock-marked stranger with the big nose. In his first scene, he is standing on the junction of Rua do Ramalhete and Rua Dr Agostino Da Silva.

    What you can see of the McCann apartment from there is simple. Nothing.

    The location happens to be the nearest set of green-coloured rubbish bins to the disappearance.

    I am not saying this is significant. 'Cos I don't know.

    The Smith sighting is up again for scrutiny at shiningluz.wordpress.com


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