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Oprah's Preview:The McCanns

via CNN

Oprah - I hear you keep her, Madeleine's room ready for her..

Kate - Yep..err..it's all ready waiting..

Oprah - Do you go in the room often?

Kate - I do yeah.. go in about twice a day..

Oprah - Do you talk to her?

Kate - I do, usually. I mean I ..I tend to open and close the curtains, mornin' evening..Just say hello, really. Just to tell her we're still going..and we're going to do everything we can to find her.

Oprah - Do you let yourself go to the worst, sometimes?

Kate - I mean I do..I think it's natural..you know I know people mean well when they say don't let yourself go there.. its not gonna help going there.. but as a mum, inevitably there are times when I do. And they're the times that I kind of dip down.

Oprah - Do you think that somebody was watching your family?

Kate - I do now yeah..yeah..

Oprah - You think someone was watching you over a period of days or that?

Kate - ..which is horrible.. I mean it makes you feel sick, actually when you think about it.

Oprah - How has your marriage been through all of this because a lot of marriages, a lot of people get pulled apart.

Gerry - hum...I think, you know, a child abduction, I think it can destroy any family. There's no doubt about it. It's one of the most devastating things, and then if you look what's happened subsequently..err ... we, we've been supported tremendously well and I think that's helped us stay strong and stay together. And obviously, we're really united in our goal and our love of Madeleine and Sean and Amelie...

So why didn't the McCanns request for the reopening of the process, as it was their legal right to do so?


  1. WOW!!!!!

    a very good piece of Hollywood!when I hear and see the Mccanns I begin to think how bad Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie play!

    I'll never go to the cinema again.
    I have Oprah,Kate,Gerry and the Tapas 7 in internet.

  2. Na caracterização carregaram-na de maquilhagem.Nota-se bem.
    Vou rever.Rever através deste do CNN.

    O que sentirá ela com as mãos dadas ao g.?

    Um caso de perda de Filho/a costuma destruir a relação e o g. diz que o casamento está mais forte .
    Enfim! Farsas.

  3. Neste pedaço que visionei agora, é precisamente na altura em que Oprah faz a pergunta quanto à estabilidade do casamento que ela lhe dá a mão.Umas vezes encara-o,mas também por 2 xs , baixa a cabeça.

  4. Could it be that the Mccanns are not back yet to the UK simply because they were avoiding the British media?
    After the British media was insulted by Mitchell and Gerry at the UK parliament, the Mccanns got afraid of them?
    Last year there were millions of interviews.
    Fearing the reporters would ask about Amaral's documentary?

  5. That look on Oprah's face when it freezes at the end is absolutely priceless.

  6. http://the3arguidos.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=19031&start=1560

    pág. 150

  7. Goody, goody, goody!!!!


  8. What a performance. For those who haven't followed this case, they come across as quite genuine.

    I do hope they'll go quiet now so that Goncalo can do his job without further interruption.

  9. Nunca comentei o caso McCann. Mas acho que é demais já. Não basta a política e a justiça fazerem-nos de parvos, é preciso também esta corja pseudoformosa televisiva e seu séquito de abutres. Enfim...
    Chega de merda. Venha a verdade ao de cima e enjaulem-se os McCann, que a verdade cá em baixo sabe-se bem qual é.

  10. "we've been supported tremendously well . . ."

    Damn right there, McCann. And favours contiue to be 'called in', eh? I've just spent some time in the library browsing the 'papers.

    My goodness, it was like being transported back in time to November 2007. Sycophantic articles that always -always- avoid highlighting the discrepancies and lies of this pair and their helpers. And always raise more questions than answers.

    David Jones of the Daily Mail (cheques in the post, I take it, eh Dave?) Here's a guy who knows, yep knows, the McCanns are innocent because "hard evidence" has convinced him. Oh yea, and his wife told him so - 'motherely instinct' or something.

    Of Course he didn't elaborate on this alleged 'hard evidence' that he's aware of, which is a shame, I mean that would be the real story, surely.

    Oh how I despair! But not to worry it was precisely this kind of sentimental trash - it can't be called journalism - that got me to question this despicable charade way back when.
    Others will be doing the same.

    Pah, I'm off for a pint.

  11. Gerry answered: A child abduction can destroy any family - but in our case that's academic.

  12. Gerry really has got a very high voice...
    maybe Kate's grip was too tight

    McCann's your time is nearly up

  13. I know just how Kate feels, err, feeling sick and all that, yeah.

    What makes me feel sick is the thought of Kate and Gerry's Payneophile friend doing his finger-sucking, nipple-twirling routine.

    Just waiting, waiting, watching, watching, sucking, sucking, twirling, twirling.


  14. The acting lessons have paid off but Kate still needs to work on the 'ya know' s. They are just so not Hollywood!


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