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Paedophile in Maddy case ‘to be extradited’

by Robert Mendick

A convicted paedophile under investigation over Madeleine McCann's disappearance faces a deathbed extradition to the UK for a series of sex attacks.

Raymond Hewlett, 64, being treated for throat cancer at a hospital in Germany, was named today as a suspect in her abduction after it emerged he was living in a motor home an hour's drive from where she vanished.

Hewlett is wanted for questioning by Manchester police over the abduction and sexual abuse of an eight-year-old girl in the city in 1975. West Yorkshire Police also would like to quiz him over a series of “serious offences”.

The Standard understands the two forces as well as Leicestershire Police, which is coordinating the Madeleine investigation, held a conference call yesterday to discuss the next action.

It is thought Portuguese police are also investigating Hewlett's movements in the Algarve at the time three-year-old Madeleine vanished on 3 May, 2007.

Investigators working for her parents Kate and Gerry McCann, of Rothley, Leicestershire, are due to fly back to the UK after several days spent in Portugal chasing “five or six” new leads.

Investigators will want to know why Hewlett checked out of a hospital in Faro in the Algarve where he was being treated for cancer only to re-emerge in Germany.

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell told the Standard today: “Hewlett is somebody we have been looking at for a little while. But he is just one line of inquiry.”

Hewlett was not on a list of known paedophiles in the Algarve compiled by British and Portuguese police at the time Madeleine vanished from an apartment in Praia da Luz.

His presence in Portugal came to light when a couple who befriended him became suspicious of his past. Alan and Cindy Thompson met Hewlett around December 2006.

He was living in a travellers' camp in Tavira, about 70 miles from Praia da Luz, with his wife Monica and their six children.

source: This Is London, 22.05.2009


  1. Patsy...like Lee Harvey Oswald was for JFK...An easy target...

  2. It will be interesting to see if Hewlett makes a deathbed confession!

  3. Nothing to do with the news above, but
    I notice on the slides above, left, Madeleine's pajamas, and the cadaver dog.
    The dog appears only near the pajama shirt, not near the trousers.
    That would mean she wore only the shirt, after her death, otherwise the dog would have identified the trousers as well.
    Not even propely dressed up after she died?
    This is also a crime.

  4. What the Mcscumbags are doing now is nothing short of vile. It so obvious like the nose on Geralds face which seems to grow that little bit longer as time goes by.

  5. That is a point Anonymous! Why did she not have her pyjama trousers on. Dogs are trained and would not make a mistake. She must have been taken out of the pyjamas then. Cuddle cat also had the smell on it.

  6. Maybe Payne removed her trousers jut prior to death?? Hope Joana allows this....its relevant.

  7. Well, well ! it seems like The McCanns can throw accusations at whoever they want ? yet Amaral a top Police Officer says what he thinks and they are going to sue him. I hate Paedo's but if this man is nothing to do with 'Maddie' I hope he sues them for slander, the McCanns are not the law so I cannot see how the tabloids can print something which maybe so liable about the missing Maddie the Police can say they wish to speak to him about matters but the McCanns well we'll see what happens.

  8. Mark my word. The dying man will confess of killing Maddie.The Mccanns will be off the hook.End of story.

  9. The Thompsons. Do you think that the couple on this website I am posting are one and the same?.
    The website as follows.www.prison planet.com

  10. Muldoon - you posted what I think. Glad you were not moderated. I think David Payne needs to be investigated! To say what he was supposed to have said to Katherine was criminal.

  11. This Hewlett chap could be offered "something" by the McCanns to say he did it....like if you say you did it no more charges will be laid, or you will be looked after. Could they do that...yep.

  12. The dying man will not confess anything.
    He is not a killer and he prefered older girls.
    The Mccanns are nervous, aren't they?
    And the dying man cured of his spots on his face?
    He aged a lot since 2007, when he was standing outside watching the apartment.
    Did you all notice that Kate has now spots on her face near her chin(Mccanns documentary)?
    This can mean she is nervous, depressed,feeling unhappy and fearful.
    During nearly two years she had a wonderful skin.

  13. on Wednesday this week, a £60 million document was released.......relates to Irish Catholics abusing children. I guess this is a practice that thay all believe is acceptable.

  14. That is true that he liked older girls, so why haven't the McCanns detectives spotted this fact ? as paedos stick to what they like plus he was 62 can't see him carrying a child 1/2 a mile or even climbing in and out of a window at his age, and he was an hour away from the resort don't these paedos stay as close to home as possible ?? I hope he sues the McCanns for their suggestions !

  15. "Investigators will want to know why Hewlett checked out of a hospital in Faro in the Algarve where he was being treated for cancer only to re-emerge in Germany."

    Looking for a better level of care, more advanced treatments, maybe...?

    "He was living in a travellers' camp in Tavira, about 70 miles from Praia da Luz, with his wife Monica and their six children."

    Six children...any girls?...Paedos have no qualms abusing their own flesh and blood...any evidence of him ever having abused his own children?
    On the other hand, if he's in some sort of agreement with the McCs., it could be because of his family...so many children, he's dying, maybe he wants to make sure he can leave them finantially secured. He's going to die anyway, so maybe he's willing to take the blame for something he had nothing to do with for the sake of the children.Yet, I wonder...will he disclose what he did with the body, where it is?...

  16. - are those private paid investigators, looking for the purrrfect scape-goat?

    - just like in Spain!!!. A paid scape-goat. (ref: the Triple Alcasser Murder = MiguelRicart)

    I wonder what for a dying pervert, kidnaps a little girl in such a difficult place and circumstances?
    the still more difficult.
    those mcscum are unbelievable, please police investigate Mengelepaine.

  17. Englozz...Thank Goodness it isnt only me...I used to get censored or banned for these thoughts, but I hink Payne is the key to the whole thing..and there are many clues of his involvement and the nature of Madeleine's death, far too many to be coincidental...HE booked the holiday, he spoke in a revolting manner about Madeleine, he told Sol there was a pact an it was nobody's business, he advised the Mc's to not speak to Yvonne the womamn sent to help...who incidentally thought she may recognise Payne in her duties..protecting minors!! He was at the apartment that night for indertiminate time..he didnt return to PDL...oh and it was pointed out he never checked on the children..yet everyone else did..and wasnt his wife one of the acusers of Murat???

  18. Why have the MaCcanns so much power
    can you send goncarlo amaral a card to an address he will get it please.

  19. "Leicestershire Police, which is coordinating the Madeleine investigation". This is a false statement.

    Leicestershire Police have clearly stated that it is a Portuguese Police investigation. And, as we know, that investigation is closed.

    There is only one question to ask which will solve this case, why did the McCanns lie about a fake break-in to Apartment 5A?

  20. I feel bad to say that, but it is my feeling about that story: This man is the new scape-goat to protect the Mccanns- a old man, 6 children, a poor house, a throat cancer- How much monney Mccann's spin machine promised to that man for him to confess the crime? After... of-course Maddie's body will be founded. They know where she is. They only need a scape-goat to end a story which go so far that the Mccann's cannot hold the pressure from the public for much longer. But... will be amazing to see when that man rented the 5A flat in the Ocean Club and when he rented the Renault Scenic? Because at the court, a confession will be only part of the prouves. They need to explain all the forensic evidence collected from the flat, the car and the house which they rented in Praia da Luz. Will be a big, big story...

  21. The media in England are all for the Maccanns. The Local paper in Liverpool is all pro Maccann. Are we really going to see this vile pair pay for what they have done.

    I too would like to send Goncarlo Amarel a card but where to can you tell me please.

  22. Even more Mccann smoke and mirrors
    more dis-information first they point the finger at a totaly inocent Mr Morrat then at and unknown ugly man then a spotty youth.
    So they now point fingers at, and name a sick old man who haappened to be sixty miles away from PD
    They are desparate to find ways to take the heat from them after their empty threat to sue Mr Amaral.
    They are realy concerned now that Mr Amaral has turned the tables and is going to sue them. Maybe justice will be served when they are required to attend a court in Portuagal

  23. Poor man, old and with a troath cancer. On May 3, 2007 , he was maybe so shocked and so busy fighting is disease that he had no time and no forces to look for a litle girl and plan a perfect murder. He is a scape-goat to clean Mccann's face. I hope, the wife or the children of that man sue the Mccann's and the British media which put him on a crime scenary and print is face on front pages. The Mccann's sue Amaral for defamation and give the excuse ( TO PROTECT THE TWINS BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING TO START THE SCHOOL NEXT SEPT). Then... What about that man? He have 6 children. How his children wil be treated by the public, their coleagues, and how they feel after seeing his father name and picture printed on front pages and associated with a so horrendous crime? Have the Mccann's and his spin man thinking on that? Of-course not. He is poor... according with them, he have no rights. This Mccann's and their team have no shame and they dont deserve any respect from the public. I hope a VIP and powerfull Lawyer stand for that man and for all the others which may will be on Mccann's trial just to save their face.

  24. Pedófilo:Horrível.

    Pedófilo doente canceroso com "prazo de validade",MUITO CONVENIENTE para " solução".

    Faz lembrar os filmes onde os de prazo de validade limitada recebem algum a troco de arcar com culpas.


    Penso eu,nesta altura.Vejamos a continuação desta novela mal parida.

  25. Li agora o 1º comentário e nem li os outros AINDA! Um alvo fácil e de conveniência.

  26. Anon,09:53 Well done.Shirt.No trousers....


    The dead man,almost,will receive ££££££££££££ to his poor family.


  27. Hang on a minute, it says they met him in December 2006, Maddie went missing in 2007 ? Jan

  28. Didn't they manage to find a dead paedophile to blame for the death of Jon Benet Ramsay too? Maybe this is where they got their idea from. To all terminally ill paedophiles reading this, here's a great way to get some quick cash!Surely there is a human rights lawyer who is prepared to defend this mans family and children against this unfounded attack, I appeal for someone with a conscience prepared to do this for free.

  29. The "abductor" that Tanner "saw",which lead to the adamant claim by team Mccann that Madeleine was without a doubt abducted, was in his thirties and looked mediterranean, "swarthy",
    again according to Tanner!
    This man in no way fits Tanner's description, he looks definetly northern european, and is far too old! He's in his 60's!
    Surelly they cannot be serious about this!

  30. Leaving aside the ethics of harassing a seriously ill patient, it should be noted that Mr Hewlett is suffering from throat cancer, and may have had his vocal organs impaired or removed. In that case, and assuming the McCann Police get to him, there may be forty more unanswered questions to add to the list.

    It is reported Mr Hewlett is wanted for questioning by the German Police about the death of one of his children, who apparently fell off the back of a van onto the road. This is a worse case of child neglect, although less premeditated, than the McCanns leaving their daughter alone and sedated, night after night, until Death claimed her.


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