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PJ inspectors acquitted

by Rui Pando Gomes

Without identified authors, the collective of judges and jury at the Court of Faro decided yesterday to acquit the three Polícia Judiciária inspectors that stood accused of torture against Leonor Cipriano, who was condemned to 16 years over the homicide of her daughter Joana. The other two arguidos, including the former coordinator of the Joana and Maddie cases, Gonçalo Amaral, were condemned to suspended sentences over forgery of documents and false statements.

Despite concluding that the plaintiff “suffered aggressions” while under the custody of the PJ, the court understood that it was not proved “how said lesions were inflicted” and “who inflicted them”, acquitting Pereira Cristóvão, Marques Bom and Leonel Marques. Concerning the theory of the fall from the stairs, the court concluded that “the lesions were not compatible with the explanation”. The conviction was based on the deposition of a technician from the Forensics Medicine Institute, which the inspectors’ defence disputes.

“The two arguidos were condemned only because the antagonising deposition by professor Teresa Magalhães was considered to be credible and everything else was forgotten”, lawyer Pragal Colaço, who will appeal the condemnation of António Cardoso, contested.

António Cabrita, Gonçalo Amaral’s lawyer, also ponders an appeal over the condemnation of his client.

Leonor has no credibility

The jurors and the collective of judges at the Court of Faro considered that Leonor Cipriano’s deposition had “no credibility”. According to judge Henrique Pavão, “she changed her version several times” and “lightly” accused persons of aggressing her, based on a list of names that she carried into the court room. “She lied about the identification of the aggressors and she lied about other crucial aspects”, the judge mentioned.

Concerning the photographs that were taken of Leonor, which were included in the process, the collective considered that they are “of weak quality” and that therefore, “it was not possible to conclude safely about what really happened”.


Suspended – The Court of Faro condemned Gonçalo Amaral and António Cardodo to suspended sentences of one year and three months and two years and three months, respectively, over false statement and document forgery.

Attack – Pragal Colaço, the lawyer to four of the accused inspectors, attacked the head of the Laywers’ Order, Marinho Pinto, saying that he should “be ashamed” over making the Order an assistant in the case.

Union – The Union of the PJ’s Criminal Investigation Workers congratulated itself over the acquittal of “three colleagues”. For Carlos Anjos, the decision “gave reason to the position that was defended by” the Union.

source: Correio da Manhã, 23.05.2009


  1. Coincidence or something more? Teresa Magalhaes is from Coimbra, the same town as Marinho Pinto, the president of the Bars association... MORE INNUENDOS ON ALL THE STORY...

  2. A policeman falsifying a document is not without precedent, surely?

    Mr Amaral, through his lackadaisical incompetence of 2007, but assisted by corruption in the Portuguese justice system, has had the tables comprehensively turned on him.

    The fox should pursue the hares, not the other way around.

  3. A very strange decision in the case and certainly merits an appeal. Is someone trying to gag Goncalo Amaral and if so who? Who would have benefitted if he had been sent to prison is the question I think on everyone's lips. Perhaps more about this will emerge in the future.

  4. This will be the introduction into Phase 3 of the Maddie Saga, whereas Mr. Amaral will be accused of planting the cadaver odour in 5A arguuiing that he had used false statements before in order to convict an "innocent" mother. You read it here first.

    But first this f*****g paedo has got to die, leaving the findingplace of her body.

  5. Dr. Amaral got a suspended sentence for (do I understand that right ? ) NOT reporting something what did NOT happen ?
    To me that sounds very weird.

    But then, what do I know about Portugese justice system, nothing really.

    I wish all the best to Mr. and Mrs. Amaral.

    Helena, Finland

  6. Anonymous, 12.52,

    Yes, they could say Amaral planted the cadaver scent in the apartment. But how will they explain the dog comming in their house, running to the cuddle cat, biting him? The cuddle cat was all the time with the McCanns. And the cadaver scent in the car?Clothes?
    For nearly everything the parents had an excuse. They never reacted asking if somebody died in the apartment. Kate used to bring Maddie's toys to her work.
    She had contact with 6 cadavers before she left on vacation(necrophile?).
    The scent and blood in the car were food.
    And don't forget the British police were all the time with the Portuguese.
    And the ownor of the dogs.
    And the strange place, cup board, with cadaver scent.
    I've met people who are close to Amaral.
    I understood he still has a lot to tell, but those people don't know what yet.

  7. Disputing the evidence of a forensic medical professor is spot on.

    1. Professors say what they like when paid. I've seen this myself. Exploiting technical language, they use opinion, confuse the questioner about assumptions and meanings. The ensure their own safety from perjury in this way too. They are skilful liars, and sometimes , don't realise where their opinion is in fact a lie. That is , because it about being selective with their theories upon which they base their opinion.
    Other doctors, professers, rarely see or take up a case of what amounts to even perjury against a colleague, when based in expert opinion as a witness.
    That is why in Britain, ther ewa sa move away form confronational medical witnesses, in the area of personal injury, to one of court appointed medical experts in case before County Courts (their evidence can always be challenged in high court though).

    2. Medical records from hospitals are more honest, but don't stray in to contesting evidence. Their indications may be easily dismissed in court, because theya re not called to defend them as opinions.

    A consultant surgeon is far more able in this area, to present opp[osition to such evidence, should they be willing to appear as expert witnesses. Usually they aren't because they are dedicated to patient care, unlike professors in medicine appearing as forensic experts, and untrained in court procedure.

    A search for the right expert witnesses must be conducted with care in approach, by gathering opinion based upon medical records from treatment, and then seeing if they are willing to appear in court to confirm their views. An excellent way to get this is by getting a doctor to appraise the evidence for free. But for them to put it in writing is a pprofessional commitment, and they would need to know why.
    I have managed to this myself, in the past. It wasn't so easy, and I was lucky to get such a commitment, based as it was upon my own injuries and need for multidisciplinary opinion in the area of nerve damage (i.e an ear, nose throat consultant in a general neurology case).
    In this case, bruises and lesions, that scope for multi discliplinaryinput is restricted of course, which makes it harder in thaty way of approach.
    A lot depends upon what is there in the medical redords.
    Hope this helps.

  8. It would be good if the original medical records could permissably be made public, so the public can use them to gather further opinion and help in the search to find a willing medical doctor.

  9. what a sad day for portugal.best wishes to Dr Amaral and his wife and children

  10. Mr Amaral got a suspended sentence for something that did happen, but the woman couldn't point out the PJ officers because she had a bag placed over her head. They got off because of that and also the bruising was not consistent with the claims of PJ officers she had fallen down the stairs. It was a agreed that she had been tortured but they were unsure by whom. Hmmm! Hardly a trustworthy team of officers were they?

  11. Just checked to see that the Million Dollar challenge is still going in the left hand column. Perhaps thats what drove the discovery of this chap in Germany, fund going low and all that!

  12. Mr Amaral must sue the McCann’s if only to stop their publicist feeding rubbish to the UK papers which is designed to undermine the credibility of him and the Portuguese justice system

    The following was published in the Daily Telegraph today

    "McCann police chief guilty
    Portuguese officer falsified evidence in another missing child case"

  13. Can it be that the Portguese justice system is being manipulated to discredit Amaral and so protect the child neglectors McCann?

    Something stinks.

  14. Não há ninguém em Portugal que tem coragem para defender o Sr. Amaral. Parece-me que estão a fazer tudo possível para destruir este homem. Uma pessoa já não sabe o que há de pensar. Não ficam surpreendidos se o casal obtêm uma confissão assinada do novo suspeito antes dele morrer. Com essa confissão vai ser fácil processar o Sr.Amaral, e os livros, e documentários dele nunca mais vão ser vistos.

  15. Oi, Joana e amigos que falam portugues hoje escrevo em nosso idioma pra perguntar a voces que direçao tomaré agora o caso Maddie?
    que estranha e confusa situaçao
    agora com Dr.Gonçalo Amaral nao é?
    Será que as buscas pela verdade sobre Madeleine irao continuar por ele?
    Nós aqui no Rio estamos um pouco cabisbaixos com as últimas notícias: os Mccanns devem estar nas alturas com o pedófilo na Alemanha e os resultados do caso Joana ou voces pensam diferentes?

    Agradeço muito uma ressonancia da parte de voces.

    Maria - Rio de Janeiro

  16. This Cipriano's story does not mean that Madaleine is alive, nor that her parents are not responsible for what happened to her.
    It does not correct the inconsistencies of Tapas 9, it does not make Maddie's bedroom suitable for an abduction, with a very low window and finger prints of a stranger. It does not make Gerry and Jez (?) suddenly see and eventually great Jane Tanner.It does not make David Payne stay for 3 seconds in the apartment, cancelling the 30 minutes said by Gerry.It does not eliminate Maddie's grandfather's words, that she used Calpol.It does not eliminate the 48 questions Kate refused to answer.It does not cancel the fact Kate checked over and over again if the twins were still breathing, told by Mrs. Payne.It doe not elliminate what an English lady told about David.
    Everything that was told, was read by the witness and sign, as being true.Those are documents.
    And it will not change the cadaver scent into Chanel nr.5.
    Joana Cipriano is another case.

  17. Maria, o casal mccann e a sua equipa pode pode até conseguir convencer a opinião pública de que esse pedófilo inglês é o autor do desaparecimento da menina.Infelizmente para eles e ao contrário do que desejam será apenas temporário.A esta altura há
    já demasiadas pessoas envolvidas neste bizarro caso, directa ou indirectamente,que sabem muito e que mais dia menos dia acabarão por sucumbir ao cansaço e ao peso da consciência ou que tentarão recuperar o sossego e a paz que este caso injustamente lhes retirou.O que aconteceu ao Sr Gonçalo Amaral foi um acidente de percurso que levará o seu tempo para ser ultrapassado mas que não é assim tão surpreendente pois já todos sabiamos que podia acontecer visto que Gonçalo Amaral é um alvo a abater a todo o custo.É o que acontece a quem tem a coragem de fazer frente aos poderosos.

  18. Maria from Brazil, inglês não pode ser burro assim a ponto de acreditar no pedófilo moribumdo.
    Os McCanns estão em pânico com o documentário do Amaral.Depois de vê-lo, os McCanns cortaram todas as cenas com a tal atriz representando a Kate.E encheram lingüiça com cenas de lar doce lar.
    Foi a reconstituição mais estranha e bagunçada que já vi na minha vida. Estão apertados e acho que estão perdendo o poder e apoio que tinham. Alguma coisa aconteceu na Inglaterra e eles estào sozinhos, tenho a impressão.Voc6e viu que o raptor deles estava de jaquetão de cor clara, não marrom nem preto?
    Na próxima vai aparecer de bikini.

  19. The McCann fans were already posting yesterday on sky that Sr Amaral planted cadaver scent, these people are easily fooled by the McScams, they are not very bright. Most british press are always preceding reports on Sr Amaral with "Disgraced investigator" Sr Amaral would do well to sue the lot of them. It's a disgrace and makes me ashamed to be British, but then you only have to look at our government and MPs to see how corrupt they are.

  20. Guerra, só uma confissão não é suficiente para incriminar uma pessoa.É preciso de mais coisas tais como o lugar onde se encontra o corpo, em que posição o corpo está enterrado, vestido ou não, como é o terreno em volta, a posição dos braços, das pernas, quão funda é a cova, etc.
    Há muita gente histérica que confessa um crime sem o ter feito.
    Ademais uma pessoa sob drogas(morfina) nem sempre é confiável.

  21. Jan, no Mccanns fans commenting on Sky.
    Those must be the McCanns themselves, of course.

  22. People, if you want justice for Madeleine and you want to know the truth, stop feeding Madeleine's Fund with your Monney. THINK: Mccann's team, to spin their abduction theory, they get already lots of people envolved on the story. This people coust monney. They will keep their mouths closed if they get monney. If the Mccann's run out of monney they will be not able to keep so many mouths closed. Somebody somewhere will start telling the truth. Please Keep your monney for poor children, not for the Mccann's and let Madeleine have peace and justice...

  23. Anonymous, A confissão com assinatura pode ser falsificada se o novo suspeito morrer, o homem tem cancro. Os McCanns até podem negociar um acordo em que este homem recebe muito dinheiro para ele próprio ou para ele deixar à familia se ele morrer. A respeito do corpo, basta estar escrito na confissão que o corpo foi atirado ao mar. Por o que se tem passado eu acredito que os McCanns vão ter sucesso em processar o Amaral. Com o Amaral calado e a confissão, o mundo Inglês fica satisfeito. É apenas uma hipótese.

    Mirror Headline: "Paedo Raymond Hewlett admits visiting Maddie holiday flats"

  24. Lets not forget that David Payne has had allegations made against him. Why wasn't he investigated. We haven't heard that he was. For a man to say what he did about Madeleine was typical of a pedo. Something terribly wrong here!

  25. Please: this is special to an another good man,GUERRA.
    "Guerra, Amaral, Confessions from a Deathbed and other stuff - a reply to a request from a comment"
    GUERRA: It was me,shu, who asked.
    All the best to You and Your's Mother.

  26. The dogs never get mentioned by the McCanns. They have no answer to that evidence. It is there in black and white.

    If this whole story is about an accident even more reason to dislike this couple as the first instinct was too run and not take responsibility when a child was involved.

    Image and status seems deeply ingrained with these two, perhaps that is why certain politicians, media personel and celebrities have been drawn to them, for many of them cling to the mask !!

    PS Interesting to note isnt it that MP's here in the UK are losing their jobs now over using monies to pay their mortgage and that fact about the McCanns using the fund for mortgage payments gets conveniently forgotten in interviews such as Oprah etc.

    The MONEY is at the root of this issue not being solved to date. It is not hard to buy people in this world if you have enough of it.

    Some people in life will do anything for cash - people will kill complete strangers for a few thousand pounds so it is not a big jump to think that a dying paedophile with of limited wealth may well be saying what they want to hear on his death bed in order to gain funds for his legacy to his wife and six children. In other words will a sicko dying man take the wrap for cash ? We all know this is a possibility.

    If your pockets are deep enough then the charade can continue. Money, money, money ... Are certain barristers and Judges immune from accepting bribes as well ? I think we all know the answer to that as well.

  27. "Matei=a e a joguei no mar"não é o suficiente.Se nós já imaginamos isto, a polícia tbém imagina.
    Não imagino os Mccanns dando dinheiro a ninguém. Eles só recebem.
    Já foi provado que o rapto foi impossível, através da janela do quarto e do resto do apto.
    Há detalhes que só a polícia e o autor sabem.Determinadas perguntas ele não saberá responder.
    Aliás ele já negou ser o responsável.
    Esta é mais um barulho costumeiro dos Mccanns.

  28. Anonymous, O casal sabe a onde está o corpo, i.e. se ele ainda existe ou foi enterrado ou atirado ao mar. Se o casal quer eles podem fornecer todos os dados na suposta confissão do novo suspeito.. No mundo Inglês este casal é intocável, nem eles, nem os que lhes ajudam têm que responder a ninguém. Thank you Shu I wish you all the best too.

  29. Guerra, o casal não vai correr o risco de contar onde está o corpo a um desconhecido.
    É risco demais.Ademais num hospital cheio de gente.Esta criança não foi jogada ao mar, na minha opinião.
    Eles já eram conhecidos e reconhecíveis, teriam que alugar um barco, jogar no lugar certo e dependerem de tubarões amáveis, fazendo-lhes o favor de engolir o corpo.Para um crime perfeito( o que não foi) não se deve depender de ninguém.Principalmente o arremate finalíssimo.Acho que o fim deve ser super parfeito para não deixar pistas.
    Já há gente demais que sabe a verdade, ainda vão incluir mais gente que eles não conhecem? para a mulher e os trezentos filhos contarem mais tarde?
    Este doente é só para inglês ver.

  30. Textusa, I read your article. I wonder if an avatar can litigate another avatar for misrepresentation, LOL. Ainda não compreendeste, eu estou de acordo que a PJ foi incompetente, eu não concordei com a linguagem que tu usaste, linguagem que deu a ideia que a PJ era a única polícia no mundo que foi incompetente. Linguagem de tipo: "Ai que vergonha, o que vai ser de nós, o que é que o mundo há de pensar." Os Inglêses estão constantemente a
    criticar a polícia portuguêsa tu achas que os Inglêses precisam da nossa ajuda." Também tens que dar um desconto á PJ. Diz me la, é comum um chefe de polícia receber logo no inicio duma investigação um telefonema dum embaixador a dizer para tratar o caso como rapto?

    Eu li os comentários no Publico e no Correio da Manhã sobre a sentença do Sr.Amaral. Muitos
    portuguêses estão contentes porque nao gostam que o Sr. Amaral não trabalhou até aos 67 anos na polícia ou porque nao gostam que ele recebeu dinheiro por os seus livros e documentários. Comentários de inveja, triste.

    Eu vou evitar noticias dos McCann por um tempo, já estou farte de ver o mundo fechar os

  31. Don't forget the report of the forensic medical professor is merely one opinion. I understand they were appointed by the prosecution for the court. It can be challenged, and from what I can see was sought by the prosecution: i.e they were expected to produce that opinion for their fees paid by prosecution. if appointed by the court, then the witness can still be challenged, and may have beeen (were likely to have been) compromised.

  32. Q. Was the allegation against the police made after Amacal filed his report? I imagine so. In which case it's a farce.

    Q. Had the lawyers for the prosecution access to the witness before she filed her allegation?

    Q. Is it true, as I understand there are suspicious circumstances, such as the governor of the prison, who spent long periods in Madame Capriano's cell.

  33. Here a couple of snips which I suggest show that people are pulling strings, with powerful allegiances within the Portuguese legal fraternity, and connected to the Mcann case. It is a concerted effort against Amacal, hinging on one professors opinion, in court.

    Is Mr. Rogério Alves cooperating with a farce?
    Paulo Reis
    Friday, 5 October 2007
    "...that is not truth. OK, it is the normal manipulation of information, with almost all British Media following the tips of Mr. Clarence Mitchell.

    But when I read that this information has came from the McCann legal team, I was worried. And my first thought was to pick up the phone, call the “Ordem dos Advogados” (the Portuguese Bar) and ask to talk with its Chairman, Mr. Rogério Alves. Then, I remembered that the lawyer Rogério Alves was hired by the McCann and is one of the members of the McCann legal team.

    As the chairman of the Portuguese Bar and the McCann lawyer Rogério Alves are the same person, I decided not to call the chairman of the Portuguese Bar, to ask him for a comment about what I thought could be a farce and a manipulation."

    (Note: Journalist Paulo Reis's english translation needs to be clarified)

    Dr.Paulo Sargento
    06 February 2009

    "The last time I wrote, I recall that Dr Gerry McCann had returned to Portugal for the first time since September 2007, allegedly for, together with one of his attorneys, the illustrious Mr. Rogério Alves, have a reunion with His Excellency the British Ambassador in Lisbon [Alexander Ellis], to know what could still be done to find Madeleine.

    The trip indeed happened! Mr. Rogério Alves was, as everyone could see, with Dr Gerry McCann, and to what is known, they met with the Ambassador. "

  34. Guerra, então não leia sobre os McCanns, se lhe faz mal.
    Mas o mundo não está fechando os olhos.
    A gente tem que esperar mais um pouco para ver o Amaral agindo.
    Ele sabe o que está fazendo.
    O processo sobre a Joana nada tem a ver com a Maddie.
    A Kate (infelizmente) não levou socos, apesar da irresponsabilidade total.O Gerry tbém não.
    Vamos esperar com calma.Há um monte de shit por trás disto.
    Não se esqueça de que o Amaral provou que não houve rapto.Este é o núcleo do trabalho dele. A Impossibilidade de rapto. E o odor de cadáver, se não foi odor da comida da Kate, que é inglesa.Ela tem cara de quem cozinha mal e ainda por cima comida inglesa.Vai ver que cozinhou uma sopinha para 6 pacientes, que morreram imediatamente e produziram o odor da comida.
    Paz( para combinar com Guerra).

  35. Guerra, concordo consigo... muitos dos portugueses que defendem os Mccann e ficaram satisfeitos com a sentenca de Amaral, nem sabem o que estao a defender. A maior parte deles personifica em Amaral todos os casos pessoais que tiveram a envolver a policia, nomeadamente multas de transito, etc. Tambem e verdade que tem inveja. sao incapazes de ver um compatriota ter sucesso a nao ser que esteja ligado ao Futebol. O que mais me indigna, e que esta gente de mentalidade quadrada nao ve o negocio que Maddie foi para os pais desde a primeira semana. So nao existe a boneca Maddie, a marca de roupa infantil Maddie e o perfume Maddie ainda, porque algum publico questionou a atitude dos pais e os blogs e comentarios negativos comecaram a multiplicar-se na NET. Foi so isso que os travou.
    Para mim, a exploracao comercial que os pais fazem de Madeleine e mais uma prova de que eles tem culpa e sabem que ela nao volta. Deste modo fazem duas coisas: perpetuam a presenca dela na vida deles e, porque ha remorso, e uma especie de arrependimento, fazendo agora tudo o que nao fizeram enquanto ela estava viva e precisou. E a culpa a tentar curar as falhas do passado como se assim Madeleine lhes perdoasse e devolvesse alguma paz as suas consciencias. O problema e que ja levaram o caso longe demais e eu acredito que neste momento muita gente que lida ou lidou directamente com os Mccann, sabe o que aconteceu a Madeleine, mesmo que eles abertamente nunca tenham contado nada. As pessoas nao sao burras e comecam a juntar as pecas do puzzle, a fazer perguntas e a tirar conclusoes. Quando esse momento chega, para mim, e o momento em que eles dispensam os servicos dessas pessoas porque comecam a ficar incomodas. Deve ter sido assim com a M3 e os outros detectives e ate com os advogados portugueses. Ja com o Mitchell, parece-me que a esse eles contaram tudo e por isso ele nao sai, vai saindo mas tem medo de ser acusado de cumplicidade no cover-up. Mas... um dia tudo se vai saber.
    Quanto ao Ingles pedofilo, sob o qual montaram a caca as bruxas, parece-me mais um bode espiatorio, para ganharem tempo a ver em que e que fica o recurso em relacao a Amaral e como vao gerir o processo de difamacao, que eu acredito sera inviabilizado por eles no caso de Amaral ganhar o recurso, ou viabilizado se se mantiver a pena suspensa. Eles sao autenticas raposas e sabem que a medida que o tempo passa, ou cacam ou sao cacados. Nao ha muitas hipoteses de eles comprarem uma confissao burlada ao ingles, a nao ser que prometam pagar alguma coisa e depois nao paguem nada. Mas se assim fosse, os familiares do pedofilo nao se calariam e denunciariam o negocio. No caso de pagarem, com todos os problemas que a crise levantou nas contas bancarias das pessoas e na movimentacao ilicita de capitais, dificilmente transfeririam dinheiro ou pagariam em cash, sem serem descobertos por alguem. o caso funciona nas altas esferas politicas e do poder, em que ninguem sabe quanto ganha quem. Os pobres tem dificuldade em justificar os seus dinheiros. Alguem denunciaria e eu acredito que as policias oficiais portuguesas e inglesas continuam de olho nos movimentos deste Team Mccann, embora discretamente. E que nem todos os policias se vergam e a maioria exercem a sua profissao com moral e etica. Depois os governos sao efemeros e os politicos tambem. Quando um politico cai logo um inimigo se levanta para, a custa da queda, justificar a sua subida. Para isso denuncia situacoes mesmo que nao tenha a certeza absoluta. Bastam insinuacoe que o resto se esclarecera por si. A historia de Maddie ja durou tempo demais e os principais culpados sao a justica portuguesa que se cala perante o circo que sobre ela e a volta dela se monta.

  36. Guerra,

    Very difficult to argue with someone we agree with. LOL

    Hope one day to have a nice imperial and some caracois, or tremoços if you prefer, in an esplanad, one late hot afternoon.




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