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Policemen who stand accused of beating Leonor Cipriano will sue Marinho e Pinto

by José Bento Amaro

Former Polícia Judiciária (PJ) inspector Paulo Pereira Cristóvão intends to sue the head of the Lawyers’ Order, Marinho e Pinto.

He believes that the lawyer has acted out of self interest in the trial in which, together with four other policemen, he stands accused of possible aggressions against Leonor Cipriano, the mother of the girl that was murdered in the Algarve in September 2004. Marinho e Pinto was also the journalist who denounced, in weekly ‘Expresso’, the alleged beatings that Leonor, who has been condemned over the murder, suffered during police questioning.

“I don’t forget this gentleman’s [Marinho e Pinto] role in this whole process. It was him who showed the photos [of Leonor Cipriano with violence marks on her face and back] that were under judicial secrecy, in Expresso in 2005. If they were secret, I don’t understand why he hasn’t been summoned to tell how he obtained them, until now”, Paulo Cristóvão added. The head of the Lawyers’ Order constituted the order as an assistant at the beginning of the trial, which seats four policemen from the PJ’s Heavy Crime Unit and former inspector from the Portimão Department, Gonçalo Amaral, on the defendants’ bench. “Marinho e Pinto is a hypocrite, because he has constituted the Order as an assistant in this process, while in other more media exposed ones, like for example the Freeport [process], he’s done nothing”, the former inspector added.

Last week, during the audience where closing arguments were presented, the Order’s representative, Rodrigo Santiago, called the involved policemen “criminals” and “cowards”. “He will naturally have to answer for that”, Paulo Cristóvão added, recalling that “this was the first time, out of 13 trial sessions, that I saw Rodrigo Santiago awake for such a long time”.

Paulo Cristóvão, who currently heads a consultancy firm, told ‘Público’ that he left the PJ “because he can’t bear the shame of having stood in a line-up” (it was intended for Leonor Cipriano to point him out as one of her assaulters, which never happened). “I ended up being supported by all of my colleagues, but I never had institutional support. The shame and the humiliation helped me to decide to leave the PJ”, he said.

The former policeman is convinced that he will be acquitted of the accusations (of having created conditions for a third party, unknown, to torture Joana’s mother), just like the other four arguidos. “I was never pointed out or recognised in any one of the accusations, nor was any one of my former colleagues, therefore I don’t see any motive to doubt an acquittal”, says Paulo Cristóvão, who is nevertheless equally convinced that Leonor Cipriano was aggressed during the time that the investigations were ongoing.

“During the first two weeks that she spent at the Prison in Odemira, Leonor Cipriano was together with other inmates and some of them beat her up on several occasions. It was only later, when she was isolated and the prison director [Ana Calado] started to visit her in her cell, that she started saying that she would receive a hefty compensation from the PJ”, the former policeman says.

“The prison director is one of the persons in this process who have major responsibilities. Without any legitimacy, she would lock herself in the cell with Leonor, supposedly to make her say where Joana’s cadaver was. She had no right whatsoever to act in this way, as she was compromising the inspectors’ work”, he said.

Paulo Cristóvão further recalls that Leonor’s lesions, as a pathologist said in the Court of Faro, happened on three different dates. “The older ones are about 20 days old, while the most recent ones were inflicted 10 and 12 days before. Therefore, it is curious that we [PJ inspectors] are being accused, because we only arrived at the investigation two days before the lady fell down the stairwell [inside the PJ’s building, during a recess in between questioning sessions]”.

The sentencing in this case, in which the Public Ministry demands the policemen’s conviction, is scheduled for the 22nd of May.

source: Público, 03.05.2009


  1. Speaking about sueing, when finally will the McCanns sue Amaral?

  2. It's really funny that you place ".Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words" on your blog's header, and yet you ignored my comment that linked the McCanns with the free masonry and their hidden rituals, known only by the higher degrees.
    Two reasons come to mind: 1. Your conditioning doesn't allow you to pursue routes that are beyond your belief system and therefore you reject it without giving it any thought, or 2. you are agents of misinformation (knowingly or not) to hide the true intents behind this specific case (the kidnapping), that alone seems random, yet when connected to other events, a patter emerges.
    Either way, shame on you. Hypocrites!
    Just a note, its spelled publicize and not "publicise".

  3. Dear Anonymous@14:36, it's a 'pattern' (not a 'patter') and it's 'it's' (not 'its'). And it's very much spelled 'publicise' - unless you are in the US, of course.
    Now is there anything else that I can help you with...?

  4. "my comment that linked the McCanns with the free masonry and their hidden rituals, known only by the higher degrees."

    Quem é o hipócrita frasquinho de veneno,armado/aramado( foi um lapso,mas até vou deixar este termo,vindo de arame) em intelectual que tem defendido isto,até em conferências, em relação ao caso mcs? Que tanto os defende como os ataca?Que fala muito em swing e coisas do d---o.

    Hipócrata Barallhado da Cornualha.

  5. Não sei como é que a Ordem dos advogados pode ter este homem como bastonário.

    Sr Paulo Pereira Cristovão, faz muito bem em processar este homem.O comportamento dele neste caso é vergonhoso, para não dizer outra coisa.O que lhe têm feito a si, ao Gonçalo Amaral e aos vossos colegas é no mínimo bizarro.
    Muita força e coragem para todos.

  6. o baralhado preocupa-se por causa de 1 comentário que não colocaram.

    Eu (lonje disso) venho desabafar pois tenho 1 twittercoleccionador que me segue.Não gosto.Não conheço o
    Paul Schwend.Marquei-o como abuso.Grande seca.

  7. Dear astro, first of all, thanks for pointing out my typos, I appreciate it.
    Secondly, I stand corrected on the 'publicise' matter, my bad.
    Finally, I am sorry for my outburst on the end of my comment, it was said out of anger and frustration (for reasons I will not go into detail here).

  8. buuuhuuuhuuu...brrrrr..., so scaryyyy....the Masonry is involved...and very soon it will be the Illuminati...
    Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" is coming to the cinemas soon, then all hell will break loose, the "conspiracy theories" nutters will pop-up like mushrooms...wait and see...


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