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The Promo: Oprah being fooled by the McCanns?

Oprah Interviews Madeleine McCann's Parents

On Monday, May 4, Oprah will talk to Kate and Gerry McCann in their first interview in America since the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.

Since May 3, 2007, when then-4-year-old Madeleine disappeared from the family's vacation apartment in Portugal, there have been alleged sightings of the missing child, but none have been confirmed. For the first time, Oprah Show viewers will see a remarkable age progression that reveals what Madeleine might look like today.

Plus, go inside the McCanns' Leicestershire home and spend a day with them and their 4-year-old twins, Sean and Amelie.

in Oprah's site


  1. Well, it looks very promising, heh? NOT!!!

    " you were vilified all over the world",
    -and they also did their share of vilifiyng a police force and an entire country!

    " someone somewhere knows where Madeleine is",
    _YES, YES, Oprah, they're right beside you, you stupid woman!!!

  2. Imo the whole 36 secs looks and sounds like a big sickly sweet wobbly bowl of Pink Blamange that Pinky himself would pee his pants with glee over!

  3. Propaganda: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfDewq1xefw

  4. Harpo productions says it all ;)

    I wonder where Groucho is hiding.

  5. Not so long ago, when I first read that the McCanns were going on Oprah, I made a comment that I sort of admired Oprah Winfrey, and I hoped she wouldn't let me down and put me off her for good...well, it has happened, I don't have to wait to watch the show, it's plainly evident she's was lazy, didn't do her "homework" and sold herself out to the McCanns! What a disappointment!

  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely... the mushier the better.

    Oh please, please, please, let them buy it!!!

    Let the americans start to contribute to this couple's plight!!!!


  7. Looks like she has been fooled, big time.

  8. I can't wait, could I not have pig flu instead?

  9. Looking at the stills frame by frame, I dont think this is a particularly sympathetic trailer. I await the full version with interest

  10. Hello from France!

    Mister Amaral’s movie proved no abduction was possible inside the flat: http://censuredinuk09.blip.tv/#2046709

    Mark Williams-Thomas, director of a PR company, confirms business links with McCann family and later denies it, on Gazeta Digital on september 2007 : http://gazetadigitalmadeleineandthemedia.blogspot.com/2007/09/sky-news-crime-expert-is-director-of_15.html

    Maybe now the Mccann’s loawers team have quickly to find a new version of events, combining the fact that the baby Madeleine was really abducted with the fact that this could not be inside the apartment. Mccann's movie wille show us.

    For Opras's show nobody can't see it in France, where we don't leave babies and children alone and no believe Mccann's charade.

  11. Madeleine 'older' image released

    palavras-mais-para quê?

    Paz à Sua Alma.

  12. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8029651.stm

    "An image of how Madeleine McCann might look now, if still alive, has been released...."

  13. "injuriados" pelo mundo inteiro...até o Papa se recolheu e mandou retirar tudo do site do Vaticano.
    "injuriados"?!!!!Claro,quem faz o que fez ,estará à espera de festinhas?Não pode.

    E a ópera tem cá 1 vozeirão. Vigiada a familia,durante as férias? AJUDADA!AJUDADA!AJUDADA!


  14. A striking image of how Madeleine McCann might look now, if still alive, is released by her parents.

    Quem não conhece Meninas assim?
    Irá começar 1 onda de oportunos raptos bem intencionados para levarem as crianças para Rotlhey?
    Terão quartos suficientes?

    oportunos rápidos=oportuno pedófilo

    oportuno pedófilo, como disse 1 uk "criminalista": ela saiu e naquele momento passou um oportuno paidos. Ouve. o paidos esteve lá dentro no embrulhanço e a miúda foi-se.

    A miúda tinha 1 defeito no olho e agora passou a ter mais um:
    orelha à "não ser terrestre".
    orelha em bico,como o dr. spok(não sei se se escreve assim)spock?

  15. I have just seen a Sky News report into the McCanns appearing on Oprah, how she said they had been vilified across the world, and what Madeleine might look like now. Then, to my surprise because Sky has always seemed extremely biased in the McCanns favour, the report mentioned Gonçalo Amaral and how he insists that Madeleine died in the apartment. This filled me with hope - but then the report said that his theories (!) had been discredited and he had been sacked because of them. Aargh!! I'm just off to bang my head against the wall... again....

  16. A coordenação das imagens neste vídeo promocional estão bem "apanhadas". Ao mesmo tempo que K. deixa cair lágrimas(até posso achar de verdadeiras) e se porta bem,isto é,se contém, a Oprah pergunta-lhe se acredita que a Filha ainda está viva.

    A reacção só poderia mesmo ser de desespero,visto saber a verdade toda.

  17. Hello there,

    We have to understand that if the case will be reopen and the Mccanns could be officialy suspects again(everythig is possible on this Earth) than they will need a lot of money for thier defense.
    I guess thats why Gerry is so obsessed to cash to pay the best lawyer he can find.
    It is not a question for this days,my dera bloggers it is a guarantee for the future.
    What you mean about this aspect?

    Greetings from Rio de Janeiro

  18. I'm so disapointed with her.I always thought she was an inteligent woman and a reliable professional.Now I can see was wrong.If she is supporting them, how many criminals has she supported before? Can people still continue to believe her and take her seriously?From now on I will always have my doubts.

  19. Anonymous, 18.36 hs,

    Thanks a lot for telling about Sky and the reporter telling about Amaral.
    It is a miracle and this reporter is a corageous man.
    By now he might have been castrated by three doctors(including Payne) and I hope he is recovering well.
    British are known by having being corageous in the war, they are corageous reporters, I trust they will find a way to at least publish Amaral's investigations.


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