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Questions For British Readers

By Guerra

When I first heard the news that a young English girl had been abducted in Portugal, I felt anxiety about the girl’s well being, sadness because of the parent’s plight, and troubled that such a tragedy had occurred in Portugal. I watched as Mr. McCann, with his wife by his side, read from a sheet of paper making an appeal for their daughter’s safe return. I didn’t follow the case that closely at the time. I do remember seeing the Pope embracing the couple’s hands. I also remember watching, in mid June of 2007, a reporter say to Mr. McCann: “You realize in cases such as these, the parents are always suspects”. Mr. Mcann had replied that he expected that he and his wife would be investigated and if that weren’t the case then the police wouldn’t be doing a proper job. He said that both he and his wife were prepared to answer all questions posed to them by the police.

Towards the end of August I started to hear rumors that the McCanns were not what they appeared to be. I can’t say that I was surprised since in the recent past I had seen a mother in the States weep bitterly as she asked for her kids to be returned, only to see the police later prove that she had drowned her kids by driving the family car into a river. What was to surprise me was the British media’s steadfast belief in the McCann's innocence and their international onslaught on the Portuguese police (PJ) and the Portuguese people. It was on September 7, 2007 when all hell broke loose, that day I tuned in to CNN and watched as the Portuguese police were mocked and berated for having made the McCanns suspects in the disappearance of their child. What I found amusing is that the British reporters who were on the show found themselves in a conundrum. How could they criticize the Portuguese police and at the same time defend the English dogs and the English lab whose findings led to the parents being made suspects. Somehow, they did just that and set the pattern for the circus that we still endure today, the pattern being if logic leads to an unpalatable explanation then just ignore it. I still remember how offended a British reporter looked when the dogs had been criticized, she quickly replied: “No! No! These are good dogs they’re English”.

The following day I went on the Internet and started to read the British newspapers. I was perplexed as to why this couple was being treated as if they were beyond reproach, and the PJ as being a bunch of bungling idiots. It was when I tried to post comments, stating to the effect that any police force had a right to investigate anyone and that in such cases the parents are the first to be suspected, that I knew that something was not right. I soon found that I couldn’t get my opinions posted in the British media. When I read the comments that were posted, I realized that they all expressed praise for the couple and scorn for the PJ. It soon became apparent that the British media was engaging in a hate campaign against the Portuguese people. As the months passed by I became more and more disillusioned with what was taking place. I never thought that I would see politicians do everything in their power to bring an investigation into the disappearance of a child to a grinding halt. I also never expected that such people, including a judge, would perform public relations services for people suspected of harming a toddler.

Recently, I was visited by a cousin who I hadn’t seen for many years. We sat down and had a long talk and during the conversation I broached the subject of the Madeleine case. I mentioned to him the strange behaviour of the British media and British public officials. He explained their behaviour as an attempt to save face. I thought to myself, could this be true? Would a nation go to the point of perverting the course of justice just to avoid what they perceived as an international embarrassment? I thought of the case of a 9 year old English girl that went missing in England some 10 months after Madeleine had disappeared. The mother, who most likely was influenced by the McCann case, concealed her daughter and claimed that she had been abducted in order to garner money from the public. The mother was found out and quickly condemned. So did this case prove my cousin’s theory to be wrong? No I thought, this case was local, the Madeleine case was abroad and it had extreme international exposure. There was also the difference in social status. The McCann parents had the resources and connections behind them to build up their reputations to the point where, by the time they were made suspects, some people already regarded them as saints. The mother who was condemned never met the pope and could never have arranged to meet him. After some thought I came to the conclusion that I was not in a position to answer this question, after all I’m not British. So my question to the British readers is: Is my cousin right?

I’m also curious as to what the British readers think about the following occurrences:

Our suspicions have recently been confirmed; British editors presented articles on the Madeleine case to the McCann’s PR firms, for their approval, before they were published. What do the British readers think of suspects in a criminal investigation filtering what gets published in the media?

We all are aware of how Politicians accompanied the McCanns to the European parliament. How politicians presented the McCanns as champions of a child welfare initiative that was not theirs. How do the British readers feel about politicians promoting parents suspected of harming their child as champions of a child welfare initiative?

This occurrence really floored me. The McCanns went to court to seek access to case information that the PJ had given to the English police. The presiding judge, Justice Hogg, granted information on the case to the McCanns, information which they already had, and then made a speech which basically implied that the McCanns were innocent. What do the British readers think of a Judge making her pronouncements, in a court setting, on a case that was still being investigated?

Do you see the above mentioned occurrences as normal or abnormal? If you do consider these events highly irregular have you voiced your concerns in Britain or have you remained silent?


  1. Guerra,

    Thank you! To repeated lies, we can, and will, respond with the endless repeating of the truth.

    Soft water on a hard rock...

    Well done!


  2. Very well written, Mr. Guerra.
    What is behind this whole story?
    Not because it happenned abroad.
    Once, an English man raped and killed a young lady in Holland and he escaped the same day to England.
    He went back by boat and the Dutch police was so lucky and fast, that they warned the British police about the murder.
    By arriving at an English harbour, the man got arrested and British authorities delivered him back to Holland.
    It is possible.
    But there is a lot behind Madeleine.Not only a simple death, an accident, but a lot more.
    She is even considered a matter of national security.
    Indirectly there are high placed people involved in this case, imo.
    The responsible(s) for her death can not go on trial.
    They know too much, that's for sure. They will be pressured to tell the truth and by whom they are being helped.
    Who manipulated who and why.
    No autopsy.
    Maybe one of Tapas 7 is responsible for her death, we don't know.
    But British people are not stupid.By now they know or suspect the truth.
    Did you all observe that Mitchell aged a lot, in short time?
    The Mccanns are a disaster.
    Make people loose their jobs, make people get old very fast,make ambassadors abandon their carrière...

  3. "Towards the end of August I started to hear rumors that the McCanns were not what they appeared to be..."

    Listen, Guerra, you seem a decent, conscientious person and you've written a fair, fact-based article.

    But don't generalise for 60 million Britons. Not all of them can think, of course, but some of us - hundreds and hundreds - were blogging the McCann scam back in May, 2007, and no opinion poll - while unbiased polls could still be taken and published - ever gave the McCanns the benefit of the doubt in their putting of their child in harm's way - endangerment by abandonment.

    On the cadaver question - the death and disposal of young Madeleine McCann - why do you think Keela and Eddie ever got to Portugal in the first place? Only because some British coppers read the blogs and didn't like the stink of justice perversion.

    But you woke up in August 2007, about the same time as Amaral. What kept you both?

  4. As an English woman i am disgusted with the way this case has been handled by the British press, who have been gagged by the McCanns libel actions, rest assured there are many English people who do not believe in the innocense of the parents and are shocked by the way the Police and judicial system in Portugal have been portrayed. I have been to Portugal and loved the people who i thought were the most child friendly people i have ever met, and i have travelled the world. I have contacted members of the opposition government in my country to complain and i have also contacted the Judiciary in Portugal requesting they reopen the case and reclaim the good name of the Police and people of Portugal. The general concensus of English police officers i have spoken to is that the McCanns are as guilty as hell and have effectively got away with it.

  5. I agree with you entirely. Even in Britain it is as if we cannot criticise the terrible behaviour and neglect shown by these untrustworthy McCanns. I believe the Portuguese police did a good job and probably came close to the truth in that the little girl died by accident as a result of the parents neglect!!! It is because they were both Doctors and pillars of the community etc that they appear to be beyond reproach!!!

  6. Firstly, the behaviour of the British press is very much pro McCann today. This of course was not always the case and when the McCanns' were made arguidos speculation was rife until the well connected pair put a stop to it. Their solicitors Carter Ruck proceeded to issue libel warnings to the British media and those who did not heed the warning ended up paying out large sums of money to the McCanns’ and the rest of the T9.

    The British media were and are effectively gagged – the problem for them was articles about Madeleine’s disappearance increased their circulation figures - so quite simply they still reported on the case but focused on the parents as victims as opposed to the guilty party. By doing this no one was sued. I’m sure the British Press were annoyed by the Portuguese police as it was the pj who led them to believe, through well placed leaks, that an arrest and charges were imminent only for the pj to have to back down because of lack of evidence and release the McCanns’ from their arguido status.

    Were the McCanns’ given more assistance than other people in similar circumstances? Well yes - chancers jumped on the band wagon to help the McCanns’ including our own Prime Minister. If the Dr’s McCann had been unemployed non professionals and living in community housing no one would have helped them and no doubt they would have been hung, drawn and quartered by now. The McCann case is the ugly and unjust side of the British class system which unfortunately still exists today.

  7. I'm British.

    Am I proud, no not particularly in general and specifically over the Madeleine McCann, not a all.

    The media, even those newspapers who subsequently paid out libel damages, only hid behind information from other sources, they never resourced their own.

    We live in changing times. But so little is known about the McCanns! Since their return to the UK, apart from the public persona, nothing is really known about them.

    We all know that the public notice boards\comments on major media outlets isn't balanced.

    The question remains why ?


  8. I'm British and I'm as bewildered as you.

    Who knows why our press have behaved in this way. It's opened my eyes & taught me never to trust the media - luckily the internet can give you more of an overview.

    But the more people that read about the case, the more doubts they will have.

    The McCann's will never be able to silence the doubters.

  9. As a British male citizen who works in a caring profession for children I have been disgusted by this couple literally from the start. My wife and I are professionals like the McCanns and that is the end of our similarity.
    We both belonged to the group which found the story suspicious and their actions cold, distant and unnatural.

    They and the British media dressed opinion up as facts and have embarrassed us by their antics. Yes, they have been 'protected' and yes the way they orchestrated a feeling of superiority against the Portugese has sickened us.

    Many people know that us British have sold our companies to the highest bidders over the last two decades and it seems those in power will gladly sell their souls for monetary gain or to retain an ego or position of power.

    Remember, our current Prime Minister who has interfered in this story has not been voted in by us citizens - please don't forget that. He did not have the moral spirit and courage to call an election to validate this position when Blair stepped down. His actions are not consequent with his words on most issues.

    A moral vacumn grows ever bigger in our beautiful country of Britain and I am ashamed at the way the politicians, media and police have acted so far over this issue. A 3 yr old girl vanished and distortions and silence have been 'formally' sanctioned. Their is only one victim and it is Madeleine but people who dance with words have tried to hide that haven't they. I am ashamed by this stance and to the Portugese citizens I say don't let this drift away. Get this couple back in portugal and into a courtroom to face the music. Good luck.

  10. Okay, this site and many others is a real eye opener when it comes to how quickly people like to judge with so few facts.

    What I get out of this is the fact the McCanns are wealthy and have good careers, this makes them guilty? All these sites have offered no proof of wrongdoing by the McCanns but a hell of a lot of speculation and damnation... and what for exactly?

    I have been following this case from the beginning, watched the McCanns every movement and read everything I can get my hands on. If you think they are responsible for killing their child, you are not looking at the whole picture but choosing to be blind. I am not denying more could come out of this case and that there is a possibility of a member or several of the Tapas 7 being involved (which in all honesty I think is unlikely but still possble) but there has been no real evidence, no concrete proof the McCanns are guilty and yet here you are condemning them anyway. Might want to hope you never have to be in their shoes as I hear Karma can be quite the hard mistress.

    All these comments about this being the voice of truth, whatever, yes, you would know so much having been there in the room with Maddie when she was either killed or kidnapped, right? Get over your egos!

  11. Absolutely agree,BT. Well said.

  12. bath theory.....you are spot on my friend, what you said echo's what the majority of uk citizens think.

  13. I just want to make it clear that I don't judge the character of many by the character of a few. All nations have good and bad people and even sometimes good people behave badly. The British people I have known were the school teachers of my childhood. They were influential people in my life. They were good people. I will say this though, before this case I believed Britain to be a society where there was freedom of expression and the impartial application of justice, in other words a democracy. That belief has been shattered. This article in not asking whether you feel or have rationalized that the McCanns are innocent or guilty. If I were to tell you that I live in a society where no one not even the police can criticize or question certain individuals and that certain individuals control the media, what society would you say I live in, a Democracy or a Dictatorship?

  14. Just like to say I was agreeing with BT, that's Bath Theory, not that stuff from rosiepops that followed.

  15. Guerra,

    I am British although I have not lived in my native England for some years.

    It is my wish to assure you that that despite appearances to the contrary, many British are not for one moment fooled by the Clan Mccanns constant attempts to convince the world of their innocence. It is of course true that the British media have been deliberately manipulated in the Mccanns favour but it does not mean that we are stupid enough to believe what they say.

    I too have tried many times to have my views printed in the British press without success. The situation is totally unacceptable but we seem to be at their mercy, hence we resort to the internet to air our views. Our country of origin frequently omitted from such sites.

    We must of course bare in mind that pro-Mccann comments posted in the British press could quite easily emanate from Clan Mccann.

    I do not doubt for a moment that every site in existance is regularly perused by them but what can they do about it - sue us? Here they are at OUR mercy.

  16. The media circus from Britain, and it's political supporters, are a disgrace. It happened primarily because they are Doctors, and British. Being in the NHS gives them god-like status anyway, as that state medical insititution, 'saves lives' and watches over all of us for our well-being... our materialistic beleif in technology and government as our saviour.

    It wasn't 'planned' to begin with, but occurred as a sympathetic reaction to save the parents unnecessary stress. Then that was taken up in an ugly way to mock the Portuguese police, and to interfere with the process of investigation and justice, with every ugly modern British press jingoism. Why? mainly because they could do it...exert that pressure, with no come back on any one.
    It would have been better if the Portuguese stuck to their guns - I mean been principled and insisted on continuing with the investigation.

    To the assertion: 'there is no firm proof' of the McCann's wrongdoing, firm proof is not what a jury decides upon; firm proof only becomes firm proof with an eyewitness. But a jury has contributing evidence, likelihood and consistency in the stories to consider. Unfortunately for the McCanns' they have many inconsistencies to answer. Fortunately? for the McCann's they got away , so far, from having to answer questions. That should never have been permitted, without the possibility of their being tried if they refused.
    In my own mind, I feel convinced that the couple are implicated, in staging the appearance of an abduction, and whatever reason's they had for doing so, which is likely to include career/reputation. A very cold attitude, perhaps, but not surprising.

  17. hello there

    im from manchester uk, 33 yrs old father of two and husband. when the story first came to light, i did not want to follow as the thought of it happening to me were too much to contemplate. after the initial media blitz i started to take notice and found there was definately something wrong with the parents reaction and the way the were allowed to return from portugal seems odd, meaning if there was an investigation to find a missing child why would the parents want to leave that place at all? incomprehensible or just plain ludicrous.
    if there was any reaction from the police dogs why was this not paid attention too werent these dogs supposed to be the best in the world?
    i have read as much as i could find about Mr Goncalo Amaral and i have to say i think i believe him a lot more than i do the mccanns.
    i offer him my condolences on losing the job he enjoyed something i know a lot about. i also urge him not to stoplooking in all places for any hint of that little girl who has so deeply affected all our lives.


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