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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

From the Official Statements done to the PJ on May 10th

Regarding Thursday Morning May 3, 2007 - 9.00am

Kate McCann - After breakfast they got dressed and left the apartment by the main door. All children went walking. The verandah door was closed and locked; she doesn’t know whether the main door was locked or unlocked.

Gerry McCann - Thursday, after breakfast, about 09h00, KATE and the children left by the rear door, he having left by the front door, which he locked with the key, having also closed and locked the rear door from the inside.


  1. That's why Kate did not answer the 48 questions.
    She would have made a mess for themselves and the couddle cat would be convicted and in jail by now.

  2. OK, so let me recapitulate... the apartment had a rear-door, a front-door and a verandah-door....

    so the floor-plan in the book of Amaral is completly wrong

  3. Not quite KC, the floor-plan is exact, there are just two doors - the front door and the rear door which is the verandah one. Ok? The front door goes to the street, the veranda door- rear has a view to the OC, where the pools and the Tapas Bar are.

  4. I know Joana.. I've know Luz... been there, seen the situation... I was just joking, in line with "couddle cat would be convicted and in jail by now"..... hilarious !!


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