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Quote of the Day - Looking back on the Madeleine Case

It wasn’t until Kate walked into the villa at 10 and felt a sickening breeze—the front window had been jimmied open—that she realized something terrible had happened. “The scene was stark,” Gerry tells me. On one bed the twins lay sleeping. In the next lay only the plush cat toy Madeleine was never without. That was when Kate came out screaming, “Madeleine has gone!”

Vanity Fair, february 2008


  1. "ON ONE BED the twins lay sleeping"?!

    Where did that come from?

    Plain weird, as usual, like everything that comes from the dubious duo.

    Good grief.

  2. Anh? O quê?

    Os twins numa caminha e o peluche na outra?

    Acho que nunca ouvi tal!Esta entervista à Vanity é recente....1 ano e pouco.

    Oh,Yes,something terrible had happened that day
    and all days to now. The scenes are always very,very stark.


  3. Nas imagens,do canto superior esq.,quando aparece a cara aflitinha do fmf/M3, bem podiam ter colocado 1 "privado"/W.C./etc o homezinho tá mesmo apertadinho.

  4. Quando o Gerry mente, ele coça algum lugar na cara, atrás da orelha...
    Aí na foto acima ele devia estar mentindo.


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