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Ridiculed: PJ director says nobody takes Marinho Pinto seriously

The Lawyers’ Order is in a civil war. But the destitution of its head is doubtful in juridical terms

by Pedro Sales Dias

“But was there any condemnation over torture?”. Perplexed, the national director of the Polícia Judiciária, Almeida Rodrigues, reacts to the controversial accusation from the head of the Lawyers’ Order, Marinho Pinto, in the Joana case. After the inspectors’ condemnation, the head of the Order stated that he was “pleased” because “what we feared was proved”: “that there is torture inside the PJ’s buildings”. Without further comment, Almeida Rodrigues told ‘i’ that the head of the Order has “his own style and nobody takes him seriously anymore”.

It’s not only policemen who look at Marinho Pinto and can’t believe what they hear. On TVI’s National Newscast last Friday, the head of the Order’s fury against Manuela Moura Guedes [evening newscast anchor] became the “hit” of the day, inside and outside the class. “The best reality show of the 2oth, 21st and 22nd centuries”, says José Miguel Júdice. The Lawyers’ Order lives a climate of civil war and the lawyers that were contacted by ‘i’ say that the head of the Order’s statements are overstepping all boundaries. A petition is underway to summon a general assembly in order to lead to the “immediate destitution” of the Order’s head and to “name an administrative commission that manages the Order’s destinies until newly elected organs take their post”.

But despite the growing numbers of those who say they lost confidence in their representative, the substitution of a mandate halfway, through a general assembly, is not foreseen in the statutes, leaving the class with tied hands while facing “an ongoing process of loss of credibility” of their profession.

“The general assembly is of dubious legality and would be a shot in the foot, leading to an endless via sacra of impugnation in court”, states his predecessor in the post, Rogério Alves. This opinion is shared by António Serra Lopes. The lawyer admits that he voted for Marinho Pinto, but stresses that “the experience is revealing itself as desolate”.

“I’ve never seen anything like this. He shoots into every direction, including against the judges. He’s like a boy that spits on his teacher. The situation is serious and at the moment it questions the balance of powers in Portuguese society itself”, he says. For Serra Lopes, there is only one solution: to wait that one out of four disciplinary processes that have been installed against the head of the Order result in a superior punishment of warning, which would lead to the direct exit of Marinho Pinto from his post. “The problem is that, just like society in general, the Order is contaminated by the virus of slowness.”

All other options seem to be… no option. “The Order’s statute is badly made. But the legislator never foresaw a situation where the top post would be occupied by a person who has lost his judgement. I suspect that he is disturbed”, the lawyer mentions.

Rogério Alves considers that, if the substitution through a general assembly is “legally doubtful”, disciplinary processes “cannot serve political purposes”. Therefore, for the former head of the Order, there is no other option but to take a deep breath and wait for the next election, in one and a half year. Until then, he appeals to “common sense” within the Order, asking his colleagues to “be ashamed, to serene the spirits and the monstrous egos and to learn to coexist in divergence”.

“This has to stop, this adolescent retaliation. They have to turn back, to stop throwing a tantrum in the school yard, to brush their jackets, to straighten their glasses and to behave like grown-ups. And this has to start with the head of the Order himself, who is the main culprit”, he says.

Proença de Carvalho mentions that “the situation is worrying and has no example in the entire Order’s history”, but he prefers not to state which would be the best way out of the problem.

José Miguel Júdice is very sceptical about the future: “Marinho Pinto wrecked the Order. And it can’t be recovered. There is a certain kind of event that destroys the structures. It went too far”. For the former head of the Order, “prestige was lost”. Júdice admits that promoting an assembly to remove the head of the Order may be “disputable in juridical terms”, yet states that the best way would be for him to resign out of his own initiative. “If I was head of the Order and saw that the majority of district counsels don’t support me, I’d leave. If I believe that the assembly was not representative, I’d be a candidate again next”. Concerning Marinho Pinto’s “performance” last Friday, on TVI, Júdice says: “They were both at each other’s level, a nil match. She lost and he lost. A kind of boxing match where at the end, both collapse by k.o.”.

The Match

source: I, 25.05.2009


  1. Marinho Pinto é uma vergonha como bastonário, como advogado, como cidadão, como pseudo jornalista!

  2. I don't like MP, i desagree about his performance asOrder Master, but i have to congratulate him forface that awaful woman (ManuelaMoura Gudes). She is the worse i ever saw in tv.

  3. Marinho Pinto e um nojo na sociedade portuguesa e em qualquer democracia. Age como se tivesse todos os direitos sem respeitar os direitos dos outros. Os insultos com que gladiou Manuela moura Guedes na Tvi, foram um espectaculo degradante. So faltou agredir fisicamente a jornalista e partir o estudio. nao respeita a pluralidade de opiniao e tenta impor uma agenda que cada vez mais parece ao servico do partido socialista e do actual PM.
    A forma como se emiscuiu no julgamento dos inspectores da Pj, demonstra uma vez mais a falta de caracter e de isencao deste Bastonario.
    Nao sao so os advogados que o querem fora da Ordem, sao os portugueses que querem ve-lo longe dos ecrans de Tv, dos jornais e nas barras de um tribunal a explicar concretamente como obteve as fotos de Leonor e que valores e objectivos o movem na justica. O CIRCO ESTA NO AUGE.

  4. The UK will not be outdone, we have some real classics that no one takes seriously. We have Gordon Brown 1st class idiot, Clarence Mitchell, the biggest joke ever and a whole government full of mis-fits. The best laugh of all is the Uk media, they`re so funny, even when they`re serious.

  5. Civil war? Best to leave that to the Portuguese to resolve among themselves.

    “Police will use the results of the test [on Mr Hewlett] to determine whether they match samples taken from the McCann's holiday apartment, which so far have not been linked to anyone.” - Daily Mail.

    We are led to understand that DNA samples partially substantiating that the cadaver of Madeline McCann was transported in the Renault Scenic have been destroyed, inadvertently or otherwise.

    Now, mirabile dictu, we learn that other samples taken from the holiday apartment have miraculously survived, although 'they have not yet been linked to anyone'.

    No doubt DNA samples have been taken from all the staff at Ocean View, the investigating police officers, all previous holiday residents, all Tapas9 and Clarence Mitchell, in order to eliminate the possibilities before arriving at this stunning conclusion.

    And if not, why not?

  6. Shamefull... everything indicates that in the UK the Mccann's team are trying to fit every single prouve already taked by police in an official investigation, in that deadbed man. This will be the biggest conspiracy the world assists after the big world wars, peraphs with stamp of powerfull people including politics. how can this politcs, after that, still asking justice against terrorism and run all the disgrace which we see in many countrys like Iraque. They will loose all the respect.
    Wonder to see wich Lab is analysing the samples from the poor man... FSS... and how quicly the results and the repport will come out, compared with ones asked by PJ? They have to prepare and end everything before the bomb blow out and the conspiracy show's up.
    But... we should not forgot that Madeleine's body should be found and according to the criminologists, when a crime hapens, the author leave lots of signs from him, on the bodys victim not only in the crime scene. If the body is in Portugal, is about the portuguese people to go on the streets and make so many noise to avoid madeleine's body taked without a properly autopsy done by a big Team of specialists, from several countrys, except the British ones, in Portugal. And after, lets to see which story the body is going to tell.
    In Portugal, the Public Ministery is desesperate to give credibility to Justice and The PM Socrates, the President of the Lawyers association and the Ministry of justice are under fire at the beginning of european elections campagne. This time, the Mccann's will be not able to travel by aeroplane from any aeroport without getting their luggage checked. by car or any other transportation, is about the Pj and Goncalo Amaral to advise all european official polices about all the suspicions that are rising the public minds. Some forces some where, will catch them. Not everybody is corrupt, and they damage so much the portuguese image out of the country, that the Mccann's dont deserve any respect or forgivenness from portugueses citisens.

  7. Unlucky after all this time i don't know if the body has many things to Analise,it will be only bones.

  8. The body will still have hair and hair can tell a lot.

  9. Impressionante como o povinho tem tendência para misturar direito com politica. O que tem as declaraçoes de Marinho P. com a defesa do Sócrates? Vivó Matinho Pinto, viva ainda haver alguém que diz umas verdades, sem ter medo de nada, porque não tem TACHOS! em relação a MMG toda a gente com um minimo de intelegencia sabe ver o que é o pior jornalismo em Portugal, existente naquele jornal da noite da TVI à 6f. Como é possivel uma pivot daquelas começar a entrevista logo de inicio com tom inquiridor e de má-educação? Marinho Pinto o máximo que o podem acusar é de estar no ramo errado, pois devia ser alguém ainda mais influente neste pais de merdosos e cobardes, todos com o sau TACHO debaixo do braço!


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