1.Everyone shall possess the right to freely express and publicise his thoughts in words, images or by any other means, as well as the right to inform others, inform himself and be informed without hindrance or discrimination 2.Exercise of the said rights shall not be hindered or limited by any type or form of censorship Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, Article 37.º

The Right to Dissidence

José A. PérezAn immensely talented and witty screenwriter, author of the famous Spanish blogs Mi Mesa Cojea and Risas Enlatadas at Público. Es is the guest author of today.

In December 2008, the sensationalistic British press mentioned a Spanish screenwriter referring to him as a ‘sick comedy writer’. They did it through the daily tabloids The Sun and The People.

The motive: the author had published, in his personal blog, a satirical interview with Madeleine McCann’s ghost, in which he criticized the treatment that certain media had given (and are still giving) to the case.

The sick writer, as you can imagine, was me. I firmly believe in humour as a tool to divulge dissidences, to propagate reflexion, criticism and self-criticism. I believe that the net is, at the current moment, the sole platform where this type of content can progress in freedom.

Since I’m not a cop or an investigator, I cannot nor do I want to judge the McCanns' actions. However, as I work in the media and I am human being, if I can I want to judge the role that the media has played in this case.

In that polemical fictional interview, Madeleine told me: ‘They've sold more T-shirts with my face on than with Mickey Mouse’. Unquestionably, the McCann Case was rapidly converted into an international soap opera (merchandising included), with all the necessary elements: two attractive upper middle class parents, a beautiful missing little girl, a paradisical location, wine, heat and heaps, loads of holes in the justifications.

It was inevitable that the less scrupulous media would convert it into a long-standing melodrama, with its unexpected plot twists and an eternally postponed ending.

As an European Citizen, I am ashamed of the attitude of certain European media outlets. And shame, as it is known, is not a voluntary option, so I hope that the ones implied do forgive me.

We live in a wellness society [bienestar] and it is better that we think why isn't contradiction [dissidence] being allowed.Where the criticism to the strongest is sanctioned with marginalization and with an imposed silence.

Initiatives like this one, of Joana Morais, represent a light in a world of obscure propaganda. For that, it deserves my full respect and admiration.

The great philosopher Ortega y Gasset wrote: ‘As long as there is someone who believes in one idea, that idea lives’ [En tanto que haya alguien que crea en una idea, la idea vive].

The idea which unites us here is freedom of expression and the right to dissidence.

Even if that bothers several people, that idea has survived up to today. And it will survive, we believe, for years to come. It just takes one to person to believe in it.

En Castellano original aquí a Mi Mesa Cojea [My Table Wobbles]


  1. A very good article, thank you!

  2. We need more voices to come across and highlight all bad work done by media on Maddie's case.

    The Media did not help Madeleine At all and they perverted the vallue of justice and morality.
    In the future, Europe need's a free organisation to monitorise that media which dont provide any information to the public and just smear speculation on behalf of one part direct interessed on that smear. British Media comes on the top of that list and should be sued by the citizen's because they damage the image of some countrys like Portugal and Moroccos without any prouve.

    It is shocked the way that they still speculating about the people living in the Algarve near Praia da Luz and the tourists which visit that part of Portugal. Most of them are very normal and very respectful people.MUCH MORE RESPECTFUL THEN THAT MEDIA WHICH SHOW NO DIGNNITY OR RESPECT OF MADELEINE TRAGEDY... WHATEVER HAPPENED ON MAY 3 2007, TO MADELEINE, WAS A MOMENT OF GREAT PAIN FOR HER AND that media forgot that every time they publish news to help her parents, THE ONLY ONE'S RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PAIN THAT SHE WENT TROUGH, They pervert justice and did not respect one of child's rights.

  3. SATIRE! What a splendid idea.

    It’s summertime again, and the Eurotrash have left the Cannes Film Festival to make their way down to Praia da Luz in the Algarve for the annual grand Cadaver Cramdown Competition, open to all visitors and their pets.

    In a suitable arena, dozens of Renault Scenics are parked up, row upon row (‘A Field of Scenics’). Into one of these, and only one, a cadaver (borrowed from the local mortuary) is first doubled-up (rigor mortis permitting) and crammed down into the Scenic’s boot, which is then closed.

    At the starting pistol, and from 100 metres standing start, the eager pets (dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits etc.) race toward the lines of Scenics, and the first pet to locate the one with the corpse inside is declared the winner. Mr Amaral is referee and sole judge of this event.

    The winning pet and its proud owner are then presented with the Eddie & Keela Gold Medal with Crossed Dog-Biscuits by a member of the nobility, after which there is much popping of Champagne corks and dancing on tabletops, au naturel.The Scenic, once the corpse is removed, is given a hose-down and valet by out of work ex-Ocean View employees, and liberally disinfected with Formaldehyde d’Amour, latest of the avant-garde fragrances created by parfumiers at the House of Madeleine (Madeleine McCann Productions, Inc. Christmas Catalogue 2009. Item nr. 168. Only $499/40ml bottle).

    The corpse is later given burial at sea by the Portuguese Navy, with full honours.

  4. Anonymous.... Who is the commandant of the NAVY?... Dr. Mr. Gerry Mccann!

  5. We share Mr Clarence Mitchell’s jubilation that Mr Hewlett, a ‘person of interest’, has ‘surrendered’ his DNA. We should all surrender our DNA to the authorities without delay.

    Has Mr Mitchell surrendered his DNA? We know he is a person of interest, seen lurking about the apartment within a very few hours of Madeleine’s ‘disappearance’, and quite possibly before. Come, Clarence, in the interests of the investigation, surely?

    We note there are conflicting reports about the existence of previously unidentified DNA from the apartment; maybe there was, maybe there wasn’t. Dear me, hymn-sheets, gentlemen, hymn sheets.

    Now that we have another German connection, Mariana Schmeucker, we look to the German authorities to take over this investigation - the entire investigation - to give it much needed pith and moment.

    At this moment, we have McCann Police dribbling the same platitudes (“Safe and sound, someone just wanted someone to love, princess in a castle somewhere, nothing to see, move along there”) as we first heard from Kate and Gerry in their most creative phase. Are we going around in circles, boys and girls?

  6. More and more I ask myself how could Gerry remain friends with David Payne, after the Mallorca incident.
    Why did he not break David's face in 1000 pieces, defendend the honour of his little daughter.
    Every decent father would have done it.And most fathers are decent.
    Again they went together on vacation.Gerry agreeded Dave would go to the apartment, at bath time.
    He could not care less.
    The price is very high for Madeleine.
    She lost the most valuable thing she had: her own life.
    Nobody protected her.
    No tomorrow,no future for Madeleine.
    She will remain 3 years old for eternity.
    And she had the right to live.

  7. Leiam o José A. Pérez também aqui http://blogs.publico.es/joseaperez/ ou o seu novo projecto Ciudad K aqui http://www.rtve.es/television/ciudad-k/

    Foi atacado pelos tablóides do Murdoch e do Dacre via PR 'spoon fed spins' do casal McCann http://www.mimesacojea.com/2008/12/entrevista-exclusiva-madeleine-maccan.html

    Apoiado por nós e traduzido aqui: 'I am much more afraid of the McCanns than of God' http://joana-morais.blogspot.com/2008/12/if.html


    Medios británicos protestan contra un blog de humor español


    «(...)El chiste decía:
    Hoy hemos sabido que los padres de Madeleine han usado el fondo solidario para pagar la hipoteca. Qué suerte tienen, ¿eh?, la casa pagada y encima ahora les sobra una habitación.

    La valoración por parte de los contertulios de M-80 fue "Pablo se ha pasado un poco" y "hay que tener más cuidado con estas cosas".

    Independientemente del buen o mal gusto del chiste, quiero expresar que, de todas las censuras, la autocensura me parece la más despreciable. Y no creo equivocarme si afirmo que cualquier guionista en su sano juicio prefiere una crítica por haberse pasado que una por no haber llegado. Así que bienvenida sea la de "No somos nadie". Y un abrazo para los McCann que, a este paso, todavía los canonizan. Hijos de puta...»

    «Maddie no existe y Portugal tampoco. Todo esto es un invento de los poderes fácticos de la Unión Europea para desviar la atención del escudo de misiles atómicos que se está construyendo en Valencia cuyo objetivo es volar todos esos asquerosos países árabes que no dejan de darnos problemas a la gente con clase. La prueba de que Maddie no existe es que, de existir, Sarkozy ya la hubiera encontrado, aprovechando, además, para tirarse a su madre.»

    «Maddie logró también que, cada vez que un turista veía una niña rubia en alguna parte del mundo, la grabara por si acaso. Gracias a ello descubrimos que hay niñas rubias en África que no son Maddie. Nadie lo sospechaba. Hasta ese momento, todos los europeos estaban convencidos de que en África sólo había negros y agentes de la CÏA financiando guerras civiles.»


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