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Robert Murat sues Jornal do Barlavento, JN and TVI

Robert Murat, an arguido that was cleared in the Maddie case stated that he is to start judicial proceedings over defamation against Portuguese media. He claims compensation amounting 140 thousand euros.

Articles and contents that were allegedly published and broadcast by Jornal do Barlavento, Jornal de Notícias and TVI are at stake.

source: Diário de Notícias, 22.05.2009


  1. I always felt Robert Murat had nothing to do with the case, from the first moment he was suspected.
    He was just an young man trying to help
    I think he has a noble heart, I always have had this feeling about him.
    If it is true that Kate was insisting on suggesting he could be the abductor and if Amaral suceeds on proving the child was dead and the parents knew it, I hope Murat will sue Kate.
    It is high time the Mccanns start paying for costs they have caused around, to the police,to the Portuguese government, to Murat, to Malinka.
    And Murat may not forget to sue Jane Tanner, who "recognised"him.
    It will be a big party, Robert!
    Be strong!

  2. Wyy he dont sue Jane Tanner and some of the Tapas 9? They are the ones which keep him on the crime scenary, together with a british journalist. They are responsables of everything the Media published at the time. What is he affraid?

  3. robert murat was/is a patsy in all of this,he was invented by the private investigators to throw the police pj of the scent in the same way that this new peado suspect is being bandied about, brian kennedy is brian souter of stagecoach fame a right wing nutter with links to the church of nazarene a bunch of presbertarian scottish lunatics who should be charged with perverting the course of justice, this religious bunch of fanatics need to be stopped in their tracks.

  4. This does not explaim why Murat indeed has not sued the Tappas conspiritors? And why he does not have anything to say in any interviews?
    In his shoes I would be like a man possesed and would be saying exactly what I thought of them.
    Bet he has a unique perspective on the behaviour of the whole lot of them given that he was translator of the first interviews!!


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